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Viagra india Never in a millon years did I think I’d miss Giusspepe Franco on a continous loop on SNY. Viagra india Between this commercial and the Jeter trying to sell me a car that he wouldn’t be caught dead in, viagra india I hope SNY makes enough money on them to give Bobby Ojeda a big raise.  

Viagra india I’m still trying to figure out the thinking of Brad Mills last night with his Salute to Tony La Russa in the 7th and 8th inning last night. Viagra india It isn’t like Mills is rolling out a bullpen like the Cincinnati Reds Nasty Boys of 1990, viagra india but then again with the Astros leaving the Senior Circuit for that other league in 2013, viagra india then again it could be Mills’ form of protest to the switching of leagues with an Occupy Bullpen movement.

Viagra india For all those who feel I’ve been shilling for Sandy Alderson, viagra india let me put this out there. Viagra india The signing of Frank Francisco looks to be a big time blunder. Viagra india Last night Francisco was not available due to a hamstring  (dehydration ?) issue, viagra india earlier he had trouble with his knee then add in that he’s has been totally ineffective as a closer, viagra india it adds up so far to one in the minus column for Alderson.

Viagra india Speaking of the bullpen, viagra india there could be a shakeup soon as Mets relievers are starting to show signs of wear, viagra india ranking third in innings pitched (71.2, viagra india the Brewers lead the league at 75.1 IP) and dead last in the NL in ERA at 5.02 add in the Mets penchant for playing close games, viagra india unless Manny Acosta and Miguel Batista have a pitching epiphany they could be replaced by the rehabbing DJ Carrasco and maybe an eye opening Josh Edgin. Viagra india You also have Jenry Mejia coming back from TJ surgery and Armando Rodriguez pitching very effectively in Bingo. Viagra india So there are options within the organization which makes the Francisco signing look worse.

Viagra india I don’t know if it’s just the mindset of the fan base or the years of incompetent management that has Mets fan fearing Kirk Nieuwenhuis going to the bench or back to Buffalo when Jason Bay gets back. Viagra india First forget Buffalo that’s not happening and as for grabbing some pine, viagra india that should be where Andres Torres winds up. Viagra india When you carry around a .243/.318/.402 lifetime batting line after 8 years of major league employment, viagra india you should be happy you have a seat in a big league dugout.

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Levitra vs viagra I hope you have time to check out the BASEBALL BLOGGERS ALLIANCE BASEBALL TALK show on Blog Talk Radio last night as I hosted the show and my guests were SF Giants bloggers Scott of The Crazy Crabbers and Julian of Splashing Pumpkins, levitra vs viagra and we reviewed the Giants championship season.

Levitra vs viagra I also have to make a correction. Levitra vs viagra In the beginning of the show I made reference to the passing of Sparky Anderson and mentioned the Reds beating the Highlanders in 1975 World Series which was a huge blunder on my part when I should know it was the 1976 World Series where the Big Red Machine kicked the Highlanders ass. Levitra vs viagra I could blame it on the fact that I was up at 5AM and worked a ten hour shift and did this show at 11PM but that’s no excuse and your right I need to grow a pair.

Levitra vs viagra You just know that this Charlie Samuels mess is going to get worse before it gets better. Levitra vs viagra The Mets can say Samuels is indefinitely suspended but we all know Samuels will never work in baseball again. Levitra vs viagra As soon as he admitted to MLB investigators that he bet on baseball, levitra vs viagra he accepted his baseball death sentence. Levitra vs viagra I’m just concerned about how long this was going on, levitra vs viagra who knew what and when did they know it and I’m praying no Mets players were involved in this shit storm.

Levitra vs viagra I have no problem at all with the Mets cutting ties with Hisanori Takahashi for the price Taka and his agent were asking, levitra vs viagra 3yrs /$12-$15mil the Mets were offering what I believe is a more realistic contract of 1yr+an option for $3mil. Levitra vs viagra Taka was outstanding taking over for Frankie Rodriguez and that’s what he is, levitra vs viagra a reliever who can give you an inning, levitra vs viagra two tops. Levitra vs viagra As a starter, levitra vs viagra when he faces a lineup the second and third time around Taka gets pounded. Levitra vs viagra There is a good possibility that Pedro Feliciano will be coming out of someone else’s bullpen in 2011 as well since he has a higher opinion of his monetary value as a stone cold LOOGY than the Mets do.

Levitra vs viagra Wally Backman gets to WOW Sandy Alderson today as he interviews for the Mets Managers job. Levitra vs viagra Backman is the number one choice for most Mets fans let’s see if can make a big impression on Alderson.

Levitra vs viagra David Lennon says Don Wakamatsu will be the Mets manager. Levitra vs viagra Joel Sherman says Terry Collins will be the next Mets manager. Guess what? The MSM doesn’t have a fucking clue as to who will be the next Mets manager.

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Viagra reviews Larry Jones needs to shut the fuck up, viagra reviews Beltran was safe at 3rd. Finally the Mets get a call in their favor from these inept umpires, viagra reviews and I don’t give a rats ass what Larry thinks of $iti Field and how he misses Shea what I’d like to see is a Mets pitcher nail him in the ribs with a fastball. Viagra reviews I am so sick and tired of the fawning over of Larry Jones.

Viagra reviews Can we just put Carlos Delgado on the DL already? what are the Mets waiting for? They’ve played three games now with a short bench, viagra reviews Delgado’s hip is still sore and won’t get better without rest. Viagra reviews Please let’s not make him fly cross country and then DL him.

Viagra reviews Great not only are the Mets wearing there miserable black unit tops but the Braves have decided to wear their Midnight Blue tops. Viagra reviews Fucking stupid!

Viagra reviews I guess Jose Reyes admitting that me made an awful base running blunder last night is progress.

Viagra reviews Can’t kill J-Man on taking Big Pelf out in the 7th. He was in a zone and pitching great but the Mets have to be careful of over using him.

Viagra reviews I don’t know what is higher on the douchebag meter the streaker or the asshole taking the video screaming “that’s my boy, viagra reviews that’s my boy” I will say nothing is as funny as over weight security guards risking a heart attack chasing a guy on the field

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