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Cialis vs levitra While I take a break from Tweeting my outrage over scab referees working NFL games and that disgrace last night at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game (forget the clusterfuck TD call where was the flag on Seahawk WR Golden Tate for his two hand shove of a Packers DB in the end zone? I hate going against the former FIGHTING IRISH receiver but it was blatant offensive pass interference and that should have ended the game in the Packers favor) a few observations from last night’s Mets-Pirates game:

Cialis vs levitra I get the distinct feeling the Mets are fatting up Jenry Mejia like a Christmas goose to put on the market this off season along with Jon Niese , cialis vs levitra Daniel Murphy and maybe David Wright. Cialis vs levitra I can see a blockbuster deal going down around end of December with multiple teams and the Mets as the main dealer. Cialis vs levitra It won’t be of Dodgers-Red Sox magnitude but more of a Highlanders –Orioles June 15th 1976 variety.

Cialis vs levitra I guess it was around the 3rd or 4th inning, cialis vs levitra both Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy went after a foul ball heading towards the stands, cialis vs levitra neither player got to the ball but Murphy made a sliding try and ended up getting his foot caught in the revolving signage. Cialis vs levitra My problem? Ike never gave Murph a hand getting undone from the sign. Cialis vs levitra WTF Ike?

Cialis vs levitra If you ever want to know the attendance at Citi Field just log on to Twitter for 5 mins after first pitch. Cialis vs levitra There must have been 100 pictures sent to Twitter with crowd or in this case non-crowd shots. Cialis vs levitra Seems everyone who was in attendance took a pic and tweeted it.

Cialis vs levitra With that goatee, cialis vs levitra Daniel Murphy looks like Louis CK

Cialis vs levitra Boy oh boy did the Marlins and Pirates come to Flushing at the right time. Cialis vs levitra After that 16-1 crash and burn and the outrage that followed what better antidote than having two don’t give a shit teams come in to remedy what ails the Mets and too show Mets fans that we do not root for the worst team in baseball.

Cialis vs levitra How is it that Fred Lewis spent all season in Buffalo and Andres Torres spent all season in Flushing?

Cialis vs levitra WOW! What has gotten into Gary Cohen lately? Last night he tore into Heath Bell for throwing Ozzie Guillen under the bus for Bell’s statement that there is no communication between the Fish manager and players. Cialis vs levitra GC said that Bell should shut up and pitch and then added that it would be hard to throw Bell under a bus as he wouldn’t fit. Cialis vs levitra Bada Bing!!!!

Cialis vs levitra I’d love to see if Mets could make a deal with Brewers to get Corey Hart and Carlos Gomez. Cialis vs levitra Two-thirds of your outfield problems solved right there.

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What better viagra or cialis Last night on the Sport Media Watchdog Podcast, what better viagra or cialis we discussed Joe Posnanski’s book PATERNO, what better viagra or cialis Roger Clemens comeback with the Sugar Land Skeeters and the blockbuster deal between the Boston Red Sox and the LA Dodgers

What better viagra or cialis Saturday I was in New Jersey for most of the day in Colt’s Neck to be precise and at the Collingwood Flea Market. What better viagra or cialis As I walked around the market I came across a booth that was selling baseball jersey’s. What better viagra or cialis I found a beautiful Mets Daniel Murphy roadie that I just could not pass up. What better viagra or cialis After I bought it, what better viagra or cialis I said to my son, what better viagra or cialis “I hope this isn’t the kiss of death for Murph as a Met by me buying this jersey” So what happens, what better viagra or cialis yesterday Murph hurts his shoulder and will spend his off day in an MRI tube. What better viagra or cialis Sorry 28!

What better viagra or cialis Sandy Alderson wants to sign David Wright and R.A. What better viagra or cialis Dickey to long term deals. What better viagra or cialis David Wright and R.A. What better viagra or cialis Dickey would love to sign long term deals with the Mets. What better viagra or cialis David Wright and R.A. What better viagra or cialis Dickey however, what better viagra or cialis will not sign long term deals with the Mets until they hear what the Alderson Plan is going forward. What better viagra or cialis I don’t blame them at all.  Both players know that the money is out there for their services and this stage of both players careers it seems from what they are saying winning or just a commitment to building a winner is paramount if they will both stay Mets or not.

What better viagra or cialis In Wright’s case he sees that the lineup he’s in now offers no protection what so ever, what better viagra or cialis put him on team like the Reds or Cardinals and his offensive game would flourish. What better viagra or cialis Wright is also starting to look at his legacy in baseball and his chances of making it to Cooperstown. What better viagra or cialis So far in his career Wright has 1393 hits, what better viagra or cialis leaving him 1607 base knocks away from the holy grail of 3, what better viagra or cialis000. What better viagra or cialis That would average out to about 178.5 hits a season for the next eight seasons to hit that mark. What better viagra or cialis Even if Wright was short of the 3K hits, what better viagra or cialis joining a team that was a contender and committed to winning (don’t lie, what better viagra or cialis it’s crossed your mind as you woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat  picturing Wright as a Highlander. What better viagra or cialis If George Steinbrenner were still alive I’d just about guarantee he’d have made Wright an offer so good he couldn’t say no) as a World Series ring or two along with the offensive output Wright should be able to produce for the next eight years would make him just about a lock for the Hall of Fame. What better viagra or cialis Can he achieve that as a Met? I’m not optimistic that he can.

What better viagra or cialis Looks like Terry Collins will be back as manager of the Mets in 2013. What better viagra or cialis I have no problem with that although I’d think there will be a major shakeup of the coaching staff. What better viagra or cialis What interests me is the job status of Wally Backman. What better viagra or cialis Would the Mets bring Backman on board as a coach with Collins starting the season in lame duck status? That would make for an uncomfortable coexistence for sure. What better viagra or cialis What would Sandy Alderson do if Backman is offered a big league managers job or a coaching position. What better viagra or cialis Couldn’t you see Davey Johnson convincing Nationals ownership to bring Backman on as his right hand man to groom as the next Nats field boss?

What better viagra or cialis Chris Jaffe at The Hardball Times writes about this date back in 1992 when the Mets traded David Cone to the Toronto Blue Jays for Jeff Kent.

What better viagra or cialis  

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Viagra directions I think the current state of events sums up the Mets season well. Viagra directions The team has won three straight (yes it’s the Pirates I know they are Division III but a win is a win is a win) seven of ten and eight of the fourteen games they’ve played in the month of September. Viagra directions There is a glimmering light of hope as this years team at least competes to win while last years dogs lied down most of the summer. Viagra directions So we should all be singing a happy song but of this is Metsville where good news dissipates like a fart in the wind as bad news pulls the blanket over our heads.

Viagra directions Jenry Mejia, viagra directions he of the blazing fastball and youthful exuberance, viagra directions felt something in his back that had Henry Blanco, viagra directions Dan Werthen and Ray Ramirez doing the Flushing Two-Step to the mound. Viagra directions Meija was done for the night. Viagra directions As with the Johan Santana injury, viagra directions we heard from everyone but a medical school graduate. Viagra directions Jerry Manuel was still going with the muscle pull diagnosis which he uses for every ailment his players report to him. Viagra directions So as of this morning , viagra directionsall we know is a 20 year old neophyte pitcher who was rated as one of the top pitching prospects in the baseball, viagra directions was jerked around by a clueless management team will now go for an MRI on his back and shoulder today and you know the news will not be good. Viagra directions Does JetBlue have flights to Birmingham AL?  

Viagra directions When the list to fill the second base position for the Mets in 2011, viagra directions the guy I wanted to win that job was Reese Havens. Viagra directions Havens is a Dan Uggla type but with a better glove. Viagra directions I was hoping his oblique injury would heal fast so he could get back on the field and show the brass his stuff. Viagra directions Havens has not made it back and after a couple of months of inactivity it’s possible that Havens will need back surgery this winter. Viagra directions That sucks, viagra directions that really really sucks.

Viagra directions Listen I like Jose Reyes and I hope he’s a Met next year (unless of course there is a blockbuster deal for a front line pitcher then adios Jo-Jo) and Reyes has a loyal fan base but for me after watching a week of Colorado Rockies games and seeing Troy Tulowitzki (TULO to his fans and admirers) if he played for the Mets, viagra directions the best selling shirts at Citi Field would be Derek Who?

Viagra directions Just verifies what we’ve only known for years only thugs wear Highlander caps.

Viagra directions Why is it a shock that there are over 30, viagra directions000 empty seats at Citi Field for this past weeks games ? The team is out of playoff contention, viagra directions Mets fans have less than zero confidence in the front office as management for some reason has decided to wait until the Monday after the end of the regular season to tell us the inevitable that Omar will be reassigned and Jerry will be fired, viagra directions kids are back to school which means homework, viagra directions teams, viagra directions clubs which take up as much of mommy and daddy’s time the kids, viagra directions the of course there is the ticket prices. Viagra directions I gave away two tickets to Mets-Brewers for next Thursday night in the Caesars Club section. Viagra directions It’s just not worth taking two subway trains, viagra directions a ferry and another train to get home by maybe midnight and then to get up at 5AM the next day to go to work for two teams playing out the string ? Nah!!!!

Viagra directions It’s not just the Mets it’s all sports. Viagra directions Every team is feeling the pinch of the economy. Viagra directions That $500 bucks who were spending on tickets now goes to the utility bill. Viagra directions The greed of ownership has ruined the experience of being at a game. Viagra directions The majority of the people at sporting events are more concerned with the wine and cheese than with the hit and run and hitting to the opposite field. Viagra directions If these prop fans are not inside the private club sipping and texting, viagra directions they are sitting with in range of the centerfield camera on their cell phones waving like retards.

Viagra directions I like it better in my Man Cave with the remote in one hand and nacho in the other. Viagra directions Besides it’s nice to be the only retard in the house.

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Buying generic cialis Have you noticed that the Mets telecast on SNY has turned more into a sports/general interest talk show than focusing on the action on the field? Not that I have a problem with that, buying generic cialis not at all, buying generic cialis in fact if it weren’t for Gary Cohen, buying generic cialis Keith Hernandez, buying generic cialis Ron Darling and Kevin Burkhardt along with Bobby Ojeda in the studio, buying generic cialis I don’t think I’d be watching many more Mets games. Buying generic cialis As much as I love our announcing crew though, buying generic cialis it’s a sad state of affairs when they are the main draw to watching Mets baseball.

Buying generic cialis During the game yesterday, buying generic cialis Gary posed the question to Hernandez about dangling the names Jose Reyes and David Wright out there as pieces in trade talk. Buying generic cialis Hernandez said (paraphrasing here) “of course you would; you’d have to as a GM just to see who is interested and what kind of package you’d get in return.” Now Hernandez DID NOT say Yes dump them, buying generic cialis get rid of them, buying generic cialis off with them. Buying generic cialis He just said what any smart thinking Mets fan would say, buying generic cialis you have to at least see what you can get for either or both.

Buying generic cialis I am in no way advocating the trading of Wright or Reyes, buying generic cialis in a perfect world both players would continue their careers as Mets and retire as Mets, buying generic cialis I would be very happy if the end of their Mets careers finished with “…and they lived happily ever after…” but as we know too well we Mets fans live in a imperfect world.

Buying generic cialis When I Tweeted that I agreed with Hernandez on this issue you would have thought I opened up a Mosques R Us on Cortlandt St. Buying generic cialis The question I posed is this, buying generic cialis Say the Skill Sets hire a new GM like Kevin Towers, buying generic cialis or Mark Shapiro or even promote John Ricco and they get a call from an team with a deep farm and young players who are on the Major League team already. Buying generic cialis For either player I want a at least a starting pitcher, buying generic cialis a second baseman, buying generic cialis an outfielder and prospects (of course the Mets will throw in a few other players as well) as you see it would take a blockbuster to have me trade Wright and or Reyes but as a GM you have to see if that blockbuster is out there.

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