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Pc100 viagra It was quite the day at Citi Field today as the organization announced plans for the celebration of its 50th Anniversary. Pc100 viagra  I was fortunate to have been invited to the festivities of the day and as I left Citi Field I felt invigorated about being a Mets fan.

Pc100 viagra I’ve all but given up trying to explain to non-Mets fans why it is I love this team so much. Pc100 viagra It’s like looking at one of those pictures where if you stare at it a 3D figure pops off the page or when you look at a cloud formation and see a horse or George Washington’s face and the person with you says they don’t see a thing, pc100 viagra when I see a Mets uniform or a collage of events like the video we saw at today’s press conference it’s makes you want to shout I SEE IT!  I SEE IT! I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!

Pc100 viagra Hard to imagine it is 50 years since Joan Payson brought National League baseball back to NYC. Pc100 viagra What’s even harder for me to believe that I’ve been attending Mets games for the past 47 of those years. Pc100 viagra  When  I saw David Wright come out in the retro home uni, pc100 viagra  ivory colored with blue pinstripes and Mets in blue with orange trim and WRIGHT 5 on his back and Lucas Duda standing tall in the classy road gray with NEW YORK in old English style letters  (Ike Davis wore the snow-white uni with the same blue and orange Mets and NO BLACK SHADOW!!!!!!) all I could think of was Jack Fisher handing me a peach between games of a double header in 1965, pc100 viagra weekend series at Shea when the Dodgers and Giants would come to town with Koufax and Mays, pc100 viagra listening to my father talk about “this Seaver kid” in 1967, pc100 viagra relatives and family friends who were Brooklyn Dodger s fans happy in 1968 that Gil Hodges was coming back to the Mets to be their manager, pc100 viagra being 10 years old and shocked to find out that Yogi Berra played for the Yankees???? WOW! Crying when Jimmy Quals broke up Tom Seaver’s perfect game and brought to tears again nine years later when Seaver was shipped out to Cincinnati, pc100 viagra the euphoria of 1969 and 1986 and the heartbreak of the 2000 World Series and 2007 NLCS. Pc100 viagra The Mets are a microcosm of life, pc100 viagra great times, pc100 viagra tough times, pc100 viagra and puzzling times.

Pc100 viagra As I said Mets bloggers were invited to the presser and I was pleased to sit with Ed Marcus, pc100 viagra Greg Prince and Matt Cerrone but there was one blogger at event today who in the words of Yogi “made this day necessary” and that’s Shannon of The Mets Police. Shannon through his site pushed management to bring back Banner Day and to drop the black jerseys and caps (I am thrilled to report that the black cap with the blue bill is gone for good) and for that we Traditionalist Mets fans are forever grateful.

Pc100 viagra With so much gloom and doom coming from the fan base so far this offseason it was nice to be a part of a positive Mets day.

Pc100 viagra Now for the hold on to your Mets cap part of the post, pc100 viagra I got to meet David Howard today and it was a very pleasant experience (no, pc100 viagra I’m not going soft here I’m just being honest) we shook hands and spoke  and had a few laughs and we even talked about our kids, pc100 viagra see on the kick off of the Mets Golden Anniversary it’s all good.

Pc100 viagra  

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Viagra facts It’s like this and like that and like this and uh
It’s like that and like this and like that and uh
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Viagra facts It’s hard not to get excited watching Dillon Gee pitch; he’s like a combination artist/illusionist on the mound. Viagra facts To be a successful pitcher you have to be able to deceive the batter and Gee’s pitch of deception last night was a cut fastball. Viagra facts Gee felt his slider would not be effective after throwing his pre-game bullpen so he decided the out pitch of the night would be a combination of his two seamer with a bit of cutter movement and his changeup, viagra facts add that  to his fastball and the Braves hitters were off balance all night. Viagra facts No matter what happens for here on this season, viagra facts Dillion Gee’s starts are a must watch for Mets fans.

Viagra facts Terry Collins is using his last option with Jason Bay by dropping him to the 6th spot in the lineup. Viagra facts If he can’t get it together there then it’s time to bring up Lucas Duda or F-Mart to platoon in LF with Bay or as Mike Silva suggests, viagra facts ask him to go to Buffalo to work out whatever problems it is he’s having. Viagra facts If it comes down to where he’s spooked by Citi Field then Bay has a big decision to make, viagra facts right now with his contract he is untradeable and he’ll to make to some big time concessions to go to a team where  hitting the ball over the left field seats is a bit easier.

Viagra facts More debate over the subject of retiring Gary Carter’s #8. What gets lost in this debate is the fact that the Skill Sets are so clueless when it comes to the history of the team, viagra facts that’s why when you read the recent magazine articles where Freddy Skill Sets claims his love for the Mets is pure 100 % BULLSHIT. Viagra facts He’s a Brooklyn Dodger fan who never got over the team leaving Brooklyn. Viagra facts He and the rest of this dysfunctional ownership have no appreciation for those you have worn the Mets uniform or for you and me who love the team, viagra facts they have to be shamed into doing anything positive when it comes to this team. Viagra facts As Mets fans we want something to celebrate, viagra facts the negativity has drained most of the life out of the fan base.

Viagra facts On this day in 1973, viagra facts the Mets made Lee Mazzilli out of Lincoln High School in Brooklyn their first pick in the MLB Entry Draft. If you’ve read this site for a while you know I’m not a big Mazzilli fan. Viagra facts  I was a sophomore at FDR High in Bensonhurst when Mazzilli was drafted and though I had never met him I heard a lot about him, viagra facts not any of it complementary from players on the varsity baseball team.  When Mazzilli came up with the Mets he’d frequent a few of the Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge spots my friends and I hung out in and he acted like an ass anytime I saw him. Viagra facts When he was traded to the Rangers in ’82 it was the best thing for him, viagra facts he needed to be taken down a notch or two.

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Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer After reading Jeffery Tobin’s piece in the New Yorker, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer which by the way was the best article  I’ve ever read on Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul Katz and how they’ve went from a couple of shmucks from Bensonhurst to being a couple of schmucks from a gated community in Nassau County , canada pharmacy viagra pfizer it hit every emotion I have about being a Mets fan.

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I laughed at Freddy gushing over his “Ebbets Field” and not having the smarts to realize that the majority of Mets fans hate the design and the Brooklyn Dodger influence of the ball park. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer  I was angered by his quotes about his best players. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer David Wright, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer whether you or Fred think he is not a superstar, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer has done more for this franchise on a positive level since he came up than anyone in the whole Mets organization. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer A few years back, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Keith Hernandez mentioned on SNY that David needs to learn to say know to all the appearances he was making to promote the team as it just adds to the wear and tear of the season and is not worth it when rest is needed to stay fresh for the season. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer But Wright’ make up is he can’t say no to a sick child in a hospital, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer or to a military vet in a VA hospital or a school where he can have a positive influence on kids. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer This past winter, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I attended the Mets Christmas party that was held for some inner city kids. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer It was one of those unbelievably cold winter days and here was Wright taking off his Santa Claus suit to come over to talk to myself and the other Mets bloggers in attendance. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer As cold as it was outside, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Wright was dripping with sweat as that Santa Suit was stifling hot and he wore it until every kid came up to him to receive a Christmas gift . Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer When I greeted Wright with a handshake I said to him “Is there anything you don’t do around here” and he replied “this isn’t work, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer this is fun, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer just to see the kid’s smile makes it worth it” We then began asking a few question and the one response  and image that stuck with me was that of a sweaty, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer tired David Wright leaning on a wall talking about his accomplishments as a Met saying “all I have to my name as a Met is NL East title and that’s not enough”

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer So when Freddy Skill Sets says about Wright, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer “He’s a really good kid, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer A very good player, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer not a superstar” I find that totally offensive. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Last season I wrote that I felt Wright should approach the Skill Sets and demand a trade. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I felt he needed to go to a better baseball environment where smart baseball people were in charge and rich owners just sat back and mined their own business. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I pictured Wright on the Cardinals, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Red Sox or Giants teams that are on solid ground and excelling as not the main cog in the engine but one of the pistons. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer So I guess that means I think like Freddy, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer that Wright is a very good player not a superstar, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer well on the Mets he’s a superstar because he has never, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer ever embarrassed this franchise and everything he does on and off the field is to promote the Mets in a positive light, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer which is an a near impossible task. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer No one in ownership has ever done iota of good for this franchise than Wright has done and for Freddy Skill Sets to disrespect Wright like he did in this article is totally classless. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer  

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Do you know how much money and how many years Jose Reyes wants in his next contract? No you don’t and neither do I and neither does anyone else. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Reyes has said that he wants to remain a Met for his whole career, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer during a media gathering at Cit Field right before spring training. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer  Reyes has made Long Island his permanent home. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer He has moved his parents from the Dominican Republic here to live with him, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer his wife and his kids. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Jose Reyes loves being a Met and loves being a New Yorker, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer so where does Freddy get this idea that Reyes is looking for a “Carl Crawford contract”? Reyes is not getting a 7 year deal from the Mets or anyone else. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer The highest I can see for Jose is 5/$100mil but now with the diss from Freddy, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I’m sure Reyes will look for the best deal he can get. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Freddy’s big mouth might have just cost the Mets a hometown discount.

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Carlos Beltran had to battle through a gauntlet of assholes to get his knee operated on and then rehabs his ass off to get back on the field to earn his paycheck. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer A lot of players after getting dicked around by management over a medical procedure would take their sweet time and come back when they thought it was best for them and not the team. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer  The thought never came into Carlos Beltran’s mind. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer He has not only worked his ass off to get back on the field, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer he’s changed position (unlike a certain diva shortstop in the Bronx who refuses to move off a position he hasn’t play well at in about three years) and has been giving the team a solid bat and adjusting to his new position flawlessly and has helped both his replacements, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Angel Pagan and Jason Pridie with instructions on how to play the tough centerfield of Citi Field and for all this, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer he hears Freddy Skill Set say what a dick he was to sign him. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Enjoy Carlos Beltran for the next month he is as good as gone from the Mets.

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Just when you think there was no more earth for Freddy to scorch I’m sure his statement about his “shitty team” and that’s how “lousy clubs play” has gone over well with the ticket sales department and the public relations group.

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer From spending some time with the people behind the scenes at City Field these statements are an out and out punch in the gut to those folks who work hard and try and try and try to make this team relevant, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer to the point that people would actually spend money to come out to Citi Field. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer  Is Fred this delusional that he thinks he can call his team “lousy and shitty” and have these folks spin it positively? How does a ticket rep for the Mets call a prospective season ticket purchaser today and convince them to but Mets tickets? How does the P.R. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer staff come up with an ad campaign to get you to come out to Citi Field to see the Mets?  Freddy and Saul can spew old man stupidity all day and night, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I’ll still go out to Citi Field this summer to watch the team, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I’m sure Freddy and Saul laugh about a schmuck like me and that’s cool , canada pharmacy viagra pfizerthey can laugh now but I’ll be laughing later when Irv Picard beats their dumb ass in court and they have to sell the team and I’ll still being coming to Citi Field and rooting for my favorite baseball team and Freddy and Saul will be looking for that two-family house in Bensonhurst so Freddy can live upstairs and Saul down the basement. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Just like old times.

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Cialis and canada custom

Cialis and canada custom I have spent more time at MCU Park this summer than I have at Citi Field. Cialis and canada custom For one thing the baseball team in Coney Island is a lot more fun to watch than in Flushing and the fact that I can get from my driveway to the parking lot at Abe Stark Rink in about a half hour helps as well.

Cialis and canada custom The first thing you notice about the crowd at MCU Park is the diversity. Cialis and canada custom I know the bashing of Citi Field for its Ebbets Field look and Brooklyn Dodger influence is en vogue amongst Mets fans and I feel sorry for those of you that hate the Brooklyn feel of the ballpark because it’s obvious you didn’t grow up or ever live in Brooklyn. Cialis and canada custom On any given night at a Cyclones game there are more different races and ethnic groups represented than the ” It’s A Small World “ride at Disney World. Cialis and canada custom  Where else but Brooklyn can you sit in a row with a couple of families from Crown Heights, cialis and canada custom one Orthodox Jewish, cialis and canada custom the other African-American and next to them a family with the women wearing the traditional Muslim Hijab ? You see Asian’s, cialis and canada custom Irish, cialis and canada custom Italians, cialis and canada custom Latinos , cialis and canada custom Poles you name the ethnic group and I guarantee they have been in attendance at a Cyclones game. Cialis and canada custom   I’ve been going to Cyclones games from the very first year they were in business in 2001 so in ten years I’ve gone to well over 100 games, cialis and canada custom I have never seen any kind of fighting, cialis and canada custom physical or verbal anytime . Cialis and canada custom Just a bunch of fans rooting for Brooklyn to win. Cialis and canada custom  See, cialis and canada custom we all can get along as long as a baseball game is involved.

Cialis and canada custom What I do get a kick out of is the yuppies and hipsters who have just discovered Brooklyn and act like they made some rare discovery that no one ever knew about. Cialis and canada custom  Brooklyn has been like that forever.

Cialis and canada custom As for the team, cialis and canada custom this may have been the best Cyclones team ever. Cialis and canada custom I’ve been critical of the Skill Sets for stacking the deck at Coney Island to make sure they have a winning record but this year maybe you could make the case that Corey Vaughn or Darrel Cecilliani should have been bumped  up but I think a full season of success, cialis and canada custom especially for Vaughn who was drafted this past June, cialis and canada custom was better call on their development and besides a championship flag flying over the Parachute Jump out in right field would look  very nice.

Cialis and canada custom The Cyclones lost last night and have one more regular season game to play today on Coney Island before the playoff start on Tuesday. Cialis and canada custom They play one road game in either Williamsport or Jamestown whichever one takes the wild card and then back to Brooklyn on Wednesday. Cialis and canada custom I hope to get out there on Wednesday for that game because not only as a born and raised Brooklynite do I have a rooting interest here but as a Mets fan we can only hope that players like Vaughn, cialis and canada custom Celliani and Jeff Flag keep getting better and make it to Flushing along with their manager to bring the same positive esprit de corp of Brooklyn to Queens.

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