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Discount generic viagra In the name of the Kranepool, discount generic viagra The Seaver and the Holy Gil Hodges. Discount generic viagra Gil, discount generic viagra this team, discount generic viagra this organiztion is killing me. Discount generic viagra I’m so tired of not just the losing but the way this team has no fight in it. Discount generic viagra Remember when you came the manage the Mets in 1968 and you told your players the days of the loveable losers was over and that if you weren’t ready to dedicate yourself to being a winner then you couldn’t be a part of your team? What happened to that thinking Gil? It came back in the 80’s with Frank Cashen and Davey Johnson then it vanished again and made a bit of an appereance in the mid 2000’s. Discount generic viagra But Gil, discount generic viagra we are back to the ways of old, discount generic viagra players have given up, discount generic viagra the manager once a bit of a spitfire has a beaten look to him, discount generic viagra he has no answers and if he hasn’t lost his clubhouse he’s on the brink. Discount generic viagra My God Gil, discount generic viagra how does this happen and why does it always happen to the Mets ? Please Gil you have to help us, discount generic viagra send a message, discount generic viagra you are still loved and revered by Mets fans that’s why I turn to you in our time of despair. Discount generic viagra In the name of the Kranepool, discount generic viagra the Seaver and the Holy Gil Hodges Amen.

Discount generic viagra Out on the street 

Discount generic viagra Where I grew up

Discount generic viagra First thing they teach us

Discount generic viagra not to give a fuck

Discount generic viagra That kind of thinking can’t get you nowhere

Discount generic viagra Someone has to care.

Discount generic viagra -The Roots “How I got Over”

Discount generic viagra Leave it to the Mets to ruin a wonderful MLB debut by Collin McHugh and let Mike Francesa give them a thorough and well deserved ass reaming on his radio show after the game, discount generic viagra although Francesa shitting on McHugh’s performance was uncalled for but everything else in his rant and rave was well deserved.

Discount generic viagra I’m at a loss for words with this latest collapse and I even more dazed and confused over Terry Collins proclamation that Daniel Murphy is “out of gas” and needs a couple of days off. Discount generic viagra  I’m stunned Colins would use the words “out of gas” and “fatigued” knowing that the fan base are like sharks off the coast of Cape Cod and are circling as they smell blood in the water. Discount generic viagra What did Collins and the Mets think the fan reaction to Murphy being out of gas would be, discount generic viagra sure sit out a few games and rest up? Shit, discount generic viagra not in this lifetime.

Discount generic viagra Am I pissed off about this??? You bet your dragging ass I am. Discount generic viagra I’m like everyone else, discount generic viagra I drag my ass out of bed every morning to go to work and hope that (a) the assholes I work with won’t piss me off to the point I want to stab someone and (b) that there is some overtime to grab so I can provide a little more for my wife and kids. Discount generic viagra You want fatigue; try getting up at 5AM take a train, discount generic viagra a boat and another train to get to work. Discount generic viagra Then work a twelve hour shift and repeat that commute to go home. Discount generic viagra Am I complaining?  Hell no! I will never complain about going to work and how I get there, discount generic viagra you know why? Because my family depends on me, discount generic viagra it keeps me motivated.

Discount generic viagra So when a baseball player, discount generic viagra a baseball player I like very much, discount generic viagra is sitting out games because he’s out of gas don’t expect me to accept that as an excuse.

Discount generic viagra As I said when I stated this rant and rave, discount generic viagra I wish I know who went to who with this but either way it seems Terry Collins is getting to that “don’t give a fuck” stage with this team and that is very, discount generic viagra very sad like the Roots song says in “How I Got Over” that type of thinking can’t get you nowhere, discount generic viagra someone has to care and has to care right now. Discount generic viagra     

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