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Viagra pfizer canada Before we get on to anything here today, viagra pfizer canada I must convey my most heartfelt condolence to Sandy Alderson and his family on the passing of his father John, viagra pfizer canada who was killed by a car Saturday night in St. Viagra pfizer canada Petersburg while crossing a street. Viagra pfizer canada From all the stories I’ve read John Alderson was a ‘young” 87 years old and to be taken from his family like this is a tragedy. Viagra pfizer canada  

Viagra pfizer canada I guess Clint Hurdle went for the sure thing instead of playing the longshot by taking the Pirates job. Viagra pfizer canada Or maybe Hurdle knows something we don’t on who the next Mets manager will be. Viagra pfizer canada By the way, viagra pfizer canada if Wally Backman was such a slam dunk as a major league manager how come no other major league team looking for a manager requested Backman come in for an interview? I’m just asking?

Viagra pfizer canada (UPDATE: Now I see why Hurdle took the Bucs job and I think you’ll agree with me I hope he’s a success in the Steel City)

Viagra pfizer canada So it looks like a two man race between Terry Collins and Bob Melvin and I agree neither guy stirs my passions but I’m willing to let this play out and see if it works. Viagra pfizer canada It also looks as if Chip Hale and Tim Teufel  could get coaching spots with the Mets with Backman taking over the helm at Bingo or Buffalo.

Viagra pfizer canada Can we just trade F-Mart for a bunch of bats, viagra pfizer canada uniforms and helmets that seem to have gone missing the last few years in Flushing? The one time phenom  was to start yesterday in a Dominican League game but missed his start due to car troubles. Viagra pfizer canada No bullshit. Viagra pfizer canada CAR TROUBLES!!!! After the news got out about this the team and F-Mart tried to cover his ass by saying there was a miscommunication about his reporting date. Viagra pfizer canada Yeah right. Viagra pfizer canada I guess Omar Minaya has found a job in the DR running a team as this kind of cover up stinks of the Omar regime.

Viagra pfizer canada Speaking of Charlie Samuels, viagra pfizer canada as bad as it is for him to get fired by the Mets and to be looking at criminal charges being filed against him, viagra pfizer canada the worst part could be if convicted and sentenced to do time, viagra pfizer canada Charlie would have to wear orange every day. Viagra pfizer canada Maybe Samuels could share a cell with Bernie Madoff in the Crimes Against The Skill Sets wing of prison

Viagra pfizer canada Adam Rubin has a long Q & A with David Wright getting his take on the past and present of the club.

Viagra pfizer canada I wish the Mets had a guy like Amare Stoudemire the last few years who would call out his underachieving teammates like Amare did last night. Viagra pfizer canada Could be Stoudemire is pissed that LeBron and D-Wade picked Chris Bosh over him to a BFF?

Viagra pfizer canada NON-METS: I see where the Fishsticks have fired coach Scott Gordon as the team is doing a swirlie of their season with a 10 game losing streak. Viagra pfizer canada Gordon should be relieved to be relieved of his coaching duties. Viagra pfizer canada Isn’t it time Gary Betmann and the hierarchy of the NHL seriously think about contracting the Icelanders and a few other teams from the league? The Icelanders play in a dump of an arena (the place is filthy and many of the seats are broken and ripped) and only sell tickets when the regal Rangers come to Uniondale. Viagra pfizer canada Take the Isles, viagra pfizer canada Blue Jackets, viagra pfizer canada Panthers, viagra pfizer canada Coyotes, viagra pfizer canada Lighting, viagra pfizer canada Predators and Thrashers and either contract them or merge them a la the Minnesota North Stars/Cleveland Barrons in 1978 and make two teams and put one in Winnipeg and the other in Quebec City.

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Maybe it’s that phenomena of the Mets playing down to the competition as they come off a 2-4 abbreviated road trip against the Bucs and Nats the suck and suck more teams of baseball and now the biggest three weeks of the Mets 2009 season starts tomorrow here in the Greatest City on the Planet against the Phucking Phillies in the biggest series of the season.


To start off this series I sat with an enemy correspondent , how to get cialis Bill Bear of Crashburn Alley who has been a guest on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL and a guy I like to e mail back and forth during the season as I like to be an annoying ball breaker but even though Bill has a major character flaw being a Phucking Phillies fan he’s a good guy and is always great when he comes on PBC and I like his in depth stat work on Crashburn Alley so click here to read the Q & A I did with Bill .


Over at Jorge Says No they have a very good interview with Wally Backman who is now managing in the Northern League for the Joilet Jackhamers. How to get cialis Backman of course would love to get a shot at a big league managerial job and the hard work as a player and perseverance as a manager at the most obscure outposts of baseball only make his resolve stronger. How to get cialis Maybe some day he will be back in Flushing where his work ethic and passion for the game would be a boost for the organization and the fans.


Doug Branch at Mets Merized Online is getting drawn and quartered for a post that suggests that the Mets might look at being sellers and if they do maybe Carlos Beltran would be the guy to trade. How to get cialis Well if you read the comments Branch is called out for not only suggesting that the Mets become sellers but think about trading Beltran. How to get cialis I won’t speak for Branch but as for myself I’ll say I don’t want the Mets to be sellers and I don’t want to deal off Beltran but as I wrote in a post over the weekend maybe it’s time for the front office and ownership to take stock in what it is the team and what this franchise is looking to accomplish. How to get cialis The reason I think like this is that as much as I think Omar Minaya has done a pretty good job he could do much better and I never feel like there is a plan in place or a course of action for this team. How to get cialis Sure Omar went out and retooled the bullpen to the point it’s one of the best in baseball but he never addressed the need for a left fielder with power and seems to be more enthralled with finding players left on the side of the curb than being creative in making a deal for bona fide major league talent. How to get cialis


It is good though to see the Mets fan exuding passion like the commentators are doing on that site and of course here. How to get cialis Too bad that ownership is to inept to realize what a great fan base they have.



The Mets Police checked out the cuisine at Highlander Stadium and found it to be overpriced and bland just like its tenants.


After watching my kid’s soccer games yesterday I had to make a trip to the mall to buy a sports jacket (one that didn’t have METS or an NY on it but a sports jacket that adult men wear. How to get cialis The two that I own are way too big and my son is graduating from grammar school this Friday and I need to dress up like a grown up so hence the sports jacket. How to get cialis I guess it’s a shame that a soon to be 51 year old man owns just two pair of slacks but 12 pairs of jeans, how to get cialis and has more than 200 t-shirts and maybe three dress shirts, how to get cialis one pair of shoes but  2 pair of Cons’ 3 pair of running shoes, how to get cialis 2 pair of basketball shoes, how to get cialis and 2 pair of baseball cleats and the only neck ties I have are hand me downs from my brothers. How to get cialis I’d be more than happy to live everyday in shorts, how to get cialis a t shirt, how to get cialis flip flops and my Mets cap) when I returned home I relaxed by watching the Padres-D’Backs game that went to 18 innings. I picked the game up in the 10th inning and when it ended in the 18th I realized the D’Backs bullpen did not give up a hit from the 10th to the 18th inning an extra inning no hitter! The D’Backs blew a 6-0 lead and the Padres had shortstop Josh Wilson pitch the 18th and he almost got out of jam with two on and 0-2 count on Mark Reynolds before Reynolds put one just over the right field wall. How to get cialis Wilson by the way was a D’Back just a month ago before he was claimed by the Padres. How to get cialis Even stranger was of the 27, how to get cialis000 plus who were in attendance for the beginning of the game morphed into empty seats by the 18th inning.


I’ll leave you with this from Henry Aaron on the release of Tom Glavine and the apology from John Schuerholz:


“I wouldn’t have said anything if I were John Schuerholz. How to get cialis I think that was a mistake, how to get cialis because it was a no-win situation in his case, how to get cialis as much as [Schuerholz] tried to patch up the differences, how to get cialis” Aaron said. How to get cialis Then he laughed, how to get cialis adding, how to get cialis “This is the first time I’ve ever been on management’s side. How to get cialis I mean, how to get cialis Glavine got paid very well through the years to play here, how to get cialis and there’s never a good way to handle these situations. How to get cialis But if you’re the Braves, how to get cialis you’ve got to throw those kids out there and let them pitch. How to get cialis If you’re Glavine, how to get cialis you have to be gracious enough to step aside.”


Why don’t the Glavines of any sport do so? “The hardest thing for anybody — especially athletes — is to wake up in the morning and realize everything has stopped for them, how to get cialis” Aaron said. How to get cialis “The cheering. How to get cialis The booing. How to get cialis The traveling. How to get cialis All the things that you used to be doing are no longer there, how to get cialis and it’s hard for you to realize that, how to get cialis along with the idea of losing all of the money that I made. How to get cialis It’s just not there any more.


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Viagra herb alternative I stayed up to watch the Phillies fall to the Friars (the Padres play by play man kept calling the Padres that all night so now it’s stuck in my head) as Mets fans are happy Brian Giles turned down a deal to the Red Sox as he drove in the late inning runs to lead the Friars to the win. Viagra herb alternative I then turned over to see J.J. Viagra herb alternative Hardy beat the Dodgers in 10 innings so by the time I got to sleep it was about 1:30AM. Viagra herb alternative I didn’t get up this morning until 9:30 which is like slipping into a coma for me. Viagra herb alternative So by the time I rolled out of bed, viagra herb alternative went for bagels and the papers (yes I’m a dinosaur that loves to read a hard copy newspaper) had my coffee it’s now like 20 to 1. Viagra herb alternative My day is thrown off terribly. Viagra herb alternative With no baseball games to coach I’m not used to weekend morinings with nothing to do. Viagra herb alternative I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to write about but the late start to my day (even on my day off I’m up by 6 AM) I’ll just give a couple of quick hits:

Viagra herb alternative Kudos to Petey for a great game last night. Viagra herb alternative Maybe, viagra herb alternative just maybe he can stay healthy for the stretch run and have a few more like last night left in him. Viagra herb alternative Pitching back to back starts against the same team is very difficult even to a second division team like the Bucs so that makes last night start more impressive.

Viagra herb alternative Don’t kill Eddie Kunz for last night, viagra herb alternative either J-Man uses this kid like he is conditioned to, viagra herb alternative to close or pitch the 8th inning or just send him back to Bingo. Viagra herb alternative As Kunz said last night after the game he is used to pitching everyday or every other day last night appearance was his first in a week. Viagra herb alternative This kid has been conditioned to close since college, viagra herb alternative so he is what he is so either let him pitch late innings here or send him back to Bingo but whatever the Mets do stop dicking around with the kid.

Viagra herb alternative With the news that Billy Wags is not ready to get back to action, viagra herb alternative Omar and J-Man have to sit down and figure out what will be done about the late innings. Viagra herb alternative One thing is for sure this mix and match of releivers has got to go. Viagra herb alternative I guess we won’t know until tomorrow when Wags gets yet another MRI on his forearm/elbow but one thing is for sure the Mets need a game plan and if it involves taking either John Maine or Big Pelf to the pen then lets do it already.

Viagra herb alternative Omar aquired Luis Ayala from the Nats for Anderson Hernandez early today. Viagra herb alternative I guess Mel Rojas didn’t return his call.

Viagra herb alternative D-Wright gets a day off today and Damien Easley will play thrid and bat third.

Viagra herb alternative Joel Sherman had a column today on how the Highlanders will have a decison to make on the direction of the franchise and what to do with Captain Craptastic. Viagra herb alternative Can you imagine the aggony of Highlander fans if Capt Crap ever was traded? How about to the Dodgers and Mr. Viagra herb alternative T? We can only pray it happens. Viagra herb alternative Also Sherman snuck in a comment about will the Steinbrenners even own the Highlanders after 2010. Viagra herb alternative As soon as The Bronx Robber Baron takes his last breath, viagra herb alternative Pack A Day Hank, viagra herb alternative and Horse Whisper Hal will put the For Sale sign up so fast it will make your inter-locking NY cap spin. Viagra herb alternative Remember what Peter O’Malley did so don’t think this is far fetched.

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Canada viagra pharmacies scam It sucks to lose two of three to the Fish but it’s the first series the Mets have dropped all month so no screaming and yelling here about that. Canada viagra pharmacies scam The major story of the day is the trade deadline and it looks like the Mets usually major players on deadline day will be standing pat. Canada viagra pharmacies scam Maybe Omar has finally gotten it through his head that collecting old guys is not the way to go as it seems in every phone call involving a Mets deal the names Jon Neise (great Triple A debut last night) Dan Murphy (looks like he will be a big time hitter but needs a position) Eddie Kunz (the 8th inning gate man in about two weeks for Billy Wags) and of course The Teen Aged Hitting Machine (who should be brought up to the big team just to let the training staff work with him on stretching his hammys and conditioning a la Jose Reyes when Jose was a puppy) So if Manny Ramirez is NOT to be a Met then hopefully Omar leaves the phone off the hook.

Canada viagra pharmacies scam Here in Massachusetts the big news is Manny. Canada viagra pharmacies scam It’s 24 hours of Manny. Canada viagra pharmacies scam What has seemed to have broken the hearts of the Fenway Faithful was Manny saying the Red Sox “Don’t deserve a player like him” but after he made those remarks he kind of back tracked and professed his love for the city of Boston and the Red Sox fans. Canada viagra pharmacies scam Be that as it may the hot story here this morning has Manny going to the Fish, canada viagra pharmacies scam with Jeremy Hermidia going to the Bucs and Jason Bay and John Grabow going to the Red Sox. Canada viagra pharmacies scam From all indications this is a done deal and all that awaits ato make it offical is The Used Car Salesman Seal of Approval. Canada viagra pharmacies scam This sucks on three levels, canada viagra pharmacies scam first the Mets have no shot at Manny like I said it seems that the Mets front office has wised up and is done dealing kids of geezers even for geezers who can rake but it looks like the plan is to let the flowers grow. Canada viagra pharmacies scam Second, canada viagra pharmacies scam it sucks if he goes to the Fish as this pennant race in the NL East is a three team affair Manny or no Manny (how do the Fish do it? They have to be the worst team ever to be in position to win a division) Third, canada viagra pharmacies scam there is going to be one sad soon to be thirteen year old boy going to Fenway for the first time Sunday if there is no Manny in LF.

Canada viagra pharmacies scam Tons of Red Sox fans here on the Cape as to be expected some Highlanders fans as well but very few Mets fans which surprises me I guess we are all saving up money to get tickets to $iti Field so no vacations this year. Canada viagra pharmacies scam Loads of European tourists as that Euro is very strong. Canada viagra pharmacies scam Here is what I find here and at home in NYC, canada viagra pharmacies scam the Euro’s are the most impolite people on the face of the earth. Canada viagra pharmacies scam They cut in front of you on line, canada viagra pharmacies scam are clueless on where they are going, canada viagra pharmacies scam have no regard for other people and the words please and thank you are never ever spoken . Canada viagra pharmacies scam Use of any personal hygiene products  have not reached that side of the Atlantic. Canada viagra pharmacies scam Just two swipes of deodorant Pierre under each armpit is all it takes.

Canada viagra pharmacies scam One story I forgot to relay about Saturday night at Shea. Canada viagra pharmacies scam I was sitting in Section 40 of the Upper Deck and next to us was a guy with no arms. Canada viagra pharmacies scam He asked the guys in back of him if they were going up to the concession stand to let him know as he wanted a beer. Canada viagra pharmacies scam So one of the guys tells hem he’s going up so the arm less guy whips off a shoe and with his toes grabs a ten dollar bill out of his shoe and hands (foots?) it to the beer runner. Canada viagra pharmacies scam The beer runner comes back with a beer in a cup and armless says to place it right on the empty seat next to him. Canada viagra pharmacies scam My son is in the next seat over and my daughter the next over and they both stopped watching the game and were fixated on the armless man as they watched him lower his head to the beer cup, canada viagra pharmacies scam grip it with his teeth and proceed to drink his beer. Canada viagra pharmacies scam But that wasn’t the highlight of the night. Canada viagra pharmacies scam When Carlos Delgado homered, canada viagra pharmacies scam the armless guy whips off both shoes and claps his feet like a seal.

Canada viagra pharmacies scam God I love Shea Stadium.

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