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Generic name for viagra This photo is paid for by the Twisted Citizens Committee To Bring Back The Old Forty-Duce, generic name for viagra

Generic name for viagra Steve Keane, generic name for viagra President.

Generic name for viagra Hey Bed-Stuy, generic name for viagra Park Slope, generic name for viagra St Albans and Eastchester, generic name for viagra Mayor Moneybags is sorry your streets have not been plowed but there are more important areas of the city that need to be cleared of snow before you folks get relief.  The first tourist in NYC that wishes me a Happy New Year will get a punch in the face.

Generic name for viagra Exhausted from shoveling snow? Sick of the holidays?  Depressed that this is the beginning of a long cold winter? Here’s a name that will make you smile and warm your heart, generic name for viagra Benny Agbayani.

Generic name for viagra Add another name to the Mets search for a low risk/high reward pitcher, generic name for viagra Chris Capuano .

Generic name for viagra Adam Rubin’ snitches in Mexico report on Oliver Perez getting lit up again in the Mexican Winter League. Generic name for viagra Before you say “cut his sorry ass” a caveat, generic name for viagra Ollie is holding left handed batters to a .163 BA. Generic name for viagra He could be one very expensive LOOGY.

Generic name for viagra So Brett Farve gets a $50K fine for sending pics of his tallywhacker to Jenn Sterger. Generic name for viagra Sterger’s attorney is outraged, generic name for viagra OUTRAGED that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down such a light sentence. Generic name for viagra  After looking at the evidence, generic name for viagra Goodell suggested to Sterger to take Farve to small claims court.

Generic name for viagra See what happens when you become Mike Francesa’s butt boy, generic name for viagra as Jon Heyman has become, generic name for viagra you make stupid statements that shreds your credibility.

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Cheapest cialis overnight delivery First let me offer my sympathies to those of you who root for the NY Jets as I can’t even imagine what that Mets/Jets daily double fandom is like. Last night myself and Kendrick Thomas co-hosted NY Football Blogs Live on Blog Talk Radio where we broke down the Jets-Dolphins game and looked at the road ahead for the Jets and a preview of tonight’s Giants-Vikings neutral site matchup at Ford Field. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery My rant against Brett Farve is worth a listen.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery By the way, cheapest cialis overnight delivery as bad as Jets strength and condition coach Sal Alosi’ un-sportsman like move, cheapest cialis overnight delivery tripping Nolan  Carroll as he went down the side line on a punt return was, cheapest cialis overnight delivery the cries for Alosi to be fired is comical. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery The NFL allows players who are convicted of DUI’s and vehicular homicide to thrive in the league but a coach doing something stupid should be burned at the stake. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery  If MLB operated like the NFL, cheapest cialis overnight delivery The Used Car Salesman would be America’s number one villain. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Maybe the NY Daily News Eye-Sore Team will stop wasting newsprint on the steroid witch hunt and do some real investigative reporting on the NFL. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery  Yeah, cheapest cialis overnight delivery fat chance.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery The Apple gets there Hudgens crossed, cheapest cialis overnight delivery one Hudgens is a hitting coach the other gets hit on. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery By the way that picture of Reyes with the sign is fucking hilarious and the pic of the lovely Vanessa is museum quality.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Sandy Alderson has another thing in common with Mets fans, cheapest cialis overnight delivery he won’t go out of his way to watch Oliver Perez pitch. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery I know there is a lot of talk about using OP as a LOOGY and there may be some merit in that move but Perez and Castillo represent the FAIL of the Minaya administration. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Perez not accepting a minor league assignment to work out his pitching problems and Castillo after having a game winning hit last summer and acting like he just had a wisdom tooth pulled is exactly that kind of mindset that has to be eradicated in the Mets clubhouse . Cheapest cialis overnight delivery I’m on board with the patient Alderson approach but some things just can’t let simmer. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Both Perez and Castillo need to be released. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery  

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Johnny Cueto for Jose Reyes? I’d make that deal in a heartbeat if I were the Mets before Walt Jocketty sobers up.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Chris Jaffe has a terrific article up on The Hardball Times chronicling baseball mangers with the largest breaks in service form managerial jobs. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery He has a write up on Mets manager Terry Collins in the article.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery “Hey Davis you suck” “Earn your money Baron”, cheapest cialis overnight delivery LA Clipper fans heckling their point guard Baron Davis? Nope. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery It’s Clippers owner Donald Sterling sitting at courtside at the Staple Center berating his point guard during a game. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery I can’t get on Sterling too much, cheapest cialis overnight delivery if I owned the Mets I’d probably act the same way.

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Where can i buy real viagra Before we look at some Mets-Minutia and the fact that there are 24 days until pitchers and catchers, where can i buy real viagra   a few football thoughts:

Where can i buy real viagra I guess this is not a great revelation but Peyton Manning is not just a great QB but he is an immortal football player. Where can i buy real viagra His dissection of the Jets secondary was surgeon like.

Where can i buy real viagra Sorry Lito Shepard for the kiss of death yesterday.

Where can i buy real viagra There is a fine line between confidence and assholeness and the Jets were heading to asshole-ness. Where can i buy real viagra None other than Peyton Manning made that known in his post game interview when he said his team knew when to keep their mouth’s shut. Where can i buy real viagra You know the rallying cry all week in Indy’s locker room was shutting up Sexy Rexy and his team, where can i buy real viagra which is what Manning did.

Where can i buy real viagra I’m not a fan of Brett Farve as I feel is a lot over exposed and a bit overrated but I have new found respect for after yesterday. Where can i buy real viagra Farve is one tough sumnabitch.

Where can i buy real viagra Get ready for two weeks of Archie Manning career retrospective with the Saints and stories of the son of New Orleans, where can i buy real viagra Peyton going against his daddy’s team and the team he grew up with.

Where can i buy real viagra 12 men in the huddle late in a Championship game is unacceptable. Where can i buy real viagra Brad Childress is lucky he doesn’t coach in NYC, where can i buy real viagra Philly or Boston  if he did he’d have to enter the witness protection program.

Where can i buy real viagra Back to baseball

Where can i buy real viagra Mets mini-camp opens today and Jerry Manuel will grace the club with his prescience. Where can i buy real viagra Adam Rubin (of course!) is on the scene with the first dispatch.

Where can i buy real viagra Mike Silva thinks that Ben Sheets is there for the taking for the Mets if they are creative.

Where can i buy real viagra Last week there were two great columns about Mariners GM and former Mets Scouting Director Jack Zduriencik who has made his mark and his team a contender this off season.

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I totally forgot that Doofus Joe Buck was debuting his new show on HBO last night. Buying viagra But as I was channel surfing I found it just in time to see our boy D-Wright and Doofus Joe sit down for an interview. Buying viagra I guess all I missed was the riveting Brett Farve interview but that’s fine as I’ve heard and seen enough of the overrated  hillbilly QB who it seems will not leave football until he is seriously injured but I digress.


Wright and Doofus Joe went over the same old bullshit of how it is so tough to be a pro ball player in NY with all the media and the fans and blah, buying viagra blah, buying viagra blah Wright even mentioned the blogs, buying viagra( if you are reading this David well thank you let’s do lunch? Me and you at Katz’s Deli the Brisket and Dr.Browns are on me e mail me at  ). Buying viagra No questions on how the Mets change the fact that they are known for choking and indifferent play. Buying viagra No questions on how the clubhouse differs from the tight assed Willie Randolph to Cool Jazz Jerry? No questions about if Wright the face of the franchise has been briefed on organizational moves as he was with the Sheffield signing. Buying viagra No questions on whether Wright, buying viagra in a clubhouse that has a heavy Latin influence feels respected or is he intimated?  In other words, buying viagra another puff piece. Buying viagra There were forced moments like two guys coming up to Wright on the street asking for an autograph (they were the only two guys on the Manhattan street in what looked like the middle of the afternoon go figure!) then the all time staged moment when some asshole in a Phillies jersey comes by the restaurant window and bangs on it to point to his shirt and make a motion of a ring on his finger. Buying viagra A real low rent move but then it’s Doofus Joe what do expect.


The highlight of the evening though and what amounts to the biggest payback for guys like me who despise Doofus Joe Buck was when he did a segment with actor Paul Rudd, buying viagra some unfunny fuck from SNL, buying viagra and the Great Artie Lang. Buying viagra  You must check out this clip and this clip to hear Lang being his vile and nasty self. Buying viagra Doofus Joe couldn’t be more uncomfortable if his balls had a rash. Buying viagra Lang, buying viagra a New York Football Giants fan telling Michael Irvin (who was also on the show and in the audience for this segment) that the Cowboys suck was a scream. Buying viagra It’s such a shame Lang is a Highlander fan which is worse than being a heroin junkie.


So now Rick Peterson is working with Scott Kazmir in Tampa to help him correct flaws in his mechanics that Peterson feels is causing him the physical  problems haunting him this season. Buying viagra So much for the bullshit propaganda from the Skill Sets that Peterson and Kazmir couldn’t get along. Buying viagra Adn the Skill Sets are pissed that Peterson claims he’s hearing that Johan is having difficulty with the knee that was operated on last winter. Buying viagra How dare someone tell the truth!!!!!


As much as having Bobby Valentine manage the Highlanders would sadden me, buying viagra the prospect of Valentine managing the Nationals, buying viagra scares the shit out of me.


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Here I was all set to write about Brad Penny signing with the Red Sox and how it looks like the Mets stand alone in the Derek Lowe sweepstakes when I hear over the radio that Jets head coach Eric Mangini has been given the well deserved ax;  oh and welcome Jets fans to the TEAMS THAT GAG CLUB as your team takes a seat at the table with the 2007 NY Mets. Does herbal viagra really work The firing of Man-Gina is not only justified but if anyone deserves to get his ass kicked it’s this rat. Does herbal viagra really work I have no use for rats and Man-gina is as big a rat as the inflatable ones at no-union job sites.


One more Jets note. Does herbal viagra really work Brett Farve may be a future Hall of Famer but if I had to win one game and my choice of QB is either Farve or Ken Stabler, does herbal viagra really work I’m taking The Snake in a heartbeat. Does herbal viagra really work The fact that Stabler is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a fucking joke and any one who thinks differently either never saw The Snake play or just goes by numbers. Does herbal viagra really work


Now that Man-gina is out the next NY coach that needs to get the pink slip is Tom Renney. Does herbal viagra really work The collapse of the Rangers is not all Renney’s fault as the team is run in the front office by a cadaver named Slats but Renney rules the bench and he controls the playing time and the fact that Aaron Voros and Freddie Sjostrom play every game while Peter Pruchca sits in the stands night after night is a disgrace as are the countless bench penalties the team takes and that is on the coach. Does herbal viagra really work Mark Messier was at the Garden for the loss to Devils on Saturday; hopefully he put in a call to Clueless Jimmy Dolan and made his pitch to takeover the organization.


Omar Minaya would like Johan Santana to sit out the World Baseball Championships and hopefully Santana will abide by this request. Does herbal viagra really work Is there a bigger waste of time and work hours that the WBC? Who gives a shit? I understand that the Latin players have tremendous pride in playing for their countries and that is commendable but when the MLB team you play for is putting a roof over your head and food on your table your alliance is to the MLB team period. Does herbal viagra really work


I keep reading about Ken Takahashi the lefty out of Japan and how the Mets are looking at him as the replacement for Scott Schoenewiese and all I can do is ask why? What jumps out at the Mets that says this guy is worth bringing to the U.S. Does herbal viagra really work NPA Tracker has a nice write up on Takahashi and the array of pitchers in his arsenal but the guy is 40 years old and his BB/KK splits don’t thrill me so I’m sure there is someone (Brian Shouse?) who fits the LOOGY bill better than Takahashi.


Interesting post on NY Baseball Digest that suggested the Highlanders could deal X-Nady to the Red Legs for either Bronson Arroyo (Mike Francesa’s Man –Crush) or Aaron Harang.


Got to go listen to Joe (Bada-Bing) Benigino kill the Jets. 


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Some days you have to fish for something to write about and then there are days like today where the stories come fast and furious. Swiss oats a111 Before we get to the Mets news a little bit about the Jets-Pats game last night. Swiss oats a111 You all know I’m a fan of the NY Football Giants but I was very happy the Jets won last night maybe it’s a kinder sprit that Mets fans have with Jets fans as we both live by the “what can go wrong, swiss oats a111 will go wrong” mantra so when I saw Randy Moss catch that 16 yard TD to tie the game all I could think of the Mets/Jets fan out there questioning what awful deed they had done in their life that sentenced them to this form of torture. Swiss oats a111 One thing the Jets have over the Mets is Brett Farve; the Mets need a Brett Farve.


No way in hell am I getting my hopes up that the Mets will (a) Make a serious pitch for C C Sabathia and (b) go higher with a contract for Sabathia than that of Johan Santana. Now that’s not to say I wouldn’t want the Mets to pursue C C I’ve gone on record at the end of the season that I’d want the Mets to go balls out for the Hefty Lefty but it’s just not the Skill Set M.O. Swiss oats a111 to go toe to toe with the Highlanders in a biding war. Swiss oats a111 I still don’t understand the logic that the Highlanders have more dough than the Mets as what do the Highlanders have that the Mets don’t (besides the 26 World Series flags) Both teams have new homes, swiss oats a111 their own television network, swiss oats a111 and meddlesome kid owners so to me it’s not a question of topping the Highlander offer it’s more what effect would a bigger than his contract have on Santana. Swiss oats a111 If Santana says to the Mets that he’s cool with his $22+ mil a year and gives his blessing to go get C C and make the Mets the most feared team on the planet then Omar should pull out all stops. Swiss oats a111 If this is just a ploy to turn Pack A Day Hank into a chain smoking fool then back off because as much fun as that sounds to me I’m tired of getting all hot and bothered and then suffering with another case of Mets fan blue balls that this team has given us over the years. Swiss oats a111 Either make a solid proposal to land the big Kahuna or stay the fuck out.


The Willets Point Project has been approved by the NYC Den of Thieves so now all the back room maneuvering can begin. Swiss oats a111 I’m just wondering if this Sabathia talk is a coincidence now that Willets Point will go from a rat infested shit hole to a convention/entertainment area that you know will have Sterling Equities fingerprints all over it. Swiss oats a111 That’s why I laugh at idiots like Mike Francesa who downplay the money the Mets have their disposal. Swiss oats a111 King Mikey better watch his ample ass that the Skill Sets don’t purchase WFAN and make Manhasset Mikey the host of Mets Extra.


Boardwalk Lee Mazzilli will be looking for work as he was bounced from the analyst chair at SNY Mets Pre/Post Game.  Maybe Lee can get some work at Brennan and Car or at Randazzo’s Clam Bar. Swiss oats a111 It looks like the suits at SNY are waking up and seeing the suckitude of the on air talent they foist on Mets fans. Swiss oats a111 I’m not done with my investigation but I have a strong suspicion that Matt Yallof is either a cousin or nephew of the Skill Sets/Uncle Saul Katz family as how else would he keep his job.


None of it matters because starting Jan 1 2009 the Baseball Network will be on the air and I get to see Hazel Mae again in all her beautiful glory. Swiss oats a111 As part of my bucket list I have Hazel Mae, swiss oats a111 Tila Tequila and me spending a weekend in a champagne glass hot tub at the Mount Airy Lodge in the Poconos.


For a thorough analysis of the Nick Swisher to the Highlanders deal (a good pick up by Pee Wee Cashman) check out Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest.


A post from Curt Schilling on his 38pitches site usually gives me a stomach ache but this one taking on the case for Jason Varitek was very good, swiss oats a111 so good in fact in the Red Sox don’t want Tek I’d love to see the Mets sign him as an upgrade over Brian Schneider. Swiss oats a111 Hat tip to BBTF for the link 


No blogging this weekend as I’m going on a trip with my son and his Boy Scout troop to the USS Massachusetts up in Fall River MA. Swiss oats a111 It’s an overnighter so by the time I get home Sunday evening after being surrounded by 20 kids in a confined area I’m going to need a sedative. Swiss oats a111 All this to make sure my kids put me in the good nursing home.

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