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Viagra no prescription I had the pleasure of appearing on Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Talk show last night on Blog Talk Radio where we discussed the disconnect that some Mets have with reality.

Viagra no prescription The fact that I know who Boof Bonser is has impressed my friends. Viagra no prescription  Hey, viagra no prescription we can’t neglect our Bisons now, viagra no prescription can we?

Viagra no prescription The Mets selected 2B Brad Emaus from the Toronto Blue Jays (JP must know something here) and RHP Pedro Beato (FINALLY A MET!!!!) from the Baltimore Orioles in the Rule V draft. Viagra no prescription Emaus has some power and is built like Dan Uggla, viagra no prescription so I guess throw Emaus name in the 2B competition this spring. Viagra no prescription Beato was drafted by the Mets in 2007 as a draft and follow and tried to sign him for $1mil in 2008 but the Commissioner’s office advised against spending that money on a 15th round pick. Viagra no prescription Beato went back into the draft was taken by the O’s and given the same $1mil the Mets were willing to give out. Viagra no prescription Oh well, viagra no prescription Beato born in the DR was is a Brooklyn boy as he excelled at Xaverian H.S. Viagra no prescription in beautiful Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

Viagra no prescription Looks like Ken Oberkfell will be rewarded with the position as Terry Collins consigliere, viagra no prescription good to have Obie on board.

Viagra no prescription Word on the street is Johan Santana won’t be ready to pitch for the Mets until June. Viagra no prescription No problem. Viagra no prescription What I’m curious about is how the manager and GM handle the everyday questions about Santana. Viagra no prescription I’m hoping they address it in spring and inform the MSM that the next time you hear about Johan is when he’s ready to join the big league. Viagra no prescription Let’s concentrate on the living.

Viagra no prescription So the Highlanders look ready to shit their pants and offer Cliff Lee a 7 year deal. Viagra no prescription The kicker will be if the Rangers make a play of 6yrs and sweeten the dough, viagra no prescription what will Lee do? Now that Carl Crawford will be grazing in the left field of Fenway Park , viagra no prescription the Red Sox have to be favored to win the AL East with that potent lineup and terrific pitching, viagra no prescription Lee has the Boss’s Boys by the balls. Viagra no prescription Yes, viagra no prescription I fuckin’ love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Viagra no prescription We will now have a moment of silence to mourn the death of #Frenchtober

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