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Cialis samples in canada You figured Matt Harvey would have a rough start here or there as he adjusts to life in the big leagues where unlike Triple A mistakes end up over an outfield fence. Cialis samples in canada But Harvey, cialis samples in canada who is seen as a bit of a pitching savant, cialis samples in canada should be able to make the adjustments, cialis samples in canada if the mixed messages he hears don’t make him crazy.

Cialis samples in canada For some strange reason Dan Warthen and Terry Collins love the breaking ball which is ok unless you forget all pitchers are not alike. Cialis samples in canada Bobby Ojeda on the pre-game show on SNY yesterday seemed to send a cryptic message that Warthen’ approach is not the best for Harvey. Cialis samples in canada Ojeda repeated that manta that Harvey is a power pitcher and he should stay working as a power pitcher and not worry about throwing off speed  and breaking pitches so much. Cialis samples in canada Ojeda seemed to hint that the Harvey is a bit of a revelation as a good old fashion hard throwing starting pitcher.

Cialis samples in canada My big concern with Harvey is that Dan Warthen is going to try to make him something he isn’t, cialis samples in canada a finesse pitcher. Cialis samples in canada  It’s the biggest knock on Warthen, cialis samples in canada he has made this Mets staff into a bunch of nibblers instead of going with a more aggressive approach. Cialis samples in canada When was the last time a Mets pitcher threw up an in on a hitter?  That approach is fine if you have a stable of Glavine-Maddox-esque pitchers but the Mets have some very hard throwers who should have better results than they do, cialis samples in canada especially in the bullpen.

Cialis samples in canada Parnell hits 100 mph on the radar gun and sits at a consistent 95 mph. Cialis samples in canada Josh Edgin hits 95 as does Frank Frank and Manny Acosta.sSo with electric arms such as these why is the Mets bullpen so bad? Could it be the approach taught by Dan Warthen? I think so. Cialis samples in canada The Mets bullpen has a 4.26 BB/9IP rate which is only second to worst to the Cubs who have a close to 5 walks per 9IP rate. Cialis samples in canada Why with a pen of hard throwers do Mets relievers have such a high walk rate, cialis samples in canada I’d have to say it’s the approach set by Warthen of nibble, cialis samples in canada nibble, cialis samples in canada nibble instead of attack, cialis samples in canada attack, cialis samples in canada attack.

Cialis samples in canada Pitching is deception trying to keep the batter off balance. Cialis samples in canada  I don’t think Warthen’s approach to pitching is effective in doing that. Cialis samples in canada When was the last time we’ve seen a Mets pitcher go up the ladder on a hitter? How many times have you screamed at your TV set when the 7-8-9 batters reach base on a walk on off speed and breaking pitches  that miss the outside of the plate when challenging the batter should be the plan?

Cialis samples in canada Terry Collins has been a loyal supporter of Dan Warthen and his teachings but I know I’m not alone wondering how Warthen was kept on staff after the purge of personnel of the Minaya era. Cialis samples in canada With the ineffectiveness of the bullpen and the very valuable arms coming through the Mets farm system, cialis samples in canada it is paramount of Sandy Alderson to find a pitching coach who not only can relate and help the growth of these young arms but he also needs a pitching coach to change the mindset of many on this staff to pitch aggressively. Cialis samples in canada The approach that is in play now is not working and needs to be eradicated.

Cialis samples in canada  

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Viagra money order Was yesterday’s blow up between Tim Brydak, viagra money order Josh Thole and Dan Warthen a shock or surprise to anyone? I didn’t think so. Viagra money order This situation has been simmering for a few weeks  and as the losses pile up the finger pointing stars to sprout and in the words of Dan Reeves, viagra money order “when you point a finger, viagra money order remember there are four fingers pointing back at you”. Viagra money order Terry Collins said something similar after the game about guys needing to take on accountability for their actions, viagra money order which was directed at Tim Brydak, viagra money order but is Brydak the villain here? Not to me he isn’t.

Viagra money order For most of this collapsible second half, viagra money order the bullpen has been held as public enemy #1 but there is so much more to the ineffectiveness of the Mets relievers than lack of talent, viagra money order it’s more of lack of direction.

Viagra money order Most Mets fans were puzzled when Dan Warthen was retained at the end of last season and many are pointing the fickle finger at him for the suckitude of the pen. Viagra money order I would put myself in the group questioning why Warthen was retained, viagra money order but the one part of the pitching game that has been as much a problem as blown saves and three run late inning jacks is the lack of a veteran backstop.

Viagra money order Let’s face facts, viagra money order if Josh Thole were in any other organization he’d be the Sunday catcher or the starter at Triple A, viagra money order what earned him the job was his ability to hit for a decent average and get on base. Viagra money order  His work on defense is not very good and since he’s so green around the grills as a receiver, viagra money order he’s left to relaying signs given to him by Warthen to the pitcher on the mound and as we witnessed yesterday, viagra money order Brydak is tired of it.

Viagra money order Warthen and Terry Collins put Thole in a bad situation as he’s being told by Warthen on what fingers to throw down only to have Brydak shake him off. Viagra money order Warthen I guess being adamant on what pitch he wants thrown, viagra money order flashes the sign to Thole again for a fastball , viagra money order Brydak shakes him off again as he wants to throw a breaking ball which to me his his perogitive since he is, viagra money order you know, viagra money order the guy responsible for what happens when that ball leaves his hand, viagra money order but Brydak gives in an releases a heater and Adam LaRoche turned on it for a home run. Viagra money order After giving Thole a stare down, viagra money order Brydak comes out of the game is hotter than the Roosevelt Ave asphalt.

Viagra money order What Thole should have done before the pitch to LaRoche was call time, viagra money order motion to Warthen to come to the mound and then address both the pitching coach and Brydak by saying “can you two fucktards get on the same page”. Viagra money order There’s no way in hell Thole would ever do this but I’m sure Jerry Grote would have punched both of them is the jaw.

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Viagra suppliers I just hope a week from Thursday the weather is better than today in NYC. Viagra suppliers I’ll take the sunshine but this morning at 6AM it was 31 degrees which meant I had to retrieve my winter coat from my basement closet. Viagra suppliers I hate wearing my winter coat.

Viagra suppliers Speaking of a week from Thursday, viagra suppliers I’m more than ready to get the season started as it will put up and shut up time and we get to talk about games that count. Viagra suppliers  But before we do there is some Mets Miscellany to discuss.

Viagra suppliers ITEM: Johan Santana Decreased Velocity

Viagra suppliers There was a bit of a panic in Metsville yesterday as the beat writers were sending Tweets from the frontline on Johan Santana’s start. Viagra suppliers It seems all the JUGS guns had Santana with less than Autobahn numbers, viagra suppliers along with an ineffective first inning sent the sky is falling Mets fans out in droves.

Viagra suppliers It would be great if Santana was hitting 90+ but according to the stories from the game his velocity increased as the game went on. He walked 3 in the first inning but then regained his command to settle in and pitch very well:

Viagra suppliers  “I was struggling locating my fastballs, viagra suppliers” Santana said. Viagra suppliers “I threw two-seamers. Viagra suppliers And, viagra suppliers then, viagra suppliers by the time I threw my breaking ball, viagra suppliers I wasn’t able to throw strikes. Viagra suppliers But then I made some adjustments and I started hitting the inside corner and I was better after that. Viagra suppliers … It was just one of those days where things take a little longer. Viagra suppliers That’s all it was.”

Viagra suppliers See what gives you optimism with Santana that he will come back to form is he’s a very smart pitcher and knows exactly how to execute and how to adjust. Viagra suppliers I didn’t think we’d see Santana until the end of May but now I’ll be disappointed if Santana is not on the Citi Field bump on opening day.

Viagra suppliers ITEM: David Wright Back In Action

Viagra suppliers Good to see Wright back in action but let’s see if (when) he can go a couple, viagra suppliers three days straight without aggravating his stomach injury. Viagra suppliers As Wright stated there is getting into physical shape and then there is game shape. Viagra suppliers Wright will be off today but then I’d like to see him play the rest of the week .

Viagra suppliers ITEM: Chris Young Signs Minor League Deal

Viagra suppliers Never have enough arms. Viagra suppliers Low risk high reward but there are still some Mets fans  that will knock this signing because that what those Mets like to do.

Viagra suppliers ITEM: Carlos Beltran pays Jon Niese $10K

Viagra suppliers Someday I’d love to carry that kind a coin around with me to just write a check to a co-worker for cosmetic surgery. Viagra suppliers I’d have my office look like the waiting area of the Bunny Ranch.

Viagra suppliers ITEM: Texas Rangers Release Connor Jackson

Viagra suppliers We are going to see a bunch of these releases as Jackson fits the description of players signed to minor league deals who are guaranteed $100 K if they are still in camp on March 30th. Viagra suppliers The Rangers are hoping to strike a deal with Jackson to start the season in the minors but it wouldn’t be bad for the Mets to swoop in a sweeten the pot a bit to add Jackson to the 25 man squad as he’s a right handed bat who can play the corner outfield spots and 1st base.

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Mexico pharmacy cialis Observations from the first game of spring training and how nice it is to talk about on the field issues:

Mexico pharmacy cialis The best part of the game for me were the pitchers who worked yesterday. Mexico pharmacy cialis Collectively, mexico pharmacy cialis the six pitchers used struck out 9 and walked 3. Mexico pharmacy cialis Of the three walks Jenry Meija walked 1 and Manny Acosta walked 2. Mexico pharmacy cialis In fact , mexico pharmacy cialis Acosta  was the only pitcher used who had trouble throwing strikes (8/7 BB/K)

Mexico pharmacy cialis Meija  was not only effective with his breaking ball but he looked happy and relaxed.  It’s just one appearance and maybe it’s just my giddiness over seeing baseball for the first time this year but my fear that the past administration may have ruined Mejia has been somewhat relieved.

Mexico pharmacy cialis I had and still have no idea who John Lujan is.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Fernando  Martinez had a throwing error and ran into a railing in foul territory chasing a fly ball and looked like he banged his knee and was limping a bit. Mexico pharmacy cialis All I could think of is, mexico pharmacy cialis will he ever make it in the big leagues and if in order to keep Pedro Beato or Brad Emaus in the organization is via trade then hopefully the Orioles or Blue Jays would take F-Mart. Mexico pharmacy cialis Then Martinez goes and cracks a two run home run to tie the game with the replay showing just a beautiful swing and I totally change my mind about him. Mexico pharmacy cialis This is what is so frustrating about F-Mart. Mexico pharmacy cialis I hope this kid stays healthy all year and gets 450-500 AB’s in Buffalo so we can finally find out if he’s  worth keeping or if he becomes a very valuable trading chip.

Mexico pharmacy cialis It’s spring training for the Mets announcers as well. Mexico pharmacy cialis It was wonderful to turn on the TV at 1PM yesterday and see Gary Cohen, mexico pharmacy cialis Ron Darling, mexico pharmacy cialis Keith Hernandez  and “SNY Celeb” Kevin Burkhardt but Cohen made the first faux pau of the season as he referred to Sandy Alderson as “Sandy Martinez” . Mexico pharmacy cialis Hernandez picked up where he left off last season with his marvelous comments, mexico pharmacy cialis yesterday’s Mex-isim was calling  Braves catcher Brian McCann “portly. Mexico pharmacy cialis  Can’t wait until he gets a gander at Bartolo Colon.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Mets Twitterverse lit up when Willie Harris belted a 2 run HR to tie the game in the bottom of the 10th inning but the most impressive part of Harris day was when in the middle of being interviewed by Kevin Burkhardt , mexico pharmacy cialis Harris just stopped as F-Mart hit his home run and started cheering and then went to congratulated him then he went back to the interview.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Nick Evans is not going down without a fight.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Scott Hairston is going to be a guy we talk about this season in a very positive way. Mexico pharmacy cialis Harriston is going to win a few game for the Mets this year. Mexico pharmacy cialis Hairston has pop in his bat and will be a very useful 4th outfielder.

Mexico pharmacy cialis I’ve been killing Evan Roberts of WFAN all week for his non-stop NJ Nets talk and going ga-ga over the Deron Williams deal (I would say the NJ Nets have the smallest fan base of any team in the NY metro area. Mexico pharmacy cialis The NY Red Bulls of the MLS have a bigger fan base than the Nets) but today I have to give him mad props for his interview with Sandy Alderson yesterday.

Mexico pharmacy cialis It was good to see Jason Bay get a base hit in his second and last at bat as he looked awful on his time up in the first inning. Mexico pharmacy cialis After the game he did say he felt rusty but he feels great.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Let’s hope like last year with the Dickey jokes that Mets fans get the Hu Who? Jokes out of their system by the end of spring training. Mexico pharmacy cialis Chen lu Hu looks like the best defensive player on the team. Mexico pharmacy cialis No joke.

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Herbal risk viagra First let me say Shana Tova to all of you celebrating Rosh Hashanah at sundown this evening.

Herbal risk viagra Well just when I want to abandon this Mets season along comes Dillon Gee to shed a bit of light on the darkness of another post season-less season in Flushing.

Herbal risk viagra Gee’ start even energized the broadcast booth last night as Ron Darling was as excited as we seen him in a long time as he watched Gee show a nice grasp of the art of pitching. Herbal risk viagra Gee was quite effective using a sharp breaking ball that the TV crew said was a curve but Gee himself told Kevin Burkhardt that it was a slider that he relied on most of the evening as he could not get good command of his curve and that helped him set up his low 90’s fastball to keep the Nationals hitters off balance. Herbal risk viagra That is the definition of pitching , herbal risk viagrastaying  ahead of batters and keeping them off balance and for one night at least, herbal risk viagra Gee showed a ton of promise as an arm to look at for 2011.

Herbal risk viagra For all the grief I give the Skill Sets, herbal risk viagra the one thing I’ve always admired about them was their commitment to our armed forces. Herbal risk viagra If you go to games at Citi Field you know that the club acknowledges wounded vets by giving them much deserved VIP treatment at Mets games. Herbal risk viagra They were the driving force in the caps worn and sold during Memorial Day and 4th of July by players and fans with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior program and they make sure that the players make a trip to Walter Reed Hospital when the club plays the Nats in D.C., herbal risk viagra which has a profound effect not only on the heroes who were injured in battle but on the Mets players as well. Herbal risk viagra Guys like David Wright, herbal risk viagra R.A. Herbal risk viagra Dickey and Angel Pagan are up front about their feeling toward the trip in fact the whole Mets organization steps up big time by going to Walter Reed to lift the solders morale. Herbal risk viagra  Well, herbal risk viagra almost everyone.

Herbal risk viagra It seems Oliver Perez, herbal risk viagra Luis Castillo and Carlos Beltran were the only member of the team to not make the trip to Walter Reed. Herbal risk viagra  Why these three decided not to go has not been explained. Herbal risk viagra Hopefully those with access to the players will ask them why they blew off this very important trip. Herbal risk viagra  The fact that it was these three who were absent proves out why the vast majority of Mets fans can’t stand the trio.

Herbal risk viagra Perez and Castillo should have been dumped a longggggggggggggggggg time ago but it should not be a shock that these two selfish shitheads would not go to a hospital to visit injured soldiers. Herbal risk viagra Maybe they were embarrassed that as much as they suck at what they do and lack any balls to step up and make a positive contribution to the team , herbal risk viagrashamed them from showing up. Herbal risk viagra As for Beltran, herbal risk viagra he did himself no favor in the eyes of Mets  fansfor not showing up.

Herbal risk viagra As far as I’m concerned Perez, herbal risk viagra Castillo and Beltran are three no good scumbags for not appearing. Herbal risk viagra  I defended Beltran when he came back from injury and a lot of folks blamed him for the second half demise of the club. Herbal risk viagra I have never been a fan of Beltran even though he is a great player (most long time readers know I was no fan of Mike Piazza’ either as Piazza and Beltran have the same “me” attitude just my opinion) and I think he is sometimes attacked unfairly but after being a no show yesterday, herbal risk viagra my Beltran defense rests.

Herbal risk viagra If there is a silver lining to this embarrassment, herbal risk viagra it’s that maybe NOW Jeffy Skill Sets, herbal risk viagra getting embarrassed by these three, herbal risk viagra will finally realize that they all need to go no matter what the monetary cost. Herbal risk viagra  I would have a ton more respect for the Skill Sets if they sent both Perez and Castillo home right now and informed Beltran that the club will do all they can to move him to a new team. Herbal risk viagra I just hope that Beltran didn’t blow off this hospital visit because of his discontent with Mets management because if he did then he’s a gutless coward.

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Pink viagra  

Pink viagra

Pink viagra It’s stupid, pink viagra idiotic, pink viagra short-sighted, pink viagra desperate, pink viagra mind numbing, pink viagra ridiculous, pink viagra insane, pink viagra moronic, pink viagra and unconscionable and the sad fact is he might just happen, pink viagra unless somebody in the front office puts his big boy pants on and stops Gangsta’ Jerry from sacraficing a twenty year old, pink viagra who most experts project as a top of the line starter, pink viagra to save his lame duck ass.

Pink viagra From John Sickels Minor League Ball Site:

Pink viagra 1) Jenrry Mejia, pink viagra RHP, pink viagra Grade B+: He needs to refine his breaking ball and a full year of Double-A/Triple-A is necessary in my view, pink viagra but he also has number one starter potential. Pink viagra I hope they don’t rush him.

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The only thing missing at $iti Field last night was heat and humidity as last night’s game had that classic middle of the summer feel to it. Viagra ingredients  

The Mets showed the fight that we have been clamoring for out this group and the leader of the pack is the Ace Johan Santana. Viagra ingredients It’s tough for a pitcher to be the team leader but there is no question that Santana is the emotional leader of this team and I believe that his fiery way is rubbing off on Carlos Beltran as well as we’ve seen Beltran be much more vocal than ever in his Mets career.

I agreed with Ron Darling who during last night telecast made mention of J-Man taking Johan out of the game that Santana has to be careful not to show up J-Man when Manuel came to the mound. Viagra ingredients But as a Mets fan who has been screaming for someone to show a pulse and have some pluck, viagra ingredients watching Santana fight to stay in the game was outstanding.

Santana had a weird pitching performance. Viagra ingredients He was throwing strikes all night but his pitch selection when he was ahead in the count was a bit dicey. Viagra ingredients In the 4th after the Mets added to their lead to 3-0, viagra ingredients Santana got two quick outs and looked to do what you have to when your teams scores and that’s shut down the opposition in their next at bat. Viagra ingredients He got ahead of Ryan Howard 0-1 but then hung the next pitch (I think it was a change up) belt high middle of the plate and Howard teed off on it. Viagra ingredients Maybe going outside with a waste pitch would have been better something down and away  that Howard may chase but at least it was a solo shot. Viagra ingredients  Same with Ibanez up next. Viagra ingredients  Santana got ahead 0-2 before giving up a HR on a breaking ball that hung up over the middle. Viagra ingredients Strange pitch selection.

Lance Barksdale blew the call at the plate against Fernando Tatis in the 6th as Tatis was safe at the plate by not only sliding under the glove of Carlos Ruiz but Ruiz never had possession of the ball. Viagra ingredients But Tatis never argued the call and J-Man said he didn’t come out because he can’t see it from his spot in the dugout and Tatis didn’t fight it either. Viagra ingredients But SNY showed D-Wright (must have seen the reply) telling Manuel that Tatis was safe.  J-Man should have gone out between innings to let Barksdale know that when the highlights are shown that night that he will be embarrassed.

Faith and Fear in Flushing is hosting a METSTOCK night at Two Boots restaurant in Manhattan next Thursday night. Viagra ingredients The evening in which the Mets will be playing the Orioles will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1969 World Championship and the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival. Viagra ingredients  Click here for all the details and a list of writers who will be on hand.

The Mets Police has more ideas for a better Mets alternate uni.  I would love to see something where they keep the snow whites and instead of METS across the front have an orange NY on the left side and no name on the back. Viagra ingredients I do like the hat that the Mets po-po suggests but the suggestion of putting QUEENS on the roadie uhhhhhhhhhhh NO WAY! . Viagra ingredients

Alex Nelson at Mets Geek has an outstanding  in depth scouting report on LHP Steve Matz and SS Robbie Shields.  In the comments section of this post is story that Matz is looking for a $1mil signing bonus or he will go to college instead. Viagra ingredients If the Mets believe this kid is worth keeping then I’d say give him the mil and get him in the system. Viagra ingredients The Skill Sets make more than that on the nickel deposits from the beer bottles at $iti Field.

It seems that Larry Jones regrets he was never a Met. Viagra ingredients The guy has an unhealthy envy problem with the Mets and NYC. Viagra ingredients


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Viagra tablet weight Obviously I’m extremely happy with the win last night especially with Livan Hernandez pitching like a prehistoric pitcher actually finishing a game, viagra tablet weight who does he thinks he is Roy Halliday? But we all need to remember that the opponent was one of the worst baseball teams to call it’s self a major league team since the Mets played in the Polo Grounds. Viagra tablet weight I really didn’t want to piss on the parade here as I really enjoyed watching Livan Hernandez pitch as he couldn’t break a pane of glass with his fastball but his breaking ball had so much movement it looked like the ball was made of J-ELLO so it was a real pleasure watching that performance but it was the Nationals.

Viagra tablet weight Hard to rate the first appearance of Fernando Martinez as the kid went from Buffalo to a plane trip to NYC to $iti Field in a matter of hours so you can just imagine the type of out of body experience he was going through but at least we know that he will be stationed in right field for at least the next two weeks so we can gauge him better by then.

Viagra tablet weight From what I ‘ve read about Wilson Valdez he is all glove no stick which is fine as the Mets need to shore up the middle of the infield and all he cost was money. Viagra tablet weight Being that it’s Johan against the Nationals tonight does Valdez get the start over Ramon Martinez tonight? I’d say so.

Viagra tablet weight I better see Daniel Murphy at first base tonight. Viagra tablet weight The kid can’t get out of his slump sitting on the bench.

Viagra tablet weight Ollie Perez did nothing in Buffalo last night that would rush his return back to Flushing. Viagra tablet weight The one thing in OP’s favor is that Tim Redding has been underwhelming to say the least .Interesting that the Mets have not announced the starting pitcher for Sunday game in Florida as with the day off Thursday they could skip Redding and go with Livan.

Viagra tablet weight Great post by Ken Davidoff on his evaluation of Omar Minaya. Viagra tablet weight I don’t want to say Minaya is an enigma but my mood on him changes almost weekly. Viagra tablet weight Omar handling the DL infuriates me. Viagra tablet weight Omar the talent evaluator is a plus in my book. Viagra tablet weight Omar the public speaker makes my ears bleed. Viagra tablet weight Omar the dumpster diver is without peer. Viagra tablet weight When it comes time to seal the big deal, viagra tablet weight even the most anti Omar detractors will agree he has always closed the deal which brings me back to Daniel Murphy.

Viagra tablet weight I really like Murphy and I want him to show what’s in that bat of his and the fact that he looks so comfortable at first base has me hoping he will break out with some big hits . Viagra tablet weight J-Man and Omar need to sit down and decide to either let Murphy play everyday at first for the next two three weeks and then decide if he stays at the big league level or goes to Buffalo. Viagra tablet weight As I say I like Murphy a lot but this is the big leagues and if it’s a question of the league having caught up to Murphy or the fact that he has been scared by playing left field then the brain trust has to make the determination if Murphy is THE GUY for first base or if he’s not and go out and make a deal for a big bat.

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What is cialis Just back from Shea and Game 1 of todays day/nighter with a few observation and a rant.

What is cialis  

What is cialis Petey is now a major concern for the Mets as he had nothing today after coming off a start where he wasn’t feeling right and working out with his personal trainer and having an extra day off. What is cialis The extra days rest helped with his velocity but his fastball is as flat as a tortilla and when he can’t get that breaking ball over consistently for a strike it sets up that meatball fastball and whole lot of trouble.

What is cialis Tonight J-Man has to go with his eight best men, what is cialis and throw the lefty/righty bullshit out the window. What is cialis Here is the line up I’d go with for tonights waterboard broadcast on ESPN:

What is cialis Dirty Jose ss

What is cialis Dropkick LF

What is cialis Sugarpants 3b

What is cialis Carlito’s Way CF

What is cialis Del-GOD-O 1b

What is cialis Flushing House of Worship RF

What is cialis Off the Schined C

What is cialis Gimp 2b

What is cialis $19mil dollar man P

What is cialis The Mets played todays game like there was no sense of urgency I know players are much different from fans as we take every pitch like it’s life or death but my God this Mets team should have come out fired up after losing Friday night instead they played like shit. What is cialis There was no batting practice and no infield practice so add that to no game yesterday (in fact the only player it seems who was at Shea yesterday was Billy Wags so they all had a full day off) Hard to believe but  this team better play tonight like their hair is on fire.

What is cialis The Skill Sets own the Mets and they also own the Brooklyn Cyclones, what is cialis so it’s a head scratcher to me how both places treat their customers so differently. What is cialis Today at Shea as we entered Gate E, what is cialis we had got on the bag check line because my wife is not happy until she smuggles in bottle water, what is cialis cracker jacks and sandwhices. What is cialis Me, what is cialis I bring a binder with notes of stats a scorebook and pens, what is cialis pencils and a radio. What is cialis Really not much to check. What is cialis The rent a cop doing the checking at the Gate today must work also at one of the area airports as she was pulling out every item out of people bags. What is cialis She was wearing batting gloves to sift through fans belongings and opening up bottles of water and sniffing them. What is cialis I swear I was waiting for her to have fans drop their pants and spread their butt cheeks. What is cialis Some of the other guards were laughing their ass’s off at this as they waved my family and the family in back of us around before we were subjected to a body search.

What is cialis How the fuck did all the Philly fans get into Shea this afternoon? I swear to God I’ve been going to Shea Stadium for all forty-four years of it existence and never have I’d seen this many Phillies fans here. What is cialis I guess they all had tickets to yesterdays rain out but what did they do sleep at homeless shelter in Jamaica? The Upper Deck was sparse in the LF/RF corners and the Field Level and Lodge had spots of empty seats so I guess for a make up game it was ok but I was expecting a full house as this is a pennant race. What is cialis Hopefully tonight the place is packed with METS FANS!!!!!!!!

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Prescription Cialis

Cialis transdermal Ahhhhhhhhhhhh vacation time, cialis transdermal it’s wonderful. Cialis transdermal Before I leave for Cape Cod and a trip to Boston and Fenway Park I will be in attendance at Shea for tonight’s game as the turnaround season rolls on. Cialis transdermal No post tomorrow as it’s a long travel day but I hope to post Monday my “Fitty’ Birthday” by the way , cialis transdermal so before I get some last minute stuff done and head to Shea a few thoughts:

Cialis transdermal  

Cialis transdermal Two of the biggest players of this turnaround have been Carlos Delgado and Mike Pelfrey and not surprisingly both players have been helped by the change in manager and pitching coach. Cialis transdermal Delgado seemed to hate being at the ball park when Willie Randolph was in charge as it seems Randolph’s reign in the clubhouse was a tension convention but for some reason the main streamers give us just bits and pieces of  life in Mets clubhouse under Willie. Cialis transdermal I guess theiy will let us know when their books come out. Cialis transdermal Rick Peterson told Mike Pelfrey to never throw a curveball again. Cialis transdermal Dean of School Dan Werthen worked with Pelfery on his breaking ball to go with his 90+ heater to make him a complete pitcher. Cialis transdermal No bracelets, cialis transdermal no gem stones just good common sense.

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Cialis transdermal I can’t figure out Dirty Duaner. Cialis transdermal He gets ahead of batters and can’t finish them off. Cialis transdermal Is it bad luck or poor performance?

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Cialis transdermal Brandon Knight, cialis transdermal the definition of a journeyman, cialis transdermal makes his Mets debut tonight as a stand in for Petey. Cialis transdermal Knight has had a great year in NOLA and was ready to join Davey Johnson and Team USA in Beijing but on the insistence of Dan Werthen he was summoned for this spot start.

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Cialis transdermal Looks like the Highlanders stole Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte from the Bucs but I’m not worried about that as with all the rumors and names out there the guy I hope we land is Casey Blake. Cialis transdermal Blake has descent power and can player OF, cialis transdermal 3B, cialis transdermal and 1st  his one draw back is striking out a lot but we can live with that as Blake is the righty bat the Mets need.

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Cialis transdermal Manny isn’t happy in Boston. Cialis transdermal The Red Sox front office, cialis transdermal owners, cialis transdermal players and fans are not happy with Manny. Cialis transdermal  I think you know where I’m going here, cialis transdermal If I’m Omar I have to make a call in fact if Omar wants to give me Theo Epstein’s number and I’ll meet him for lunch when I get  into town.

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