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Cialis okay for women It would be a boon to SNY’s Mets coverage to add Bobby Valentine to the pre and post game show. Cialis okay for women IN fact I hope SNY takes it further and adds Bobby V to the broadcast booth when either Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling are not scheduled. Cialis okay for women Talk about must see TV. Cialis okay for women

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Viagra australia Some quick thoughts on the Mets :

Viagra australia Got to give Jon Ruach a break last night on that home run to Eric Chanvez. Viagra australia He got ahead two strikes and then threw a good waste pitch up and away but Chavez got his hands up and hit the opposite way for the game winning home run. Viagra australia It’s a tired cliché but never the less sometimes you have to give the hitter credit.

Viagra australia How about Tim McFullofshit saying that last year that wouldn’t have been a home run in Citi Field because the foul pole is in a different spot. Viagra australia Add that to his inability to pronounce Kirk Nieuwenhuis name properly  he called him Nieuwen-house, viagra australia Nieuwen-hurs and Nieuwen-hiss.

Viagra australia I don’t think there is a fan base in all of baseball that enjoys having their team play on a National broadcast. Viagra australia Every fan has that “ah fuck” moment whenever they hear “Hi I’m Joe this is Tim” from the Fox broadcast booth. Viagra australia What’s a bit different this year is Joe Buck has been cured of his vocal cord aliment but now suffers from a chronic case of Can’t Shut The Fuck Up. Viagra australia Oh a great move by bringing in Charlie Sheen and Todd Zelie to the booth. Viagra australia Here’s all you need to know about Charlie Sheen his own father can’t stand him.

Viagra australia While most on Twitter were killing Terry Collins about his bullpen strategy last night, viagra australia we weren’t privy to the news that El Pollo Loco had hurt himself in warmups, viagra australia thus leaving the club with 5 relievers and it seems that the combo of Bobby Parnell and Tim Byrdak would share the closing role last night. Viagra australia It also answers why Chris Young stayed in the game after walking Teixeria and Special Ed Swisher but TC pressed his luck with Young facing Ibanez.

Viagra australia So far all season no one has said anything good or bad about the right field play of Lucas Duda but last night he misplayed Swisher’s fly ball into a double the critics come out in full force. Viagra australia Bunch of assholes

Viagra australia Go get ‘em Dickster.

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Buy generic viagra india rx I guess I missed the vote to have Al Michaels and Bob Costas call the 4th and 5th innings of tonight’s Mets-Giants game on SNY, buy generic viagra india rx while Gary Cohen and Ron Darling go over to the MLB Network to call the innings in their broadcast booth. Buy generic viagra india rx  I don’t mind Michaels who is more associated with the NFL( and the 1980 USA hockey team as well) than he is with baseball even though he was a top notch baseball play by play man early in his career. Buy generic viagra india rx I could do without Costas who is way too pretentious for me. Buy generic viagra india rx I subscribe to the if it ”ain’t broke don’t fix it” school of thought especially when it comes to watching the Mets. Buy generic viagra india rx      

Buy generic viagra india rx What a tragedy last night in Arlington, buy generic viagra india rx where Josh Hamilton went to flip a ball to a fan after the third out of the inning and the fan leaning over to catch it, buy generic viagra india rx fell 20 ft landed on his head and died. Buy generic viagra india rx The fan a 39 year old fireman was at the game with his son who was reported to be 8 or 9 years old. Buy generic viagra india rx This is heartbreaking for the family but also for Hamilton who was reported to be distraught over the event. Buy generic viagra india rx  I’m not one to be a reactionary type when freak accidents occur but I think it’s time to stop the ball toss in the stands. Buy generic viagra india rx I’ve written here many times how I hate the bullshit Pepsi Patrol t-shirt launches into the stands. Buy generic viagra india rx People turn into total assholes when some two dollar t shirt is blasted into the stands. Buy generic viagra india rx It’s totally ridiculous. Buy generic viagra india rx The same with foul balls. Buy generic viagra india rx I have never caught a foul ball at a game and I could care less if I ever do. Buy generic viagra india rx I have five full buckets of baseballs in my garage it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a ball from a Major League game. Buy generic viagra india rx I’d rather keep all my bones and extremities intact than have a ball with Bud Selig’s name on it.

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Viagra tablets sale First let me say Shana Tova to all of you celebrating Rosh Hashanah at sundown this evening.

Viagra tablets sale Well just when I want to abandon this Mets season along comes Dillon Gee to shed a bit of light on the darkness of another post season-less season in Flushing.

Viagra tablets sale Gee’ start even energized the broadcast booth last night as Ron Darling was as excited as we seen him in a long time as he watched Gee show a nice grasp of the art of pitching. Viagra tablets sale Gee was quite effective using a sharp breaking ball that the TV crew said was a curve but Gee himself told Kevin Burkhardt that it was a slider that he relied on most of the evening as he could not get good command of his curve and that helped him set up his low 90’s fastball to keep the Nationals hitters off balance. Viagra tablets sale That is the definition of pitching , viagra tablets salestaying  ahead of batters and keeping them off balance and for one night at least, viagra tablets sale Gee showed a ton of promise as an arm to look at for 2011.

Viagra tablets sale For all the grief I give the Skill Sets, viagra tablets sale the one thing I’ve always admired about them was their commitment to our armed forces. Viagra tablets sale If you go to games at Citi Field you know that the club acknowledges wounded vets by giving them much deserved VIP treatment at Mets games. Viagra tablets sale They were the driving force in the caps worn and sold during Memorial Day and 4th of July by players and fans with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior program and they make sure that the players make a trip to Walter Reed Hospital when the club plays the Nats in D.C., viagra tablets sale which has a profound effect not only on the heroes who were injured in battle but on the Mets players as well. Viagra tablets sale Guys like David Wright, viagra tablets sale R.A. Viagra tablets sale Dickey and Angel Pagan are up front about their feeling toward the trip in fact the whole Mets organization steps up big time by going to Walter Reed to lift the solders morale. Viagra tablets sale  Well, viagra tablets sale almost everyone.

Viagra tablets sale It seems Oliver Perez, viagra tablets sale Luis Castillo and Carlos Beltran were the only member of the team to not make the trip to Walter Reed. Viagra tablets sale  Why these three decided not to go has not been explained. Viagra tablets sale Hopefully those with access to the players will ask them why they blew off this very important trip. Viagra tablets sale  The fact that it was these three who were absent proves out why the vast majority of Mets fans can’t stand the trio.

Viagra tablets sale Perez and Castillo should have been dumped a longggggggggggggggggg time ago but it should not be a shock that these two selfish shitheads would not go to a hospital to visit injured soldiers. Viagra tablets sale Maybe they were embarrassed that as much as they suck at what they do and lack any balls to step up and make a positive contribution to the team , viagra tablets saleshamed them from showing up. Viagra tablets sale As for Beltran, viagra tablets sale he did himself no favor in the eyes of Mets  fansfor not showing up.

Viagra tablets sale As far as I’m concerned Perez, viagra tablets sale Castillo and Beltran are three no good scumbags for not appearing. Viagra tablets sale  I defended Beltran when he came back from injury and a lot of folks blamed him for the second half demise of the club. Viagra tablets sale I have never been a fan of Beltran even though he is a great player (most long time readers know I was no fan of Mike Piazza’ either as Piazza and Beltran have the same “me” attitude just my opinion) and I think he is sometimes attacked unfairly but after being a no show yesterday, viagra tablets sale my Beltran defense rests.

Viagra tablets sale If there is a silver lining to this embarrassment, viagra tablets sale it’s that maybe NOW Jeffy Skill Sets, viagra tablets sale getting embarrassed by these three, viagra tablets sale will finally realize that they all need to go no matter what the monetary cost. Viagra tablets sale  I would have a ton more respect for the Skill Sets if they sent both Perez and Castillo home right now and informed Beltran that the club will do all they can to move him to a new team. Viagra tablets sale I just hope that Beltran didn’t blow off this hospital visit because of his discontent with Mets management because if he did then he’s a gutless coward.

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