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Viagra how much Sorry for the hockey interuption. Viagra how much This young manin the picture is Rick Nash he is a good solid hockey player. When Nash woke up this morning he was a Columbus Blue Jacket and now he is a New York Ranger. Viagra how much Many NY Ranger fans are doing the happy dance when this was announced. Viagra how much Nash coming to the Rangers had a price, viagra how much three very good Rangers are now Blue Jackets. Viagra how much Thank you to Brandon Dubinsky for 8 teriffic years as a Ranger same to Artem Anisimov and Tim Erixon  all the best   

Viagra how much All I asked for was a summer of competitive baseball, viagra how much why is that so difficult? The Mets are in the midst of another second half free fall as they have won just one game in their last ten. Viagra how much The last three seasons after the break have been disasters for the Metropolitans:

Viagra how much 2011 31-40

Viagra how much 2010 31-43

Viagra how much 2009 28-47

Viagra how much During this recent run of losing baseball, viagra how much I’ve thought about a question I posed to R.A. Viagra how much Dickey back in the winter of 2010, viagra how much about the time Terry Collins was named manager, viagra how much I asked Dickey what happened in the second half of the season that led to slide he said after a long pause, viagra how much “lack of preparation” I asked by whom, viagra how much the coaches or players and Dickey replied “both”. Viagra how much Last year’s collapse and now this latest second half losing streak does not in my view, viagra how much fall under the lack of preparation or commitment , viagra how much it seems like it’s more like a lack of major league readiness and an overachieving first half.

Viagra how much We have gone over the faults of the bullpen ad nauseum  and yes those sixteen blown saves and twenty loses are the biggest kick in the nuts this season but there are still many holes on this team that need addressing and no mid-season deal can cure them.

Viagra how much The Mets outfield is a mess. Viagra how much There is not one solid “every day I can count on you” player that plays in this outfield. Viagra how much Scott Hairston is very good vs. Viagra how much lefties and as a pinch hitter but Hairston is what he is, viagra how much a bench player and when bench players start to get regular work, viagra how much you get to see why they are bench players. Viagra how much I really like Kirk Nieuwenhuis and I want him to be a Met for a long time. Viagra how much He plays terrific defense and he has that “baseball makeup” that scouts love. Viagra how much He also has a lot of holes in his swing and is quite perplexed by the breaking ball to the point where he is putting up Kingman-esque strike out rates. Viagra how much Lucas Duda plays right field like the displaced first baseman that his is. Viagra how much It’s hard to get on him for the awful reads he gets on fly balls as he was put there for his bat, viagra how much and that bat has gone limp. Viagra how much In Duda’s last 18 games he has 1 HR and 2 RBI. Viagra how much That is not the production you need from your corner outfielder. Viagra how much What more can you say about Jason Bay? At the end of this season Bay his agent and Sandy Alderson need to sit down and figure out an exit strategy for Bay. Viagra how much It would be best for both parties to part ways. Viagra how much Andres Torres does nothing useful and I’m guessing he is just here until Mike Baxter gets healthy and is re-activated. Viagra how much Torres should not be taking playing time from anyone. Viagra how much  Is Jordany Valdespin an outfielder? An infielder?  A bench player? Late for dinner? See a pattern here?

Viagra how much The catching situation is a mess as well (file this under lather, viagra how much rinse, viagra how much repeat) not just for the big league team but throughout the organization as well (we’re counting on you Kevin Plawecki )

Viagra how much David Wright has been an MVP quality player and after a disastrous start to the, viagra how much Ike Davis has found a pulse but you still have to question if Ike is the guy to man first base in the seasons ahead. Viagra how much Ruben Tejada looks set at shortstop for the next ten years and Daniel Murphy at second base……………………..there’s a big question. Viagra how much #ImWith28 has busted out of his slump and is producing now but he could bring back value if Alderson touted him as a 3rd baseman as 3rd basemen will be demand this winter.

Viagra how much Lots of work is to be done to get this Mets team up and running as a true contender. Viagra how much A reliever at the deadline is not the answer. Viagra how much  

Viagra how much  

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Indian cialis canada But The New York Rangers have the biggest, indian cialis canada BALLS OF THEM ALL!!!

Indian cialis canada I am totally drained and hoarse from attending last night’s remarkable NY Rangers-Boston Bruins game at MSG. Indian cialis canada I haven’t been this exhausted from screaming at a sporting event since Johan Santana beat the Marlins on 9/27/08 to keep the Mets to keep their post season hopes alive.

Indian cialis canada The Rangers looked like the rigors of this playoff push combined with another back to back game would take its toll on the Blueshirts. Indian cialis canada When the score got to 3-0 Bruins, indian cialis canada many of the MSG customers turned on the team with boos. Indian cialis canada I was very disappointed in the play of the team but I’m not a boo’er, indian cialis canada I’m more of a sulker when things go bad and just slump in my seat. Indian cialis canada So there I slumped looking at my watch trying to figure what ferry to get to get me home in time to catch most of the UCONN-Butler game (from what I’ve read this morning, indian cialis canada I didn’t miss much as both teams lived up to their canine nicknames) when Vinny Prospal scored for the Rangers to make it 3-1. Indian cialis canada I figured, indian cialis canada if the Bruins score again to make it 4-1, indian cialis canada I’ll head for the 1 train to South Ferry, indian cialis canada but 7 minutes later Prospal scored again to cut the Boston lead to 1 goal.

Indian cialis canada Now all this time, indian cialis canada in the row in front of us are four Bruins fans, indian cialis canada three of them were respectful but one was just an out and out asshole, indian cialis canada who stood after each Bruins goal with a beer in each hand proclaiming the Rangers wouldn’t make the post season. Indian cialis canada Now it’s one thing to come into enemy territory and root for your team, indian cialis canada it’s another to act like an asshole and inflame the home team rooters, indian cialis canada especially in the Blue Seats of MSG. Indian cialis canada As the Rangers started to score goal after goal, indian cialis canada the Bruin fans slumped lower and lower into their seats. Indian cialis canada When the Brandon Dubinsky tied the score with three minutes and change left in the 3rd period, indian cialis canada the Garden exploded and after the Gooooo-aaaaaa-llllll song was sung, indian cialis canada the section pointed at Mr. Indian cialis canada Bruin and gave him the ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS-HHHHHHHHHOOOOOLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEE salute. Indian cialis canada When Michael Sauer scored the 4th and game winning goal, indian cialis canada well, indian cialis canada all hell broke loose.

Indian cialis canada Two guys about 6’4 by 6’4 come running into the row I’m in and start screaming at the obnoxious Bruin fan whose beer muscles seemed have been deflated, indian cialis canada Mr. Indian cialis canada Bruin then turned around and told the Ranger fan to fuck off, indian cialis canada next you know fists were flying and Garden Security pounced on both guys. Indian cialis canada When order was finally restored, indian cialis canada I turned to my son and told him, indian cialis canada “Welcome to 1979”

Indian cialis canada John Tortorella said it in his post-game presser, indian cialis canada “this team has balls” not just balls but big brass balls.

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Buy online pharmacy viagra A few quickies as I head out the door and enjoy this unseasonably warm weather:

Buy online pharmacy viagra Mike Silva has a link to the Transaction Guy site that tells of the SF Giants releasing three relievers one is ex Met Tyler Walker.

Buy online pharmacy viagra Here is a quote from Tim Mc Fullofshit in today’s Philly Inquirer that compeers the Mets 1986 World Series parade to that of the Philletes of 1980:

Buy online pharmacy viagra {You’ve spent a lot of time in Philly. Buy online pharmacy viagra What would a championship mean to the city if the Phillies pull it off?

Buy online pharmacy viagra I remember the parade in 1980. Buy online pharmacy viagra I remember Tug McGraw holding the Daily News up, buy online pharmacy viagra and it said “We Win.” Five letters. Buy online pharmacy viagra There were 105, buy online pharmacy viagra000 people at JFK Stadium. Buy online pharmacy viagra It was extraordinary. Buy online pharmacy viagra And I was at the Canyon of Heroes with the Mets after the ’86 season, buy online pharmacy viagra and they had four million people there. Buy online pharmacy viagra I wouldn’t say it took a back seat to Philadelphia, buy online pharmacy viagra but it wasn’t any better.}

Buy online pharmacy viagra Add Metsgrrl to the growing number of Mets fans who are tired of bailing out the Skill Sets and what their ticket refund NOW!!!!

Buy online pharmacy viagra Please Jerry Reece Make this happen!!!!!

Buy online pharmacy viagra For the fourth game in a row the Rangers Victory Song played as the Blueshirts held on to a 4-3 win in Cheesesteakville last night. Buy online pharmacy viagra I wonder if Brandon Dubinsky could join the Mets in the summer? By the way we need a name for the Dubinsky-Zherdev-Voros line, buy online pharmacy viagra I submit the “Dubi-Do’s”   

Buy online pharmacy viagra The Wee Columnist of the NY Daily News has a rant today telling the Mets and Highlanders to stay away from Manny Ramirez as he is a very, buy online pharmacy viagra very bad man. Unlike Little Luppy  who is universally despised by his peers for his nasty attitude and never leaving his compound in New Caan to cover a sporting event he bloviates on in his rag, buy online pharmacy viagra oh and yes Luppy tell us again that you didn’t throw Lisa Olson under the bus and steal her Super Bowl story?

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