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Age of viagra users Not for anything but as long as Mike Bloomberg has been Mayor of NYC, age of viagra users the town ran like Swiss clock. Age of viagra users Crime dropped, age of viagra users tourism rose, age of viagra users snow was removed in a timely fashion and there was never much controversy, age of viagra users until he told the voters of NYC to shove their term limits referendum up their ass, age of viagra users “I want to be King of NYC forever”

Age of viagra users Unfortunately, age of viagra users like a  rotting fish or a visting relative who over stays his welcome, age of viagra users Bloomy is starting to stink. Age of viagra users Whether it’s his appointment of Cathie Black as President of Board of Education, age of viagra users whose solution to over crowding in NYC public schools is to tell people to practice birth control and then at a meeting of parents of children who will be displaced by their school closing, age of viagra users ignores them as she falls into a Blackberry induced stupor. Age of viagra users Of course there is his cluster fuck of snow removal, age of viagra users his annoyance with cops and firefighters who after pulling out bodies and trying to save lives on September 1tth 2001, age of viagra users have developed illnesses that have rendered them disabled and are collecting pensions. Age of viagra users Pensions that were earned from blood, age of viagra users sweat, age of viagra users tears and collective bargaining.

Age of viagra users Now to add to his tarnished legacy he is failed attempted at a joke against the Irish  while speaking at the Irish Historical Center in Manhattan has solidified to me that Bloomy has lost his mind and this city.

Age of viagra users Bloomberg own the NY Mets? HA! He can kiss my narrow back Irish-American ass.

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Levitra Vs Viagra

Viagra blister 4 So neither Mayor Moneybags or Jerry Seinfled are interested in buying the Mets. Viagra blister 4 That’s fine by me because I am very much interested in buying the Mets

Viagra blister 4  (first thing I’d do is redesign Citi Field and make it like Cameron Indoor Stadium where all the seats in the field level of the stadium would be for Mets fans only and by fans I mean in order to sit there you would have to take a 10 question quiz on Mets history. Viagra blister 4 For every question you get right I deduct a dollar off the already low 20 bucks I’d charge for the seat. Viagra blister 4 Then I’d move all the club seats holders to the Promenade and make up the difference in my new ticket price plan on them. Viagra blister 4 Oh and I enclose the whole promenade as so not to disturb the high rollers with our screaming and yelling of LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)   

Viagra blister 4 Except I lack the one thing that would make that happen. Viagra blister 4 MONEY, viagra blister 4 but both Bloomy and Seinfeld are filthy rich so if they front me the cash, viagra blister 4 I would be happy to take ownership over from the Skill Sets.

Viagra blister 4 Alex Remington on FanGraphs puts out the theory of the Mets going with a public sale of stock in the team as a way to raise capital and keep control of the franchise. Viagra blister 4 If this happened I would definitely buy in. Viagra blister 4 Remington mentions the Boston Celtics in his piece as a team that stock was available in back in the mid late 90’s. Viagra blister 4 Being a Celtics fan, viagra blister 4 I bought 100 shares of Celtics stock for 8 buck a share. Viagra blister 4 When the current management took over control of the team they wanted make them private, viagra blister 4 so they offered the shareholders $35 a share so my $800 investment brought me back $3500 and the right to say I once was a part owner of the Boston Celtics. Viagra blister 4  

Viagra blister 4 Ed Marcus’ Top 50 Mets of all time checks today with #27 Jesse Orosco. Viagra blister 4 Of course we can never forget Orosco on the mound for the NLCS and World Series clinchers and of course coming to the Mets from the Twins for Jerry Koosman but the game that stands out to me is July 22, viagra blister 4 1986 in a 6-3 win over the Cincinnati Reds. Viagra blister 4 Davey Johnson had both Orosco and his tag team partner Roger McDowell stay in the game by rotating them from the outfield to the pitcher’s mound.

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