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Viagra gel I’m a little concerned about Angel Pagan, viagra gel now that the Mets have sent him for a blood test to see what is causing him to be fatigued during games. Viagra gel What also disturbs me is that Pagan has gone into a shell in the clubhouse. Viagra gel With the thought of Carlos Beltran ready to be dealt away, viagra gel his own poor play this season and the uncertainty that he will be brought back next year, viagra gel has to be weighing on his mind. Viagra gel Hopefully there is nothing medically wrong with Pagan.

Viagra gel Most of the talk this morning is about what will happen after Carlos Beltran is traded. Viagra gel From reading the quotes from Terry Collins it seems he understands what we Mets fans have figured out the last couple of years, viagra gel some of these guys tend to lay down like dogs when they feel the season is over. Viagra gel TC has made it known now that anyone he suspects turning canine the last two months of the season will become ex-Mets. Viagra gel This has always been my main concern about the team that in the past, viagra gel they have shown no heart in tough situations. Viagra gel Collins made it known to me over the winter that that kind of mindset will not happen under his stewardship and so far this season he has live up to his promise.

Viagra gel If anything this Mets team doesn’t roll over in fact, viagra gel most non-Mets fans/followers have complimented the way the team plays, viagra gel hard for 27 outs. Viagra gel That’s why I have faith in TC to keep that mindset going forward. Viagra gel I have to believe if a player doesn’t hustle or takes a play off, viagra gel his ass will be fastened to the bench.

Viagra gel I have been a Mike Pelfrey fan. Viagra gel I’ve rooted for him to get his act together and become a solid front line starting pitcher. Viagra gel I’ve kept saying “one more year and it will all click for Pelf” but more and more this seasons, viagra gel my faith in Pelfrey drops after each of his starts. Viagra gel I’m getting to the point where I’ll be surprised if he is a Met in 2012. Viagra gel After reading some of his quotes today about life after Carlos Beltran I’ve become more secure in saying that we may be seeing the last of Mike Pelfrey as a Met:

Viagra gel   “I understand that if you want to get something back for him you have to trade him (Beltran), viagra gel” Pelfrey told The Post before the Mets beat the Reds 4-2 last night. Viagra gel “But in the same sense I would think if we ended up getting rid of him, viagra gel the front office’s view is that we don’t have a chance, viagra gel because he gives us our best chance to win. Viagra gel If he’s not here, viagra gel then they felt we can’t rebound from where we’re at.”

Viagra gel Mike, viagra gel if you pitched better this season, viagra gel the team would have had a better chance to compete for a post season berth. Viagra gel Don’t worry about what the front office is or has to do. Viagra gel It’s very simple, viagra gel players play, viagra gel coach’s coach, viagra gel manager’s mange and the front office worries about trades and signings. Viagra gel Quite frankly maybe your problem is you worry about shit that has nothing to do with you and you lose focus on what you need to do, viagra gel which is to pitch better. Viagra gel Hey who knows maybe your career will turn around next year when you’re a Kansas City Royal.

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Viagra online stores Reports out of Mets camp is Jose Reyes has a doctor’s appointment today to go over results of a blood test he took during his physical. Viagra online stores Yeah I ain’t buying either. Viagra online stores Something is very fishy here.

Viagra online stores  First of all the game is at 1PM, viagra online stores so why not see the doc either at 9AM or in the afternoon ? It’s not like Reyes is going to go a full 9 today. Viagra online stores Why can’t the sawbones come to Mets camp to see Reyes or even co-ordinate with the Mets training  and medical staff to handle this in camp?   Besides it’s Thursday, viagra online stores everyone knows that doctors take off on Wednesday to play golf. 

Viagra online stores Reyes says this had absolutely nothing to do with his legs that his hammy is dandy so that makes this trip to the doctor even more curious.

Viagra online stores You would think with the teams track record on medical issues and the fragile psyche of  it’s fan base the front office would handle this a bit differently.  

Viagra online stores So now let’s add Beltran’s knee, viagra online stores Escobar sore arm, viagra online stores Frankie Rodz pink eye to this mystery doctors appointment of Reye’s to the legend of the Mets front office reign of error

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Derph generic tablet viagra First and foremost HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

Derph generic tablet viagra Look who is in first place in the NL East.

Derph generic tablet viagra Welcome back Brian Stokes

Derph generic tablet viagra My team lost a game yesterday where my two hardest throwing pitchers walked 15 (yes fifteen) batters. Derph generic tablet viagra So back to pitching school we go. Derph generic tablet viagra I’v tried doing wide stance drills, derph generic tablet viagra sifting their weight from back to front, derph generic tablet viagra keeping the front leg up (standing tall) for a three count then releasing the ball, derph generic tablet viagra and I’ve pleaded for them to keep their head up and focus on the target (set up by catcher) if anyone has any other drills or ideas I am open to any and all sugestions (tell me in the comments or by e mail at  because if I go through another game of 15 walks by my pitchers they will take me out of the dugout in a straight jacket.

Derph generic tablet viagra My blood test is back from the day I posted about dealing the two Carlos’ and it came back possitive for stupidity.

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Pfizer soft viagra When I saw this I thought is was a column from The Onion but no it’s an op-ed piece in the NY TIMES written by John Kerry, pfizer soft viagra Newt Gingrich and Billy Beane outlining a sabermetric formula to keep down cost for the nations health care.  I wonder if Bill James can come up with PSORD (Patient Survial Over Replacement Doctor)

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