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Lowest price viagra There has to be a reason why Sandy Alderson is keeping Oliver Perez around. Lowest price viagra  I haven’t look in detail to the Sunday night Mets bowling league but I know lefties (as I am of that ilk) possess a natural curve when they  bowl so Ollie may be better at getting the 7-10 spilt than inducing the 6-4-3 double play? I mean there has to be a valid explanation on why OP has not been DFA’d.

Lowest price viagra One theory is that since he doesn’t draw a paycheck until opening day and now that he has proven he’s not starter worthy, lowest price viagra a trip to the pen is not really taking innings away from a pitcher that needs work. Lowest price viagra I’m sure any appearance that Perez makes will be in a split squad game away from St. Lowest price viagra Lonesome. Lowest price viagra By keeping him around, lowest price viagra Alderson could be waiting until the last possible day to cut Ollie hoping that a team suffering a pitching injury will be soooooooooo desperate they take Ollie off his hands for 50 cents on the dollar. Lowest price viagra Okay that’s a long shot.

Lowest price viagra The second theory, lowest price viagra and I have not seen or heard this one any place so I will claim it as my own, lowest price viagra Alderson/Collins give Perez a shot as a reliever. Lowest price viagra Perez shits the bed as usual. Lowest price viagra Alderson/Collins have a heart to heart with OP and Scott Boras with Alderson holding two pieces of paper in his hand, lowest price viagra one is his release, lowest price viagra the other an agreement to a minor league assignment. Lowest price viagra Alderson makes it known that he has no problem signing off on the DFA along with a $12 mil severance check but he is willing to allow Perez to save some face and show that he wants to work his way back to the big leagues by either staying in extended spring training using a sudden (wink, lowest price viagra wink) injury or going outright to Triple A a la Steve Trachsel, lowest price viagra thus putting all the pressure on Perez and Boras.

Lowest price viagra Alderson is a smart man; he knows OP has no shot of being a reliever so why not give him one last shot at redemption of taking the demotion that he should have agreed to last season. Lowest price viagra I mean really, lowest price viagra how great is a Buffalo Bison-Scranton Wilkes Barre Yankees Kai Igawa v. Lowest price viagra Ollie Perez matchup?

Lowest price viagra As long as OP is not on the 25 roster come April 1 its fine by me. Lowest price viagra I can see Perez now agreeing to a minor league assignment. Lowest price viagra Alderson has given Perez every chance to show he’s not the suck ass pitcher we all think he is and Perez has not shown one iota of hope that he can pitch competitively in the big leagues. Lowest price viagra I can see Alderson laying this all out to Ollie and Boras, lowest price viagra in fact how great would it be if Alderson made up one of those leather bound books that Boras makes up for his clients when they are free agents. Lowest price viagra Alderson could call it the Book of Suck.

Lowest price viagra Can’t you see Alderson telling Perez. Lowest price viagra “I’ve done everything you requested when you came to camp, lowest price viagra you asked for a shot at the starting rotation, lowest price viagra and you failed. Lowest price viagra You asked to go to the bullpen and that was a disaster as well. Lowest price viagra  I’ve held back the fans and media and taken the slings and arrows shot at you and what did I get back? A big bucket of suck. Lowest price viagra  So look me in the eye Ollie and tell me why the hell should I even give a shit about you”?

Lowest price viagra Enjoy Buffalo OP!

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Viagra without a prescription Not much detail from me today as I have to get some work done so I can leave early and head to the field for a 5:30 game. Viagra without a prescription The good thing about the 5:30 games is there is a two hour time limit and the ride from the there to my house is about 10 minutes so I might just miss an inning of Mets-Phillies. Viagra without a prescription How things have changed from one season or even one week to the next, viagra without a prescription I can’t wait for Mets-Phillies tonight, viagra without a prescription tomorrow and Sunday. Viagra without a prescription It’s a good feeling to be excited about your favorite baseball team. Viagra without a prescription Check out this post by Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing who feels the same way.

Viagra without a prescription I’m contributing some posts to NYB Blogs and yesterday I submitted my first one on Jeff Francoeur’ influence in the Mets clubhouse.

Viagra without a prescription Buffalo Bison pitcher R.A. Viagra without a prescription Dickey went 0-2 on Fernando Perez of the Durham Bulls. Viagra without a prescription The next pitch Perez hit a single. Viagra without a prescription The next 27 batters all were set down by the knuckleballer Dickey. Viagra without a prescription Talk about the imperfect game. Viagra without a prescription It was the second complete game for Dickey this season and he hasn’t gone less than 8 innings in his other starts. Viagra without a prescription What’s a Dickey got to do to get some love in the Mets organization?  

Viagra without a prescription That’s it for me LET’S GO METS, viagra without a prescription LET’S GO BIG PELF, viagra without a prescription PHUCK YOU PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!

Viagra without a prescription

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Cialis from mexico Ike Davis was pulled from the Buffalo Bison line up today and is en route to Flushing. Cialis from mexico Is he the Savior? No and no one is claiming he is what he is, cialis from mexico is a player to get excited about watching as the rest of the team flounders.

Cialis from mexico If you prefer Mike Jacobs or Fernando Tatis at first base or Frank Catalanotto batting clean up then you deserve to have Jeffey Skill Sets as your owner and Omar Minaya as your GM.

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Combine cialis and levitra If Freddi Gonzalez ever feels his job as head Fishmonger is in jeopardy, combine cialis and levitra he’d better hope the Mets are on the upcoming schedule. Combine cialis and levitra The Marlins have now beaten the Mets 13 times in the last 24 games.

Combine cialis and levitra Yes, combine cialis and levitra yes, combine cialis and levitra yes I know the season is in its infancy stage but didn’t the last three games look as though 2009 hasn’t ended? If not for the big effort by Johan Santana on Monday the Mets might be 0 for 2010 today.

Combine cialis and levitra Nice work by Jon Neise last night working all his pitches and hitting the strike zone on the down low. Combine cialis and levitra  The way he worked his fastball and cutter was encouraging as well. Combine cialis and levitra Too bad the Mets couldn’t put a few crooked numbers up for him. Combine cialis and levitra Sure 3 runs allowed in 6 innings is an average performance but Niese did pitch to contact and after watching John Maine on Wednesday at least he threw strikes.

Combine cialis and levitra I keep looking and looking but I can’t find where the Mets have DFA’Mike Jacobs? By the way Ike Davis had 3 hits in 4AB’s in a losing Buffalo Bison effort last night. Combine cialis and levitra Just sayin’

Combine cialis and levitra Should SNY start Mets telecast like an episode of 24 as a count down to when Jerry Manuel gets fired, combine cialis and levitra “The following occurred between 7:10PM and 10:35PM”

Combine cialis and levitra This weekend series against the Nationals is a “must-win” for the Mets. Combine cialis and levitra What? Too early?

Combine cialis and levitra Luis Castillo will sit out tonight’s game with calf (wink, combine cialis and levitra wink) discomfort. Combine cialis and levitra So tonight we get Alex “Leader of Men” Cora at 2nd base and Ruben Tejada at short, combine cialis and levitra and hopefully by tomorrow Jose Reyes will be activated from the DL unless of course he eats a dozen oysters on the half shell on the plane ride from St. Combine cialis and levitra Lonesome. Combine cialis and levitra Oh and Michael Highlander, combine cialis and levitra I’m wearing my doo-rag today!!!!

Combine cialis and levitra I’m proud to say I have not watched one second of Jersey Shore being that if I want to look at wanna be tough guys and cows who have an over inflate view of their importance I can stroll the Staten Island Mall, combine cialis and levitra but the commercial for Vitamin Water D-Wright shot with this cugine (pronounced COO-Jean) The Situation was pretty amusing. Combine cialis and levitra D-Wright by the way had a piece of the Vitamin Water and when they were bought by Coca-Cola Wright made a nice piece of change.

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