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Cialis compare levitra viagra Every story you read about Fernando Martinez focuses on his potential. Cialis compare levitra viagra Since he signed with the Mets at the age of 16, cialis compare levitra viagra we heard about the great potential that this young man has. Cialis compare levitra viagra He has the potential to hit for power, cialis compare levitra viagra run like the wind, cialis compare levitra viagra hit for average, cialis compare levitra viagra tons and tons of potential. Cialis compare levitra viagra Well you know what potential means? It means you haven’t done a damn thing yet. Cialis compare levitra viagra You could do some great things or you may be another in a long  line of Mets prospects on the junk heap.

Cialis compare levitra viagra Ina story on, cialis compare levitra viagra Jesse Sanchez talks to F-Mart about his play so far the winter, cialis compare levitra viagra where he is currently playing for the Dominican Republic rep Escogido where after  a slow start, cialis compare levitra viagra Martinez has played well. Cialis compare levitra viagra  I thought that this quote though was a little too cocky for a guy who still has a lot to prove:

Cialis compare levitra viagra “I know I’m a big league player, cialis compare levitra viagra and I can perform at a high level, cialis compare levitra viagra” Martinez said. Cialis compare levitra viagra “It’s in my hands, cialis compare levitra viagra so I have to keep working hard and maybe earn a spot. Cialis compare levitra viagra Maybe I make it to the big leagues with the Mets or maybe another team, cialis compare levitra viagra but I know I can do it. Cialis compare levitra viagra I just have to keep working and waiting for my opportunity.”

Cialis compare levitra viagra I want to like this kid and I would love to see him finally live up to the hype and come back to the Mets and make a big contribution to the team’s future. Cialis compare levitra viagra But the bottom line is, cialis compare levitra viagra this season is make or break for him, cialis compare levitra viagra a young man of 20 years old just cannot keep breaking down the way he does. Cialis compare levitra viagra At first I thought that he was so young and the strain on his body of playing professional baseball and the natural progression of his physical growth were colliding and causing his injuries but I am starting to think it may be more a lack of dedication to the craft that has caused him not to be a hard worker or take the time to train and be physically fit.

Cialis compare levitra viagra Martinez claims he is a big leaguer and he knows he needs to work hard to get back to major leagues but as we’ve seen with the four years he has been in the organization, cialis compare levitra viagra talk is cheap.

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Tadalafil cialis no prescription Looks like the Ollie P negotiations will go on for a while but I have a feeling he will sign back with the Mets sometime this week.

Tadalafil cialis no prescription I love how people are telling Mets fans to pipe down on the Manny to the Mets talk, tadalafil cialis no prescription it either comes from media types who have no allegiance to the Mets expect that they cover them for a paycheck (that’s you Ed Coleman ) or some “anonymous” GM that most time is a figment of a writers imagination. Tadalafil cialis no prescription The bottom line is the Manny makes the Mets a World Series contender and I will write about Manny every god damn day if I have to to get the Mets to sign him and plant in LF.

Tadalafil cialis no prescription Joe McDonald has a slide show of pics showing the final days of Shea. Tadalafil cialis no prescription It’s just a matter of weeks until Shea becomes a $tit Field parking lot.

Tadalafil cialis no prescription Well what do you know, tadalafil cialis no prescription all was not well in Highlander universe during the rein of St Joseph of Torre. Can’t wait to read this book.

Tadalafil cialis no prescription Never underestimate the stupidity of people

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Cheap canadian viagra So last night Omar Minaya was a guest on SNY’s Hot Stove show and of course one of the big questions was about Manny Ramirez (is it me or are the Skill Sets the only folks in Metsdom who against Manny as a Met?) but Omar never answered the question in fact all he needed was fruit basket on his head because he did a great Carmen Miranda imitation:

Cheap canadian viagra From Matt Cerrone’s Mets Blog:

Cheap canadian viagra Asked specifically about Manny Ramirez, cheap canadian viagra and whether he has recommended signing him to ownership, cheap canadian viagra Minaya said:

Cheap canadian viagra {“Manny Ramirez is a great player… But, cheap canadian viagra the reality is, cheap canadian viagra we have been focused on pitching… If you don’t have the foundation with starting pitching, cheap canadian viagra I just don’t believe you win championships… So, cheap canadian viagra we have to address our starting pitching and our bullpen first… Like anything else, cheap canadian viagra you put your team together, cheap canadian viagra like all GMs, cheap canadian viagra you have a game plan, cheap canadian viagra but the bottom line is you have to focus on pitching.”}

Cheap canadian viagra Huh? Omar? Manny? The question was about acquiring Manny Ramirez? Yes we need pitching no doubt but a right handed hitting outfielder should on your shopping list as well. Cheap canadian viagra Omar seems to be ready to become a City Councilman. 

Cheap canadian viagra  

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Purchase viagra online Quicknote as it is moving day from Cape Cod to Boston have to pack and get ready for Fenway Park. Purchase viagra online First it looks like Petey was rusty but healthy bottom line is if that fastball has no movement he will get lit up.

Purchase viagra online Maybe J-Man should have batted for Chavez with Castro as that looks to where the game was lost last night even though the blame goes to Heilman (doesn’t it always)

Purchase viagra online Welcome to the Mets Dan Murphy with Jon Neise and Eddie Kunz not far behind.

Purchase viagra online Red Soc fans gave Jason Bay a huge standing ovation last nigh in his first at bat. Purchase viagra online Bay looked both touched and embarrassed by the gesture as I guess it hit him that this ain’t Pittsburgh.

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