Cialis Cost order viagra First time I’m putting up a post using my iPad so there may be more mistakes than usual, order viagra which I know is hard to believe order viagra I had no problem with the Mets not making any deals at the trade deadline. order viagra Seems some fans mistake Marlon Byrd for Carlos Beltran, order viagra no one was giving the Mets an A prospect for Byrd and to deal Byrd  just for the sake of making a deal really made no sense order viagra I idea of using Zack Wheeler in the bullpen as a way to cut down his innings is ridiculous . order viagra Put an innings limit on him, order viagra that’s fine but don’t take him out of the starting rotation. order viagra The more Bud Selig and MLB string out this Biogenisis mess and the A-Rod fiasco the worse Selig and baseball look and for Bill Madden to compare Rodriguez to a killer like Whitey Bulger is beyond. order viagra Ignorant order viagra off to Epcot and more nasty European tourists

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Viagra for sale in gibralter

Viagra for sale in gibralter Mark it down on your calendar May 27th it will be Banner Day at Citi Field and before you read anything else today you MUST read Mets Police posting today on what Banner Day means and how you should properly behavior on this day.

Viagra for sale in gibralter Yeah, viagra for sale in gibralter Yeah I know the owners suck, viagra for sale in gibralter team sucks, viagra for sale in gibralter Citi Field sucks yada, viagra for sale in gibralter yada and more endless yada. Viagra for sale in gibralter That’s why it is time for you to stop all of your sobbing (right Ray?) and get involved in something that is fun and a big part of the fabric of what it is to be a Mets fan.

Viagra for sale in gibralter I hope all you red-ass Mets fans know that any derogatory signs or banners you feel is your right to bring to Citi Field that day will never make it on to the field and before you kill the Mets for screening the banners that will be on display think about what’s worse screening banners or being refused access to use the rest room during God Bless America?

Viagra for sale in gibralter How great is it to be Steve Cohen? Cohen is a true hedge fund impresario. Viagra for sale in gibralter He is in the running for ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers but he also is buying a minority stake in the Mets. Viagra for sale in gibralter It’s a win-win all around for Cohen, viagra for sale in gibralter if he gets the Dodgers, viagra for sale in gibralter he becomes sole owner, viagra for sale in gibralter if he loses out on the Dodgers, viagra for sale in gibralter he’ll still have his wallet in the door to be sole owner of Mets. Viagra for sale in gibralter In fact I wouldn’t be shocked if Bud Selig is working a backroom deal with Cohen, viagra for sale in gibralter Wilpon and MLB to drive up the sale price of the Dodgers with Cohen getting a bigger piece of the Mets, viagra for sale in gibralter still a minority share but more that 10-20% with the agreement that is the Wilpon’s have to sell they sell outright to Cohen.

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Online cheap viagra Well, online cheap viagra Freddy Skill Sets came pretty close to being truthful with the fan base when he was interviewed by Brain Costa of the WSJ. Online cheap viagra Fred was in Arizona (wow Bolt goes to Phoenix?) for the quarterly owners meeting.  When asked about his financial struggle and the toll it is taking on him, online cheap viagra the Mets organization and its fan base, online cheap viagra Freddy Sez:

Online cheap viagra “How could anybody deny that it’s been a challenging time?” Wilpon said. Online cheap viagra “But I came from nothing. Online cheap viagra I meet the challenges. Online cheap viagra So does Saul and Jeff and our whole family. Online cheap viagra We’re meeting the challenges and I think we’ll be fine.”

Online cheap viagra “I think we’ll be fine”? Really?  How so Freddy ? What’ch ya keepin’ on the down low from us? The new minority shares are a band aid on a gaping wound but you know what, online cheap viagra maybe the Skill Sets luck is changing as his Guardian Angel, online cheap viagra Bud Selig is staying on for 2 more years as baseball czar and Wilpon enabler and as always has Freddy’s back:

Online cheap viagra “He’s been a great owner, online cheap viagra” Selig said. Online cheap viagra “Loves his team. Online cheap viagra He’s everything you’d want in a local owner. Online cheap viagra He’s had some economic problems, online cheap viagra not caused by himself, online cheap viagra and I have a lot of faith in him that he’s working his way through them.”

Online cheap viagra And he’s oh, online cheap viagra so good, online cheap viagra

Online cheap viagra And he’s oh, online cheap viagra so fine, online cheap viagra

Online cheap viagra And he’s oh, online cheap viagra so healthy, online cheap viagra

Online cheap viagra In his body and his mind.

Online cheap viagra He’s a well respected man about town, online cheap viagra

Online cheap viagra Doing the best things so conservatively.

Online cheap viagra Then Freddy was asked about Jose Reyes and his thoughts on Reyes:

Online cheap viagra “Reyes was 17 years old when I met him, online cheap viagra” Wilpon said. Online cheap viagra “He spoke pretty good English at that time, online cheap viagra too. Online cheap viagra He said to me, online cheap viagra ‘Can you give me some advice?’ I said, online cheap viagra ‘Yeah, online cheap viagra never wipe that smile off your face.'”

Online cheap viagra Humm, online cheap viagra “never wipe that smile off your face” looks like Freddy eats at Wo Hop like I do. Online cheap viagra Thankfully for Reyes’ sake Freddy didn’t hit him up with “Kid, online cheap viagra I know a guy who can make you rich beyond belief”

Online cheap viagra Here is a nice picture on a rainy, online cheap viagra windy, online cheap viagra cold New York afternoon

Online cheap viagra Years before we would get to the 50th Anniversary of the NY Mets, online cheap viagra Dana Brand was all pumped up about putting together a symposium at Hofstra University where he taught, online cheap viagra on the history of the Mets. Online cheap viagra As you all know Dana passed away last year but his dream of having a conference at Hofstra will become a reality on April 26-28. Please check out all the details here and hopefully we can all meet up at Hofstra that weekend and celebrate not just the legacy of the NY Mets but of Dana Brand as well.

Online cheap viagra Steve Popper, online cheap viagra the Mets beat writer for the Bergen Record is leaving the Mets beat and will become the Records man at MSG following the NY Knickerbockers. Not only is this a big loss for Mets fans but a huge loss for Mets bloggers like myself and other bloggers who have had the privilege of meeting Steve at various team functions. Online cheap viagra Many of the beat writers and media folk won’t even give us a response to a hello but Popper (as well as Adam Rubin and Kevin Kernan ) has always been friendly to us and has been gracious in sharing his thoughts with us about the Mets. Online cheap viagra Good luck Steve and thanks.

Online cheap viagra  

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Cialis levitra sales viagra For everyone who says “why would Sandy Alderson even think about trading Jon Niese”? You got your answer yesterday when the San Diego Padres traded Matt Latos to the Cincinnati Reds for a cache of prime prospects.

Cialis levitra sales viagra The Reds see 2012 as their shot at winning the NL Central and putting together a pitching rotation that would stand up to the post season test so they took the big leap and dealt off four prize prospects, cialis levitra sales viagra  Yonder Alonso, cialis levitra sales viagra Edinson Volquez, cialis levitra sales viagra Yasmani Grandal, cialis levitra sales viagra and Brad Boxberger to add a pitcher they feel will put them thismuchcloser to being a pennant winner.

Cialis levitra sales viagra This brings us to Jon Niese and to Gio Gonzalez. Cialis levitra sales viagra Billy Beane saw the trend as did Sandy Alderson but Josh Byrnes was the first to act on it. Cialis levitra sales viagra We’ve been looking for the next undervalued commodity in baseball and we’ve found it, cialis levitra sales viagra the twenty-something pitcher whose contract is under team control. Cialis levitra sales viagra  Beane and Alderson are in the same boat so to speak, cialis levitra sales viagra they both can’t compete with the top teams in their division as presently put together and both have owners with money issues, cialis levitra sales viagra although Beane is in a bit better spot than Alderson as his team with the help of the strong armed Bud Selig, cialis levitra sales viagra could get their wish and get permission to move the A’s from the Black Hole of the Coliseum to San Jose, cialis levitra sales viagra thats’ if the Giants show them the way (the Giants own the territorial rights so they do know the way to San Jose, cialis levitra sales viagra a multi-million dollar check to waive those rights) any way back to Alderson and the Mets.

Cialis levitra sales viagra From hearing all the talk of Gonzalez being on the trade stroll and so many teams with large pockets and plentiful prospects to trade, cialis levitra sales viagra Alderson and his staff decided to put Jon Niese’ name on the stroll as well. Cialis levitra sales viagra One ridiculous rumor was the Mets sending Niese to Colorado for 29 year old outfielder Seth Smith, cialis levitra sales viagra please, cialis levitra sales viagra that’s an Al Harazin kind of move and one I’m sure was let out after a few whiskeys and ryes by a guy who thinks he’s a cowboy, cialis levitra sales viagra no if Alderson is going to trade Niese he’s going to get players who fill many of the voids the Mets have.

Cialis levitra sales viagra Alderson made it plain that the Mets catching situation is in dire need of an overhaul, cialis levitra sales viagra not just at the major league level but organization wide. Cialis levitra sales viagra The club also needs help in adding prospects to its minor league system to accelerate the rebuilding (yes I used the “R” word) of the franchise into a contending team once again.

Cialis levitra sales viagra I can’t fault Mets fans when they get jumpy when they hear of a 25 year old pitcher being shopped as we have seen so many Mets GM’s get fleeced in the past but I’m pretty confident that if Niese is dealt it will be to a contending team or one just on the cusp and views Niese as a missing piece and is willing to pay a big premium to get to the promised land.

Cialis levitra sales viagra It’s a win-win for the Mets, cialis levitra sales viagra Niese is dealt to fill multiple spots or he stays and becomes a solid major league pitcher. Cialis levitra sales viagra It’s not often I used the phrase Win-Win when discussing the Mets.

Cialis levitra sales viagra  

Cialis levitra sales viagra  

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Prescription viagra

Prescription viagra Just like Henry Hill, prescription viagra Bud Selig needs to turn his back on the Skill Sets   

Prescription viagra At what point does Bud Selig say “enough” to the Skill Sets when it comes to giving permission to keep drowning the Mets in debt. Prescription viagra The Skill Sets have turned into baseball’s panhandlers with their running nose’s and tattered Brooks Brother suits, prescription viagra running the NY National League’s franchise from hand to mouth.  Selig it seems, prescription viagra needs another trip to Washington to get an understanding that when you keep adding up debt you’re headed for disaster. Prescription viagra Maybe it’s time Mets fans get some tents, prescription viagra sleeping bags and drums and head to 245 Park Avenue to Occupy The Commissioner’s Office and order him to stop being the chief enabler to the Skill Sets. Prescription viagra  

Prescription viagra How do the other owners not get their suspenders in a bunch over not just the special treatment that Freddy and Uncle Saul get but question on how do they get such a sweetheart deal? If I was Stu Sternberg I’d be looking for my welfare money. Prescription viagra If I were Bob Nutting of the Pirates I’d ask for an increase in my revenue share money. Prescription viagra If I were Frank McCourt I’d beat the living shit out of Selig. Prescription viagra How is it the Skill Sets get such preferential treatment?

Prescription viagra According to the report in Forbes, prescription viagra the Mets are over $400 mil in debt which in most cases would have MLB taking over the operations of a franchise but with Fred and Saul being FOB (friends of Bud) not only won’t that happen but Selig has given his blessing on this new scheme of infusing revenue into the team of selling minority shares of the club for a 3 % return on your investment each year for six years or you can keep your shares and brag to your friends and family that no matter how insignificant you are, prescription viagra you are an owner of the Mets. Prescription viagra  Beach front property on Antarctica seems like a better investment.

Prescription viagra Last night I was a guest on Mike Sliva’s NY Baseball Digest radio show, prescription viagra you can listen to the show by clicking on this link.

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Herbal alternative to viagra First off congratualtions to the St Lousi Cardinals for winning their 11th World Series in franchise history. Herbal alternative to viagra Some folks on Twitter can’t understand why I was rooting for the Cards to win this Series. Herbal alternative to viagra With the exception of 2008 and 2009 when I just couldn’t bring myself to rally for the Phuck Phaces (in 2009 I abstained from rooting as much as I hate the Phuck Phaces, herbal alternative to viagra rooting for the Bronx Bastards would be a mortal sin) I always support the NL and I’ll say this the Senior Circuit has won the last 4 of 6 World Series.

Herbal alternative to viagra Now that the World Series is over and we are getting out our snow shovels (WHAT?) it’s time for the Hot Stove to rev up and of course the first order of business will be the signing or non-signing of Jose Reyes. Herbal alternative to viagra Sandy Alderson will handle the negotiation with the team coming first and the fan base second. Herbal alternative to viagra For those of you who clamor for Reyes back at any price, herbal alternative to viagra haven’t we gone down that road of destruction too many times in Flushing ? The days of winning the tabloid back pages in the winter are over. Herbal alternative to viagra Of course I want to see Reyes back as the Mets shortstop but not at a ridiculous price. Herbal alternative to viagra I’m more concerned about the years than I am the money. Herbal alternative to viagra Four years, herbal alternative to viagra I’m fine with five would have to be an option with incentives; six would be thank you for your years of service Jose.

Herbal alternative to viagra The Highlanders were smart to sign a 1 year extension with WCBS 880 for the rights to broadcast their games on radio. Herbal alternative to viagra The Met deal on WFAN is up after this season and I’d bet anything that WFAN wants those Highlander games badly. Herbal alternative to viagra  That’s fine by me as that would then conclude me from being a WFAN listener ever again. Herbal alternative to viagra As it is now, herbal alternative to viagra I turn on the station out of boredom or just tired of listening to music at work.

Herbal alternative to viagra If I were the owner of a MLB team I’d be pissed with Bud Selig today as he stated the deadbeat Skill Sets have not paid off their $25 mil loan to MLB. Herbal alternative to viagra I wonder what Frank McCourt has to say about that. Herbal alternative to viagra Call it BuddyCare.

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Search herbal viagra Cap-gate just won’t go away, search herbal viagra now that all parties involved are in full CYA(Cover Your Ass) mode. Search herbal viagra Reports today claim Bud Selig is outraged, search herbal viagra outraged I tell you, search herbal viagra that MLB is being viewed as the villain here. Search herbal viagra Selig feels he was betrayed by Mets management over this awful publicity claiming that LB told the Mets way in advance that the New Era $36.99 retail caps with the American flag sown in Taiwan must be worn as the game day cap. Search herbal viagra Ooops someone forgot to tell the players that.

Search herbal viagra Then we find out that Jeffey Skill Sets was on the horn with the Commissioner’s office ( I guess Freddy and Uncle Saul were playing in a Maj Jong tournament down at the beach club, search herbal viagra leaving a boy to do a man’s job) and as all things involving Jeffey, search herbal viagra a bit of a cluster fuck ensued. Search herbal viagra My guess is Jeffey thought because Uncle Bud is tight with Daddy and Uncle Saul, search herbal viagra he’d tell the players that the organization would be met with a heavy penalty if they wore the caps. Search herbal viagra  But Uncle Bud claims “no way” that he would have taken action against the Mets via fines or any other punishment. Search herbal viagra Well, search herbal viagra Uncle Bud didn’t say it, search herbal viagra his mouth piece , search herbal viagraClueless Joe Torre did as he made the rounds on the radio to defend MLB but instead came off as a shill for the Commissioners office instead.

Search herbal viagra Then we have the players, search herbal viagra and my question is how is Josh Thole the Mets player rep? Here is a young guy just his first full year in the big leagues trying to adjust to big league life and has to be the union rep as well. Search herbal viagra Not for anything but David Wright can you please step up in that clubhouse for once in your Mets life. Search herbal viagra Wright does a lot of marvelous charity work and is to be commended but how about stepping up and not leaving tough team decisions to a kid who is trying to hang on to a big league job. Search herbal viagra I feel for Thole as he is not in a position to take a stand as he can be sent back to the minors at any time but Wright, search herbal viagra it would have been nice if he stood up and said “Fuck this, search herbal viagra put the hats on fellas’ and let’s go” it would have gone down as one of the great moments in Mets history.

Search herbal viagra Now we come to the manager who made be starting to show a little bit of wear and tear from a difficult season. Search herbal viagra Seems he’s put the blame on Cap-gate as the reason the Mets were not focused last night against the Nats. Search herbal viagra Last night’s starter, search herbal viagra Old Reliable R.A. Search herbal viagra Dickey said that as far as the players were concerned the cap controversy had nothing to do with the loss or team focus. Search herbal viagra  I think the woeful play is more the fact that this was a game played by two teams that are playing out the string and are counting the days until they can go home and enjoy the fall and winter. Search herbal viagra Collins using the cap controversy is a cop out and as much as I feel he has done a great job this season and deserves  an extra year on his contract, search herbal viagra it’s situations like this that make me feel that his tenure as Mets manager could fall fast and furious.

Search herbal viagra Hopefully this cap-a-skew is behind the team and they can get on finishing off the season on a high note and hopefully the manager can calm down a bit and not find excuses for losses.

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How to buy cialis in canada

How to buy cialis in canada I guess I missed the vote to have Al Michaels and Bob Costas call the 4th and 5th innings of tonight’s Mets-Giants game on SNY, how to buy cialis in canada while Gary Cohen and Ron Darling go over to the MLB Network to call the innings in their broadcast booth. How to buy cialis in canada  I don’t mind Michaels who is more associated with the NFL( and the 1980 USA hockey team as well) than he is with baseball even though he was a top notch baseball play by play man early in his career. How to buy cialis in canada I could do without Costas who is way too pretentious for me. How to buy cialis in canada I subscribe to the if it ”ain’t broke don’t fix it” school of thought especially when it comes to watching the Mets. How to buy cialis in canada      

How to buy cialis in canada What a tragedy last night in Arlington, how to buy cialis in canada where Josh Hamilton went to flip a ball to a fan after the third out of the inning and the fan leaning over to catch it, how to buy cialis in canada fell 20 ft landed on his head and died. How to buy cialis in canada The fan a 39 year old fireman was at the game with his son who was reported to be 8 or 9 years old. How to buy cialis in canada This is heartbreaking for the family but also for Hamilton who was reported to be distraught over the event. How to buy cialis in canada  I’m not one to be a reactionary type when freak accidents occur but I think it’s time to stop the ball toss in the stands. How to buy cialis in canada I’ve written here many times how I hate the bullshit Pepsi Patrol t-shirt launches into the stands. How to buy cialis in canada People turn into total assholes when some two dollar t shirt is blasted into the stands. How to buy cialis in canada It’s totally ridiculous. How to buy cialis in canada The same with foul balls. How to buy cialis in canada I have never caught a foul ball at a game and I could care less if I ever do. How to buy cialis in canada I have five full buckets of baseballs in my garage it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a ball from a Major League game. How to buy cialis in canada I’d rather keep all my bones and extremities intact than have a ball with Bud Selig’s name on it.

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Alternative search viagra I’ve been reading some of the L.A. Alternative search viagra Times stories on the takeover of the Dodgers by MLB and The Nutty Professor looking to name a trustee to run the ball club. Alternative search viagra Selig will name someone who will oversee the daily operations of the team and any and all moves from finance to movement of players will be handled by this caretaker until a new owner can be found. Alternative search viagra Reading some of the stories, alternative search viagra it is astounding how Frank McCourt and his nit-wit soon to be ex-wife, alternative search viagra have run the Dodgers into the ground, alternative search viagra basically stealing money from the team to pay for their lavish lifestyle while Dodger Stadium has turned into a crime infested slum. Alternative search viagra You could call the McCourt’s White Trash from Beverley Hills or shanty Irish both names fit them like a Guci glove. Alternative search viagra But so what about the Dodgers? They left Brooklyn over 53 years ago so payback is a Jamie McCourt. Alternative search viagra Fuck’em. Alternative search viagra The question here is, alternative search viagra how does this affect the NY Mets?

Alternative search viagra It looks like the Mets have already been taken care of by Bud Selig, alternative search viagra by having Sandy Alderson running the baseball operation.  In my view, alternative search viagra Sandy Alderson is the trustee assigned by Bud Selig to run the Mets. Alternative search viagra  A tid bit I’ve heard about Alderson’s gallop into Queens goes back to last season when everyone knew that Omar and Manuel were dead men walking, alternative search viagra the reason neither man was canned during the wretched month of September when the team already had rigor mortis set in the plan to bring Alderson in was in place. Alternative search viagra As we know with MLB there is always a dog and pony show when it comes to hiring. Alternative search viagra While most owners want to hire the best white male available to manager their team, alternative search viagra they know they must first interview a minority before they can do that, alternative search viagra so the case with the Mets new GM was no different. Alternative search viagra Bring in a bunch of candidates who have no shot at the job but let them get some valuable face time in the New York press which would boost their standing around baseball so they could find a job in a lesser market. Alternative search viagra The job of saving the Mets had to go to someone with a proven track record and strong enough to pinch Jeffey Skill Sets nose  with one hand and slap it with the other, alternative search viagra who better than the Ivy League graduated former U.S. Alternative search viagra Marine and Viet Nam vet, alternative search viagra Sandy Alderson. Alternative search viagra     

Alternative search viagra This theory was always speculated but never proven but as we see with the Dodger bail out it all makes sense that Bud the Commissioner would take care of his Bud, alternative search viagra Freddy the Skill Set before anyone else.

Alternative search viagra Alderson not only took the job, alternative search viagra he hired his two favorite assistants in J.P. Alternative search viagra Riccardi and Paul DePodesta as well a nice package deal.

Alternative search viagra What has been great about the new management so far is since the day that Freddy Skill Sets put on his babushka at St. Alternative search viagra Lucie to cry for understanding that he is not a thief but a victim of Madoff malfeasants and Jeffey spoke about his daddy and Uncle Saul be great men of baseball and business, alternative search viagra we have not heard a peep out of them. Alternative search viagra Even Dave the Shyster has taken to a vow of silence especially after his “tickets are going like Gangbuster’s” quote.

Alternative search viagra We saw the eradication of Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez both Alderson executions. Alternative search viagra Blaine Boyer out after a week. Alternative search viagra Brad Emaus, alternative search viagra thrown overboard, alternative search viagra it doesn’t look like Alderson needed anyone’s permission to make these moves. Alternative search viagra As for adding on payroll, alternative search viagra that is not something that looks like it needs to be discussed this season, alternative search viagra in fact give this trip to the baseball abyss another month and Gary Cohen’ signature ‘It’s Outta Here” call will be of Mets players become former Mets players and not home runs.

Alternative search viagra As much as this run of bad baseball has been a sore sight for our eyes, alternative search viagra at least we know the Skill Sets are in the background and hopefully never heard from again until the announcement that they have sold the majority of the NY Mets.

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Who invented viagra

Who invented viagra How would you like to be Frank McCourt today? The owner of the LA Dodgers has a shit load of money problems due to his nasty divorce and he is trying hard to hold on to his share of the team.  FOX has offered to loan him $200 mil to help keep that Dodgers going until his divorce is final and a judge rules who owns the team Frank or his soon to be ex -wife Jamie but Bud Selig put the kibosh on the deal.

Who invented viagra Now today we learn that the Skill Sets were fronted between $20-$25 million bucks to pay the bills at Citi Field from Bud Selig. Who invented viagra Hummmmmm if I were say David Glass of the KC Royals, who invented viagra Bob Nutting of the Pirates or Mets fan/Tampa Bay Rays owner Stu Sternberg, who invented viagra I’d be pretty pissed off knowing I’m part of the funding of a team in the largest market of the country. Who invented viagra But then again, who invented viagra Freddy and Uncle Saul are Bud’s BFF’s, who invented viagra so Selig has put aside his job as Commissioner and has turned a blind eye to the “best interest of baseball” commandment that gets played in time of crisis, who invented viagra and right now Mets fans the Skill Sets are on the brink of crisis.

Who invented viagra Freddy and Jeffey were chirping on the opening of camp about being victims and being duped and proclaiming vindication when the dust settles on the Madoff trustee lawsuit, who invented viagra but they forgot one other important item, who invented viagra they will have to sell the team when it’s all said and done.

Who invented viagra You have to believe that the Skill Sets will not be the owners of the New York Mets by this time next year, who invented viagra or even sooner. Who invented viagra With all the stories that come out ever few days on the financial status of the team especially today’s revelation of money floated to pay the Mets bills, who invented viagra I cast my vote of No Confidence in the Skill Sets to running this team. Who invented viagra If this were any other owner, who invented viagra Selig would have had him in a headlock screaming “SELL GOD DAMN IT SELL” but because it’s Freddy and Uncle Saul he will do by any means necessary to help them keep ownership of this team. Who invented viagra Best interest of baseball, who invented viagra my ass.

Who invented viagra This story would have been bad enough, who invented viagra but when you add the bluster by Freddy and Jeffy in their St Lonesome presser’s, who invented viagra it’s an absolute insult to you and me. Who invented viagra I’d love to grab Freddy, who invented viagra Jeffy and Uncle Saul by the collective scruff of their necks and scream at them to be truthful with us.

Who invented viagra They want our money, who invented viagra they want our support and we are willing to give it to them and all we ask is to be truthful and stop taking us for assholes. Who invented viagra We didn’t sink our fortune with a thieving scumbag, who invented viagra like you did.

Who invented viagra Freddy always sings the siren song of loving the Mets and wants the team to stay in his family for generations, who invented viagra well here is a smack in the face of reality for you Freddy, who invented viagra that ship has sailed, who invented viagra when you got fucked over by your “pal” Bernie Madoff and he’s the one you will cost you of your dream.

Who invented viagra SELL THE TEAM SKILL SETS, who invented viagra SELL THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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