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Mexico pharmacy cialis It was a rough weekend for the NY Mets. Mexico pharmacy cialis The bats and pitching arms have gone stale, mexico pharmacy cialis the petulant utility player affectionately known by Mets fans as JV1, mexico pharmacy cialis who it seems the front office, mexico pharmacy cialis manager and players have run out of patience with while waiting for him to act like a big boy, mexico pharmacy cialis reached out to the Pittsburgh Pirates for help in the form of a baseball thrown at him in anger over his “look at me, mexico pharmacy cialis I’m El Hombre” slow dance after hitting a home run with the Mets down 7 runs. Mexico pharmacy cialis Then there was Banner Day in which only 99 banners were on display.

Mexico pharmacy cialis The Mets front office has a plan and contending in 2013 for the NL is not part of it. Mexico pharmacy cialis But we knew that coming into the season, mexico pharmacy cialis right? So why is everyone up in arms about the abysmal play of this Mets team? Many Mets fans had the Mets pegged for a 90+ loss team and that is what they are right now. Mexico pharmacy cialis So why is everyone so upset about the recent awful play of this team?

Mexico pharmacy cialis We knew the outfield wasn’t Major League quality, mexico pharmacy cialis we knew that back end of the rotation was weak. Mexico pharmacy cialis What we didn’t know was that Ike Davis would be this bad and Lucas Duda would morph into a little leaguer at the plate taking the walk is as good as a hit advice to new heights and that Daniel Murphy would be better with a glove than a bat. Mexico pharmacy cialis  We did know one thing, mexico pharmacy cialis Sandy Alderson has a plan, mexico pharmacy cialis what we didn’t know was part of the plan was do nothing in 2013.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Part of the problem is there is no worry on any offensive player on this team that there is someone within the organization to take their place. Mexico pharmacy cialis Last year when Ike Davis was slumping so bad it was a miracle he wasn’t shunned to Buffalo. Mexico pharmacy cialis  The reason Ike wasn’t sent away to Triple A wasn’t that the team wanted to show confidence in Davis it was a someone in the Mets front office told me “what’s the alternative” ? This season Ike is being Ike, mexico pharmacy cialis looking awful at the plate, mexico pharmacy cialis and again the question is “what do you about a problem named Ike Davis”? There is none that is if you feel Lucas Duda should be moved to first base and Jordany Valdespin goes to left field is a solid solution and either send Davis to Vegas (ooh that rhymes) or trade him. Mexico pharmacy cialis A trip to Triple A could happened this time as that scenario I laid out is a real option, mexico pharmacy cialis as for trading him, mexico pharmacy cialis quite frankly what team would want him?

Mexico pharmacy cialis The point is as much as Sandy Alderson is sticking to his plan it would behoove the GM to do something of a personnel move dealing with the offense just to send the fan base a signal that he is still interested in running this team and that he is as fed up with the suckitude of play as the fan base is. Mexico pharmacy cialis   

Mexico pharmacy cialis Right now there are four players who should be untouchable in any trade talks, mexico pharmacy cialis D-Wright, mexico pharmacy cialis Matt Harvey, mexico pharmacy cialis Bobby Parnell and John Buck. Mexico pharmacy cialis Anyone else should be put on the market and moved for the right price. Mexico pharmacy cialis But again what kind of return would you get for an Ike, mexico pharmacy cialis Duda, mexico pharmacy cialis Murphy or even Tejada? At least with a broken down car you can strip it for parts, mexico pharmacy cialis not so for broken down baseball players.

Mexico pharmacy cialis On the Jordany Valdespin hit by pitch on Saturday I’ve heard or read everyone from Terry Collins to Mets players to Jay Horwitz , mexico pharmacy cialis well maybe not Jay, mexico pharmacy cialis chastised for allowing Valdespin to get plunked and not rushing to his aid. Mexico pharmacy cialis The one guy who hasn’t been called on out on this and is the number one culprit in all this muck and mire is Jordany Valdespin. Mexico pharmacy cialis JV1 as the kids like to call him, mexico pharmacy cialis has been spoken too, mexico pharmacy cialis punished, mexico pharmacy cialis had his clothing ripped to shreds and been call out by teammates mangers coaches and front office folks as a first class horse’s ass to no avail. Mexico pharmacy cialis People associated with the Mets that I’ve talked to who have a good word for everyone associated with the team make that face like a stink bomb went off when you ask about Jordany Valdespin. Mexico pharmacy cialis  So if you want to blame Terry Collins, mexico pharmacy cialis Sandy Alderson or the Mets players about leaving Valdespin out to dry, mexico pharmacy cialis you’re blame and anger is misdirected.

Mexico pharmacy cialis Here’s the problem with having Banner Day in 2013, mexico pharmacy cialis no one cares. Mexico pharmacy cialis Banner Day in 1964 was great because the team still had the new team smell to it, mexico pharmacy cialis as the Mets were Casey’s Amazin’ Mets our lovable losers. Mexico pharmacy cialis In 2014 there is no such thing as a loveable loser in fact even after you win the next question you get after handed the trophy is, mexico pharmacy cialis “Can you repeat”? The fan mindset is totally different than in the past. Mexico pharmacy cialis Fans don’t care how hard you try, mexico pharmacy cialis how much your hurt, mexico pharmacy cialis or if you’re going through some kind of personal problem all fans care about is entertain me and goddamnit WIN!

Mexico pharmacy cialis This past week while at a Mets blogger event at Citi Field I brought up the 1973 Pennant winners and how this is the 40th anniversary of the Mets team that went on a tear and had to pass five teams just to win the division and then go on to beat one the iconic teams in baseball history in The Big Red Machine, mexico pharmacy cialis so would there be a day at Citi Field to honor them?   The answer I received on why there will not be day for the team is that the cost to run that event is prohibited and who would show up for it? After my blood pressure subsided and we discussed the pros and cons of the Mets having a day for the ’73 NL Champs, mexico pharmacy cialis it made sense to me. Mexico pharmacy cialis The 55 year old Mets fan would love to see George Theodore , mexico pharmacy cialis Ron Hodges and Harry Parker , mexico pharmacy cialis the 30 year old Mets fan doesn’t care. Mexico pharmacy cialis So why go to all the time and expense to throw a party and have no one come. Mexico pharmacy cialis  

Mexico pharmacy cialis I didn’t go to Banner Day. Mexico pharmacy cialis  I don’t think it’s a crime. Mexico pharmacy cialis I spent the day watching my daughter play soccer and returning a bunch of tuxedos for my son and his friends that they dropped off after their high school prom while they took off to a day of amusement park fun with their girlfriends. Mexico pharmacy cialis Then I dropped my daughter off at the mall with her friends because teen age girls love to shop. Mexico pharmacy cialis Then I was able to spend a great afternoon just me and my wife because now that our kids are older and don’t need to be with mommy and daddy, mexico pharmacy cialis mommy and daddy can go off and do what they want to do, mexico pharmacy cialis like eat at restaurant with cloth napkins and no coloring books at the table and catch a movie that isn’t animated. Mexico pharmacy cialis Life is good. Mexico pharmacy cialis So I’m sorry I wasn’t there to carry a banner professing my love for the NY Mets but even so, mexico pharmacy cialis I know how much I love the Mets and the Mets know how much I love the team, mexico pharmacy cialis so as I said Life is good.

Mexico pharmacy cialis  

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Cialis vs levitra Nothing has worked for Terry Collins to get his team off the second half schnide, cialis vs levitra somatbe he should do a little song and dance

Cialis vs levitra  

Cialis vs levitra Lucas Duda is back with the big club and JV1 goes back the Wallyworld. Cialis vs levitra I’m sure Valdespin will be back in September but there are many in the Mets clubhouse who I’m sure wished Valdy a nice trip to Buffalo and don’t let the clubhouse door hit you on the ass on the way out.

Cialis vs levitra Scott Hairston and Anders Torres have been placed on waivers. Cialis vs levitra  I’m sure Hairston will be claimed and hopefully the Mets can deal Hairston for a prospect or two but I doubt anyone is going to claim Torres, cialis vs levitra you never know but I really doubt it. Cialis vs levitra  If Torres is not claimed I’d rather see the Mets release him and let Matt Den Deker play CF in September.

Cialis vs levitra Seems Ruben Tejada took a shot to the nuts (he wasn’t wearing a cup, cialis vs levitra I guess he has no thoughts of being a daddy) and that was the excuse explanation for not running out a ground ball yesterday. Cialis vs levitra If he was hurting so much form the shot to the McNuggets than he should have been removed from the game, cialis vs levitra if you’re in the game you got play hard even if you have swollen scrotum.

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Buy porn viagra Seems this play is the root of Johan Santana’s problems and will force him to the DL “Paging Matt Harvey, buy porn viagra Mr. Buy porn viagra Matt Harvey…………”

Buy porn viagra  

Buy porn viagra I think we all agree that there is something not right with Johan Santana, buy porn viagra the question is what’s wrong?

Buy porn viagra It doesn’t seem it’s a physical problem as Santana said he feels fine but know Johan, buy porn viagra he’ll tell you he’s fine as the prep him for surgery, buy porn viagra but again I don’t think this is a physical problem. Buy porn viagra It could be he has hit a wall. Buy porn viagra Being that Santana has said he has lost the feel for his pitches and it shows in his lack of command. Buy porn viagra Some are pointing to the no hitter of June 1st and the subsequent handling of Santana by the Mets after that, buy porn viagra I guess that’s the easy way to look at and as we all know the favorite past time of Mets beat writers is to point their mocking fingers at the Mets.  The problem with Johan could simply be that after missing a year of pitching, buy porn viagra he’s tired.

Buy porn viagra What would be the crime of putting Santana on the DL where he’ll miss two starts and then bring him back with limited innings or pitches? If Santana’s problems are fatigue and not structural, buy porn viagra then the Mets are ahead of the game, buy porn viagra beside we’re all dying to see Matt Harvey pitch aren’t we?

Buy porn viagra (UPDATE: while I was out checking the field at SI Tech to make sure it was in game shape for our 3PM playoff game , buy porn viagra I come back to find out Santana has been placed on the DL due to the ankle injury he suffered that made him use more arm that lower body while pitching hence a fatigued arm. Buy porn viagra Carry on)

Buy porn viagra Jeremy Hefner has been recalled for today’s game as a safety net for Miguel Batista so that means someone has got to go and that someone looks to be Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Buy porn viagra It makes sense for Kirk to go to Buffalo since  he has slumped to the point Terry Collins would rather go with Andres Torres than him and when Nieuwenhuis did play he was striking out at an alarming rate. Buy porn viagra Kirk seems to have a good head on his shoulders and a trip to Buffalo won’t devastate him, buy porn viagra I’m sure he’ll work on his game and will be back in the big leagues soon.(UPDATE PART 2 Looks Kirk gets reprieve from Buffalo with Johan on DL wish the Mets would have done this sooner and saved me the time it took to do this post)  With that said if I’m Sandy Alderson I’d have released Andres Torres and that might just happen when Mike Baxter gets back. Buy porn viagra If Baxter when healthy, buy porn viagra is not brought right up to Queens there will be hell to pay believe me.

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Vgx-viagra There are loses, vgx-viagra bad loses and I can’t believe it loses which is where I’d file last night’s stunner. Vgx-viagra To have a 4-0 lead handed to our Ace against a team that has scored the least runs in all of baseball and to do it with a Buffalo flavored lineup, vgx-viagra it looked like this would be one the best wins of the season, vgx-viagra but then in the 7th with one on, vgx-viagra Santana served up an 87 mph meatball fastball to the Pirates version of Mike Nickeas, vgx-viagra Mike McKendry, vgx-viagra that was deposited over the left center field wall to tie the game at 4-4.

Vgx-viagra Santana seemed to labor from the 4th inning on as he lost command of his fastball and it seemed ironic that Santana who has had a tough time recording a win when he was out pitching the opposition would be in position to get a win in game where he was ordinary at best.

Vgx-viagra The Mets had a good shot at taking the lead back in the 8th as Kirk Nieuwenhuis got a pinch hit single to lead off the 8th and made it 3rd on a Ronny Cedeno ground out and a wild pitch, vgx-viagra runner on 3rd 1 out all the Mets need is a fly ball but up steps Mike Nickeas who of course strikes out. Vgx-viagra I wish Terry Collins would give Rob Johnson the bulk of the playing time while Josh Thole recuperates. Vgx-viagra Nickeas just cannot hit and his defensive prowess quite frankly is overrated. Vgx-viagra  I’m guessing that Johnson‘sore thumb is still a problem and the reason he’s not behind the plate every day. Vgx-viagra  After Nickeas failed to get Nieuwenhuis home, vgx-viagra it was left to Andres Torres and his icicle of a baseball bat to get the job done and of course he failed as well with his shitty little ground out 4 to 3.

Vgx-viagra When Nickeas, vgx-viagra Torres and Ike Davis are in the same lineup they are 3 automatic outs add in the pitchers spot that 4 outs so multiply that by say 4 times through the order, vgx-viagra that  16 of the 27 outs you get in a game that you are giving away. Vgx-viagra Nickeas shouldn’t start another game, vgx-viagra Torres is ready to be regulated to 4th outfield status and Ike it seems is a DL activation away from becoming a Buffalo Bison. Vgx-viagra When Vinny Rottino gets the nod over you, vgx-viagra lefty or no lefty, vgx-viagra it’s safe to say you’ll be headed upstate soon.

Vgx-viagra Now if the top of the 8th didn’t piss you off enough, vgx-viagra the Mike Baxter-Kirk Nieuwenhuis mix up of Neil Walker fly ball sure had to. Vgx-viagra Simple “Fundies” right there, vgx-viagra it’s the centerfielder is king of the outfield and to their credit both Baxter and Kirk took responsibility for the screw up for what became the winning run on 3rd base. Vgx-viagra As bad an offensive team as the Bucs are, vgx-viagra they at least were able to get the runner on 3rd home with less than 2 outs.



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Next day delivery cialis I hope it will stop raining today for a couple of reason, next day delivery cialis I’d like to harvest the robust crop that has blossomed in the rice paddy that used to be my back yard lawn and I want to see Chris Schwinden pitch in game 1 of today’s Mets-Braves double header.

Next day delivery cialis Schwinden is another of these out of nowhere Mets stories that have been making the team interesting to watch. Next day delivery cialis Schwinden, next day delivery cialis drafted in 2008, next day delivery cialis has never been considered a prospect by those who follow and report on the Mets minor leaguers. Next day delivery cialis Even though Schwinden has been a pitcher who throws strikes and rarely walks a batter, next day delivery cialis although this season with the Bison, next day delivery cialis his walks are up more than they have in his three year Minor League career (3 per 9IP from 2 per 9IP) but his hits to innings pitched was less for the first time in his career.

Next day delivery cialis Schwinden has been compared closely to Dillion Gee as both have a pretty good grasp on how to pitch by staying ahead in counts and moving their pitches to different areas of the strike zone. Next day delivery cialis Neither has a real out pitch but again Schwinden like Gee, next day delivery cialis seems to have a good head on his shoulder and a game plan going into each start.

Next day delivery cialis Again it’s a great move by the front office promoting Schwinden and rewarding his outstanding season in Buffalo with a major league start. Next day delivery cialis Knock ‘en dead Chris!      

Next day delivery cialis  

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Viagra sales canada Since I had no plans for today myself and the heir to the Kranepool Society mis-fortune decided totake a trip up to the Boogie Down to see the Highlanders-Indians  game this afternoon. Viagra sales canada  Amazingly, viagra sales canada this will be our first trip to the new Stadium. Viagra sales canada My second new stadium experience in three days as Friday night we ventured to Harrison NJ to see the NY Red Bulls with my daughter’s soccer team.  Tomorrow I will have a whole lot more on my experiences in both places.

Viagra sales canada Ah Murph!!!!!!! You make that play inning over and maybe the game and back to the magic .500 level of mediocrity but in order to get offense into the lineup, viagra sales canada TC has to make these type of moves.

Viagra sales canada D.J. Viagra sales canada Carrasco has been pitching very well for Buffalo so he gets the call back to the big club and Dale Thayer goes back to doing whatever it is Dale Thayer does.

Viagra sales canada HoJo, viagra sales canada really Hojo, viagra sales canada stop with your critique of TC and the Mets handling of Jason Bay. Viagra sales canada You look very small and petty when you do this; you don’t hear Collins ripping you for ruining David Wright do you? Maybe you’re the one that screwed up Jason Bay beyond repair. Viagra sales canada There’s a reason you are no longer a member of the organization you know.

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Cheapest prices on viagra You can never be too skinny, cheapest prices on viagra too rich or have too many arms in the bullpen:


Cheapest prices on viagra  

Cheapest prices on viagra FLUSHING, cheapest prices on viagra N.Y., cheapest prices on viagra June 3, cheapest prices on viagra 2011 – The New York Mets today announced the team has selected the contract of righthanded pitcher Manny Acosta from Buffalo (AAA) of the International League.  Acosta will wear uniform #36 and will be available for tonight’s game vs. Cheapest prices on viagra Atlanta.  After yesterday’s game, cheapest prices on viagra the Mets optioned lefthanded pitcher Mike O’Connor to Buffalo.  In order to make room on the 40-man roster, cheapest prices on viagra the Mets transferred righthanded pitcher Chris Young to the 60-Day Disabled List.

Cheapest prices on viagra  

Cheapest prices on viagra Acosta, cheapest prices on viagra 30, cheapest prices on viagra was 1-0 with four saves and a 1.77 ERA (four earned runs/20.1 innings) in 20 games with Buffalo this season.  He allowed 13 hits, cheapest prices on viagra issued 17 walks, cheapest prices on viagra recorded 27 strikeouts and held opponents to a .186 batting average against.  The righthander had allowed one run over his last 13 appearances (0.6384 ERA), cheapest prices on viagra spanning 14.1 innings.

Cheapest prices on viagra  

Cheapest prices on viagra Acosta went 3-2 with a 2.95 ERA (13 earned runs/39.2 innings) in 41 games for the Mets in 2010.  He allowed 30 hits, cheapest prices on viagra issued 18 walks and struck out 42 batters.  The 6-4, cheapest prices on viagra 213-pounder went 3-0 with a 1.38 ERA (four earned runs/26.0 innings) against National League East opponents last year.

Cheapest prices on viagra  

Cheapest prices on viagra O’Connor was 0-1 with a 2.70 ERA (two earned runs/6.2 innings) in nine appearances for New York this season.

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Next day viagra delivery I’ll be calling in to Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest Podcast on Blog Talk Radio tonight at around 10:30pm to talk about the Subway Series and whether it has “jumped the shark” or not.

Next day viagra delivery Can’t get on Terry Collins for letting Mike Pelfrey start the 7th inning as Pelf had pitched a strong 6 innings. Next day viagra delivery It’s easy to second guess after the game got away from the Mets in that inning and the intentional walk to Texiera backfired on Collins as he didn’t know that A-Rod has great numbers when the batter in front of him has been IW’ed.  Even with those numbers, next day viagra delivery I fear Tex more than I do A-Rod at this point. Next day viagra delivery Rodriguez looks worn down to me.

Next day viagra delivery Sucks to lose 2 of 3 to anyone and beating the Highlanders would have been sweet as the writers and YUCK announcers have beaten the Buffalo Mets angle to death.

Next day viagra delivery Oh well, next day viagra delivery on to Chicago

Next day viagra delivery Keep Gary Carter in your thoughts and prayers

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Buy cialis without prescription With all the gloom and doom about the big club, buy cialis without prescription there is some good news coming out of the Mets on the farm. Buy cialis without prescription Last night Dillon Gee, buy cialis without prescription made his case to get the spot start necessitated by last nights rain out with a 7 inning gem on the North Pole in Buffalo.

Buy cialis without prescription Last years 1st round pick Matt Harvey had another outstanding outing for the St. Buy cialis without prescription Lonesome Mets as well. Buy cialis without prescription The former Tar Heel struck out 8 in 6 inings of work and looks to be a few more A ball starts away from joining Wally Backman’s Bingo Mets

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Cialis brand name The Mets bullpen situation is such that Sandy Alderson and his staff are trying to do some creative bookkeeping to by some time.

Cialis brand name The Mets have asked Jason Isringhausen to stay an extra week in St Lonesome so to make sure his elbow is sound. Cialis brand name The biggest fear the team has is keeping Izzy and he craps out in May. Cialis brand name They have asked Blaine Boyer to accept a minor league deal when Boyer figures if he’s released he’d get a major league deal in a heartbeat. Cialis brand name  The two moves come with the realization that Many Acosta and his 90+ fastball will be snatched up on wavers as well. Cialis brand name  For a team that everyone feel s is a MLB bottom feeder, cialis brand name it seems there is some talent worth scheming for.

Cialis brand name I’d like to see Izzy staying an extra week just to prove he can pitch without pain. Cialis brand name The Mets want him on this team badly and if it weren’t for the pop he heard in his elbow a week ago, cialis brand name all this maneuvering wouldn’t be happening. Cialis brand name Izzy is on the record as saying he will not take a minor league deal it’s big leagues or retirement for him . Cialis brand name Boyer is interesting as he has also has an out in his deal with the Mets and they love his 90+ fastball that he gets down in the strike zone that converts to tons of ground ball outs.

Cialis brand name I’d let Acosta go and hope Boyer agrees to a Minor League deal, cialis brand name if he doesn’t the you have no choice but to let him go as well and take a chance on Izzy even though you know he could be done by June.

Cialis brand name One thing I better not see is Bobby Parnell getting optioned to Buffalo that would be a Minaya-like move.

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