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Buy viagra mexico So far so good, buy viagra mexico the New York Mets are undefeated in 2013. Buy viagra mexico Matt Harvey tries to keep the line moving tomorrow night. Buy viagra mexico Here are some observations on yesterday’s opening day win:

Buy viagra mexico I wasn’t in attendance at Citi Field yesterday due to my son coming back from a two week trip to Italy and Switzerland. Buy viagra mexico At 17 years old he’s already been to Europe and hiked the New Mexico desert. Buy viagra mexico When I was 17 I was happy to just spend time going to Coney Island and playing stick ball.

Buy viagra mexico I watched all the festivities on SNY. Buy viagra mexico The pre-game show started at 11:30 AM and right away the chemistry between Bobby Valentine and Bobby Ojeda was a hit. Buy viagra mexico I can guarantee the spread sheet contingent of baseball fans would disagree with everything Valentine and Ojeda have to say about baseball which makes what Valentine and Ojeda say more valid.

Buy viagra mexico Gary Cohen, buy viagra mexico Ron Darling, buy viagra mexico Keith Hernandez and Kevin Burkhardt were in mid-season form yesterday. Buy viagra mexico Hernandez had the line of the day. Buy viagra mexico After KB interviewed the stunning Emily Rossum and threw it back to the booth, buy viagra mexico Hernandez mentioned that there are times he envies Kevin and the job that he has. Buy viagra mexico Welcome to the dirty old man club Keith.

Buy viagra mexico I still can’t understand why SNY has a 90 minute pre-game show but still has to interrupt game action with pre-recorded interviews?

Buy viagra mexico What did I tell you about Collin Cowgill? As fabulous as his Grand Slam was in the 7th I was more impressed by the hustle double he hit in the 4th that normally would have been a single to center but Cowgill was thinking double right out of the box. Buy viagra mexico Love that!

Buy viagra mexico The worst outfield in baseball went 4 for 12 with 2 BB 3RS and 6 RBI (4 RBI from Cowgill and 2 from Byrd)

Buy viagra mexico SNY put a camera on Jon Niese after the 6th inning where Terry Collins was coming over to tell him his day was over and a let him know “Job well done” Niese was very animated in making his case to stay in the game. Buy viagra mexico There was a meeting between Collins, buy viagra mexico Dan Warthen and John Buck along with Niese pleading his case to stay in for the 7th inning. Buy viagra mexico It was decided to let Niese go back out to start the 7th. Buy viagra mexico It seems there was caveats that as soon as Niese was to throw his 100th pitch, buy viagra mexico he was done for the day. Buy viagra mexico Even though Niese got 2 quick outs, buy viagra mexico Collins brought Brandon Lyon in the game to get the last out. Buy viagra mexico SNY then aimed their camera at Collins giving an explanation to Niese on why he took him out. Buy viagra mexico When the lecture was over  Niese had a big smile on his face and Collins go this message across.

Buy viagra mexico I’ve mention about meeting Jon Niese and finding him as dull as dish water, buy viagra mexico yesterday between seeing him interact with John Buck and with Collins and Warthen, buy viagra mexico it looks like Niese has a new and improved personality which I feel goes hand in hand with the confidence he has that now knows he is a top flight big league pitcher.

Buy viagra mexico Speaking of John Buck, buy viagra mexico how great is it to see a bon fide big league catcher handling the Mets staff. Buy viagra mexico  You can see that Buck is a future ML manager. Buy viagra mexico SNY showed inning after inning, buy viagra mexico Buck sitting with Niese and it seemed that they were going over their game plan. Buy viagra mexico After the game, buy viagra mexico Buck was praising Niese saying he would the ace of any staff he pitched for. Buy viagra mexico Whether you or I believe that, buy viagra mexico you have to love Buck pumping up his teammate like that.

Buy viagra mexico Got to feel for poor Ike Davis, buy viagra mexico while everyone in the lineup made a contribution, buy viagra mexico Ike took the Golden Sombrero.

Buy viagra mexico Got to feel great for Scott Rice and a great gesture by Terry Collins to give the 14 year career minor leaguer the ball in his first ML opening day.

Buy viagra mexico Scott Achinson looks like a guy who just competed in a fantasy camp, buy viagra mexico he’s the oldest looking 37 year old I’ve ever seen.

Buy viagra mexico No Mets game today but tonight R.A. Buy viagra mexico Dickey will make his Blue Jay debut. Buy viagra mexico I’ll be watching that one and rooting for R.A.

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Buy viagra mexico  

Buy viagra mexico  

Buy viagra mexico  

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Viagra prescription label It would be a boon to SNY’s Mets coverage to add Bobby Valentine to the pre and post game show. Viagra prescription label IN fact I hope SNY takes it further and adds Bobby V to the broadcast booth when either Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling are not scheduled. Viagra prescription label Talk about must see TV. Viagra prescription label

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Cialis iop                                                                                    The Late Lamented Yankee Doodle

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Cialis iop I really cannot figure out why anyone would root for the NY Highlanders. Cialis iop Sure the championship aura that is slammed down everyone’s throat is the major reason and I understand that the majority of Highlander loyalist are really fans of the championships and not the team itself but my God is there a more boring tight ass sports organization than the Bronx bastards?

Cialis iop I admit I follow very few of the Highlander beat writers on Twitter or bloggers for that fact but I read all the stories out of Tampa and a few of the blogs (until my head hits the desk from dozing off) and I feel like I’m back in the 6th grade reading about the Dewey decimal system or constellations of the solar system (I hated science when I was a kid, cialis iop most my time in science class was spent surveying the girls trying to determine who was wearing a bra and who still wore t-shirts, cialis iop my own little science lesson Ha! Ha!) The Highlanders are sooooooooooooooooooo uninteresting.

Cialis iop The Sainted shortstop, cialis iop who not only lacks range in the field is inadequate when it comes to social situations as well. Cialis iop I love that Bobby Valentine gave him a poke over his overrated flip play back in 2001 ALCS. Cialis iop Instead of Jeter coming with a witty retort, cialis iop pointing out that Valentine only saw what was on his TV since that’s where his ass was parked in front ofit for that post season, cialis iop he gave the same lack of passion response he gives to every question.

Cialis iop Same with Alex Rodriguez, cialis iop who quite frankly has turned into the clock watcher we’ve all had the displeasure of working with in our life. Cialis iop A-Rod has become a pick up my paycheck guy who cares more about which starlet he’ll share his lair with than his on field performance it seems. Cialis iop  He has figured out that his contract is so toxic and he is so broken down that an act of Congress would be the only way to get him out of town, cialis iop so why not sit back and enjoy.

Cialis iop You look at the Mets and what the team lacks in money it makes up in personality. Cialis iop  Are there any Highlander players on Twitter? The only one I can think of is Nick Swisher but I’m sure his Tweets are monitored by the Steinbrenner Information Teams version of Bagdad Bob.  I don’t see any of the creative Highlander fans on Twitter coming up with the best hash tag in Twitter history, cialis iop thanks to Jed Smed who came up with the daily #MetsHashTags that  trends around the world. Cialis iop   

Cialis iop Maybe they are out there but where are the Highlander media folk or bloggers at spring training send back reports about the team and the goings on in camp? Didn’t the Highlanders get booted from last year’s post season in the first round? With a $200 mil + payroll would that be considered a colossal FAIL? Where are the critical commentaries? Isn’t there a story how the Core Four is about to be reduced to Core Two and eventually One once we know Mariano Rivera’s “secret”? Has there been a story where a reporter asks Joe Girardi about the improving AL East and what will it take for his team to make the post season? By the way can you even fathom, cialis iop Joe Giradi taking questions from bloggers as Terry Collins did earlier this week? His flattop haircut would catch fire.

Cialis iop Now I know after I post this and some fans of the Bronx Bastards read it, cialis iop the feedback I’ll get is that I’m an asshole and the Mets suck. Cialis iop They would be half right.

Cialis iop Highlander fans don’t yell Mets Suck not out of hate but out of fear. Cialis iop Don’t think the fans and the hierarchy of 161 St and River Ave are not just a bit nervous that the Mets will be not only a good baseball team but a story of the summer, cialis iop because as we’ve seen with the NY Giants and the NY Knicks, cialis iop New York loves a sports story, cialis iop especially one with a great plot. Cialis iop The Giants with their 7-7 record and win or go home final four games of the season, cialis iop topped off by a Super Bowl win will be chronicled in many to be published books. Cialis iop  The ongoing saga of the NY Knicks and Jeremy Lin could turn out to be as big a story as Willis Reeds Champion Knicks, cialis iop but if this Mets team shows it is not the downtrodden bunch that many make them out to be, cialis iop it will be a Highlander nightmare.

Cialis iop As it is now, cialis iop this past week it’s very close as to which team was featured on the back of the tabloids the most between the Knicks and Mets. Cialis iop One day it’s Jeremy Lin, cialis iop the next it’s Johan Santana. Cialis iop It seems the only time the Highlanders get in the papers is when some trollop of Cashman’s comes forward.

Cialis iop Think of the story lines, cialis iop if Mets play above the negative expectation, cialis iop owner’s with debt up to their fake tanned foreheads cut more payroll than any team in history but the teams manager instills a confidence in his players that they are major leaguers and have to play like major leaguers. Cialis iop The Ace of the pitching staff comes back like no one ever has from a devastating shoulder injury to breathe life into the rest of the staff. Cialis iop The solid number two who possess a mesmerizing knuckleball and a spot on the NY Times Best Seller list wins baseball games and a Pulitzer. Cialis iop  Ike Davis, cialis iop David Wright, cialis iop Lucas Duda and a back from the dead Jason Bay on the cover of Sports Illustrated as “Air Flushing” due to the resurgence in their home run hitting prowess. Cialis iop  Mets sweep the Subway Series with one of the games a no hitter tossed by Mike Pelfrey and as the game ends, cialis iop the Twitter servers blow up like the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks display.

Cialis iop Can it happen? Who knows? But, cialis iop get your popcorn ready just in case. Cialis iop   

Cialis iop  

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Buying viagra in the us Murray Chass The Jack Ass-curotsy of

Buying viagra in the us I received a link today of a post that Murray Chass (the big dumb ass) wrote about Bobby Valentine and how he can’t stand BV and BV couldn’t stand him either. Buying viagra in the us Chass it seems felt it was his duty to call Larry Lucchino the Red Sox CEO, buying viagra in the us to find out how the Sox managerial search was going. Buying viagra in the us I guess after screaming at his grand kids and staring out the window for hours making sure no one parked their car in front of his house, buying viagra in the us Chass decided he needed to know if Bobby Valentine was THE GUY the Sox were ready to hire as their field boss.

Buying viagra in the us From reading the post it’s clear Chass has an agenda, buying viagra in the us in fact since Chass was canned by the NY Times he’s had a hard on for lot of people and he’s in denial that he has gone from being the National baseball writer for the Old Grey Lady to a blogger . Buying viagra in the us Chass will never identify himself as a blogger but that’s all in the denial side of his old ass life. Buying viagra in the us Anyway, buying viagra in the us Chass has gone and dug up gossip and innuendo from Valentine’s days as Mets manager using the one player that Valentine really had no use for, buying viagra in the us Todd Hundley to make his case but back to Chass calling Lucchino. Buying viagra in the us The Sox CEO told Chass that Valentine had a great interview and then wanted to know what Chass thought of BV, buying viagra in the us I’ll let Chass tell you in his own words his feelings on Bobby V:

Buying viagra in the us I would rather not have people I am interviewing ask me questions. Buying viagra in the us In this instance what I thought about Valentine or any other candidate shouldn’t matter. Buying viagra in the us I am not the one hiring and paying the new manager.

Buying viagra in the us On the other hand, buying viagra in the us Lucchino asked a reasonable question, buying viagra in the us and the primary problem I had with it was whether I should offer some vague, buying viagra in the us non-committal comment or answer honestly. Buying viagra in the us Of course, buying viagra in the us I chose honesty because I expect honest answers from the people I question.

Buying viagra in the us “I have found him to be the most disliked man in baseball, buying viagra in the us” I said. Buying viagra in the us And I added, buying viagra in the us “He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him.”

Buying viagra in the us I didn’t offer any details, buying viagra in the us but if Lucchino wants to know why I made those statements, buying viagra in the us I will enlighten him here, buying viagra in the us which is a more appropriate place for a reporter or columnist than the telephone. Buying viagra in the us

Buying viagra in the us One thing we know about Valentine is there is no middle ground when it pertains to how people feel about him. Buying viagra in the us I admit to be being a big fan of his but I can see how his personality could grate on one’s nerves if you had to deal with him on an everyday basis but what I take issue with Chass is his view of Valentine is personal not business. Buying viagra in the us  No place in his column does Chass give Valentine credit for being an outstanding bench manager. Buying viagra in the us  You can hate the guys guts but you lose credibility when he don’t acknowledge that Valentine gets more out of what he’s given than anyone in baseball. Buying viagra in the us   

Buying viagra in the us Chass really embarrasses himself when he critiques Valentine’s managerial record by harping on the fact his teams never had a first place finish:

Buying viagra in the us Valentine undoubtedly talks a good game; that’s why ESPN hired him. Buying viagra in the us But ESPN doesn’t have to worry about a won-lost record. Buying viagra in the us While it’s a fact that Valentine managed the Mets to two consecutive wild-card berths in 1999 and 2000 and the World Series in 2000, buying viagra in the us it’s also a fact that in 14 years with the Rangers and the Mets he never managed a team that finished in first place.

Buying viagra in the us  

Buying viagra in the us Presumably, buying viagra in the us the Red Sox, buying viagra in the us who have not participated in post-season games the last two years, buying viagra in the us have studied Valentine’s history (and not just tested his knowledge of Jamesian sabermetrics) and know that he ranks third in history among managers who have managed the most games without finishing in first place.

Buying viagra in the us  

Buying viagra in the us Valentine took over a Mets team in 1996 that had stopped to listening to Dallas Green whose method of motivation was to scream at his players “to look in the mirror” and man up. Buying viagra in the us Valentine’s main strength was getting the most out of his 25 man roster but he had to deal with a few clubhouse lawyers who became very comfortable living the high life in the Shea Stadium clubhouse one in particular was Todd Hundley. Buying viagra in the us I’ll get to Hundley in a minute, buying viagra in the us Chass just kind of glosses over the fact the Valentine won a pennant with the Mets and if not for the shit the bed performance by Kenny Rogers would have had back to back pennants under his belt. Buying viagra in the us Someday Chass should let us know what he thinks of Bobby Cox whose teams finished in first place 14 times but has one World Series flag to fly? What about the greatest manager to ever put a pen to a lineup card Tony LaRussa, buying viagra in the us winning a World Series with a wild card team?  What Chass doesn’t get is all you have to do is get in the tournament, buying viagra in the us who cares how you got there? I’m sure there isn’t a Cardinals fan out there complaining how their favorite team got to post season as they are reveling in their successful post season tour.

Buying viagra in the us Back to Todd Hundley, buying viagra in the us it was no secret back then that Valentine wasn’t a fan of Hundley and Hundley felt the same about BV.  Hundley talks about his relationship with Valentine:

Buying viagra in the us  In Hundley’s view, buying viagra in the us the problem with Valentine began when the manager appeared to be jealous of the player’s standing with the fans. Buying viagra in the us ”He comes into a whole new situation and goes right after I guess the most popular guy, buying viagra in the us” Hundley said. Buying viagra in the us ”It’s not my fault I’m the most popular guy.”

Buying viagra in the us Hundley was especially upset at the timing of Valentine’s comments on his sleep habits because his mother was being treated for cancer and his wife was pregnant.

Buying viagra in the us ”I’m talking to my mom while she’s going through chemotherapy, buying viagra in the us” Hundley said, buying viagra in the us ”and I’m helping my wife with taking care of our two kids and he’s saying I’m out and about.”   

Buying viagra in the us  

Buying viagra in the us It’s true that Valentine gave a”wink-wink, buying viagra in the us nod-nod” statement about Hundley not getting enough sleep which was Valentine speak for Hundley being a hard partying guy. Buying viagra in the us I have no proof that he was or wasn’t but I’m sure it was the manager sending a message to a player and the player reacted negatively. Buying viagra in the us If it’s true that Hundley wasn’t getting sleep due to worrying about his mom and wife then Valentine was dead wrong to bring that up but what we saw with Hundley was he was not a true team player. Buying viagra in the us When Mike Piazza was brought over from the Marlins it was Hundley who was affected the most and it hurt Hundley to no end that Piazza was coming to the Mets and was the new starting catcher. Buying viagra in the us Hundley felt he was the most popular Met (I think Bernard Gilkey, buying viagra in the us Lance Johnson and of course Edgardo Alfonso were right there as popular Mets) but now with a super star like Piazza on the team he had to take a back seat in fact he had to find a whole new place to play, buying viagra in the us as Hundley was exiled to left field. Buying viagra in the us  That’s when Hundley ceased being a Met. Buying viagra in the us His play on the outfield was one of indifference; you knew his Mets days were over. Buying viagra in the us Was Valentine the reason? Maybe part of it but the mostly it was the acquisition of Piazza that was Hundley’s problem.

Buying viagra in the us Without a doubt Valentine is a very polarizing person, buying viagra in the us but he has a track record of turning teams around when he occupies the mangers office. Buying viagra in the us I’m not sure that Valentine is the guy to run the Red Sox bench as I feel their problems run a lot deeper in that clubhouse but you know the Red Sox will be prepared and they will be interesting. Buying viagra in the us  Valentine vs. Buying viagra in the us the Boston Media will a show all by itself.

Buying viagra in the us  

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Sildenafil citrate soft tabs Back in 1983, sildenafil citrate soft tabs Tony LaRussa led a band of Chicago White Sox to the AL West Division title that were so disrespected, sildenafil citrate soft tabs many opponents said of them they were Winning Ugly, sildenafil citrate soft tabs  many of the East Coast sports writers felt if they played in the AL East they’d be a 2nd division club. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs In 2011, sildenafil citrate soft tabs LaRussa is still managing and still winning and in taking the NL Pennant last night in Milwaukee, sildenafil citrate soft tabs he still has his team Winning Ugly. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs  I’m not a fan of LaRussa as he comes off as believing the baseball Hall of Fame should have been built in his hometown of Tampa FL since it was he who invented baseball, sildenafil citrate soft tabs but last night for the first time I really felt bad for him during this ugly Game 6. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs You could see the frustration on his face as he watched Edwin Jackson piss away a 5-1 lead in the second inning, sildenafil citrate soft tabs and he had to go to his bullpen much sooner than he had hoped. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs If we learn anything from this post season it’s even the top echelon teams in baseball have woeful starting pitching so in order to win you need a well-stocked bullpen, sildenafil citrate soft tabs something that Sandy Alderson has alluded to in his state of the Mets press conference at the end of this season.       

Sildenafil citrate soft tabs One more note on that 1983 White Sox team, sildenafil citrate soft tabs Jerry Koosman was a stalwart of that pitching staff winning 11 games and saving 2. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs Many around that team felt the season turned around when GM Roland Hemond sent 2B Tony Bernazard (Yes THAT Tony Bernazard) to Seattle for 2B Julio Cruz.

Sildenafil citrate soft tabs Check out Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest as he has an interview he conducted with Bobby Valentine who is plugging a movie he was an executive producer on called “Peltotero” which follows tow Dominican teen agers as they pursue a career in the big leagues. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs  By the way, sildenafil citrate soft tabs I agree with Mike’s thinking on Jose Reyes, sildenafil citrate soft tabs and I bet that’s the path Alderson will take with Reyes’ contract negotiations as well. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs He will not get in a bidding war for the shortstop.

Sildenafil citrate soft tabs WOW now I know why I had such a great night sleep, sildenafil citrate soft tabs Wally Backman has decided to stay in the Mets organization. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs A Festivius miracle I tell ya!

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Viagra alternative

Viagra alternative If it weren’t for the idiocy of Major League Baseball, viagra alternative all the talk last night and this morning would have been about the emotional and beautifully choreographed pre-game ceremony at Citi Field to honor the memory of the attack of September 11th and the first responders that gave their lives and the others who risked theirs to help others.

Viagra alternative I was brought to tears seeing Mike Piazza lead a parade of heroes from the right field side of Citi Field and John Franco doing the same on the left field side. Viagra alternative  Then having the ball park lights dim for a moment of silence followed by a spine tingling rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Marc Anthony. Viagra alternative Franco and Piazza then took center stage in their snow white Mets uni tops with the words “9-11-01 we will never forget” embroidered on the sleeve just like it was 10 years ago, viagra alternative to deliver the first pitch of the game. Viagra alternative In an eerie silence, viagra alternative Franco, viagra alternative a “Noo Yawk” guy through and through tossed a perfect strike to Piazza, viagra alternative the man who made the Mets relevant again. Viagra alternative In fact  what struck me about last night was how sad it was for two reasons, viagra alternative the first was what the commemoration of the evening was for of course, viagra alternative the other, viagra alternative it reminded me when the last time the Mets were a big deal in this town, viagra alternative that choked me up as well.

Viagra alternative The Mets wore the same snow whites that they had on 9-21-11, viagra alternative the first sports event in NYC since the demise of the Twin Towers, viagra alternative but on their heads that night were the caps of the FDNY, viagra alternative NYPD, viagra alternative and PAPD the three groups the club had become very close to due to their working side by side during the awful aftermath of the attack. Viagra alternative At the time MLB said the Mets couldn’t wear those caps during a major league game and the Mets in turn led by Bobby Valentine told MLB to kiss their New York City ass, viagra alternative we’re wearing them. Viagra alternative  What did MLB do? Nothing, viagra alternative just like every other bully that is stood up to. Viagra alternative The Mets wore the first responder caps and celebrated in those caps when Mike Piazza, viagra alternative he of the NYPD batting helmet as well, viagra alternative hit his home run that put a smile on faces that thought they’d never smile again. Viagra alternative It was not just a classic NY moment or one the best moments in Mets history it showed that baseball, viagra alternative just like during all of the countries dark times, viagra alternative came through once again, viagra alternative it always does, viagra alternative its what makes baseball the great pastime it is.

Viagra alternative The Mets of 2011 asked MLB if they could have permission to wear the hats of the first responders again as they did 10 years ago. Viagra alternative MLB said no, viagra alternative just like they did 10 years ago. Viagra alternative This time though the Mets rolled over, viagra alternative scared to take a stand. Viagra alternative There was no Valentine, viagra alternative or Franco, viagra alternative or Ventura, viagra alternative or Zeile on the team to tell MLB to take their no cap memo and shove it up their tight ass’s. Viagra alternative The players thought about ignoring the order but claimed the organization would have been severely punished if they did. Viagra alternative If the Mets banded together and wore the caps, viagra alternative what was MLB going to do? Absolutely nothing. Viagra alternative  Again to beat the bully you need to stand up to the bully.

Viagra alternative I don’t know if I’ve told this story here but if I did I apologize but I think it should be told here. Viagra alternative  As I’ve mention on numerous occasions, viagra alternative I manage a 14-15 year old Babe Ruth Team on Staten Island. Viagra alternative  During the heat wave of the summer, viagra alternative a day that was 97 degrees, viagra alternative I had scheduled a practice. Viagra alternative We try to have at least one practice a week during the season to work on some deficiencies and to go over the pitching rotation for the upcoming games. Viagra alternative We also take a round of infield/outfield drills and batting practice, viagra alternative in all it runs about two hours. Viagra alternative The place we like to practice is Miller Field in the New Dorp section as it was a one time air base during WWII and has plenty of fields to choose from. Viagra alternative Now because of the heat I was ready to cancel practice and let the boys enjoy their pools or whatever they were doing to stay cool. Viagra alternative Every kid that I called said, viagra alternative “ah coach it ain’t that hot we can practice” my son told me he was getting texts from some players asking him to convince me to hold practice. Viagra alternative What could I do? They want to play, viagra alternative fine let’s go practice. Viagra alternative So with the equipment and a case of water, viagra alternative off to Miller Field we go. Viagra alternative We were the only people in the park. Viagra alternative Acres of land at our disposal. Viagra alternative As we were half way through batting practice a federal parks department employee pulls up to the field asking “who is in charge here”? “ Well, viagra alternative that would be me”, viagra alternative “do you have a permit to play here” Ms. Viagra alternative Fed asks. Viagra alternative “A permit? For what? To play baseball”? “Yes” she said, viagra alternative “Ah no” I say “Well, viagra alternative she says then you will have to leave”.

Viagra alternative After I stopped laughing I ask here to clear her cart from the pitcher’s mound so we could continue to play. Viagra alternative Again she ask me if this was an organized team and where was our permit and on and on really annoying the living shit out of me. Viagra alternative I told her the organization we played for and that we had permits to play games here but being a programed bureaucrat all she knew was I didn’t have permit for the field and I had to leave. Viagra alternative At this point I asked her what her title was and she rattled off some administrative rank, viagra alternative I then told her to call someone with authority to make me leave, viagra alternative like the Federal Park Police, viagra alternative and while I wait for the police to come, viagra alternative we will continue to play baseball.

Viagra alternative Well, viagra alternative instead of calling the police, viagra alternative she called her supervisor who in turn called the league president who had to come down to the park to make me leave the park. Viagra alternative  So while I’m being screamed at with threats, viagra alternative I told my assistant coach, viagra alternative to continue with the practice this way I’ll go argue with these women long enough for all the players get their batting practice swings. Viagra alternative   For a good half hour, viagra alternative we argued back in forth about the lack of common sense being applied here, viagra alternative which was enough time for the team to finish practice. Viagra alternative When the coach told me practice was over, viagra alternative I thanked the ladies and said “yeah you know what, viagra alternative your right we don’t belong here, viagra alternative we’ll leave”.

Viagra alternative I didn’t give a shit about the two Federal Flunkies but the woman who ran the league was so mad at me she stopped talking to me. Viagra alternative It didn’t bother me in the least, viagra alternative you know why? She couldn’t do anything to me, viagra alternative what could she do, viagra alternative tell me I can’t manage the team anymore? No. Viagra alternative Luckily I had all the parents of the kids behind me 100 %. Viagra alternative That’s why I took the stand. Viagra alternative I knew there was nothing anyone was going to do to me to make me regret my decision.

Viagra alternative As I told the Feds, viagra alternative this will make a great story in the Staten Island Advance “Youth Coach and kids Thrown out of Park For Playing Ball” or maybe one of the local TV stations would love to expose the story, viagra alternative I had me some bullets in my gun. Viagra alternative  Sometimes you have to take a stand.

Viagra alternative That is what has me pissed off at the Mets, viagra alternative especially David Wright. Viagra alternative If Wright led the way and wore the NYPD cap he wore in the dugout on the field what was MLB going to do? NOTHING! If the whole Mets team would have worn the caps on the field what was MLB going to do? NOTHING!

Viagra alternative The bad publicity from this should be a huge embarrassment to MLB and I can’t believe no one in the P.R. Viagra alternative department didn’t beg Bud Selig or Clueless Joe Torre, viagra alternative who by the way showed is true colors as a big time phony, viagra alternative  to let the Mets wear the caps.

Viagra alternative You know what in the long run maybe MLB was right did it really matter if the Mets wore the first responder caps? No one was watching anyway, viagra alternative especially with the Jets-Cowboys game on NBC.

Viagra alternative Enjoy those single digit post season ratings in the post season Bud, viagra alternative you douchebag.

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Viagra cost So Bobby Valentine is trying to put together a group to buy the Mets or at least a minority share. Viagra cost I doubt that BV has the coin to pull this off but he what he does have is the “it” factor and the ability to front the franchise in a positive way unlike Freddy, viagra cost Jeffey and Uncle Saul who infuriated the fan base. Viagra cost If he can get some deep pocketed investors to join him and let him be the out front guy, viagra cost it could be interesting

Viagra cost  With the passing of Duke Snider yesterday, viagra cost lost in the days news was the untimely passing of former Met Greg Goosen. Viagra cost Last night the Mets 1965 Yearbook played on SNY and there was Goosen shown as one of the up and coming young stars of the Mets along with “Robust” Ron Swoboda, viagra cost Johnny Lewis and Ed Kranepool. Viagra cost Goosen was also a key figure in Jim Bouton’ classic book, viagra cost  BALL FOUR. Viagra cost One story, viagra cost when Goosen was a teammate of Bouton’s on the 1969 Seattle Pilots on a bus ride passing an old building  that had an inscription” Erected in 1883″, viagra cost to that Goosen replied “that’s some long errection. Viagra cost R.I.P. Viagra cost Greg.”

Viagra cost Sniff, viagra cost Snifff what kind of smoke is that, viagra cost that Chipper Jones is blowing up the Mets ass? Hickory? Mesquite?

Viagra cost On my last visit to Citi Field, viagra cost I wrote about Josh Thole being a good guy and helping me get access onto the media scrum by moving a chair and taking my backpack for me now if that weren’t enough to endear Thole to me it was announced that he will be the Mets union rep this year. Viagra cost So now Thole and I are Union brothers in arms. Viagra cost Sorry all you wanna be union busters!!!!!!!!

Viagra cost How in the world could anyone watch the Academy Awards when the Knicks-Heat game was on at same time? I’m not even a Knicks fan but I was glued to that game. Viagra cost As a basketball fan it’s good to see the Knicks and St Johns back on the right track and have the city talking basketball again.

Viagra cost Oliver Perez still sucks.

Viagra cost Mets and Nats today in St Lonesome. Viagra cost Big Pelf makes spring debut, viagra cost Dan Murphy plays 3rd base, viagra cost F-Mart DH, viagra cost Castillo gets another start at 2nd Base

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Where can i buy viagra The life of Bobby Valentine is a reality show waiting to happen. Where can i buy viagra After I realizedI wasn’t making it to work today, where can i buy viagra I turned on Ch2 news (I watch Ch 2 news because I have a huge crush on Mary Calvi. Where can i buy viagra Not only is she gorgeous but even as she’s telling me it’s another Snowgedon day it just seems much more pleasant when she explains it) and all I hear about is this awful traffic jam on I95 near Stanford CT. Where can i buy viagra As the on scene reporter is giving the details, where can i buy viagra in the background there is a man directing traffic, where can i buy viagra not just any ordinary man but none other than Stanford’s Safety Director and former Mets manager, where can i buy viagra Bobby Valentine.

Where can i buy viagra Seems a couple of tractor trailers jack-knifed on the highway and being the conciencious civil servant that he is, where can i buy viagra Valentine came out to help help get the cars and trucks flowing again.

Where can i buy viagra No truth to the report that one of the tractor-trailer drivers was Armando Benitez.

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Viagra clone I hope you are all enjoying this St Stephen’s (my namesake) Day nice and warm as we here in NYC are looking at a foot-foot and half of snow with blizzards conditions tonight which should make the morning commute just a joy.

Viagra clone Of course there is no Mets news but I did read an interesting post today by my buddy Mike Silva, viagra clone where he ranks his top ten Mets teams of all time. Viagra clone As I commented on Mike’s site, viagra clone it’s hard not to just award the top two spots on this kind of list to the 1969 and 1986 Mets, viagra clone as they are the only teams to bring home a championship trophy to Queens.

Viagra clone Silva mentions the 1997 team in his honorable emotions and when you look at that team, viagra clone there are some much underrated players in Mets history on the roster. Viagra clone Todd Hundley doesn’t get the mentions he should as his spilt with the club was not amicable, viagra clone as he lost his job for the fact that Mike Piazza was a catcher and when he was asked to move to the outfield he was offended and really didn’t help himself with his playing left like a kid given a plate of Brussels sprouts. Viagra clone   It wasn’t all Hundley’s fault as the front office didn’t handle the situation as they should, viagra clone such as dealing Hundley.

Viagra clone That team could get on base led by John Olerud with a .400 OBA followed by Hundley at .394 (and a team leading OPS of .943 on the strength of 30 homers) Edgardo Alfonzo at  .391 and Lance Johnson at .385

Viagra clone The pitching was good too led by Bobby Jones and his 15 wins and Rick Reed who won 13 games was the ace of the staff. Viagra clone The bullpen led by John Franco closing out games and Greg McMichale taking care of the 8th inning moved this club to a +17 over the  ’96 team in the win column in Bobby Valentine’ first full season as Mets manager.

Viagra clone Besides the World Series winners, viagra clone who do you think were the best teams in Mets history?

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Viagra stores I’m here today to praise the Skill Sets not burry them especially Freddy and Uncle Saul who I feel are the ones that have finally figured out that Little Jeffey needs a timeout and it’s time to let the smart guys run this franchise. Viagra stores Listen, viagra stores Jeffey doesn’t need to be totally out of the picture, viagra stores he can still do inventory at the Team Store, viagra stores or help cut up the peppers and onions for the sausage concession as long as he is out of the baseball ops I’m a happy Mets fan.

Viagra stores With all this new found happiness with the new and improved front office will Mets fans be happy with whoever is chosen to be the Mets manager? It seems Wally Backman is the fans favorite but if all the reports are true, viagra stores it looks like Terry Collins could be the leader in the clubhouse with his ties to DePo and Sandy Koufax but maybe Backman would be given the choice to be third base or bench coach? Same with Chip Hale. Viagra stores  What about Old School Werthen? Maybe a return of The Jacket? Stay tuned!

Viagra stores Rusty Staub has been named on the Hall of Fame ballot to be voted on by the Veterans Committee which has Ed Marcus leading the charge for enshrinement for Le Grand Orange.

Viagra stores I agree 100 % that as soon as the Justice League of Flushing finds a field manager, viagra stores the next move is to boot Ray Ramirez and his staff and hire some real honest to goodness physical trainers. Viagra stores  Now that Omar (Rub A Little Dirt On It ) Minaya is gone and that scoundrel Charlie (Blackie) Samuels has been shunned, viagra stores how is that Ramirez and his voodoo gets to stay?  

Viagra stores The ESPN team of Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are no more. Viagra stores I never had a problem with Miller although he is much better as a radio announcer than a TV head and Morgan I won’t disparage as he is one of the best baseball players I ever saw (not so good at analyzing on TV though) ESPN has a chance to put two guys that employed by the WWL that would be a must listen for any baseball fan, viagra stores put John “Boog” Sciambi and Bobby Valentine together in the Sunday Night Booth. Viagra stores That would be downright entertaining.

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