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Map of france with cialis  

Map of france with cialis  

Map of france with cialis We were invited to a party last night in our old neighborhood in Brooklyn, map of france with cialis as many you know how much pride I have in being born and raised in Brooklyn  and with the passing of Adam Yauch a fellow Brooklynite and Beastie Boy I  made sure as we crossed over the Verazzano Narrows Bridge last night I  made sure I had this song queued up R.I.P. Map of france with cialis MCA

Map of france with cialis Just so happened I was in Brooklyn last night to attend a dinner to for the son of friends who was receiving his Eagle Scout award from his Boy Scout troop. Map of france with cialis  We were all waiting for the festivities to begin but before we would get started, map of france with cialis the pastor from the church of this young man’s parish was to give the invocation prayer before the start of the evening. Map of france with cialis Seems the priest was running a bit late, map of france with cialis most guessed he officiated the 5 o’clock mass at his church, map of france with cialis not at problem, map of france with cialis it just gave the guests more time to socialize and enjoy each other company. Map of france with cialis Finally after being over 45 minutes late, map of france with cialis the priest walks into the hall, map of france with cialis shakes a few hands and arrives at the podium. Map of france with cialis The crowd rises as we prepare for his opening prayer, map of france with cialis but before we get to make the sign of the cross, map of france with cialis the priest makes the following confession.

Map of france with cialis “Ladies and gentleman, map of france with cialis  I have to apologize for my lateness this evening. Map of france with cialis  I’ve been sitting in my car the last 20 minutes listening to the 9th inning of the Mets game, map of france with cialis (all of a sudden a lot of eyes focused in my direction “hey did I sit in the car “? “No I followed the game right here on my phone”) a game they needed to win because Johan Santana has been such an inspiration and deserves to see a W next to his name in the box score and with this bullpen lately, map of france with cialis nothing is certain. Map of france with cialis So with that in the name of the father, map of france with cialis son and the holy spirit………………”

Map of france with cialis Mets fans. Map of france with cialis Go figure.

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Pfizer soft viagra Allright back to blogging after a weekend of freezing my ass off on a camping trip in Northern New Jersey. Pfizer soft viagra  I spent the weekend with my son and his Boy Scout Troop at Camp No-Be Bosco in NJ, pfizer soft viagra if it wasn’t bad enough the woods were snow covered, pfizer soft viagra the temps were in the mid-teens on Friday night and Saturday morning, pfizer soft viagra but I have to admit this was what we call “fat-ass camping” we slept in cabins with propane heat but still, pfizer soft viagra we did a 5 mile hike into the mountains which was nice until we discovered a couple of huge bear paw prints. Pfizer soft viagra That’s when my bowels started to churn a bit.

Pfizer soft viagra Anyway, pfizer soft viagra here it is with opening day just five days away and it feels like football season more than baseball but never the less for us Mets fans Friday night at 7:05pm at “Your Name Here Stadium” in South Florida it will be the start of the Mets 2011 season but between now and Friday the decision makers of the Mets have some tough roster moves to make.

Pfizer soft viagra The starting eight look set now that Carlos Beltran is confident he will be good to go on opening day. Pfizer soft viagra Day two of the season he may not be and that looks to be how Beltran’s season will go. Pfizer soft viagra He is not an everyday player any longer. Pfizer soft viagra If he plays two or three games in a row we will surely need a day off to rest his hurting knees. Pfizer soft viagra  That would make Scott Hairston or Willie Harris, pfizer soft viagra Beltran’ caddy. Pfizer soft viagra Hairston has some power but he hasn’t played much right field so this could be problem if Beltran’s knee woes become chronic. Pfizer soft viagra  Harris fits the bill defensively (as we Mets fans know too well) and he has that nice OBP that’s all the rage in Metsville. Pfizer soft viagra Depending on the pitcher the day Terry Collins will need an understudy will determine if Hairston (bats right) or Harris (bats left) gets the nod.

Pfizer soft viagra The four everyday infielders are set with Brad Emaus taking over second base on a futures bet by the Mets. Pfizer soft viagra Emaus didn’t light up spring training but with a big endorsement from J.P. Pfizer soft viagra Riccardi, pfizer soft viagra Emaus gets to show his stuff on opening day and beyond, pfizer soft viagra how far beyond will be up to Emaus. Pfizer soft viagra The infield bench consists of a no hit (Chin-lung Hu) no glove (Daniel Murphy) and a man of many gloves (Willie Harris who I bet will be the emergency third catcher) and some bat, pfizer soft viagra what this does is it makes Nick Evans an ex-Met, pfizer soft viagra which is kind of sad.

Pfizer soft viagra The catcher position is becoming a mess. Pfizer soft viagra Josh Thole is the starter but who will back him up? The Mets waited and waited for Rony Paulino knowing he came with some carryon baggage in an 8 game suspension for PED use. Pfizer soft viagra He then added another piece of luggage with his visa problems and now he’s added a steamer trunk with news that some blood work that was done on him looks problematic. Pfizer soft viagra Mike Nickeas is ok for a week but no way can the Mets go a full season with him as the backup catcher, pfizer soft viagra so if Paulino has an illness the Mets may have to scramble for a backup catcher. Pfizer soft viagra Anyone have Bengi Molina’s phone number?

Pfizer soft viagra The starting pitching is set, pfizer soft viagra as is 6/7ths of the bullpen, pfizer soft viagra with the competition between Blaine Boyer and the surprising Jason Isringhausen comong down to a last minute decision. Pfizer soft viagra  Izzy has been a great story this spring and looked to be a lock to win a job until he heard a pop in his elbow and Boyer has been fabulous this spring. Pfizer soft viagra As much as the club wants to keep Izzy, pfizer soft viagra the worry is he will breakdown in a month or two, pfizer soft viagra and Boyer has an out in his contract and will scooped up by another team in a heartbeat. 

Pfizer soft viagra Sandy Alderson admitted during the bloggers conference call that the decision on who gets the last bullpen spot is a very tough call. Pfizer soft viagra  Izzy brings a battle tested pitcher to the pen and has shown he wants to pass on his knowledge to his mates. Pfizer soft viagra  It’s really really tough but since the medical staff says it was just some old scar tissue that’s popped and Izzy has returned to pitching and has still been effective, pfizer soft viagra I’d take a shot at keeping him on the 25 man roster.

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Prescription cialis I ‘m getting ready to head for the hills A/K/A my annual week long camping trip with my sons Boy Scout Troop. Prescription cialis Our camp may resemble the prison scene in Godfella’s as we’ve decided to cook all our meals this year. Prescription cialis So we’ve packed up cans of crushed tomatoes, prescription cialis tomato paste, prescription cialis garlic, prescription cialis onions, prescription cialis peppers, prescription cialis chop meat and sauseeeege (Italian sausage to you out of towners.) so as the boys go off to earn their merit badges, prescription cialis the dads will be over a hot burner “makin’ the gravy”

Prescription cialis The leaders office has computers and internet access so I should be able to put up a post or two during the week when I get a little time off from cooking, prescription cialis cutting wood and yelling at kids plus it’s the All-Star break so I won’t be missing much as I don’t revere the All Star game like I did when I was a kid so it might be a good time to go into the woods.

Prescription cialis I haven’t read any game stories last from last night as I have a lot of last minute things to do before we leave so I’m still a little foggy on why Jose Reyes hit second last night and is schedule to hit in that spot again today. Prescription cialis I’ve heard a theory that he is seeing a lot of sliders in the lead off spot so by flip floping Pagan and Reyes he may see more fastballs as Jose is still plagued by the sore oblique. Prescription cialis  After watching Reyes slide back into second last night and coming up sore, prescription cialis I would think management would order him to forgo the All Star game and take the three days to rest his injury.

Prescription cialis Hard to kill R A Dickey for last night as he continues to pitch great. Prescription cialis If anything, prescription cialis the Mets half of the 6th inning is what did the team in. Prescription cialis With Ike Davis on second and Jason Bay on first, prescription cialis no one out, prescription cialis up steps Josh Thole. Prescription cialis Ike is not exactly fleet of foot in fact, prescription cialis and I say this will all due respect, prescription cialis Ike has Ed Kranepool speed, prescription cialis and Thole, prescription cialis a contact hitter up, prescription cialis how about a hit and run? Nope, prescription cialis Jerry Manuel decides to go with the bunt, prescription cialis and Bobby Cox, prescription cialis being the Hall of Fame manager that he is, prescription cialis smelled it from a mile away so he put on the wheel play (a Bobby Valentine favorite play as well) where 3rd baseman Omar Infante and 1st baseman Troy Glauss charge in and mentally challenged short stop Yunel Escobar covers 3rd and 2nd baseman mar-TEEEN Prado covering first. Prescription cialis The play worked for the Braves beautifully. Prescription cialis If Thole was a little bit more experienced he would have pull back the bunt and swung away. Prescription cialis As Keith Hernandez said, prescription cialis “Thole might have been afraid of his manager yelling at him” if he did that. Prescription cialis If Manuel chastised Thole for a heads up play like that, prescription cialis then he’d be a more clueless strategist  than I make him out to be.

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Viagra info I’m running out the door as my son is marching in the Memorial Day Parade in Staten Island today with his Boy Scout troop but I just wanted to make mention of the 5-5 roadie the Mets just finished

Viagra info I said 6-4 would be th emark to hit and with the melt down in LA and players dropping left and right winning 2 of the 3 series is encouraging.

Viagra info Looks like F- Mart will join th eteam as early as tonight. Viagra info How about we Mets fans let the kid breathe before we put Willie Mays aspirations on him?

Viagra info At what point does Omar DL Jose Reyes? Reyes is not getting any better and now Ramon Martinez is hurting and from reading Fernando Tatis words in the paper this morning he is not looking forward to playing short.  Either bring up Ruben Tejada or Jose Cornado go try to get Omar Vizquel from the Rangers   

Viagra info Picked up a nice 30 in Louisville Slugger at the flea market yesterday and a huge poster of the NY Football Giants winning the Super Bowl XLII for my office wall for 5 bucks oh and a nice sun burn as well

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No blogging for the weekend as I’m off the U.S. Discount viagra Military Academy in West Point for a weekend camping trip with my sons Boy Scout troop. Discount viagra Even though the troop has a strict no electronics policy when it comes to these trips, discount viagra the subversive that I am will sneak a radio in my bag to try to listen or at least get a score of this weekend Mets-Phillies series. Discount viagra Hopefully my tent mate won’t turn me in and have my ass hauled off to the stockade. Discount viagra


Sure it’s a big series but I think it’s to the Mets benefit that they are playing in Philly since they are so concerned about fan reaction. Discount viagra Remember the words of Bobby Knight, discount viagra “when you start listening to the people in the stands, discount viagra you end up joining them”. Discount viagra It seems that it’s not a lack of focus with the Mets but misplaced focus that is doing them in.


On that subject a must listen is Mike Silva’s interview with Kevin Kernan of the NY Post  that connects the paranoia of the owner and front office rubbing off on the uniform personnel. Discount viagra Silva’s comment says it all:


   The Mets have a reputation for trying to control the news around their club. Discount viagra It never works and often makes things even worse in the long run. Discount viagra How can you expect your players to toughen up when management has an equally, discount viagra if not worse, discount viagra thin skin? What’s next? You’re going to throw the fans out and play in an empty stadium so you don’t hear any boos? Keep playing like this and you might not need to worry about that.


HOME RUN  Mike!!!!


David Lennon calls out the lack of intestinal fortitude of the Mets:


Often, discount viagra it’s hard to pin down the intangibles with numbers, discount viagra but not in this case. Discount viagra With Wednesday’s loss to the Marlins, discount viagra the Mets (9-12) stumbled to 1-10 when trailing after six innings. Discount viagra After seven, discount viagra they are 0-11.


The newest member of the Douche Bag Hall of Fame is Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez. Discount viagra Its guys like Gonzalez that makes the demise of newspapers easier to take. Discount viagra If a blogger ever wrote a poorly put together piece like this Buzz Bissinger would go to his mother’s basement and kick his ass. Discount viagra I’d call Gonzalez a rank amateur but the fact that he lives and worked in Philadelphia is punishment enough. Discount viagra For a fan base that for vast majority of its existence has been apathetic towards it’s baseball team, discount viagra they really need a good strong glass of shut the fuck up. Discount viagra Phillies fans are starting to make Highlander fans tolerable.


Shrek and Johnny Bench Santos are safe for a while longer and Brian Schneider is still feeling the effects of a sore calf. Discount viagra Take your time Bri.


Enjoy your weekend and while your snug in your bed think of me sleeping in the woods and don’t smirk.


LET’S  GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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