I watched none of yesterday’s game due to my son scheduling his Boy Scout Eagle project which had us painting hop-scotch boards, box ball courts and a huge map of the United States with each state in various colors, a very time consuming but rewarding chore and now all he needs to do is file his paper work and he will officially be an Eagle Scout. Yes my wife and I are bursting with pride.

From reading the stories on the game and watching the highlights it seems home plate ump Larry Vanover was implementing the ameba strike zone as there were 14 walks called, 10 by Mets pitchers and an out of character umpire argument by Jason Bay (leading to Terry Collins getting tossed)and speaking of Bay, I’m sure the front office staff of Sandy Alderson and Co. are trying to figure out what can be done with Bay. I did catch TC on with Francesa after the game, and Collins hinted that dropping Bay in the lineup is step one. Tomorrow night you could see Bay drop to 7th and Thole moved to 2 hole with Murph at 3, that is if Wright is still out of lineup which we should know more today on DW’s status. But back to Bay, I don’t care if the club was still flush with Madoff money, releasing Bay and handing him a check for $35 mil, would be a move of last resort. TC alluded that if the drop in batting order didn’t work for Bay, then a platoon with a lefty hitter was next. Now if the Skill Sets gave Alderson the green light in releasing Bay, it would have happened already as I think it’s safe to say the he is as worn out as you are at watching Bay in the batter’s box.  I have to think if Bay continues this downward spiral in the next month a major move will be made by the Alderson to remove Bay from the team.

Break from baseball tonight as the NY Rangers get their first round series underway against the Ottawa Senators. Rangers in 5

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Yesterday was a triple header day of baseball for me.  First my Babe Ruth League played a double header, yes that’s right a DOUBLE HEADER during a heat wave. We started at 8:30 AM and we finished up at 1PM winning the first game 7-6 and playing the second game to a 4-4 tie that was called due the heat after 7 innings the regulation amount of innings for Babe Ruth baseball. After a nice cool shower and lounging in air conditioning while watching the Highlanders-A’s contest from the Bronx (I muted the TV as it was Michael Kay and Paul O’Neil  doing the game and radio for Highlander games is not a option and besides I think I have a pretty good handle on the game of baseball that I really don’t need to hear the commentators unless of course it’s our own GK & R) I headed to St George for the SI Highlanders v. Tri City Cats of the Houston Astro organization. It was Boy Scout night so this was more a social call than an actual sitting and critiquing a baseball game .

So even with that I still woke up early enough to watch a replay of last nights Mets-Fish game . I think it safe to say Terry Collins went a bit to far with Chris Capuano. It looks like once you get to the third time around the lineup for Capuano, he falls apart. It will be interesting to see how Collins handles Cap in his next start as he he gets to the third at bats in the opposing line up.

Jason Bay looks like a boxer who looks toward his corner during a fight he knows he doesn’t want any more of. It’s like he wants Terry Collins to throw the towel on the field to end his season of futility. Making things worse for Bay is Lucas Duda is on fire and really needs to get into the lineup.

Maybe all this farewell to Beltran is a bit premature. What if Alderson doesn’t like the prospects offered to him for trade and says “Fuck it” and keeps Beltran for the rest of the season? Who you be surprised?

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With one more night left in our camping trip we just finished a leaders meeting to deal with the two young bears that are now stalking the camp site.  I’ m operating on about 2 hours sleep as we were alerted last night around 10 PM that a bear about 2 yrs old and standing well over 6 ft tall and over 200 lbs was in our general vicinty. So we the leaders stayed up most of th enight keeping vigil on the camp site.

To make matters worse my son and four other boys from our troop spent the night in the woods about 5 miles from our camp to fullfill thier wilderness survival reqs for a merit badge. The boys go into the woods for a night with just a sleeping bag, knife, water, mat, and two hot dogs and an apple. When they returned to camp this moring around 6 AM my son informed me that he saw a bear near their shelter but he was scared off by the noise.

With all that I’m ready to go home and get some concrete under my feet by the way Jerry Manuel needs to play Daniel Murphy every day and Omar needs to give Livan Hernandez his release, and Jeffey and Freddie Skill Sets need to come out hiding and speak to the fan base on how they are going to get this franchise back on track not for this season but for 2010 and beyond.

Time for everyone in the Mets organization to man up and realize this season is done and work on dealing off guys like Ryan Church, Garry Sheffield, Brian Schineder  and Fernando Tatis to name four.

It would be nice if someone in the Mets organization had the guts of a 13 year old Boy Scout

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With a report that another group of “pirates”  (Does the leader of these swashbucklers give out “stars” for their headgear a la Pops Stargell?) have attempted to take over a cruise ship,   I wonder if the patrolman of New York’s Finest who patrol the Staten Island Ferry would cease flirting with the female passengers if the boat were over run by marauding pirates? Just the thought of that makes me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. As for the SI honeys who take the ferry, it’s amazing Staten Island doesn’t have palm trees as the amount of Aqua Net these ladies use most certainly has put a hole in the boro’s ozone layer.


On to news and links:


How sad is that back page of today’s NY Daily News? Dead Eye Plax and Deadwood Steph both are looking pathetic and lame, in Burress’ case very lame.  How fucking stupid can someone be? The Giants gather all their players in training camp to tell them if they have any firearms they’ve brought with them from other states to surrender them and the team will secured them and give them back when the season is over. Then the NFL offers to have a guard accompany these nit wits with their bling and bullshit as they go out on the town and still you have morons like Plaxico Burress. Thank God no one other than Burress was injured so I can laugh my ass off that someone could so fucking ignorant on how to use a firearm as to shoot himself in the leg.  My thirteen year old son who has shot rifles and shotguns can’t believe what an asshole Burress is and has offered his services to the NFL as a good Boy Scout, to teach the rank and file of the NFL how to safely handle a weapon. Our Mayor Mike III is goin’ real Gangsta’ on Plax as he has put DA Morgenthau (no shit, DA Morgenthau is so old he is the last remaining Dutch settler on Manhattan island) on notice no plea bargain for Burress but a cot at Rikers instead.


As for Marburry,   as someone who has followed him since his Lincoln High School (I even attended his announcement that he was committing to Georgia Tech as it was held at Skinflints a bar/restaurant I frequented back in the day in Bay Ridge) this chapter in his career is not surprising. Marburry has always be a “me” guy and he will always be a “me” guy but that doesn’t get the Knicks off the hook as they should have ended his employment last summer when Isaiah Thomas was sent packing. Not only does Mike D’Antoni skive Stephon but his teammates despise him as well.


A very good read from the folks at Beyond The Box Score (by way of the fabulous Baseball Primer) with a comparison of Ted Williams and Barry Bonds by using fancy sabermetircs.


Brooklyn Mets Fan gives a look at Rene Rivera a catcher the Mets signed to a minor league deal


Joe DeMayo’ Rumor Mill over at NY Baseball Digest is a must read especially this tasty tidbit:


•Derek Lowe remains the top target to be signed as a starting pitcher. The Mets seem comfortable going into spring training with a battle for the 5th spot in the rotation between Jon Niese and a “scrap-heap” pickup type. If the Mets fail to land Lowe, then Oliver Perez, Jon Garland and Randy Wolf could come into play out of free agency, or via trade they can look at Tampa’s Andy Sonnanstine, Edwin Jackson, or the White Sox’s Javier Vazquez. A name that is starting to garner some buzz is Daniel Cabrera who may get non-tendered by the Orioles. If he is non-tendered, it’s possible the Mets would look at him to compete with Niese for the 5th spot.


Cabrera is a very interesting name to ponder. His numbers are not very good and he needs a Garmin to find home plate but if he is non-tender a switch to the NL could help him.


Mike Hampton has turned his back on the Atlanta Braves and has taken his broken down left arm to Houston as it seems he wants to be closer to his children who live in Arizona with his ex-wife. That’s one helluva school bus ride to Denver for his kids to get that quality education Hampton bragged about when he left the Mets.


I’ll leave you with this. On this date in 1991 Bobby Bonilla signed a 3yr/$29mil deal with the Mets some of which I think the Skill Sets are still paying off.


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