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Viagra oral gel You think Jack LaLane ever pulled or strained an oblique muscle? Helllllllllllllllll No!  

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Viagra oral gel As much as we would like to have someone’s head on a platter when it comes to the rash of muscle injuries that have plagued the Mets, viagra oral gel it seems the real culprit here is the culture of the weight room and maybe the laziness of the players for not doing their due diligence when it comes to stretching and preparing to play baseball.

Viagra oral gel The Mets strength and conditioning coach is Brad Andress. Viagra oral gel Andress has an impressive resume where he began his career with the Tigers from 1990 to 1999, viagra oral gel he then moved on to the Colorado Rockies for nine seasons. Viagra oral gel Andress also was a member of the 1982 Penn State football team that won the National Championship in 1982. Viagra oral gel Andress joined the Mets last season. Viagra oral gel It would be a bit extreme to blame him solely for the epidemic of oblique muscle pulls and strains that have hit the Mets as this is not just a Mets problem but it seems to be a baseball problem .

Viagra oral gel I don’t think there is anyone of my generation who didn’t hear all through high school that weight lifting was bad for you as a baseball player. Viagra oral gel It was drummed into us that weight lifting would make you stiff and inflexible and hamper your ability to swing a bat properly.  As years have gone on we have seen baseball players not only embrace the weight room but adding supplements as well to bulk them up to the point they looked more liked contestants in a body building competition than ballplayers.

Viagra oral gel With the ban on PED’s and the now in place blood testing for HGH, viagra oral gel maybe it’s time to go back in time and shut down the weight rooms or at least monitor the work the players do with weight training and go back to focusing on flexibility and working more of a callisthenic exercise routine?

Viagra oral gel Something has to change with the way baseball players are training because whatever they’re doing now is not working.

Viagra oral gel David Wright is headed to NYC for and ultra sound test and a cortisone shot. Viagra oral gel Tim Byrdak will join him to have his knee checked out which must be in bad shape if he’s being sent to NYC to have it examined. Viagra oral gel This is why the Mets are thisclose to singing CJ Nitkowski to a minor league deal as the other two lefties that had a shot at pitching out of the Mets bullpen Robert Carson and Danny Herrera have been hobbled by injury as well.

Viagra oral gel Capt. Viagra oral gel Kirk has had a set back as well from, viagra oral gel (what else?)  a strained oblique muscle. Viagra oral gel With Scott Hairston out with (what else?) the same injury but more severe and Jason Bay lost in the batter’s box, viagra oral gel there could not be worse time for Nieuwenhuis to go down with injury.

Viagra oral gel Lucas Duda and Danny Herrera seem to be ready to get back in action as both boarded the bus for Lakeland and today’s game against the Tigers so that’s a bit of good news. Viagra oral gel But Reese Havens is still out with back troubles, viagra oral gel I’m very close to leaping off the Reese Havens bandwagon.

Viagra oral gel If anyone cares here’s my Final Four picks:

Viagra oral gel Baylor

Viagra oral gel Florida

Viagra oral gel Ohio St

Viagra oral gel Kansas

Viagra oral gel Florida over Baylor

Viagra oral gel Ohio State over Kansas

Viagra oral gel Florida over Ohio St

Viagra oral gel  

Viagra oral gel  

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