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Problems with viagra I am off on a two week vacation so I thought before I head off, problems with viagra I’d put up a post filled with Mets-nutia and more:

Problems with viagra I have wrestled with the notion of should the Mets deal Bobby Parnell and Marlon Byrd, problems with viagra I’m sure the Mets front office has had the same dilemma. Problems with viagra I’m enjoying this team right now and the fact that all the Mets-haters look like idiots talking shit about our team. Problems with viagra No nothings in the media still make the same old stale jokes about the Mets but throughout the baseball industry, problems with viagra there is a ton of respect for what the Mets are building. Problems with viagra How can you mock a team that has Matt Harvey and David Wright as its two big stars? How incredibly stupid do you look questioning the direction of this team when the Mets are the envy of baseball with the stockpile of young pitching in their minor league system? I know it’s hard for many of the numb skulls in the media to comprehend that the Mets have shown improvement and are on the right track to being a winning organization. Problems with viagra Smarten up !

Problems with viagra With that said, problems with viagra I hope the Mets don’t trade Parnell or Byrd. Problems with viagra The time has come where to put an emphasis on winning. Problems with viagra The Mets , problems with viagra Phillies and Nationals all have 53 losses . Problems with viagra The Phillies and Nats are tied for 2nd place in the NL East with the Mets just 2 games back. Problems with viagra Think about that, problems with viagra the Mets are 2 games out of 2nd place. Problems with viagra If you don’t think that’s a big deal, problems with viagra then you haven’t been a long time Mets fan.

Problems with viagra So by the end of this weekend the Mets could be right in back of the Braves for 1st place in the NL East. Problems with viagra WOW! Ponder that!

Problems with viagra The last team Davey Johnson wanted to see this weekend was the NY Mets. Problems with viagra The Nats are 2-8 last 10 and 7-13 in their last 20 and have to face Matt Harvey in tonight’s night cap. Problems with viagra Be proud Mets fans be proud!

Problems with viagra We have seen the resiliency of this team and the solid camaraderie among the players that has sold me that this team is well worth rooting for. Problems with viagra What the off season brings is not for today. Problems with viagra It’s nearly August and I’m enjoying watching the NY Mets play baseball, problems with viagra what’s wrong with that?

Problems with viagra I hope Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada spend the month of August in Las Vegas. Problems with viagra Why bring either player up now? Since both players went down with injury and Eric Young Jr. Problems with viagra joined the club, problems with viagra and the bullpen has been solidified, problems with viagra  the team’s been winning. Problems with viagra The mantra of the Mets outfield being the worst in baseball has been silenced. Problems with viagra In fact, problems with viagra defensively the Mets outfield of EYJ, problems with viagra Juan Lagares and Marlon Byrd is a major plus. Problems with viagra No way Lucas Duda ever sees LF again, problems with viagra so it’s either 1B, problems with viagra be traded, problems with viagra or stay in LV until September. Problems with viagra  

Problems with viagra With Tejada, problems with viagra I can see bringing him up in a platoon with Omar Quintanilla but you gets sent down? Having Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Andrew Brown on the bench gives Terry Collins a nice late inning lefty/righty option late in games. Problems with viagra Josh Satin isn’t even in the thought process of going to LV and Justin Turner is Terry Collins’ pet, problems with viagra so what to do? I say stand pat, problems with viagra platoon Ike and Satin at 1B and live with Turner as the backup shortstop for a month.

Problems with viagra The Mets will giveaway Jay Horowitz Bobbleheads on August 23rd when the Detroit Tigers come to town. Problems with viagra There will also be a post game concert by 3rd Eye Blind and a portion of the tickets sales will go to Hope Shines For Shannon. Problems with viagra Instead of 3rd Eye Blind should the Talking Heads be the band to perform on Jay Horowitz Bobble head Night?

Problems with viagra The Mets are also hosting a sleepover at Citi Field on August 10th

Problems with viagra  

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Generic ogden viagra Dear New York Mets, generic ogden viagra

Generic ogden viagra Thanks for nothing or maybe I should say thank you for making me out to be a horse’s ass. Generic ogden viagra  Yes that’s sarcasm as I really need no help most days to be a horses ass but by you taking four games from the hated NY Highlanders, generic ogden viagra well in had me intoxicated in a way I haven’t been in a long time while overdosing on the euphoria of the four game sweep and not to mention the fabulous May 28th win against Mariano Rivera that had me go into work the next day draped in blue and orange  and enter the office like Ric Flair screaming out “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IF YA WANT TO BE THE MAN…….YOU GOT TO BEAT THE MAN……..WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. Generic ogden viagra From there I did my best Flair strut to my cubicle withstanding the cat calls of “Shut The Fuck Up” Oh but there was no shutting me up, generic ogden viagra oh no.

Generic ogden viagra As I mention I was intoxicated with Mets success, generic ogden viagra it’s not that I ask for championships, generic ogden viagra although they are fantastic and give me not better feeling as a fan, generic ogden viagra no all I want is for the Mets to be competitive. Generic ogden viagra All I ask is for a summer of following the Mets and watching the rest of the division as well. Generic ogden viagra How does a Nationals, generic ogden viagra Braves, generic ogden viagra Phillies, generic ogden viagra Marlins loss effect my Amazin’ Mets. Generic ogden viagra I thought after the final win at The Shopping Mall of the South Bronx, generic ogden viagra there would be a kick start to the season, generic ogden viagra a season where if Matt Harvey is not on the list of probable pitchers for the day, generic ogden viagra it’s well, generic ogden viagra just another day. Generic ogden viagra  

Generic ogden viagra So with the momentum of a 5 game win streak and the schedule saying the Mets must go to Miami and collect 3 more wins all I thought about was an 8 game win streak headed to Washington and an underachieving Nats team, generic ogden viagra could this be? Could the Mets now be the “uh-oh” team?

Generic ogden viagra This is where me being a horses ass comes in, generic ogden viagra what the hell was I thinking?  The Mets are not a good team nor are they a team that builds off positive momentum. Generic ogden viagra How stupid was I?   

Generic ogden viagra I’ve learned my lesson and learned it the hard way. Generic ogden viagra Now I slink into work and to the local bagel store and even to church where yesterday I made sure to stand under the statue of Mary when Highlander  fans I know wanted to ridicule and make fun of me and the baseball team I love but couldn’t as I pointed above my shoulder and said “When I find myself in times of trouble, generic ogden viagra Mother Mary comes to me, generic ogden viagra speaking words of wisdom, generic ogden viagra Let it Be”  

Generic ogden viagra I’m making a vow not to get all excited again this year, generic ogden viagra not even when Zack Wheeler arrives (I don’t know if you know but Wheeler’s call up could happen at any time, generic ogden viagra it’s all over the internet I tell ya) I’m just going to suppress my enthusiasm until next year, generic ogden viagra 2014:The Resurrection of the NY Mets. Generic ogden viagra  At least that’s what I heard.

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Cheap viagra Chipper Jones makes his last appearance as a major league baseball player in NYC this weekend. Cheap viagra The Mets, cheap viagra like other teams around the league, cheap viagra will honor Jones as he sails off into retirement. Cheap viagra Most of you will boo and kill the organization for honoring a player who was a thorn in the Mets side for the last 19 years. Cheap viagra Your anger towards Jones is ill advised, cheap viagra your anger should be towards the Skill Sets for not heading the lesson that Jones was teaching the Mets whenever they were the Braves opponent, cheap viagra that lesson was “you need me to be a Met”.

Cheap viagra Think about it, cheap viagra Jones owned the Mets, cheap viagra not just with his lifetime .314/.410/.553 splits against them or the 49 home runs he hit against them either, cheap viagra what Jones tried to show the Mets was, cheap viagra you need to act and think like a winner as to become one. Cheap viagra When Jones would come to NY he played the stage better than any Tony award winning actor. Cheap viagra We chanted “LAAAAAARRRRRYYYYYY, cheap viagra LAAAAAAARRRRRYYYYYYY” and he ate it up. Cheap viagra He loved the fact that Mets fans had a passion, cheap viagra fire, cheap viagra and desire that matched his. Cheap viagra For a guy born in the South, cheap viagra he had a New York mentality and I think a want to play here as well.

Cheap viagra Why didn’t the Mets ever make a strong move on Jones when he was a free agent?  You would have thought an owner whose team was owned by a superstar player who had that balls to the wall, cheap viagra win at all cost mentality, cheap viagra  would say “hell if I can’t beat him then I want to join him”.

Cheap viagra As much as Jones loved the Braves, cheap viagra Atlanta and playing in the South, cheap viagra I have to think is the Mets made an offer above and beyond like they did to land Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran, cheap viagra Jones would have had a difficult time turning them down. Cheap viagra We know his love for the city and Shea Stadium was so strong he named one of his sons Shea. Cheap viagra   Back in 2000, cheap viagra Jones signed a 6 yr/$90mil deal with Atlanta but when that deal was up, cheap viagra he re-signed for 3yrs at $40 mil, cheap viagra this was in the days of the Mets swimming in Madoff bucks so the thought that Freddy Skill Sets couldn’t have raised the stakes for Jones is ridiculous. Cheap viagra I don’t remember if there was talk of the Mets making a pitch for Jones back in 2000 or even in 2006, cheap viagra I doubt there was but in hind sight there should have been. Cheap viagra It could be that the Skill Sets felt that going after Jones and even signing Jones would have led to fans revolting that a despised opponent would join their beloved Mets. Cheap viagra  Well, cheap viagra I guess we see what happens when you give in to the lunatic fringe of your fan base.

Cheap viagra This is why, cheap viagra as much as I loathe the Highlanders and old Boss George, cheap viagra he knew players like Darryl Strawberry, cheap viagra Doc Gooden and David Cone were the kind of players he needed to win championships. Cheap viagra You think he cared that they were former Mets? Hell, cheap viagra he signed Wade Boggs to play 3rd base who played for a team and organization he hated with a passion.

Cheap viagra Think about Chipper as a Met. Cheap viagra Imagine him with a kid like Jordany Vladespin ? Remember he called out Jason Heywood who came up as one of the hottest prospects in baseball for not playing due to fatigue. Cheap viagra Jones went right at Heywood and made the Braves right fielder grow up fast.  I can’t say the Mets would have won a World Series championship with Jones on the team but I could guarantee he would have had no problem stepping up and holding his teammates accountable for their play. Cheap viagra  I’m also sure he would have gone down as one of the greatest Mets players of all time.

Cheap viagra So when Chipper Jones comes up to bat for the first time on Friday night, cheap viagra what Mets fans should do is turn towards the owner’s box at Citi Field and give the Skill Sets a rousing standing boo not just for never pursuing Jones when he was a free agent but for not having the smarts to understand the lesson Chipper was teaching.

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Uk deals cheap viagra Ike Davis and several teammates are putting on a charity benefit concert to raise funds for children’s cancer research on Sunday, uk deals cheap viagra September 9 after the Mets-Braves game. Uk deals cheap viagra There will be an open bar – Ike and other Mets players will be guest bartending for the evening as well as auctions, uk deals cheap viagra interviews by emcee Evan Roberts from WFAN, uk deals cheap viagra and a live musical performance by country music star Lee Brice (a player favorite).  Join Ike and the gang at City Winery to “Knock Childhood Cancer Out of the Park”. Uk deals cheap viagra All proceeds benefit two NYC children’s cancer charities that Ike partners with.  Some tickets are still available.  Tickets and more information here.

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Viagra pfizer Looks like the Mets roller-coaster season is rising to the top again with last night’s 3-2 win over the Hollywood Bums.  So far as we near the completion of the first half of the season, viagra pfizer Mets fans emotions and view of this team has spun around like a weather vane in a tornado, viagra pfizer they put together a nice little win streak and we feel this could the one of those season where the club can grab what looks like a wide open NL East and win the division. Viagra pfizer Then there are the losing streaks and we’re ready to slump our shoulders and look at each other with that “ I knew it was too good to be true” expression we’ve worn since Mike Vail looked like the second coming of Mickey Mantle until a shattered ankle ended that dream.

Viagra pfizer But here we are, viagra pfizer at the end of June and the Mets are but a mere 3 ½ games out of 1st place. Viagra pfizer I think most of us are still stunned by that as all winter the number of wins predicted for this Mets team hovered between 75 and 81 with everyone who bleeds blue and orange saying a .500 season would be a dream come true. Viagra pfizer Has this first half changed your view of that dream?

Viagra pfizer This is what the summer should be about, viagra pfizer your team in contention for a pennant where you’re not just following your team but every team in the division, viagra pfizer that’s where we stand now with the Mets especially this weekend. Viagra pfizer With the Mets and Dodgers playing at 10PM, viagra pfizer it sets up perfect for us to follow the Phillies at the Fish and the Nats at the Braves right into Mets (with the Dickster on the bump) Dodgers. Viagra pfizer Its weekends like this that I pity those who aren’t baseball fans.

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How often can you take viagra

How often can you take viagra So Jose Reyes is nominated for the Hank Aaron Award which honors the best offensive player in both leagues. To vote for Reyes go here and remember if Reyes wins it means more leverage in his contract talk with the Mets. How often can you take viagra You’ve been warned!

How often can you take viagra MLB Trade Rumors has a list of players slated for free agency due to injury or plain old ineffectiveness. How often can you take viagra Two names on the list have future Mets written all over them, how often can you take viagra RHP Jonathan (Guns Of) Broxton  and RHP Joel Zumaya.

How often can you take viagra Toby Hyde has a detailed look at the Catcher position in the Mets farm system and as you can see, how often can you take viagra it’s slim pickins’ not only at the minor league level but with the big team as well. How often can you take viagra Josh Thole may be pretty good with a bat but his quite inadequate behind the plate. How often can you take viagra Ronnie Paulino I think looks better defensively than he really is because of how bad Thole is. How often can you take viagra So what to do? Trying to find a good receiving backstop is very tough and trading for one will be difficult, how often can you take viagra a guy like Chris Iannetta would look nice in a Mets retro 50th Anniversary uniform but are the Rockies willing to deal him away? Hell I’d even go for Braves backup David Ross at this point. How often can you take viagra Omar Santos anyone?

How often can you take viagra The more I watch these post season games the more I side with letting Jose Reyes go elsewhere and invest in pitching, how often can you take viagra pitching and even more pitching.

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When will viagra be generic

When will viagra be generic I hope it will stop raining today for a couple of reason, when will viagra be generic I’d like to harvest the robust crop that has blossomed in the rice paddy that used to be my back yard lawn and I want to see Chris Schwinden pitch in game 1 of today’s Mets-Braves double header.

When will viagra be generic Schwinden is another of these out of nowhere Mets stories that have been making the team interesting to watch. When will viagra be generic Schwinden, when will viagra be generic drafted in 2008, when will viagra be generic has never been considered a prospect by those who follow and report on the Mets minor leaguers. When will viagra be generic Even though Schwinden has been a pitcher who throws strikes and rarely walks a batter, when will viagra be generic although this season with the Bison, when will viagra be generic his walks are up more than they have in his three year Minor League career (3 per 9IP from 2 per 9IP) but his hits to innings pitched was less for the first time in his career.

When will viagra be generic Schwinden has been compared closely to Dillion Gee as both have a pretty good grasp on how to pitch by staying ahead in counts and moving their pitches to different areas of the strike zone. When will viagra be generic Neither has a real out pitch but again Schwinden like Gee, when will viagra be generic seems to have a good head on his shoulder and a game plan going into each start.

When will viagra be generic Again it’s a great move by the front office promoting Schwinden and rewarding his outstanding season in Buffalo with a major league start. When will viagra be generic Knock ‘en dead Chris!      

When will viagra be generic  

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Viagra no prescription After last night’s debacle in Atlanta, viagra no prescription one piece of news that hasn’t been played up is the injury to Brian McCann.  McCann has been placed on the DL with the dreaded oblique strain that could take up to three weeks to heal. Viagra no prescription Not only is McCann the best bat in the Braves lineup, viagra no prescription he also plays the premium position of catcher.

Viagra no prescription I’m sure Braves GM Frank Wren was up all night trying to figure out how to add a bat and as we all know the Mets are sitting on the best bat in all the baseball land that is for sale in Carlos Beltran.

Viagra no prescription Sandy Alderson is showing amazing patience in consummating the obvious, viagra no prescription making Beltran an ex-Met, viagra no prescription so with the injury to McCann, viagra no prescription his methodical ways just might pay off .

Viagra no prescription My first thought was to add Ronny Paulino in a deal with the Braves to see if that would force Wren’s hand to add a top pitching prospect but looking things over, viagra no prescription Paulino would be no use to the Braves once McCann gets back plus it would weaken the Mets at a spot where they lack both depth and talent.

Viagra no prescription It seems the Braves could use some outfield help so would adding Angel Pagan in a deal be enough of a sweetener to land a top prospect plus a B and C farm hand as well?

Viagra no prescription Alderson is really holding his cards close to the vest and it looks as if he will hold out at the last possible minute before he deals Beltran but with the appearance of Jeffey Skill Sets in Cincinnati, viagra no prescription you could draw the conclusion that Alderson has alerted ownership that a deal is imminent, viagra no prescription unless Jeffey took it upon himself to visit the Queens City as he had a craving for Skyline Chili.

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Cialis brand name

Cialis brand name The votes have been tabulated for the New York National League Chapter of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance choice for the 2010 Goose Gossage Award presented to best reliever in the National League. Cialis brand name The vote went as such:

Cialis brand name 1st place-Brian Wilson, cialis brand name SF Giants

Cialis brand name 2nd place-Heath Bell, cialis brand name SD Padres

Cialis brand name 3rd place-Bill Wagner, cialis brand name Atl Braves

Cialis brand name

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Cialis compare levitra viagra

Cialis compare levitra viagra Has there ever been two groups so closely aligned but such poplar opposites like Mets fans and Mets management? The one thing both groups have in common is they both root for the Mets to win (as inept as ownership is they want to win, cialis compare levitra viagra they don’t have a clue as to how to accomplish that but they want to win) and that’s where the similarities end.

Cialis compare levitra viagra Mets fans are furious with the way this team has gone into the shitter on this past road trip. Cialis compare levitra viagra If your fans are going to stay up until 1AM then goddamnit we want a win. Cialis compare levitra viagra But with the anemic offense and the bumbling managerial tactics, cialis compare levitra viagra this was one of the worst west cost trips ever for the Mets.

Cialis compare levitra viagra When the team left Flushing after losing four of six games to the Reds and Braves, cialis compare levitra viagra we figured the All-Star break would be a good tonic for the club to recharge and get rested for the second half before the start of an 11 game West Coast road trip. Cialis compare levitra viagra I think we all felt if the Mets could go 6-5 on this trip that would be great. Cialis compare levitra viagra The road has been a house of horrors for the team all year but this would be a test for the team and a good trip would solidify the Mets as a true contender in the NL. Cialis compare levitra viagra Who knew that the 11 game trip would turn into Armageddon!  

Cialis compare levitra viagra So from optimism, cialis compare levitra viagra we Mets fans have turned into an angry mob, cialis compare levitra viagra something we’ve gotten very good at the last couple of seasons, cialis compare levitra viagra and we want a body. Cialis compare levitra viagra Someone has to be sacrificed, cialis compare levitra viagra but who?

Cialis compare levitra viagra There’s talk of Howard Johnson getting either fired or reassigned in the organization. Cialis compare levitra viagra HoJo is a Mets lifer but quite frankly firing HoJo is just window dressing. Cialis compare levitra viagra In fact firing any of the coaches makes no sense as it’s not coaches’ fault this team can’t hit. Cialis compare levitra viagra So that leaves the manager.

Cialis compare levitra viagra If any coach gets the boot, cialis compare levitra viagra and Jerry Manuel gets to stay on then that is just an insult to Mets fans and a good reason for them to keep their credit cards in their pocket and to stay off to but tickets. Cialis compare levitra viagra The news I would like to see today is Ken Oberkfell named as interim manager, cialis compare levitra viagra then reassign HoJo to manage Buffalo and leave the rest of the staff intact.

Cialis compare levitra viagra After the season, cialis compare levitra viagra then it will be time for an organization wide colonic. Cialis compare levitra viagra Reassign Omar Minaya to head of scouting, cialis compare levitra viagra in fact give his a fancy title like Czar of Player Development and Scouting and make it like it’s a real important high fluent position that will shape the feature of the franchise and then go out find a GM who is not locked in the dark ages. Cialis compare levitra viagra A guy who understands that statistical analysis is a must for success but can also meld that in with good old fashion boots on the ground scouting. Cialis compare levitra viagra    

Cialis compare levitra viagra Seems to me, cialis compare levitra viagra Bobby Valentine is kind of forcing the Mets hand to make some sort of move by throwing his hat in the ring to succeed Lou Pinella in Chicago.  Most Mets fans are split between Bobby V and Wally Backman as to who they’d like see manage the Mets and with BV open politicking for the Cubs job he’s let it be known he’s more than ready for a high profile managing position.

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