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How viagra works The new Highlander Stadium pale’s in comparison to the original 

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How viagra works As much as another bullpen meltdown set me off after yesterday’s Mets game , how viagra works what added to my anger was where I spent the early part of my afternoon, how viagra works Highlander Stadium.

How viagra works Yup, how viagra works I went to see the NY Highlanders take on the Los Angeles Angels Who Reside in Anaheim Orange County California at Highlander Stadium. How viagra works  I had a whole day to myself as my son and his friends high tailed it to Great Adventure and my wife and daughter went with friends to see Ghost, how viagra works leaving dear ol’ dad home alone, how viagra works so I had to find something to do besides do some work around the house. How viagra works Our beloved Mets were in Atlanta and the Brooklyn Cyclones were on the road, how viagra works even the Staten Island Highlanders were traveling, how viagra works damn not a baseball game to be had around here, how viagra works except for the Bronx Bastards. How viagra works I go on Stub Hub and buy a ticket in the upper deck for $30 bucks and off to the SI Ferry and 4 train I go.  Of course I am incognito and I’m happy to report I did not see one patron wearing Mets gear at this game unlike the dickheads who wear Highlander paraphernalia at a Mets-Astros game at Citi Field.

How viagra works As I walked through the mall main concourse the first thing I think of is this has got to be the highest concentration of Caucasians in the boro of the Bronx since the old Swede himself, how viagra works Joanas Bronck landed there in 1600’s, how viagra works seriously I didn’t know if I was at a baseball game or a George Strait  concert in Branson, how viagra works MO . How viagra works There were a lot of tourists and tons of the upstate/NJ/CT crowd as well. How viagra works It’s a much different clientele on a weekend as it on a week night but I think you can say the same for Citi Field as well. How viagra works The suburbanites seem to make a big deal out of these trips to the outter boros by carrying in as much food from home as they are allowed to get past the security guards. How viagra works  They also have a tough time in figuring out where their ticket says they should sit, how viagra works most of the fans at the game yesterday looked at their tickets like a contestant on Survivor does at a puzzle challenge. How viagra works It’s not that hard folks Section, how viagra works Row, how viagra works Seat all clearly marked on the ticket and throughout the stadium. How viagra works Then when they finally figure out where to sit, how viagra works they lack common courtesy:

How viagra works Ticket Holder: Excuse me is this Section 422 Row 13?

How viagra works Me: Yes

How viagra works TH: oh great we have seats 5 & 6

How viagra works Me: OK but this is seat 28

How viagra works TH: OK so can we get through?

How viagra works Me: you want to walk all across this whole row to get to your seat? Why don’t you just go back down and come up the other side of the section so you don’t disturb the whole row of people?

How viagra works I may as well had been talking in Pig Latin this schmuck had no idea what I was talking about so finally I said fuck it, how viagra works go ahead at least the rest of the row knew what I was talking about and gave this guy and his gal pal (both of course with cocktails in their hand) dirty looks.

How viagra works I love listening to Highlander fans, how viagra works there were three guys in back of me complaining after Robinson Cano hit a 3 run HR because Joe Girardi whom they refer to as “Super Genius” refuses to play small ball to get ready for the post season. How viagra works The Highlanders lead all of baseball in Home Runs and these dolts want them to play “small ball”?

How viagra works The most disturbing sight for me was after a Highlander home run on the side video boards they put up a picture of Michael Kay and his Alien sized dome with his mouth moving up and down and the words “See Ya” next to it. How viagra works EEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! It gives me the chills just thinking of it.

How viagra works So as for the game itself what pissed me off about the Mets loss yesterday was how the Highlanders beat the Angels. How viagra works Freddy Garcia labored through five innings but not to worry because that’s all the Highlanders needed from Garcia as Cody Eppley pitched two solid innings in relief and David Robertson and Rafael Soriano took care of the eighth and ninth, how viagra works ball game over, how viagra works the beauty of having an effective bullpen.

How viagra works By the time I got home from the South Bronx I caught the last three innings of Mets-Braves. How viagra works  First off, how viagra works why would you try to get a five out save out of Bobby Parnell? That’s not putting your player in a spot to succeed and shows you why Bob Geren was axed in Oakland. How viagra works Here it is that Bobby Parnell has pitched very effectively lately as the ninth inning closer coming in to start an inning and Geren tries to destroy all the confidence building Dan Warthen and Terry Collins have worked at with Parnell. How viagra works And what the hell was up taking Ruben Tejada out with a double switch for Rony Cedeno ? I don’t care if the pitchers spot was coming out Cedeno for Tejeda ? Bullshit.

How viagra works Sometimes as Mets fans we forget that the core of this team is very young and still learning the big league way of playing baseball. How viagra works Kirk Nieuwenhuis is really struggling as is Lucas Duda and you have to expect this. How viagra works I’d  say the for Josh Thole as well plus he should not be the starting catcher (nor should Mike Nickeas) if reports are true that the Mets are looking at Kelly Shopach then please Sandy Alderson bring him in.

How viagra works What has Mets fan in a tizzy is, how viagra works we see there is no great team in the NL and we have the memory of past second half collapses burned in our memory. How viagra works  I hope this second half the club can put up at least a 39-35 record that would give the Mets 85 wins and a shot at a Wild Card spot.

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Generic ogden viagra Suddenly I turned around and she was standin’ there
With silver bracelets on her wrists and flowers in her hair
She walked up to me so gracefully and took my crown of thorns
“Come in, generic ogden viagra” she said, generic ogden viagra “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”

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Generic ogden viagra That is the Willowbrook section of Staten Island. Generic ogden viagra The pond in Willowbrook Park  over flowed

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Generic ogden viagra There is never a good time for a hurricane to hit your town but when you are in the middle of remodeling your basement and your yard is full of debris and trash you want to get rid of, generic ogden viagra well 7 inches of torrential rain and 60 mph winds are not what you need to add to your everyday life upheaval .

Generic ogden viagra My new French drain did its job as it should but I did get a leak in my dining room ceiling but my biggest fear of losing power did not happen and I‘m real thankful for that otherwise my basement would have been under a few feet of water. Generic ogden viagra After all this a portable generator is on my must get list.

Generic ogden viagra A couple of final thoughts on Hurricane Irene, generic ogden viagra while watching TV and following on Twitter you could tell who rents and who owns, generic ogden viagra the people who were out getting wine and movies to ride out the storm were renters. Generic ogden viagra The folks out buying plywood and filling sand bags were owners. Generic ogden viagra I was up all night Saturday hoping that the drains and sump would work, generic ogden viagra at one point of the storm I sat in the basement just watching the rain water flow into the pit like Niagara Falls praying the sump and sewer system could handle all the water, generic ogden viagra I’d much rather have been sleeping off a drinking and movie binge. Generic ogden viagra Second, generic ogden viagra I’m not real crazy about living on Staten Island but god damnit do the local TV news outlets know the place exists?  I saw more reports on LI and Westchester and Hoboken NJ than I did on Staten Island. Generic ogden viagra I know it’s the forgotten boro but the only TV station to cover anything on the Island was FOX5 who had reporters in the Bulls Head section and by Midland Beach. Generic ogden viagra   Memo to the NYC Media, generic ogden viagra close to 300 residents of Staten Island lost their lives on September 11th 2001 please don’t forget us during your over the top coverage of the tenth anniversary of the attacks.

Generic ogden viagra Back to baseball today as Mets play a twi-nighter against the Fish. Generic ogden viagra Let’s hope that Dillion Gee can have a strong performance today and that R.A. Generic ogden viagra Dickey get a much deserved win and a big welcome back to Jose Reyes and his healed hammy.

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Viagra directions Why can’t every game be like last night’s Mets-Brewers game? A solid 6 inning by Chris Capouano in his return to Milwaukee, viagra directions and 9 up 9 down by Beato, viagra directions Izzy and Frankie Rodz add in a 2 run triple for Jose Reyes and you have a Mets fans paradise.

Viagra directions No way will Jose Reyes be traded by the Mets, viagra directions no way. Viagra directions  Somehow, viagra directions some way the Mets will sign Reyes to a new deal. Viagra directions When it was first mentioned that trading Reyes was on the same level as when Tom Seaver was dealt I thought that was ridiculous but now I can see that  the departure of Reyes could be the move, viagra directions that straw that breaks the fan base’ back.  Mets fans of my generation will be very angry and maybe we won’t go to as many games or maybe we won’t make watching games on SNY a nightly event but even as distasteful a thought of not seeing Reyes at short, viagra directions I’ll still call myself a Mets fan. Viagra directions It’s too late for me to switch my baseball allegiance but I could see the 30 and under crowd turning on the organization and heading elsewhere if Jose Reyes becomes an ex-Met due to money. Viagra directions This is a very serious issue that the Skill Sets, viagra directions Minority Einhorn and Sandy Alderson have to seriously take into account when dealing with Jose Reyes. Viagra directions If the Mets let Jose Reyes go, viagra directions then you might as well turn Citi Field into Old Trafford. Viagra directions  I can’t see Reyes wearing a diferent uni , viagra directions  I just can’t .

Viagra directions They did play soccer last night at Citi Field and it looks as if it was a success. Viagra directions The only problem I see is the fans are really far away from the pitch. Viagra directions It was smart of whoever put this match together to pick two teams from countries that make up the biggest percentage of the boro of Queens population, viagra directions Ecuador and Greece. Viagra directions  The Ecuadorian players however, viagra directions had issues with the MO-ZONE.

Viagra directions By the way, viagra directions I am going to my first professional soccer game on Friday as my daughter’s soccer team got tickets for the Red Bulls-Revolution game at Red Bull Arena. Viagra directions One more venue to add to my list.

Viagra directions I bought one of these t-shirts. You should too.

Viagra directions Ok I’m out of ideas on what to do with Jason Bay and I think Terry Collins is as well.

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Viagra report

Viagra report It’s been one of those days.  I was in every boro of the city except for the Boggie Down Bronx and I’m guessing I may hit the home of the Highlanders, viagra report a 5 broro cycle if you will, viagra report tomorrow. Viagra report  So I’m just getting in to read e mails and news and also draft my fantasy hockey team so hold on to your hats:

Viagra report I was asked to write a guest blog at the site 85% Sports. It’s about  how the corporate-ization of sporting events have killed the die hard fans influence for the home team and total “at the game” expirence.

Viagra report The primaries are over. Viagra report The acceptance speech has been given. Viagra report Now Howard Megdal has thrown down the gauntlet to Jeffey Skill Sets with this summit letter, viagra report putting the Mets owner on notice that the people have spoken and Jeffey owes Howard an interview for the Mets General Managers job. Viagra report  Let’s see if the Skill Sets understand the concept of LOGIC, viagra report PASSION and TRANSPARENCY

Viagra report Oh yeah, viagra report by the way, viagra report the Mets GM job is wide open as it’s as good as a lead pipe cinch that Omar Minaya will be stripped of his GM duties. Viagra report Guess what I bet, viagra report Jerry Manuel gets fired at season’s end too. Viagra report DUH!!!

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Alternative search viagra Someone needs to get Howie Rose one of those Queens Real Estate handouts they have at the supermarket, alternative search viagra as it might be easier to move back to the boro of his birth as none other than Mr. Alternative search viagra Islander, alternative search viagra Chris Bota says the Skill Sets are ready to build an arena in the Iron Triangle and the Icelanders will move down the L I E and call it home:

Alternative search viagra   Jones Lang LaSalle, alternative search viagra the project management company for the upcoming $500 million renovation of Madison Square Garden, alternative search viagra has begun work on a feasibility study for an Islanders arena at Willets Point — the property surrounding Citi Field, alternative search viagra the second-year home of the Mets.

Alternative search viagra “This is beyond the preliminary stage, alternative search viagra” said the source. Alternative search viagra “You don’t bring in a big hitter like JLL unless you’re serious. Alternative search viagra This tells me the Islanders and Mets have made progress in a partnership to take the hockey team to Queens. Alternative search viagra If Charles Wang and Nassau can’t cut a deal, alternative search viagra this will be a great option.”

Alternative search viagra It’s a bit puzzling why the Skill Sets would get involved in building an arena if they were not looking to either buy the Icelnaders from Charles Wang or just become a partner.  There is always the the idea of the Icelanders becoming much needed winter programing for SNY but I believe the team has a big time contract with MSG so that my or my not be tough to break.

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Viagra from mexico Craig Calcaterra’ favorite past time is bashing the Mets (he’s a Braves fan so that explains that) which should piss me off, viagra from mexico but the does it so well and is very witty that it doesn’t. Viagra from mexico This week he is at Port St. Viagra from mexico Lonesome and had two anecdotes that well, viagra from mexico quite frankly made me laugh out loud.

Viagra from mexico   My doctor recommended that I take extra good care of myself while on assignment, viagra from mexico so I stopped at a liquor store Saturday night to stock up on some Kentucky medicine. Viagra from mexico Behind the counter was the friendliest and least discreet clerk I’ve ever met. Viagra from mexico He asked me if I was in town for baseball and I said yes. Viagra from mexico He then told me that Mets pitcher John Maine had been in there a half hour earlier, viagra from mexico came up to the counter with a bottle of Grey Goose and was getting ready to pay for it when a Mets coach walked in. Viagra from mexico Maine and the coach talked for a few minutes, viagra from mexico and then Maine walked out, viagra from mexico forgetting to buy his vodka.  I got this mental image of him getting back to whatever social gathering he was attending and someone asking him where the booze was, viagra from mexico only to have Maine go “Ummm, viagra from mexico oh. Viagra from mexico Man.”

Viagra from mexico Something tells me Dr. Viagra from mexico Ed Coleman was pissed that Maine came back empty handed.

Viagra from mexico I woke up yesterday morning to get my continental breakfast on, viagra from mexico and in the lobby was a young woman in black spandex pants, viagra from mexico Mets fleece and Mets cap yelling at one of the desk clerks.  Seems she left her car someplace the night before — obviously not at Maine’s party, viagra from mexico as there was no booze there — and needed to get a cab to go and pick it up. Viagra from mexico When told it would be 45 minutes before a car could get out there, viagra from mexico she yelled “I’m from New York and this sh– doesn’t fly!!  I live an HOUR outside of Manhattan, viagra from mexico and I can get a car to my house faster than that!”  I suppose she has a point about 45 minutes being a long time to wait, viagra from mexico but I’ve found that one generally doesn’t get what one wants in this world by telling people that you come from someplace better and more important than they do.

Viagra from mexico  

Viagra from mexico You what I find funny about this, viagra from mexico whenever I go out of town; I usually like to avoid my fellow bridge and tunnel-ers. Viagra from mexico My problem is as soon as I open my mouth I reek of Brooklyn and in fact I’m proud of that since it seems the great Brooklyn dialect is a dying language but when one of my fellow outer boro “brudders of sistahs” act up at an airport, viagra from mexico hotel or restaurant, viagra from mexico someone will inevitably turn to me with a shake of the head, viagra from mexico “Humph, viagra from mexico those New Yorkers” at that time I break out my Irish brogue, viagra from mexico cultivate from years of living with parents born in County Sligo. Viagra from mexico So if I were in that hotel lobby and asked about Lady Going Ga-Ga I’d have said “Ah tis sad, viagra from mexico she’s actin’up” Hey, viagra from mexico sometimes it’s best to go undercover.

Viagra from mexico I rarely ever listen to Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason on WFAN but from reading a post on Mets Merized Online I read that Carton who tries to be a Howard Stern type jock but falls woefully short in the gift to be offensive and very funny, viagra from mexico made some irresponsible about Jose Reyes and his health. Viagra from mexico If these quotes are true and I have no reason to believe MMO is making them up, viagra from mexico how could WFAN keeps this low rent shock jock wanna be employed? Then again WFAN has become a station that can only attracted advertisers for hair plugs, viagra from mexico hard on medicine and scams to donate cars for children so what should I expect. Viagra from mexico I’m sure a big pussy like Carton would never go into the Mets clubhouse and say to Reyes’ face what he’d say in the microphone. 

Viagra from mexico Brian Costa via TWITTER says Frankie Rodriguez is back in camp.

Viagra from mexico Who is this Nick Evans of which you speak ?

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