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Canadian healthcare viagra sales Really not much Mets stuff to talk about, canadian healthcare viagra sales we’ve already covered Johan Santana and his left arm, canadian healthcare viagra sales the new dimensions of the outfield walls at Citi Field and Daniel Murphy playing 2nd base.

Canadian healthcare viagra sales We’ve discussed Sandy Alderson on Twitter (@MetsGM), canadian healthcare viagra sales the schedule for Mets bobble head days (no Kranepool bobbler though, canadian healthcare viagra sales sad!) We talked about the pessimistic/optimistic Mets fan, canadian healthcare viagra sales ticket packages, canadian healthcare viagra sales Ike Davis ankle, canadian healthcare viagra sales David Wright’s back and Lucas Duda outfield prowess.

Canadian healthcare viagra sales We’ve learned that Josh Lewin will be Howie Rose’s tag team partner in the Mets radio booth, canadian healthcare viagra sales and that John Franco (not Edgardo Alfonzo) will be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame. Canadian healthcare viagra sales The new/old uniforms are back, canadian healthcare viagra sales that’s been discussed and of course the financial state of the Skill Sets and the club has been expounded upon by experts and those who have trouble making change for a dollar.

Canadian healthcare viagra sales Just think we’ve discussed, canadian healthcare viagra sales debated and beaten to death these and other subjects about our beloved Metsies even while Super Bowls were won, canadian healthcare viagra sales hockey team looking like Cup Champs and a kid from Harvard has stolen the heart of hoops fans of NYC.

Canadian healthcare viagra sales The manager, canadian healthcare viagra sales coaches and many players are in camp. Canadian healthcare viagra sales Dispatches with the address Pt. Canadian healthcare viagra sales St. Canadian healthcare viagra sales Lucie are now showing up on the fish wraps, canadian healthcare viagra sales soon SNY will transmit pictures and sounds of our heroes in action and not a moment too soon as me thinks some of the fan base needs a baseball fix badddddddly.

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Viagra sales in canada Happy Birthday to the greatest Met of all time. Viagra sales in canada There is only one “Franchise” George Thomas Seaver who by the way will be the first bobble head giveaway in 2012  

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Viagra store in canada  

Viagra store in canada On this date in 1966, viagra store in canada the Mets traded Jim Hickman and Ron Hunt to the Dodgers for the pride of Boy’s High in Brooklyn, viagra store in canada Tommy Davis. Viagra store in canada Davis lasted one season with the Mets as he was delt along with Jack Fisher to the White Sox for Tommie Agee and Al Weis .

Viagra store in canada I think we can now stop with all the questions of Terry Collins about the 1999 Angels and his eight year old DUI. Viagra store in canada I give Collins a lot of credit and it shows he has patients as I would have told the media to go fuck off by now. Viagra store in canada  Collins has also shown he won’t throw players under the bus as in all the stories you hear about that Angels team, viagra store in canada the main culprit in the uprising was Mo Vaughn, viagra store in canada one of the biggest fucking quitters in baseball history. Viagra store in canada  

Viagra store in canada Nice to see Ollie Perez is the Tom Seaver of the Mexican Winter League. Viagra store in canada Maybe Sandy Alderson can work out a deal with any team in the Mexican League for Perez. Viagra store in canada I’d take a couple of roosters (for cock fighting purposes, viagra store in canada of course) two cases of Bohemia Beer and an enchilada to be named later.

Viagra store in canada Ed Ryan makes the case that Carlos Beltran’s contract might not be so prohibited that he could be dealt. Viagra store in canada The way Ed puts it out there, viagra store in canada with the Mets picking up $5mil of the deferred dough in the deal that would live Beltran owed $13 mil for the season. Viagra store in canada   Would Theo Epstein be an interested buyer?

Viagra store in canada I wouldn’t be looking for John Maine Bobble Head Day on the 2011 promotional schedule.

Viagra store in canada R.I.P. Viagra store in canada Frank Drebin and don’t call me Shirley.

Viagra store in canada Joe Janish brings up a name from the past RHP Pedro Beato, viagra store in canada that at one time had my blood boil. Viagra store in canada Beato pitched for Xaverian H.S. Viagra store in canada in Bay Ridge and was drafted by the Mets, viagra store in canada who due to their lock step way with the Used Car Salesman, viagra store in canada were talked out of going over slot to sign him. Viagra store in canada Beato went back into the draft the next year, viagra store in canada and was drafted by the Orioles who had no problem going over slot to give the right handed putcher the same $1mil bonus the Mets were told they couldn’t give out. Viagra store in canada Well, viagra store in canada Beato could be a Rule 5’er and maybe an interesting pitcher to place in the Mets bullpen for 2011.

Viagra store in canada Who has December 1 in the “When will Pat Riley take over as coach of the Heat”?

Viagra store in canada Finally an athlete figures out that God doesn’t give a shit about a sporting event.

Viagra store in canada Javier Vasquez signs a one year deal with the Fish for $7mil with a no trade clause (duh!) and a provision that the Fish cannot offer Vasquez arbitration. Viagra store in canada Not bad for a suck ass pitcher.

Viagra store in canada Tom Brady is the NFL MVP and the best QB in the game and one of the three best of all time (Johnny Unitas, viagra store in canada Joe Montana, viagra store in canada then Brady who is ready to move past Montana) if you want to argue this, viagra store in canada talk to the hand.

Viagra store in canada Joe Posnanski hits another blog post out of the park, viagra store in canada this time taking on the “closer”. Viagra store in canada I’m really, viagra store in canada really hoping that the new Mets brain trust thinks like Posnanski and uses Frankie Rodriguez (if he’s still with the team) in the 7th and or 8th inning.

Viagra store in canada Tonight is hockey night as I’m headed to MSG for Rangers-Penguins. Viagra store in canada If you are not of the hockey fan persuasion, viagra store in canada the NY Rangers are what we could hope the Mets will be in 2011. Viagra store in canada They have a lot of young, viagra store in canada talent and dedicated players, viagra store in canada who while learning the ropes of the NHL, viagra store in canada grind out game after game. Viagra store in canada They have two superstars in Henrik Lundqvist  and Marian Gaborik and two young players in Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan, viagra store in canada who are having break out seasons on the ice and in the locker room as the new leaders of this team. Viagra store in canada The team also sticks up for one and other (something that has not been seen with the Rangers in years) and are becoming a tough team to play. Viagra store in canada Cindy Crosby better have some vagina protection on tonight.

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Cialis soft pills I spent last night on Coney Island watching Wallyball and had the good fortune to meet up with Coop and Corey at the game. Cialis soft pills We were all excited over our beautiful Ike Davis bobble heads, cialis soft pills well not exactly bobble heads more like bobble torso.

Cialis soft pills Greg Vaughn was also at MCU Park last night to see his son Corey play centerfield for the Cyclones and he was very cordial and accommodating to the fans signing autographs.

Cialis soft pills The Cyclones lost 3-2 to the Hudson Valley Renegades but they still hold a 7 ½ game lead over HV in the McNamara Division and an overall 30-14 record, cialis soft pills the best in the NY-PENN League.

Cialis soft pills WallyBall in Queens in 2011 is gaining steam

Cialis soft pills While I was getting my Ike Davis bobble head looks Luis Castillo was playing bobble ball last night. Cialis soft pills The Mets are 7 ½ games back of the Bravos and 6 games ahead of the last place Washington Nationals.

Cialis soft pills Now the Skill Sets are looking to enter the world of the Squared Circle? It might be a good thing for Mets fans if Jeffey Skill Sets sees himself as a Vince McMahon wannabe. Cialis soft pills I’d love to see Jeffey get on a segment of Pipers Pit.

Cialis soft pills MLB Umpires fuck up again this time with the Infield Fly Rule. Cialis soft pills The beat goes on , cialis soft pills the beat goes on.

Cialis soft pills The Howard Megdal for GM has reached the WWL and in his column has some great ideas as usual but where Howard and I differ is in dealing for Prince Fielder, cialis soft pills who I believe is in the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s Fattest Vegan (Prince must be drenching his veggies in vats of Ranch dressing) at the expense of Ike Davis. Cialis soft pills NO NO 1, cialis soft pills000 TIMES NO!!!!! By the way Howard Megdal will be my guest on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Radio Show on August 17th at 10PM ET. Cialis soft pills And speaking of THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN, cialis soft pills there will be no new show this week or next as I will be on Cape Cod enjoying the beach and trying not to become shark bait. Cialis soft pills You can listen to previous shows on the show page on Blog Talk Radio or download the shows on iTunes. Don’t forget to vist the THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN store at Cafe Press. Cialis soft pills Yeah that’s right I’m like a Hunts Point Ho’ on the stroll

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You can’t help it; it’s just an affliction of watching a lot of Mets games. Adverse side effects of viagra People who never utter a curse word in their life say it. Adverse side effects of viagra Rabbi’s in Williamsburg who are so strict to their religion that the site of the young hipsters who have taken over their neighborhood, adverse side effects of viagra riding bikes and putting up billborads of sexy people that cause them outrage say it. Adverse side effects of viagra Little kids say it and the one the holiest man it the world said it to via telephone last night.




Caller:  How are you my son it’s Benedict


KS:  POPE BENIDCIT???????????? How are you your holiest?


Pope: I am good my son I’m checking on you.


KS: One me? Why? Did you have a vision?  Am I in danger?


Pope: Well when I saw you at Highlander Stadium you know you stood out to me.


KS: <chuckling> Yes I know, adverse side effects of viagra it’s not everyday you get asked to bless a Billy Wagner Bobble head <chuckling>


Pope: <laughing> very true my son and I am sorry about that blessing I think it was the Deer Park water I used as I usually go with the Pellegrino water for blessings.


KS : Hey you make do with what ya got but again why are you checking on me?


Pope: We got a new DirecTV system here in the Vatican and it came with the Extra Innings package and I must say I have grown found of the NY Mets. Adverse side effects of viagra I remembered you as a Mets blogger and I figured you would be the one to ask?


KS: What is your question your Holy Father?


Pope: The bullpen. Adverse side effects of viagra WHAT THE FUCK?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There you have it even a holy man like Benny 16 can’t control himself. Adverse side effects of viagra


It’s not so much What the Fuck there are a few Where the Fucks in there as well. Adverse side effects of viagra Like where the fuck is Al Reyes and Ricardo Rincon and Bobby Parnell? It looks like Brain Stokes and Luis Ayala have lost a bit of the magic dust that was on them when  the bullpen went on it best streak of the year a few weeks ago so I’m just wondering why Al Reyes and Ricardo Rincon have not been used as of yet? J-Man? Anything?


Have you seen the list of items up for sale as the going out of business sale at Shea rolls on?  Anything from sacred artifacts like World Series Banners and the retired numbers to napkin holders to men’s rooms signs are for sale but as I pursued the list and a few things I was looking for were not listed like:


The still that Casey Stengel had to make his moonshine in the manager’s office.


The alleged secret sex tape showing M. Adverse side effects of viagra Donald Grant all over Joan Whitney Payson’ assets.


Nelson Doubleday’s liver


The leftover programs from Richie Hebner Appreciation Night


The Lorne Brown Memorial Bathroom Stall Door


The mummified corpse of Art Howe


Rick Petersons bong


Gregg Jefferies diaper bag


The mirror that Dallas Green told his players to look in


The 5 year contract the Mets were ready to give Mac Scarce


Steve Phillips’ condom stash


Fran Healy’ can of corn


Vince Coleman’ Good Guy Award


Jay Horowitz little black book of super models phone numbers he’s dated


SPOLIER ALERT: I know the ending of tonight’s Mets-Nats game STOP READING IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









The bullpen blows it. Adverse side effects of viagra



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Viagra cialis The big debate in our section today at Shea (Section 40 of the Upper Deck) was where was everyone ? It seems it wasn’t just our section asking the question? Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of fans at the game but not 54, viagra cialis000 plus as was reported maybe 45, viagra cialis000 or so which is a healthy number and a sell out at $iti Field but the lack of full house made me look like a idiot. Viagra cialis I had my family up and out of the house by 10 AM “Hey, viagra cialis it’s Billy Wagner Bobble Head day  and the game is sold out (so said the Mets web site) and you want to stop to get lunch (SUBWAY on 108 St four sandwiches for the price of one at SUBWAY in the RF food court) and then <HORROR> WE HAVE TO FIND PARKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if it’s all those “Take Mass Transit to Shea” ads or just the fact that one day we got to the stadium late and had to park near the tennis center that has me soiling my boxers over parking.

Viagra cialis  

Viagra cialis Well even with the usual bullshit traffic jam on the Gowanus (my next car will have a fucking rocket launcher on the hood just to take out the assholes who drive allllllllllll the way down to the BQE/Brooklyn Bridge merge and cut in)  and the non-English speaking counterperson in SUBWAY (in the immortal words of the great Sheepshead Bay philosopher Andrew Dice Clay, viagra cialis “If you want to live here, viagra cialis LEARN THE FUCKIN’ LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the unsyncnized traffic lights, viagra cialis we get to Shea, viagra cialis park the car in the MTA lot across from that Stadium and get our Billy Wagner Bobblehead dolls all by 11:45AM. Viagra cialis WHOOP-DEE-DOO After that the afternoon went down hill.

Viagra cialis  

Viagra cialis Not only did most of ticket holders not show up but neither did the Mets. Viagra cialis For a team that should have been primed to put the hammer down on a team they are neck and neck with, viagra cialis the Mets played like it was a late March afternoon in St. Viagra cialis Lonesome. Viagra cialis The only one who showed up for work was Daniel Murphy who is Dave Magadan with pop. Viagra cialis So much for all the “experts” who said the Mets have a weak farm system and no depth as we have seen the last three weeks or so this team does have some players in the system and some are potential stars. Viagra cialis So a tip of the Mets cap to Omar Minaya and the much maligned Tony Bernazard for that.

Viagra cialis  

Viagra cialis Big Pelf was rolling along until the fifth when he suddenly lost command of the strike zone. Viagra cialis He got Hanley Ramirez to fly to Chavez in right but then walked “Roids Gonzalez to set up a big inning for the Fish. Viagra cialis Cantu grounded out allowing Gonzo to advance to second with two out setting up a decision for Pelf and the Mets. Viagra cialis Old School Dean, viagra cialis Dan Warthen came out and it looked like the question would be “pick your poison” Mike Jacobs the lefty or go after Dan Uggla?  Uggla has cooled off since the All Star break so it looked as if Pelf and the Mets decided to pitch around Jacobs and go after Uggla. Viagra cialis Jacobs walked and Uggla made the Mets pay with a two run double to the gap in right/center. Viagra cialis Big Pelf clearly was pissed off about the what just transpired and took it out on Cody Ross by hitting him square in the back (Ross is an annoying little prick in the Shane Victorino annoying little prick mold so seeing him take one in the back was the Mets Highlight of the Day. Viagra cialis Give Big Pelf a Croton watch for that)   and with the pitcher spot to come to bat next inning for the Mets, viagra cialis they   needed Pelf to get out the inning but after walking Jeremy Hermidia that was it for Big Pelf and Eddie Kunz came in and gave up a walk before K’ing Josh Johnson to end the inning. Viagra cialis  While most of the game the fans eyes were fixated on the sky as we all watched the weather reports this morning about the end of the world rain that was coming (it didn’t rain until the 9th inning by the way thank you local meteorologists YOU SUCK!!!) it seemed the Mets were wishing for a big gully washer to end their miserable day.

Viagra cialis  

Viagra cialis Two things that made me smile at Shea toady besides a great parking space:

Viagra cialis  

Viagra cialis While filling out my scorecard, viagra cialis the Shea PA system played “Everyday is like Sunday “ by Morrissey  and then Jane Jarvis took down Number 24 on the Shea Countdown off the outfield wall.

Viagra cialis  

Viagra cialis The saddest thing I experienced at Shea today:

Viagra cialis  

Viagra cialis I was the only person in my section who not only knew who Jane Jarvis was but actually stood and applauded her. Viagra cialis My kids were embarrassed (not as much as my son was when we met Jerry Remy in Hyannis as my son called me a “fan-girl” not even a fan-boy but a girl as he said I went way over the top in talking the Rem-Dog ) then when I tried to explain to them how we would clap to the Mexican Hat Dance when Lady Jane played the Thomas Organ between innings they all wanted to crawl under their seats. Viagra cialis Nasty little kids! 

Viagra cialis  

Viagra cialis Back to work for me tomorrow after two weeks off and I am dreading the amount of work that will be on my desk. Viagra cialis If I post anything tomorrow it will be in the PM or I’ll be in Central Booking for shredding government documents to lessen my work load. Viagra cialis  

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