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Super viagra The Mets bullpen situation is such that Sandy Alderson and his staff are trying to do some creative bookkeeping to by some time.

Super viagra The Mets have asked Jason Isringhausen to stay an extra week in St Lonesome so to make sure his elbow is sound. Super viagra The biggest fear the team has is keeping Izzy and he craps out in May. Super viagra They have asked Blaine Boyer to accept a minor league deal when Boyer figures if he’s released he’d get a major league deal in a heartbeat. Super viagra  The two moves come with the realization that Many Acosta and his 90+ fastball will be snatched up on wavers as well. Super viagra  For a team that everyone feel s is a MLB bottom feeder, super viagra it seems there is some talent worth scheming for.

Super viagra I’d like to see Izzy staying an extra week just to prove he can pitch without pain. Super viagra The Mets want him on this team badly and if it weren’t for the pop he heard in his elbow a week ago, super viagra all this maneuvering wouldn’t be happening. Super viagra Izzy is on the record as saying he will not take a minor league deal it’s big leagues or retirement for him . Super viagra Boyer is interesting as he has also has an out in his deal with the Mets and they love his 90+ fastball that he gets down in the strike zone that converts to tons of ground ball outs.

Super viagra I’d let Acosta go and hope Boyer agrees to a Minor League deal, super viagra if he doesn’t the you have no choice but to let him go as well and take a chance on Izzy even though you know he could be done by June.

Super viagra One thing I better not see is Bobby Parnell getting optioned to Buffalo that would be a Minaya-like move.

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When do i use cialis Ollie Perez has signed a MINOR yes MINOR league deal with the Washington Nationals. So when the Mets asked OP to go to the bushes he and Scott Boras said “nada” but when the best deal you can find is a bush league contract with a bottom feeder team it’s a deal.

When do i use cialis The Nats better hope Ollie-ittes isn’t contagious or they will have more to worry about than Stephen Strasburg’s Tommy John-ed elbow .

When do i use cialis Enjoy the bus rides, when do i use cialis Ollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Canada viagra generic A big thanks to Joe McDonald for getting the site back up and running, canada viagra generic I think it’s the Skill Sets doing this but THEY WILL NEVER SILENCE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canada viagra generic I had a couple of things I was going to get into like the Mets finally beating the shit out of a bottom feeder team and Billy Wags pitching lights out in Bingo to the point where he is bypassing Brooklyn and meeting the team in Pittsburgh and the fact that Nolan Ryan is classless for turning down the Mets invitation to come back for the last weekend at Shea but it’s getting late in the day and I’m finishing up work and listening to the Wake of the Mike and the Mad Dog Show with Mike Francesa coming out on top as he is in sole possession of 1-6 slot on WFAN. Canada viagra generic If you want to read some very funny stuff on MMD go to Mike Francesa .com and read the on going posts during the show. Canada viagra generic I’ll out myself here as I am a poster on that site under the handle Bob Husesler Fan Club.

Canada viagra generic I’ll have some stuff tomorrow.

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Buy viagra no prescription Some days when I write a post it’s tougher to hit that publish button than others. Buy viagra no prescription Yesterday when I was ready to hit the button, buy viagra no prescription I paused for a moment and re-read the post again thinking that maybe calling out the Mets relievers as a bunch of no balls sissy’s that I may have gone over the top. Buy viagra no prescription But I hit the button knowing that was just how I felt that no one has stepped up in time of adversity as you are supposed to do when injuries hit. Buy viagra no prescription Well, buy viagra no prescription last night Warlord Jerry not only gave me his seal of approval of that post he in fact added to what I felt as he called out his bullpen dwellers by responding to questions of his pen by saying that he was ready to hand the closers role over to Eddie Kunz (until Billy Wags finishes his rehab and zeppole’s on Coney Island ) as he stated no one else has risen to the occasion. Buy viagra no prescription Which was the polite way of saying that the pen lacks testosterone. Buy viagra no prescription Then he laid out his plan to take either OP, buy viagra no prescription John Maine, buy viagra no prescription or Big Pelf into the pen for the rest of the season which was J-Man’s way of embarrassing the relievers. Buy viagra no prescription One bullpen bottom feeder, buy viagra no prescription Scott Schoenewies, buy viagra no prescription finally strapped on a pair of nuts and called a meeting of Men Without Testicles to see if any of his fellow arsonists are embarrassed enough to get some male enhancement and take the J-Man, buy viagra no prescription Kranepool Society challenge and prove us wrong. 

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Buy viagra no prescription It worked last night as J-Man brought in Joe Smith for the 8th and Pedro Feliciano for the 9th with Eddie Kunz warming away in the pen just in case. Buy viagra no prescription Give Warlord Jerry credit, buy viagra no prescription if going to call out you players, buy viagra no prescription it’s best to do it when your playing the worst team in baseball. Buy viagra no prescription  Joe Smith had tons of movement on his pitches last night and Feliciano after getting  lefty swinging Willie Harris  out he looked into the dugout toward J-Man waiting for him to trot out and raise his right hand high for Big Eddie. Buy viagra no prescription But J-Man just stared at Feliciano and made no movement, buy viagra no prescription in effect telling the Other Pedro to show his balls to him and get out of the inning. Buy viagra no prescription And he did. Buy viagra no prescription Again it was the Nationals one of the suckiest teams I’ve seen a long time (the bloom is off the Manny Acta rose but the way) so let’s not wet our draws over the win last night. Buy viagra no prescription When I see the relievers taking on Chase Utley, buy viagra no prescription Ryan Howard, buy viagra no prescription and Pat Burrell and beating their ass then we will have something to celebrate.’  

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Buy viagra no prescription I had more stuff to spew venom about but I have a ton of stuff to do today soooooo I think I’ll do some live blogging tonight during Mets-Nats and the return of John Maine. Buy viagra no prescription I’ll also flip around to the Cards-Marlins game for some commentary on that one so hopefully I’ll see you later.

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