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Buy viagra in great britain I turned on Mets-Tigers late yesterday, buy viagra in great britain just in time to see LaTroy Hawkins and Scott Atchison pitch batting practice to those ferocious Detroit Tigers. Buy viagra in great britain For a team like the Mets, buy viagra in great britain the Tigers are a most unwelcome opponent they can face; with no automatic outs in that lineup our battered bullpen hasn’t a chance. Buy viagra in great britain In fact when it comes to playing good teams, buy viagra in great britain as in a .500 record or better, buy viagra in great britain the Mets are an atrocious 27-41. Buy viagra in great britain   

Buy viagra in great britain With another loss yesterday, buy viagra in great britain the 4th loss in a row, buy viagra in great britain the Mets are close to that slippery slope of the last five seasons, buy viagra in great britain meaningless games in September. Buy viagra in great britain On Friday night with a 3 ring circus of events;Social Media Night, buy viagra in great britain 3rd Eye Bind concert and of course the Mets-Tigers game, buy viagra in great britain the vibe coming though my TV was one of indifference. Buy viagra in great britain Folks at the game, buy viagra in great britain said via social media, buy viagra in great britain that there was a big crowd for the game but it seemed a very subdued crowd at that. Buy viagra in great britain I mentioned it was the same way watching on TV where it was the first time in a very long time I got the sense that Gary Cohen wished he was anyplace else than the TV booth. Buy viagra in great britain It seems this happens ever September, buy viagra in great britain Mets fan suffer losers fatigue.

Buy viagra in great britain IT’s not just the fans and broadcasters that suffer from this malaise, buy viagra in great britain both of our young stud starting pitchers, buy viagra in great britain Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler have said they are running on fumes as well. Buy viagra in great britain If that’s the case then why are the Mets looking to run both of these solid foundation pieces out to the mound again this season. Buy viagra in great britain If I’m the GM and my two young studs are going public that they have hit the wall, buy viagra in great britain I have to think about shutting them down so not to risk injury. Buy viagra in great britain My biggest fear with the two talking about fatigue is that it will alter their mechanics and if that happens, buy viagra in great britain injury will follow. Buy viagra in great britain  I’d much rather endure starts from Chris Schwinden and Carlos Torres than risk the very valuable right arms of Harvey and Wheeler.

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Pfizer viagra 50mg First time I’m putting up a post using my iPad so there may be more mistakes than usual, pfizer viagra 50mg which I know is hard to believe

Pfizer viagra 50mg I had no problem with the Mets not making any deals at the trade deadline. Pfizer viagra 50mg Seems some fans mistake Marlon Byrd for Carlos Beltran, pfizer viagra 50mg no one was giving the Mets an A prospect for Byrd and to deal Byrd  just for the sake of making a deal really made no sense

Pfizer viagra 50mg I idea of using Zack Wheeler in the bullpen as a way to cut down his innings is ridiculous . Pfizer viagra 50mg Put an innings limit on him, pfizer viagra 50mg that’s fine but don’t take him out of the starting rotation.

Pfizer viagra 50mg The more Bud Selig and MLB string out this Biogenisis mess and the A-Rod fiasco the worse Selig and baseball look and for Bill Madden to compare Rodriguez to a killer like Whitey Bulger is beyond. Pfizer viagra 50mg Ignorant

Pfizer viagra 50mg off to Epcot and more nasty European tourists

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Viagra online pharmacy usa Dear Mets Diary, viagra online pharmacy usa

Viagra online pharmacy usa WOW, viagra online pharmacy usa it has been a while since I’ve written to you. Viagra online pharmacy usa How ya been? Me? I’ve been very busy with two kids graduating and going on to college and high school and moving my office from Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn (just a 15 minute walk to the Barclay Center which if Walter O’Malley had his way would have been a fifteen minute walk to Ebetts Field II) then add in getting entrenched in the Celtics-Knicks playoff series (I hope the C’s didn’t leave all they had left on the court yesterday) and the NY Rangers getting ready to battle for the Stanley Cup (nice to see the Blueshirts in full “jam” mode but getting the hottest team in the NHL in the Caps and that prick with ears Ovechkin is going to be a rough series I know it) I’ve kind of neglected my duties of writing about the Mets. Viagra online pharmacy usa Problem is, viagra online pharmacy usa there’s not much to write about.

Viagra online pharmacy usa I’m not saying I’m not following my beloved Amazin’s but other than the days/night Matt Harvey starts (by the way Happy Matt Harvey Day) there really isn’t much to get overly excited about this team. Viagra online pharmacy usa In fact after a month of the season, viagra online pharmacy usa they are still as bad as they were the last half of last year and what’s worse I don’t see how they can improve?

Viagra online pharmacy usa With yesterday’s loss to the Phuck Phaces (4th loss in a row) the Mets will now have FIVE consecutive losing months since July of last season. Viagra online pharmacy usa  The bullpen has been beaten up this first month and though it looks bad on paper, viagra online pharmacy usa they reason the pen has been so ineffective is the Mets use about 4 relievers a game. Viagra online pharmacy usa Unless the pen consists of Mariano Rivera, viagra online pharmacy usa Goose Gossage, viagra online pharmacy usa Rollie Fingers  and the 1990 Cincinnati Reds Nasty Boys, viagra online pharmacy usa no bullpen can withstand that type of work load. Viagra online pharmacy usa Add in that Terry Collins and Dan Warthen have an awfully tough time knowing when and who to go to in relief situations, viagra online pharmacy usa you have the big time mess the Mets are in now. Viagra online pharmacy usa It would be nice if the Mets starting pitching could go more than 5-6 innings a start as well as it would take the pressure of the beleaguered  bullpen and also take the strategic thinking out of the minds of Collins and Warthen. Viagra online pharmacy usa   

Viagra online pharmacy usa The offense is pathetic too. Viagra online pharmacy usa I wish I knew what the hell is wrong with Ike Davis, viagra online pharmacy usa is he just in a slump or are the rumblings of him being uncoachable true?  Or is it too many people telling Ike what to do that he has a sensory overload on how to hit? The answer is probably a little bit of both. Viagra online pharmacy usa Right now the best move the Mets could make is to bring up Josh Satin to be Ike’s 1st base partner in a straight platoon. Viagra online pharmacy usa In 24 AB’s vs. Viagra online pharmacy usa LHP in Triple A Satin has a slash line of .333/.429/.583 sure it’s a very small sample size but ask yourself this, viagra online pharmacy usa would it be better to have Josh Satin on the big club roster or Marlon Byrd?

Viagra online pharmacy usa It seems that Juan Lagares is now the flavor of the week in centerfield as the Mets it seems haven’t a clue on how to put the outfield together. Viagra online pharmacy usa The only constant is Lucas Duda who has shown, viagra online pharmacy usa shall I say, viagra online pharmacy usa Confidence, viagra online pharmacy usa at the plate and has put together a very nice April, viagra online pharmacy usa although those 8 Rib Eye Steaks don’t look very meaty. Viagra online pharmacy usa Lagares can cover tons of turf in the centerfield which is a big help to The Big Lebowski in left and in right Mike Baxter has not looked too good in the outfield this season but he seems to have that Hawk Harrelson TWTW factor which I agree with Hawk you need and it’s something that sabermetrians can scoff at and ridicule but it is something that is sorely lacking in this team. Viagra online pharmacy usa The Will To Win. Viagra online pharmacy usa I see it in Baxter and most definitely in Matt Harvey and Captain David and #IMWITH 28 as well but collectively as a team I’m not feeling it. Viagra online pharmacy usa  

Viagra online pharmacy usa It doesn’t seem as if the fan base is feeling it either. Viagra online pharmacy usa The social media soap box known as #MetsTwitter has been abuzz the last few days with wonderment over not if Terry Collins will be relieved of his managerial duties but when it will happen and who will take over. Viagra online pharmacy usa  I would like to say this kind of talk is premature and that Collins can only work with the lousy hand he’s been dealt but I have to admit the last 48 hours has me thinking that change may do the Mets some good. Viagra online pharmacy usa  

Viagra online pharmacy usa This team needs some kind of a shakeup, viagra online pharmacy usa and by the way has anyone seen or heard from Sandy Alderson? Remember when Fab Freddy Skill Sets opened up his yap after Michael Bourn signed with the Tribe to proclaim that the team has the financial wherewithal to spend on players to make the club better?  If that’s the case then why is the GM bouncing players from Vegas to NY? How about some good ol’ fashion GM’ing by making a deal that will bolster not only the team on the field but the fans in the stands? Why should the Mets fan care about this team if management and ownership don’t seem to?

Viagra online pharmacy usa In a perverse way, viagra online pharmacy usa I hope the Marlins take 3 straight from the Mets (sorry Matt Harvey maybe you lose 1-0 in a complete game where you strike out 15 walk none and the only hit you give up is a Giancarlo Stanton HR) as then maybe Sandy Alderson will make some kind of move.

Viagra online pharmacy usa The Mets have been given a pass in the media so far as the New York Sports fan is in fully engulfed in the Knicks playoff run and the always entertaining sitcom, viagra online pharmacy usa The Jets of Florham Park, viagra online pharmacy usa but eventually Mets fans are going to start to rumble and the media is going to need something on an off day to write about and as we all know in NYC nothing sells papers and makes ratings rise like a catastrophe and the Mets are headed in a catastrophic direction.

Viagra online pharmacy usa Sometimes those Yogi-isms are so true and make a ton of sense. Viagra online pharmacy usa The Mets are headed for the fork in the road, viagra online pharmacy usa where will they take it? Also it does get late early and after five consecutive losing months the sun made be setting on the Mets.

Viagra online pharmacy usa So Mets diary I have bared my soul, viagra online pharmacy usa I hope I can write to you more frequently and in a more optimistic way as well. Viagra online pharmacy usa I have to confess the losing is getting to me. Viagra online pharmacy usa I’m so tired of blown late inning leads and multi game losing streaks God-awful at bats and 3 error games. Viagra online pharmacy usa Right I’m not confident there will be a positive turnaround for a while.

Viagra online pharmacy usa Lets Go Rangers!!!!

Viagra online pharmacy usa  

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Canadian healthcare cialis Mets GM Sandy Alderson was on with Mike Francesa yesterday to answer some questions about where the 2013 Mets currently stand. Canadian healthcare cialis The team stands in the same spot as it stood since the R.A. Canadian healthcare cialis Dickey deal, canadian healthcare cialis stalled. Canadian healthcare cialis The picture Alderson gave of this upcoming Mets team was not very rosy but seriously what did you expect?  Some of you in the fan base love having smoke blown up your ass, canadian healthcare cialis all you want to hear is positives and unfortunately for you the GM is not the smoke blowin’ type. Canadian healthcare cialis Others are shocked; SHOCKED when the Alderson is candid and tells you the truth, canadian healthcare cialis that the outfield is not one he wants to put on the field and that he is having a hard time constructing a bullpen that doesn’t contend for the worst in baseball. Canadian healthcare cialis He also is on the level when he tells you there isn’t much out there in either trade or free agency that would make a whole helluva lot of difference so why just spend precious Skill Sets Bucks to prove that he has precious Sill Sets Bucks to spend.

Canadian healthcare cialis Let’s look at some of the highlights from Alderson’ call with ’ ZAUN:

Canadian healthcare cialis On what his ball club looks like right now and how he’ll improve it going forward Alderson said:

Canadian healthcare cialis Well I’d say right now it’s an incomplete. Canadian healthcare cialis But there’s still time in the semester, canadian healthcare cialis to give an educational metaphor. Canadian healthcare cialis We’ve been watching the market, canadian healthcare cialis we know what’s available, canadian healthcare cialis we’ve known what’s available. Canadian healthcare cialis We reconvene and review periodically, canadian healthcare cialis meaning every couple of days. Canadian healthcare cialis There are a number of things that we’re currently involved in pursuing. Canadian healthcare cialis But we’re hopeful we’ll have some additions before spring training starts, canadian healthcare cialis and I expect that we will have some additions, canadian healthcare cialis but at this point to say we’ve been patient is probably an understatement but that’s what we’ve been.

Canadian healthcare cialis I get the idea that Alderson would have loved to have made further renovations to this roster but the over value of many of this year’s uninspiring free agent class and unreasonable trade options have hinder that plan. Canadian healthcare cialis  Would Alderson like to trade for Justin Upton? Sure. Canadian healthcare cialis Would he deal away Zack Wheeler for him? Hell no. Canadian healthcare cialis Would he like to bring in a veteran outfielder? Of course. Canadian healthcare cialis But  would he go 3years/$39mil (Shane Victorino to the Red Sox) or even 3 years/$26 mil (Cody Ross to the D’Backs) ? Nope, canadian healthcare cialis and if he did you know you’d scream holy hell.

Canadian healthcare cialis On Travis d’Arnaud making the club’s opening day roster:

Canadian healthcare cialis Yeah, canadian healthcare cialis I think it would be unfair given his situation, canadian healthcare cialis the level of his development to say, canadian healthcare cialis look, canadian healthcare cialis he can’t make the team out of spring training, canadian healthcare cialis but we had a somewhat open situation with Matt Harvey last year, canadian healthcare cialis too, canadian healthcare cialis and he had a fairly good spring training, canadian healthcare cialis and yet he opened the season at the minor league level. Canadian healthcare cialis I just don’t want to rule anything out. Canadian healthcare cialis At the same time, canadian healthcare cialis I don’t want to create false expectations on the part of our fans or any sense of pressure on Travis himself. Canadian healthcare cialis But look, canadian healthcare cialis he hasn’t played since last June, canadian healthcare cialis he was out all the second half of last season with the knee injury. Canadian healthcare cialis He would have been in the big leagues last year had he not been injured. Canadian healthcare cialis Had he not been injured and played last year, canadian healthcare cialis I doubt he would have been available to us in a trade. Canadian healthcare cialis So you take the good with the bad. Canadian healthcare cialis But as far as Opening Day is concerned, canadian healthcare cialis he could be with us, canadian healthcare cialis but we do have a very capable veteran in John Buck as well. Canadian healthcare cialis      

Canadian healthcare cialis Ok now Alderson is blowing smoke up your ass. Canadian healthcare cialis d’Arnaud only breaks camp with the team if Buck gets hurt, canadian healthcare cialis otherwise his arbitrational clock is more important than early season big league at bats. Canadian healthcare cialis Last season’s knee injury and lack of playing in the second half of last season will come in handy to justify this decision.

Canadian healthcare cialis The next topic to come up from ‘ZAUN was the outfield:

Canadian healthcare cialis Well, canadian healthcare cialis the outfield is not a strength at this point, canadian healthcare cialis there’s no question about that. Canadian healthcare cialis There’s a need for an upgrade at almost every one of those positions. Canadian healthcare cialis Some of it could come internally. Canadian healthcare cialis We may see Lucas Duda substantially improve defensively and offensively.

Canadian healthcare cialis Or we may not see Lucas Duda substantially improve defensively and offensively. Canadian healthcare cialis Duda is a liability in the outfield and would be a perfect DH if he could…you…know….HIT! Is it me or does Duda also strike you as a guy you makes playing baseball a chore?

Canadian healthcare cialis Alderson then laid out what the outfield could look like on opening day:

Canadian healthcare cialis We’re looking at him(Duda) in left. Canadian healthcare cialis Center field right now is probably [Kirk] Nieuwenhuis and a player we obtained from the A’s, canadian healthcare cialis Colin Cowgill, canadian healthcare cialis who I think will be an interesting player to watch in spring training.

Canadian healthcare cialis Ah yes Colin Cowgill. Canadian healthcare cialis I too am interested in seeing Cowgill play as he looks to be the player that Mets have been waiting for the Alderson regime to bring in, canadian healthcare cialis the under the radar AAA to AAAA player who gets a chance to play regularly and makes an a strong contribution. Canadian healthcare cialis  From looking at Cowgill’s minor league numbers he’s shown the ability to get on base, canadian healthcare cialis to steal a base and not get caught hit with a bit of power and his defense is a major plus and he bats right handed. Canadian healthcare cialis Cowgill is an upgrade over Scott Hairstion and speaking of Scott Hairstion he is the exchange between ‘Zaun (‘Zaun is a play on the name of Francesa’s show Mike’s On but when the singers of his theme song make it sound like “MIKE ZAUN”) and Alderson:

Canadian healthcare cialis  Francesa: You expect to have a Hairston back or another player in the mix before the season starts?

Canadian healthcare cialis Alderson: Oh, canadian healthcare cialis we’re working on it. Canadian healthcare cialis Yeah. Canadian healthcare cialis And I think there’s been speculation about Scott. Canadian healthcare cialis I think that…

Canadian healthcare cialis Francesa: That he asked for too much money…

Canadian healthcare cialis Alderson: You know, canadian healthcare cialis money’s always an issue and I wouldn’t deny that, canadian healthcare cialis but it’s also a question of playing time and he wants to play — we understand that — and one of the things that exists for us right now, canadian healthcare cialis the dynamic is, canadian healthcare cialis that in order for us to sign Scott we want to be able to commit a certain amount of playing time. Canadian healthcare cialis This is where you balance two or three things going on at the same time. Canadian healthcare cialis If one or two other things were to happen, canadian healthcare cialis it might affect his playing time. Canadian healthcare cialis So it’s not just about the money, canadian healthcare cialis it’s also about playing time and what we can readily commit to Scott.

Canadian healthcare cialis Francesa: You want to see what you can pull off before you commit to him?

Canadian healthcare cialis Alderson: [Pause] … Uhh, canadian healthcare cialis yeah.

Canadian healthcare cialis Francesa: Okay, canadian healthcare cialis that’s fair. Canadian healthcare cialis I think that’s fair. Canadian healthcare cialis I mean, canadian healthcare cialis it is fair. Canadian healthcare cialis I mean, canadian healthcare cialis so it’s not a case of it just being a price, canadian healthcare cialis it’s also a situation of a couple other things actually can still happen or not.

Canadian healthcare cialis Alderson: Yeah, canadian healthcare cialis absolutely. Canadian healthcare cialis       

Canadian healthcare cialis Trying to read between the lines here, canadian healthcare cialis it seems Alderson is waiting and hoping that some GM out there (Kevin Towers) panics and will trade from an over stocked outfield for some fringe prospects. Canadian healthcare cialis   It goes back to the Upton talk I think Alderson believes he still has a shot at Upton and at his price but it’s going to take some more time and some more patience’s to pull it off. Canadian healthcare cialis Even if it’s not Upton he gets it, canadian healthcare cialis seems before he commits those precious Skill Sets Bucks to Hairston, canadian healthcare cialis he leaves no options uncovered. Canadian healthcare cialis No one is giving Scott Hairston 2ys/$8mil.

Canadian healthcare cialis Alderson goes on in the rest of the interview to talk about how he sees both Johan Santana and Dillon Gee bouncing back from injury, canadian healthcare cialis how he hopes the younger bullpen arms he has will make an impact, canadian healthcare cialis how he has an eye on 2014 but his ‘dominant eye” is on 2013, canadian healthcare cialis and how he’s not happy with the way the Mets have finished that lase few seasons.

Canadian healthcare cialis Big tip of the Mets cap to Amazin’ Avenue and Eric Simon and Steve Flanagan who posted a transcript of Francesa and Alderson’s conversation. Canadian healthcare cialis Great job guys !  

Canadian healthcare cialis  

Canadian healthcare cialis  

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Alternate uses for viagra  

Alternate uses for viagra So we get word that Sandy Alderson headed to the West Coast to watch former Giants closer, alternate uses for viagra Brian Wilson show that his right elbow is sound after his second Tommy John surgery. Alternate uses for viagra So what’s the first thing Mets fans say? Oh his shtick won’t go over well in NY. Alternate uses for viagra Are you kidding me? If Wilson can bounce back to his pre-TJ ways he can wear a tutu and Jimmy Choo’s what difference would it make?

Alternate uses for viagra To say the Mets bullpen sucked last year would be a compliment. Alternate uses for viagra The pen was beyond suck, alternate uses for viagra more like the Mets relief core sucked the life out of the team and the season with late inning collapses and blown saves. Alternate uses for viagra  While many wring their hands over the outfield and debate whether the players slated to man the lush lawn of the Citi Field outfield could possibly be the least talented trio in Mets history, alternate uses for viagra there has been a memory lapse that the Mets relief pitchers were a disgrace to pinstriped, alternate uses for viagra snow white, alternate uses for viagra road gray or hideous black uniform. Alternate uses for viagra  

Alternate uses for viagra Wilson has all the attributes Sandy Alderson likes  in a player, alternate uses for viagra shunned from his former team, alternate uses for viagra coming off injury, alternate uses for viagra and will work for a pay for performance contract. Alternate uses for viagra The last one is what Alderson is banking on. Alternate uses for viagra Alderson would love to sign Wilson to a minor league deal with a make good bump in pay if he makes the club out of spring training. Alternate uses for viagra I doubt Wilson and his agent will accept that. Alternate uses for viagra  If Alderson feels that Wilson is close to being ready for opening day and if his velocity has returned to somewhere near the mid-90 mph he was at in 2010, alternate uses for viagra why not make an offer of 1 year +an option for 2014 with a base salary of say, alternate uses for viagra $2.5 mil with incentives to go up to about $4mil (if he makes those incentives it means he’s not only pitched great but the Mets are winning games as well) which would tie into health and performance.  Oh and let’s not worry about Frankie Frisco’s fragile ego because if Wilson is signed he will be the closer and FF goes to set up with Bobby Parnell and Josh Edgin working the lefty/right 7th inning tandem, alternate uses for viagra you’ve jump up your bullpen status from blood suckers to much improved with this move.

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Cream female viagra vigorelle As we head into the last game (thankfully) of the 2012 Mets season, cream female viagra vigorelle we are looking at an off season that could make our heads spin. Cream female viagra vigorelle As we Mets fans question why the manager and his coaching staff gets to come back intact for the 2013 season, cream female viagra vigorelle I think the answer is clear, cream female viagra vigorelle Sandy Alderson is holding the players responsible for this lousy season.

Cream female viagra vigorelle All we’ve ever heard as sports fans for lousy teams is you can’t fire all the players so fire the coach or manager, cream female viagra vigorelle well it seems Alderson is going to reverse that old bromide as it looks like a big majority of the roster will be traded or released.

Cream female viagra vigorelle I side with the majority of Mets fans who can figure out how Dan Warthen gets to come back. Cream female viagra vigorelle It seems as though the starting pitchers, cream female viagra vigorelle especially R.A. Cream female viagra vigorelle Dickey and Johan Santana, cream female viagra vigorelle are Warthen allies as is the manager but I doubt you will find and Mets relievers who are members of the Dan Warthen Fan Club. Cream female viagra vigorelle  Granted most of the Mets bullpen problems were caused by sucky relievers but Warthen has to take a hit for not having open lines of communications with his relief pitchers. Cream female viagra vigorelle Terry Collins needs to take some accountability on this as well for not providing any structure with how guys are used and assigning roles. Cream female viagra vigorelle It’s great for us as fans to say it’s a bunch of bullshit that every reliever should be ready when called on but again you need to know your personnel and if they are pining for leadership from the manger and pitching coach then it’s up to them to provide that.

Cream female viagra vigorelle Just when you think R.A. Cream female viagra vigorelle Dickey can’t add to his legacy we find out now that he has pitched much of the season with a torn abdominal muscle that requires surgery. Cream female viagra vigorelle Are you kidding me? Last year Dickey pitched with a plantar fasciitis injury that required him to be shot with pain killers before pitching. Cream female viagra vigorelle And you don’t want to sign this guy to an extension? You’re thinking of trading him? Are you fucking kidding me? Dickey isn’t looking for a big time deal, cream female viagra vigorelle I would guess if you add two years to his option for next season he’d sign on the bottom line and if you have to give him $20mil for those two years you do it. Cream female viagra vigorelle If the money is that tight with the Skill Sets that you can’t keep a guy who not only excels on the field but is the best representative you have off the field then you deserve every hateful comment that will come your way.

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Super viagra Yeah, super viagra I’m excited when Big Hoss’ takes the mound!

Super viagra Could it be? Four wins in a row? Hell yeah! What makes the wins even sweeter, super viagra the last two were against the Phuck Phaces with Jon Niese on the mound for the sweep, super viagra yeah that’s right THE SWEEP!!!  

Super viagra Back on August 5th Matt Harvey threw a lot of breaking balls in his start against the Padres. Super viagra I’ll take a wild guess that Dan Warthen ordered him to go with that many breaking balls. Super viagra Harvey lasted 5 innings and gave up 5 runs in what became a 7-3 Padres win.

Super viagra Something good came of that loss; Matt Harvey went back to being what he is, super viagra a power pitcher. Super viagra No more following the Warthen Doctrine of nibble the corners and pitch passively. Super viagra From watching the last 2-3 Harvey starts, super viagra there is nothing passive about him and it seems the message has been sent to the Mets pitching coach, super viagra leave Harvey alone. Super viagra Of Harvey’s 98 pitches last night, super viagra 63 were fastballs that averaged 95 mph, super viagra that’s power pitching.

Super viagra Is it a coincidence that the Mets have won 4 in a row and the bullpen has been solid? The pen has not allowed a run in its last 13.1 innings pitched, super viagra spanning over 5 games and is 7 for 7 in saves for the month of August. Super viagra The Mets relievers have even improved bit in stranding inherited runners as they are up to 70 % LOB up from the mid 60 % range they have been at most of the season.

Super viagra There has been lots of talk about the way Terry Collins has used Josh (Everyday) Edgin lately but the fact is Edgin has been a bullpen revelation. Super viagra  Edgin has stranded 11 of the 14 runners he’s inherited as well as striking out 24 batters in 19.1 innings pitched. Super viagra I can see the concern about going to the whip to often with Edgin especially getting him up multiple times during a game to warm-up , super viagra that’s where the wear and tear takes its toll, super viagra so it may be a good idea for Collins to take his foot off the gas a bit the last month of the season with Edgin.

Super viagra Jon Niese is pitching with an extra days rest today. Super viagra When Niese has an extra day off he is 6-3 with a 2.29 ERA as this covers 15 starts.

Super viagra One thing to watch for today at the launching pad known as Citizen Bank Park, super viagra Niese has given up the long ball a lot this season, super viagra a career high 20 home run so far this season.

Super viagra Niese has a better day time record than night. Super viagra He’s 4-1 with a 2.85 ERA in 10 starts in the sunshine and in 15 starts under the lights he’s 6-6 with a 3.98 ERA.

Super viagra  

Super viagra  

Super viagra  

Super viagra  

Super viagra  

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Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Like Popeye, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer “I cans stands so much that I can’t stands no more” 

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I don’t know how Terry Collins keeps his composure after games like last night. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Game after game he has to answer the same inane questions that he has no answers to. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Game after suck ass game, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Collins sits there and calmly answers why the bullpen is an arson squad and why his lineup is impotent. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer I know he has to be seething on the inside but to his credit he never lets’ the media see him sweat. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Well, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer maybe it’s time he started popin’ some sweat.

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Collins has protected his players better than a grandmother at the local playground but maybe it’s time to take the protective bubble wrap off his precious players. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Maybe it’s time for Collins to take a page out of the John Tortorella book of press conferences and just come to the podium and say “We sucked today and at this point in the season we, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer the baseball people of this organization, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer need to sit down and figure out which way we want to go here because as it stands now we are on the road to nowhere”. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Then just get up and walk out.

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer This team is making blogging about them tougher and tougher each and every day. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer The past four seasons  Mets fans have had absolutely nothing to root for. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Checkout the second half records for this season and the last three:

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer 2012 9-22

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer 2011 31-40

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer 2010 31-43

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer 2009 28-47

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer You know who I feel sorry for? The poor bastard in the ticket office who has to call season ticket holders to persuade them to renews their seats. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer  You would have it easier trying to sell Mike Bloomberg an NRA membership than Mets season tickets.

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer It’s August 16th we should be following every move being made in the National League and hoping the Mets can grab a waiver wire deal to solidify their spot in a post season run. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Instead I have Kelly Shoppach, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer a catcher I’ve wanted on the Mets for the last two years, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer better late than never I guess. Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer This weekend I should be riveted to the Mets-Nationals series in D.C., canada pharmacy viagra pfizer instead on Saturday I have to have my bagels and coffee ready for 10AM for the start of Aresnal-Sunderland match on ESPN by the way, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer any football fans out there care to comment on Van Persie going to the Red Devils????? and at night, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer the Giants-Jets exhibition game that has become a must watch since the Rex Ryan era.

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Something’s gotta give in Flushing this off season, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer The Skill Sets have to find a way to raise the payroll and Sandy Alderson has to get creative in trades to put a team on the field that is competitive for more than 81 games, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer if not what’s the incentive to buy tickets in 2013?

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer Please no more promotions, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer new uniforms  food items or post game rock concerts, canada pharmacy viagra pfizer just go out and get some GOD DAMN BALLPLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer  

Canada pharmacy viagra pfizer  

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Non prescription viagra

Non prescription viagra  

Non prescription viagra There is a growing segment of the Mets fan base that have quite the thick craniums, non prescription viagra they have a problem of figuring out fact from fiction and if they are not directly told the facts about something they have a tough time comprehending events that go on in the Mets front office.

Non prescription viagra Terry Collins is Jason Bay’s Kevlar vest; question after question to Collins at his press conferences deal with answering questions about Bay and the bullpen but now Bay is the beat the dead horse subject of the week. Non prescription viagra Collins has tried and tried to resuscitate Bay’s offensive game even though it flat lined a long time ago. Non prescription viagra From where I sit, non prescription viagra I can see the baseball ops folks telling Collins it’s time to cut bait on Bay but Collins asked for more time with the front office saying Bay has the end of the road trip to show a pulse or he’s done.

Non prescription viagra Back from a 6-5 trip Collins was met at the door by Sandy Alderson with his hand up saying here is how we will deal with Jason Bay, non prescription viagra he will now play against left handed pitching only. Non prescription viagra No discussion. Non prescription viagra  Now fast forward to the afternoon and the quote by Alderson pertaining to Bay:

Non prescription viagra “Certainly, non prescription viagra there are times when it is appropriate to eat a contract; there are other times when it is not. Non prescription viagra Jason Bay is not going anywhere, non prescription viagra nor is his contract.”  

Non prescription viagra Does that mean you will see Jason Bay in LF for the Mets in 2013?  Of course not. Non prescription viagra As Alderson stated there are times to eat a contract when it’s appropriate, non prescription viagra on August 8th it’s not the time to chow down on dead presidents. Non prescription viagra Why would you? The plan going forward is to platoon Bay with Jordany Valdespin in left and I’d guess Mike Baxter and Scott Hairston will spilt the time on right, non prescription viagra which is the best game plan available right now.

Non prescription viagra If you are a Mets fan who wants Jason Bay out of town, non prescription viagra you had better root hard that he shows some ability to produce some offense against left handed pitching so it makes him a more attractive trade chip.

Non prescription viagra So today Alderson explains that Bay is still a Met and will be a Met for the rest of the season, non prescription viagra he will try hard to deal Bay to save some Skill Sets cash but please don’t tell me you are that naive to think that plan C, non prescription viagra buying out Bay’s contract has not been discussed. Non prescription viagra You don’t believe the GM should tell you today “yeah Bay looks done as Sunday dinner and no one is ringing my phone to obtain him. Non prescription viagra Can you blame them? Yup we are up the creek without a paddle”

Non prescription viagra Do not be shocked and dismayed if Bay reports to St. Non prescription viagra Lonesome in February if he’s not dealt its part of the plan but I would bet Jason Bay won’t be on the opening day roster in 2013.

Non prescription viagra  

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Cialis Canada Illegal Buy

Viagra with no prescription  

Viagra with no prescription  

Viagra with no prescription After sparing with Mets fans on Twitter yesterday I’m exhausted.  It seems I’m in the minority when it comes to the Mets inactivity after yesterday’s trade deadline as I have no problem with Sandy Alderson staying with a pat hand. Viagra with no prescription I really am stumped as to what the very vocal majority of Mets fans expected him to do via the trade route? I’m baffled because the majority agrees that Alderson should not trade any of the best prospects in the Mets fame system, viagra with no prescription so where exactly are the trade chips he needs to make a deal and with the many needs that the big league club has, viagra with no prescription how was trading Scott Hairston going to fix them.

Viagra with no prescription When did Scott Hairston turn into Frank Robinson? What do some of you folks think Hairston would bring back in return in a trade? Hairston has been great this year and right now is the best outfield the Mets have but in reality he’s a platoon player who hits only lefties and plays plausible defense. Viagra with no prescription I’m sure Alderson got a good chuckle as the fans called for him to trade Hairston and get back a top prospect. Viagra with no prescription  I don’t know if this is Mets fans being delusional over Hairston’ talent or if these same fans were real big Beltran haters? You don’t get Zack Wheeler type prospects for Scott Hairston; in fact according to Alderson you can’t get a top 30 prospect for Hairston either.

Viagra with no prescription Now the debate is why didn’t Alderson act earlier to add more competent relievers to this awful bullpen? How dare Sandy Alderson not be smart enough to see in June that the Mets would go into the tank in July?  What’s worse is the Mets fan lets’ the beat writers take them for fools by goading them into putting their stupidity on display with mindless tweets and uninspired game stories, viagra with no prescription I love reading the Tweets of Mets fan who parrot what they read in a newspaper or hear on talk radio, viagra with no prescription it gave me incentive to unfollow a lot of folks who clog my timeline with inane buillshit. Viagra with no prescription The same deep thinkers who all off season yapped about how bad the Mets were and how they were not going to any game at Citi Field and said the myself and other fans were schmucks for supporting this team and buying tickets and putting money in the ownerships pocket are now clamoring for Alderson to trade guys like Scott Hairston or Daniel Murphy for Mike Trout or Bryce Harper. Viagra with no prescription All y’all need a big tall glass of Shut The Fuck Up.

Viagra with no prescription The biggest problem the Mets front office has is the team is not good enough to be in a heavenly direction to a post season berth and they’re not hellish enough to finish at the bottom of the standings and secure a top 5 pick in the June Entry Draft. Viagra with no prescription The Mets are in baseball purgatory, viagra with no prescription hovering around .500 not good enough to matter and not bad enough to ignore.

Viagra with no prescription Did the front office fail at rebuilding the bullpen ? Yes and I’m sure the GM would tell you that himself but when the owners give you Goodwill money, viagra with no prescription it’s hard to come back with Nordstrom quality merchandise.

Viagra with no prescription Without a doubt this off season will be the defining moment of the Alderson era as Mets GM as there is so much work to be done to fix the big league team from a whole new outfield to finding a way to make Jason Bay go away to putting together a solid pitching staff from 1-11.  But that can wait as there are still two full months left to this season and because I’m such an asshole I plan on spending as much time as I can watching the Mets from home and at Citi Field.

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