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Ordering viagra overnight delivery Isn’t it amazing how we feel as Mets fans after a Matt Harvey start? Have you noticed how the other fan bases around baseball look at us now that we have Matt Harvey? 

Ordering viagra overnight delivery Matt Harvey’ performance hides alot of the Mets imperfections, ordering viagra overnight delivery like Ike Davis playing first base like its’ 3:45 AM or Capt Kirk getting bad jump on a fly ball in centerfield or holding our breath on a ground ball to Ruben Tejada, ordering viagra overnight delivery when you’re down about the Mets play at times all you have to say is, ordering viagra overnight delivery Is Matt Harvey a stud or what? It makes it all better.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery Harvey was large and in charge again last night at a library quiet Citizen Bank Ball Park as he sliced and diced the Dirty Old Phuck Phaces with a Frisbee like slider and fast ball after fastball. Ordering viagra overnight delivery Sure Harvey had a bit of an issue with command but he still was never in any danger in this game, ordering viagra overnight delivery unlike the once great Roy Halladay who turned into an old man in front of our eyes. Ordering viagra overnight delivery Ron Darling even went into an old pitchers stick together soliloquy over the demise of Doc Halladay but then realized he was working this game for SNY and not TBS and stopped in mid-sentence to realize his Mets fan audience was enjoying their team stepping on Halladay’s throat.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery As you all know I am a fin of Collin Cowgill but when I see him with that flat brim on his cap it drives me up a wall. Ordering viagra overnight delivery I hate flat brims on baseball cap with a passion BEND THAT BRIM COLLIN!!!!!!!

Ordering viagra overnight delivery I’m not worried about Ike Davis at the plate but I am stunned at how bad a first base he’s been playing. Ordering viagra overnight delivery Last few games, ordering viagra overnight delivery he’s been a mess in the field.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery I like the blue uni top the Mets wear at home but I’m not a fan of the blue road top. Ordering viagra overnight delivery I’m ok with the snow whites but they wear them too damn much. Ordering viagra overnight delivery There is nothing better than watching the Mets when they are in their pinnies in fact I’d love them even better without the names on the back. Ordering viagra overnight delivery The all blue cap is the best cap in baseball. Ordering viagra overnight delivery The new blue and orange caps would be better if the “ny” was all orange. Ordering viagra overnight delivery I LOVE, ordering viagra overnight delivery LOVE , ordering viagra overnight deliveryLOVE the Mr. Ordering viagra overnight delivery Met cap but then again I have always had a strong affection for Mr.Met.

Ordering viagra overnight delivery Last night David Wright went after a pop up in foul territory. Ordering viagra overnight delivery A Phuck Phace fan tried to interfere with Wright as he caught the pop up and then had the balls to ask Wright for the baseball. Ordering viagra overnight delivery Wright shot this shit head a “Are you fucking me” look that was straight out of Bensonhurst.

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Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage This post is part of a progressive game blog as a joint venture between members of the St. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Louis Cardinals chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and the NY Mets chapter of the BBA. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Members of both chapters have been assigned an inning to write about on their blogs with your’s truly asked to write a Mets prospective  post game wrap up of today’s game. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage At the bottom of this post are the links to the other Cardinals/Mets bloggers involved in this endeavor

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage  

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the New York Mets, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage the organization has brought back many of the fans favorite things such as blue and orange as the team’s primary colors, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage the pinstripe uni and blue cap, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage blue outfield walls, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Banner Day and last but not least, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage winning baseball.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage The only way R.A. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Dickey would have been able to top the historic no hitter tossed by Johan Santana last night would have been to pitch a perfect game. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage You know what? He came damn close.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Dickey scattered seven hits in a complete game shutout win over the St. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Louis Cardinals by a score of 5-0. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Dickey has taken his game to another level this season. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage With the win today he is 8-1 with a 2.69 ERA and a head spinning 70 K in 73.2 IP, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage this from a pitcher who today threw his knuckleball at a Bugs Bunny- like 54 mph.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage The Mets were led on offense by whom else? David Wright. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage The Mets have had a lot of firsts between last year and this year, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage the dearly departed Jose Reyes won the first (tainted) batting title ever by a Mets player last year and of course Johan Santana with the first no hitter in franchise history last night, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage so maybe we are looking at the first NL MVP award ever won by a Met with David Wright? The way this season is going never say never.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Cardinals starting pitcher Lance Lynn, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage will be staring at the ceiling of his hotel room tonight, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage trying to figure out how the hell he gave up three runs in the Mets half of the second inning. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Ike Davis led with the only solid hit of the inning, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage a single to right field. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Fourth string shortstop Omar Quintanilla was hit on the left wrist with a pitch to make it first and second for the Mets, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage no one out. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage The faster than your average catcher, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Josh Thole reached on an infield single and the Mets had the bags juiced with no one out.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage When you look back after the Thole hit, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Lynn should have been out of the inning and if he did escape unscathed and unscored upon this could have been a whole different ball game, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage alas the defensively changed Matt Adams botched a play on an R.A. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Dickey ground ball hit by not catching a toss from second baseman Daniel Descalsco allowing Davis to score. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Lynn got Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Andres Torres to ground out but instead of being down 1-0, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage runs scored on both outs leaving the Mets with a 3-0 lead and Lynn and the Cards trying to figure out what just happened.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage The Mets tacked on two more runs on a wild pitch and a David Wright new Citi Field dimension home run.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage There are still many amongst the ranks of Mets fans that have not seen the light with the 2012 Mets. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage These are not your “Willie Randolph, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Jerry Manuel we couldn’t care less Mets” there is finally accountability and an esprit de corps in the Mets clubhouse led by field manager Terry Collins.  The toughest thing for a manager to do is getting his players to buy in to what he’s selling and in his second year at the managerial helm, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage the Mets are buying in big time. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Eat your heart out Mark Zuckeneberg.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage For those new to watching Mets baseball in 2012, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage you got a good view of the new Mets under Terry Collins on Friday night especially if you saw Collins post-game presser as he tried hard to hold his emotions in check when talking about the historic night.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Many of you Cardinals fans reading this post are Missourians hailing form the Show Me State. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Well when it comes to the Mets, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Mets fans are from the Prove It To Me State so far the proof is on the playing field.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage During the off season Mets Executive Vice President David Howard met with few of the Mets Bloggers to discuss the season ahead and the festivities for the 50th anniversary season. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage  We talked about the low attendance numbers at Citi Field and Howard made a very interesting statement. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage He said there are a whole lot of Mets fans out there, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage millions of them but many of them are dormant Mets fans. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage What he was getting at is there are Mets out there who still root for the team but when they’re losing  they find it hard to come out to the ball park or watch on TV but when the team starts winning they come out of hibernation. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage After Santana’s no hitter Twitter blew up with so many Mets tweets that the top ten trending topics on Twitter were Mets related. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Glad to see the dormant Mets fans come out of the cave.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Pre game United Cardinals Bloggers

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 1st inn Pitchers Hit Eighth/Subway Squawkers

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 2nd inn Cards N’ Stuff

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 3rd inn I 70 Baseball/Mets Fans Four Life

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 4th inn Rally Birds/STL Sports 360

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 5th inn Fungoes/Metsrospectus

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 6th inn On The Outside Corner

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 7th inn Aaron Miles’ Fastball/Mets Public Record

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 8th inn Cards Tied For First/Saint Louis Sports

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 9th inn Balls & Strikes/Mets News Now

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Game Recap C70 At The Bat

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage  

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage  

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage  

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage  

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Discount priced viagra Trying to write something creative this morning and it’s just not happening so I’ll just throw some shit on the wall see what sticks:

Discount priced viagra If Jose Reyes is 100 % healthy then why not let him start on opening day? Why is it even a question? His legs don’t seem to be any problem so if his thyroid levels are fine then why wouldn’t Jose be at shortstop on Monday?

Discount priced viagra I would love to be in the room when soon to be Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z sit down and talk to LeBron James about joining the Brooklyn Nets. Discount priced viagra Mr. Discount priced viagra Prokhorov is going to be the most newsworthy sports owner this town has seen since a big blowhard ship builder from Cleveland rolled into town.

Discount priced viagra This Monday has been renamed Monumental Monday. Discount priced viagra Opening day at $iti Field. Discount priced viagra The NCAA Final and two hour episode of 24. Discount priced viagra  I’m busting sweat just thinking of how the Jack Bauer, discount priced viagra Dana Walsh  interrogation scene will play out.

Discount priced viagra Major tip of the BLUE Mets cap to Shannon Shark over at Mets Police for uncovering the Fanwalk faux pau naming Sid Fernandez the winner of Game 7 of the’86 World Sereis when it was actually Roger McDowell who earned the win. Discount priced viagra At the time that game was over, discount priced viagra we really didn’t give a rats ass who go the winner to tell the truth all I remember is pandemonium in the streets of Queens and that for one on the dozen or so times in my life I woke up the next day in my bed having no recollection of how I got home.  Ahhhhhh good times. Discount priced viagra Also Mets Police is recruiting for the Blue Cap Army to meet up Monday at $iti Field.

Discount priced viagra It’s a three man race to grab the 25th spot on the Mets roster. Discount priced viagra The candidates are Mike Jacobs, discount priced viagra Frank Catalanotto and Chris Carter. Discount priced viagra Very tough choices. Discount priced viagra The first one I’d dismiss in Jacobs who is a hit a home run or miss guy and a not very good first baseman. Discount priced viagra It was commendable of Jacobs to put on the catcher gear and volunteer to be the emergency catcher. Discount priced viagra How often do you need an emergency catcher? Carter has earned the name The Animal for Jerry Manuel and Catalanotto is a savvy vet who can play just about any position on a baseball field. Discount priced viagra If I had to make the choice, discount priced viagra I’d take Frankie The Cat.

Discount priced viagra Who? Raul Valdes Who? Raul Valdes Who? Raul Valdes

Discount priced viagra Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the new and improved LMILLZ

Discount priced viagra I don’t look at Darryl Strawberry as being a quitter for leaving The Apprentice, discount priced viagra it’s more like he was bored and tired of the stupid tasks he was asked to do. Discount priced viagra Whoever signed off on making this show two hours should BE FIRED! Thank God for TiVO. Discount priced viagra By the way as soon as Cyndi Lauper and Summer Sanders are fired I’ll be done with The Apprentice.

Discount priced viagra So long Chris Coste, discount priced viagra Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

Discount priced viagra It looks like the new McFadden’s at $iti Field is going to be THE place to be.

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I’m sure you have seen all the Few and Chosen books in this series at your local book store and now there is a Mets volume added to this great series in Few and Chosen: Defining Mets Greatness Across the Eras written by Rusty Staub with Phil Pepe , buy gel viagra foreword by Keith Hernandez (published by Triumph Books)

Amazing as it seems but we are heading toward the 50th Anniversary of the first game in Mets history (April 2012, buy gel viagra those awful black uni tops better be a bad memory by then) so it is a great time for this book to come out.

Staub and Pepe go position by position to name who they feel are the five best players ever at each ion in Mets history. Buy gel viagra There are a few surprises like Bud Harrelson rated over Jose Reyes as the best Mets shortstop ever and Bobby Bonila as the second best right fielder in Mets history (Staub left himself off the list which is foolish as he contributed in more in a week than Bonila did in all the years he stole money from the Mets) and Lee Mazzilli the third best center fielder over Tommy Agee and Lenny Dykstra ? NO WAY IN HELL!  In fact Lance Johnson was better than Boardwalk Lee sections like this are what make this book a great conversation starter.

Buy gel viagra It’s not just the inside of this book that is mesmerizing the cover is a thing of beauty as well with the traditional blue cap on it.  

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Still a bit stunned after watching the Celtics lose to the Knicks last night at MSG. Fun with viagra Memo to Al Harrington, fun with viagra I know last night was the highlight of your career but remember, fun with viagra come April you will be sitting on your couch while the C’s are deep into the playoffs so get your popcorn ready. Fun with viagra I’m pretty sure that the Knicks will be raising banner on the 14th before the game with the Wiz to commemorate the victory over Boston.


So while we wait for Scott Boras/Derek Lowe to produce a counter offer to the Mets let me alert you to the fact that Pro Baseball Central will be back this week on the air this Thursday night at 9PM (EST) on Blog Talk Radio. Fun with viagra So join Joe McDonald and yours truly for our first PBC of 2009.


Yesterday, fun with viagra in the Daily News they had a piece on Anthony Young and it was good to see Ol’ A.Y. Fun with viagra is alive and well and to reflect on his 27 consecutive loses which was a hard to believe 16 years ago.


Over at NYBD Frank Maniscalco has a fantasy baseball column up and some details of a Fantasy League that Frank will be running. Fun with viagra Also check out the NYBD show from last night on the Hot Stove with Mike Silva and Howard Megdal. Fun with viagra


Mets Geek has an in-depth piece on RHP Sean Green who came over with J J Putz from the Mariners and will take over the Joe Smith role. Fun with viagra Green could be a big part of the late inning Mets pen.


I love how the Mets Police has gone on the war path over the awful black Mets jerseys. Fun with viagra Really, fun with viagra  with the new ball park opening this year it’s time to ditch the black. Fun with viagra The Mets should stay with the pinstriped classic uni for home games with either the snow whites for Sunday games with the all blue cap, fun with viagra orange top button and NY on he front  and the road uni should be left alone but if you want to tweak that you could go with a gray top and pants with orange/blue stripe on the pant leg with the classic orange NY on the left breast. Fun with viagra I’d even go with the old NY Giants all black cap with the orange NY for the road cap well. Fun with viagra Anything is better than those awful looking black jersey’s. Fun with viagra Wow all of a sudden I have the urge to listen to Peter Allen records.


Hopefully by the end of the week (Please Omar sign Lowe/Manny/ Orlando Hudson and trade Gimp Castillo on Thursday) there will be some movement on the free agent logjam or we will all need a good colon cleansing soon



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