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Does viagra expire I like Terry Collins. Does viagra expire Terry Collins knows more baseball than you, does viagra expire me and anyone else who calls themselves a baseball fan and although he didn’t say it quite the way he should have, does viagra expire he’s right no Mets fans knows what goes on in the teams clubhouse better than he does. Does viagra expire But with all that it seems to me, does viagra expire an outsider that the players are running that clubhouse and because of past bad experiences as manager of the Angles and Astros, does viagra expire Collins is too worried about a repeat of those experiences in Anaheim and Houston. Does viagra expire  The problem with that is, does viagra expire Nice Guy Terry Collins is going to end up in the same place as an Angry Guy Terry Collins, does viagra expire out of a job.

Does viagra expire The Saga of Jordany just won’t go away. Does viagra expire  It’s the talk of the town and now it has spread across the nation. Does viagra expire In a story in USA Today, does viagra expire LaTroy Hawkins and Marlon Byrd, does viagra expire two players new to the Mets, does viagra expire have called out Valdespin in print for being an obnoxious little shit. Does viagra expire What does this have to do with Collins? Well, does viagra expire if I’m the Mets manager I’d call both of these veterans into my office and rip them two new assholes. Does viagra expire Valdespin is hated for lack of baseball decorum so why is Hawkins and Byrd treated differently for violating the baseball tenant of what’s said in the clubhouse, does viagra expire stays in the clubhouse ? This Valdespin situation is been going on too long, does viagra expire you think a Tony LaRussa or Billy Martin would let this go on? These are the kind of situation that Joe Torre was at his best in, does viagra expire making sure little clubhouse fires don’t turn into infernos. Does viagra expire Terry Collins is thisclose to having to put out a 3 alarm fire.

Does viagra expire So Valdespin flips a bat and embarrasses Jose Contreas and is charged with a capital crime in baseball, does viagra expire but talking about teammates to the press has no repercussions? What a bunch of bullshit. Does viagra expire What’s the standard? When does the manager get mad enough to call his team together and read the riot act to shut the fuck up and put all this hate towards Valdespin and aim it at the opposition?     

Does viagra expire Sandy Alderson has said on many occasions that the Mets win/loss record would not dictate if Collins gets an extension of his contract. Does viagra expire Collins will be judge on the progress the team has made from last year to this year so right now Collins looks like a prime candidate for a 1 bedroom at Del Bocca Vista. Does viagra expire If anything this team has regressed badly. Does viagra expire Now that’s not all Collins fault, does viagra expire that blame goes more to the front office and ownership that essentially has written off 2013 and has its sights on 2014 and beyond. Does viagra expire The problem though that Collins has is the front office wants to see what he can do with the so called talent they have given him. Does viagra expire That’s quite a task.

Does viagra expire Collins needs to start challenging his players. Does viagra expire He has to stop worrying that if he becomes Terry Hard Ass they will revolt instead of their current state of being revolting to watch. Does viagra expire Good Guy Terry is not getting much of anything out this group so maybe it’s time to rattle some cages.

Does viagra expire Yesterday I attended the Mike Francesa and Bobby Valentine breakfast at the Hard Rock Café. Does viagra expire Valentine, does viagra expire an early riser, does viagra expire was at the Hard Rock so early that he came around to each table to chat with the folks in attendance. Does viagra expire  I’ve been a Valentine fan for a while and yesterday just enforced my admiration for him. Does viagra expire After the program, does viagra expire Valentine hung around and was talking with a few of us who didn’t have to run to work. Does viagra expire At one point while having a nice chat on baseball, does viagra expire Valentine said “com’on walk with me while I get something to eat” and as he tried to find some breakfast he never broke stride in our conversation.

Does viagra expire Bobby V had some very interesting thoughts on the game:

Does viagra expire As a player who was beaned, does viagra expire once right near his eye that a doctor said if it were an inch up, does viagra expire probably would have blinded him, does viagra expire he feels the “unwritten rule” of hitting someone is stupid and should not be tolerated.

Does viagra expire When asked about Roger Clemens throwing the bat head of Mike Piazza’ bat at Piazza, does viagra expire Valentine said the team was in shock when happened and after hearing about Clemens using PED’s it all came together to him that Clemens was wound up on something that night. Does viagra expire He also said that Bud Selig spoke to both he and Joe Torre letting them know that he didn’t want anything to go one in this series that would embarrass baseball. Does viagra expire  So it was quite surprising when Clemens wasn’t discipline or tossed for his actions.

Does viagra expire Bobby V could not believe how there was this much fuss over the Vladespin home run pimp job and the fact that it’s still being talk about and how he can’t understand why Valdespin is not in the Mets lineup every day. Does viagra expire When Francesa said that Vladespin might not produce a lot if he played every day , does viagra expire Valentine countered with how do we know unless he plays and pointing out that no one else is producing so give him the shot as he can hit, does viagra expire has power, does viagra expire can steal a base so why is he being wasted on the bench?

Does viagra expire Valentine is a proponent of sabermetrics and talked about his time as Texas Rangers manger when he had hired Craig Wright as his Sabermetrician  for the Rangers. Does viagra expire He spoke about how he also waited on line at bookstores waiting to get the latest copy of The Bill James Abstract on its release day. Does viagra expire As much as he used advanced analytics as a manager he said that the statistics are a very good barometer of what a player did in the past but not in predicting the future. Does viagra expire Valentine went on to talk about how you could project what a player could do but as we see with many players unforeseen circumstances arise and throw off the statistical projections.

Does viagra expire Valentine loved the enthusiasm of the teams that participated in the World Baseball Classic and spoke to people at MLB during the finals in San Francisco about encouraging teams in MLB to not supress players to show the type of emotion that Latin countries and not be so stuffy. Does viagra expire Valentine was candid in saying that MLB needs to find a way to get more women and minorities to come out and watch baseball games.

Does viagra expire On his year with the Red Sox, does viagra expire Valentine said it was an experience and another “notch on his belt” and not much more. Does viagra expire He also said that while he was a fan of Bill James and was looking forward to working with James, does viagra expire he never once heard from him nor was he ever given any statistical reports. Does viagra expire Valentine was shaking his head as he told that story. Does viagra expire     

Does viagra expire  

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Viagra dosage As we head into the last game (thankfully) of the 2012 Mets season, viagra dosage we are looking at an off season that could make our heads spin. Viagra dosage As we Mets fans question why the manager and his coaching staff gets to come back intact for the 2013 season, viagra dosage I think the answer is clear, viagra dosage Sandy Alderson is holding the players responsible for this lousy season.

Viagra dosage All we’ve ever heard as sports fans for lousy teams is you can’t fire all the players so fire the coach or manager, viagra dosage well it seems Alderson is going to reverse that old bromide as it looks like a big majority of the roster will be traded or released.

Viagra dosage I side with the majority of Mets fans who can figure out how Dan Warthen gets to come back. Viagra dosage It seems as though the starting pitchers, viagra dosage especially R.A. Viagra dosage Dickey and Johan Santana, viagra dosage are Warthen allies as is the manager but I doubt you will find and Mets relievers who are members of the Dan Warthen Fan Club. Viagra dosage  Granted most of the Mets bullpen problems were caused by sucky relievers but Warthen has to take a hit for not having open lines of communications with his relief pitchers. Viagra dosage Terry Collins needs to take some accountability on this as well for not providing any structure with how guys are used and assigning roles. Viagra dosage It’s great for us as fans to say it’s a bunch of bullshit that every reliever should be ready when called on but again you need to know your personnel and if they are pining for leadership from the manger and pitching coach then it’s up to them to provide that.

Viagra dosage Just when you think R.A. Viagra dosage Dickey can’t add to his legacy we find out now that he has pitched much of the season with a torn abdominal muscle that requires surgery. Viagra dosage Are you kidding me? Last year Dickey pitched with a plantar fasciitis injury that required him to be shot with pain killers before pitching. Viagra dosage And you don’t want to sign this guy to an extension? You’re thinking of trading him? Are you fucking kidding me? Dickey isn’t looking for a big time deal, viagra dosage I would guess if you add two years to his option for next season he’d sign on the bottom line and if you have to give him $20mil for those two years you do it. Viagra dosage If the money is that tight with the Skill Sets that you can’t keep a guy who not only excels on the field but is the best representative you have off the field then you deserve every hateful comment that will come your way.

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Next day viagra Stop whatever it is you’re doing and tune in to our Kult of Mets Personalities Podcast from last night. Next day viagra Our special guest was Mets great and my all time favorite player Ed Kranepool. Next day viagra Eddie did not hold back on his opinions and told some great stories of his days under Casey Stengel and of course Gil Hodges. Next day viagra Krane also talked about why he felt the Mets never were able to sustain their winning ways after winning in 1969

Next day viagra The best story of the podcast though is Kranepool telling us how he was thisclose to being a big part of a new ownership group who was ready to buy the club from Lorinda de Roulet and who his bombshell choice would have been to manage the Mets.

Next day viagra If you want to hear a no bullshit podcast from passionate Mets fans whose only agenda is rooting for the orange and blue, next day viagra then Kult of Mets Personalities is the podcast for you

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Book buy guest sign viagra Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky because I couldn’t care less if Jose Reyes is the starting shortstop for the NL in this year’s All-Star came. Book buy guest sign viagra I really don’t get all the angst coming from Mets fans over Troy Tulowitzki leading the popularity vote that is the All Star starters. Book buy guest sign viagra In fact do you really give a shit about the All Star game anymore? As a kid, book buy guest sign viagra I loved the All Star game because it was a big deal. Book buy guest sign viagra Both leagues and league presidents made it more than an exhibition game is was a game for the winning league to brag about its superiority but now it just a bullshit exhibition game, book buy guest sign viagra that the players find any way they can to avoid playing in or if they are bound to play, book buy guest sign viagra leave as soon as they get an at bat or a pitching appearance. Book buy guest sign viagra The TV ratings are piss poor as well so forgive me if I don’t get all bent out of shape if Jose Reyes is not the starting short stop for the NL , book buy guest sign viagra he’ll make the team as the Mets rep so Mets fans find something else to scream about.

Book buy guest sign viagra Staying with Reyes, book buy guest sign viagra as great a season as he’s having  and the overwhelming support that he has from Mets fans who want him to be a Mets 4 Life, book buy guest sign viagra let’s be honest with one another, book buy guest sign viagra long term contracts hardly ever (maybe never) work out in favor of the team. Book buy guest sign viagra As a Mets fan and especially if you are a t-shirt wearing, book buy guest sign viagra Don’t Trade Reyes protestor who will be miserable if the Mets either trade Reyes or not re-sign him, book buy guest sign viagra please tell me what the point of no return is? Do you keep Reyes at any price or do you have a ceiling on years and or money? Knowing that the ownership is swimming in the Red Sea of debt with a major civil suit hanging over their head at what point does it make sense to part with Reyes.

Book buy guest sign viagra Reports are that now that the Entry Draft is done, book buy guest sign viagra Sandy Alderson wants to touch base with Reyes’ reps to see what they are looking for in years and money. Book buy guest sign viagra The answer they give Alderson will determine if Jose is dealt or kept. Book buy guest sign viagra Do I want to see him shipped out? No. Book buy guest sign viagra Do I want him signed to a new deal by the All Star Game? Yes. Book buy guest sign viagra But if the success of the season and the vision of an eye popping deal in his feature prices Reyes out then Alderson will have no choice but to trade him.

Book buy guest sign viagra There comes a point where the fan base has to realize that this franchise has money problems and as much as we all wish the Skill Sets would sell and get out of our hair, book buy guest sign viagra we have no idea if or when that will happen. Book buy guest sign viagra Sure most of the media who follow the team and have looked in depth at the Madoff-Piccard mess that has hurt the organization badly feel the Skill Sets are on borrowed time but we also have to come to grips that the team will not give Reyes anything close to a 7yr/$140+ contract. Book buy guest sign viagra If Reyes’ agent goes in that direction, book buy guest sign viagra Alderson will excuse himself and call Brian Sabean and work out a deal. Book buy guest sign viagra How can you blame him? If the Reyes camp works with Alderson and they can get creative with options and bonuses and deferred money then there is a much better chance of Reyes staying with the Mets.

Book buy guest sign viagra I believe deep down, book buy guest sign viagra Jose wants to stay here, book buy guest sign viagra he lives here, book buy guest sign viagra and his kids go to school here and he has grown up as a Met. Book buy guest sign viagra It’s all he knows. Book buy guest sign viagra So I’m hoping what happens is both sides find some common ground and the team has the funds to make Reyes and Mets fans happy. Book buy guest sign viagra        

Book buy guest sign viagra I would stay firm on the length of contract if I were the Mets GM, book buy guest sign viagra at 5years. Book buy guest sign viagra The money, book buy guest sign viagra as I said I would get creative but no more than $100-$110 million. Book buy guest sign viagra Anything more than that in contract length and money would leave me no choice but to deal Reyes as miserable and heartbreaking that would be.

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Real viagra pharmacy prescription Is this Mets team what its record says it is? Is this one of the worst teams in baseball?  The manager and the players talked up in spring that the Mets would be a team that would surprise a lot of people but I don’t think they meant it in a negative form.  I bought into it, real viagra pharmacy prescription I thought this was going to be a team that the headlines would be “HOW ‘BOUT THOSE METS”? but the headlines lately have been “HOW ‘BOUT THOSE METS, real viagra pharmacy prescription THEY REALLY SUCK”.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription Thursday I was in Philadelphia as a chaperone for my son’s school for a trip to the Franklin Institute. Real viagra pharmacy prescription It was beautiful day so for lunch we got sandwiches and sat in the park. Real viagra pharmacy prescription My son of course had to bring a Mets drawstring bag and that drew attention from the Phillies fans. Real viagra pharmacy prescription But the funny (or tragic really) thing was the Phillies fans felt sorry of us Mets fans. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Imagine that. Real viagra pharmacy prescription  One by one as we chatted with some folks the question asked over and over was “what the hell has happened to the Mets” Wow you have about 12 hours? The one thing though that each person we talked to mentioned was the Skill Sets and everyone asked the same question, real viagra pharmacy prescription “when are they going to sell” A question we all have been asking.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription The bullshit play on the field and the owners problems are two different items. Real viagra pharmacy prescription I found that out talking to various people on Wednesday at Citi Field, real viagra pharmacy prescription the players have no idea about the owners money woes and could  care less when told about it. Real viagra pharmacy prescription The only way they would care is if their paychecks didn’t clear.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription Terry Collins has done a nice job of keeping a stiff upper lip during this awful stretch of baseball and he’s trying to stay positive but there comes a point where he and Sandy Alderson and the baseball ops team might say this isn’t working and blow the place up. Real viagra pharmacy prescription The question is when is that time?

Real viagra pharmacy prescription If it comes that by the end of the month or early May and the Mets continue on this pace are 8-20 or 12-25 does the fire sale commence? It might even be earlier if the baseball ops feel a bold move must be made. Real viagra pharmacy prescription It’s a lead pipe cinch that Carlos Beltran will be dealt and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens sooner but what of Jose Reyes? That is the multi year , real viagra pharmacy prescriptionseven figure question.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription When talk of Reyes was bantered about on Wednesday between bloggers and main streamers, real viagra pharmacy prescription there was no definite consensus except that there will be a massive fall out from the fan base when Reyes leaves. Real viagra pharmacy prescription  To that I say, real viagra pharmacy prescription so what? If Alderson can make a deal say with the Giants and can get back Madison Bumgardner and say second base prospect Charlie Culberson as the focal points of a deal that would a coup for the Mets.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription This not be taken as an ant-Reyes position as I am a Reyes fan but the fact of the matter is for all the talk I’ve heard about Reyes being the catalyst of the team and as goes Reyes, real viagra pharmacy prescription so goes the Mets, real viagra pharmacy prescription well the team has made the post season once in Reyes nine year Mets career, real viagra pharmacy prescription so maybe it’s time to bury the myth.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription So what if the fan base gets piss off by dealing Reyes, real viagra pharmacy prescription it’s not like anyone is flocking to Citi Field to begin with and I doubt if Alderson is looking to sign Reyes to a long term deal  so why not get it over with and make a deal using one of the few trade chips you have. Real viagra pharmacy prescription It’s time to do what’s best for the Mets rather than fans.

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A little Irish greeting to all the  Mets critics on the eve of St Patrick’s Day

Online cialis There have been some stories the last few days from the dead media (a/k/a newspapers) about ticket sales at Citi Field for single game tickets not being particularly brisk. Online cialis These newspapers wasted time and money to send reporters to Citi Field to see if anyone was buying Mets tickets. Online cialis The reporters were SHOCKED that weren’t lines snaking around 126th street with fans holding fists full of cash clamoring for Mets tickets.

Online cialis The story in this case was not the dearth of ticket buyers at Citi, online cialis instead it should have been WHY would people go to Citi to buy tickets? Back before we were unable to “fire through the internet” going to Shea Stadium for ticket day was a happening for some. Online cialis People enjoyed sleeping in front of Shea to get tickets while freezing and peeing into bottles just for a shot at opening day, online cialis Highlander games and gym bag day, online cialis I was never one of that ilk.  Back then I’d rather pay a premium for a ticket while sleeping nice and cozy in my own bed, online cialis but to each his own.

Online cialis Why would anyone schlep to Citi for tickets when you can turn on a computer, online cialis pick the game you want and print the ticket yourself (yes the $2.50 fee to use your own printer and your own ink is total bullshit)

Online cialis There just seems to be a MSM conspiracy to kill the Mets any way they can. Online cialis There are some who follow the team that really hate their job (I’m looking straight at you Andy Martino) and just really hate the Mets (That would be you Klap) that anything they say or write about the team I ignore.

Online cialis The Mets don’t do enough to fight the perception that they are inept in all facets of the baseball business but most media and general baseball fans that belittle the Mets are out and out assholes. Online cialis I put them in the same category of people who now participate in the new sport of bashing union workers especially government workers because they think our medical and pension benefits are bankrupting the country. Online cialis We union workers wish we were living as well as you think we are, online cialis the folks who are raping this country’s economy run the financial intuitions that most of our critics work in. Online cialis But I digress.

Online cialis Our Mets are far from perfect but we are not a disaster the club is portrayed as. Online cialis  Yes the owner has fucked up something awful and the financial where with all that the club has enjoyed for years is gone but I bet if the Skill Sets put the For Sale sign up at Citi Field then you’d really see a line forming around Citi Field.

Online cialis This will all come to a head soon as the Skill Sets will either survive paying off the Madoff trust with either enough dough to keep the Mets or they will get cleaned out where they have to sell the club, online cialis SNY and Citi Field to pay off the lawsuit but you what it doesn’t matter to us we’re “Webees” We be here when the Skill Sets got here and We be here when they’re gone. Online cialis  Mets fans are the one constant in Flushing. Online cialis As have been and always will.

Online cialis If it’s the Skill Sets who keep the team or a new owner for the club, online cialis there needs to be a plan to fight the negative perception that follows the organization. Online cialis Does anyone in the Mets front office get pissed off as the fans do? I hope with the new front office this would change because it really bugs the shit out me that the Mets fans, online cialis bloggers and Tweeters are the only ones with the guts to fight this perception.

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Women who take viagra So who do you believe Johan Santana and the Mets or the Bergen Record? Hard choice. Women who take viagra See I’m skeptical of both of them. Women who take viagra  

Women who take viagra This past winter Carlos Beltran told a gaggle of Mets bloggers that he felt great his knee felt great and he couldn’t wait to get to training camp. Women who take viagra How has that turned out so far?

Women who take viagra The one problem that Sandy Alderson needs to fix right away is the leak that’s in the organization. Women who take viagra Someone with enough juice on this team told Steve Popper and The Klap the bad news about Santana and they ran with this story. Women who take viagra Now the player, women who take viagra pitching coach and GM are all calling BULLSHIT on this report. Women who take viagra I call BULLSHIT as well.

Women who take viagra One thing I do believe in all this is why the rush to get Santana back in the rotation? Where are the Mets going that Santana needs to accelerate his rehab? Why not just let him work on his rehab try to get that shoulder stronger and healthier and look towards 2012? Even then who knows what kind of pitcher Santana will be. Women who take viagra His last two seasons have been halted by injury; his velocity has decreased on his fastball which affects his changeup greatly. Women who take viagra With two full seasons and a buyout left in his contract, women who take viagra it would be best to point at 2012 for Johan’s return than this summer. Women who take viagra This type of surgery is tough to come back from as we see with Mark Prior and Chen Ming- Wang who have not come close to getting back in the baseball swing of things. Women who take viagra So maybe slow and steady is best for this race.

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Cialis 100 mg Psssst….check it out, cialis 100 mg check it out Black Mets jersey’s and caps……check it out, cialis 100 mg check it out…..I got PIAZZA, cialis 100 mg REYES, cialis 100 mg RODRIGUEZ, cialis 100 mg WRIGHT……check it out…………………OH SHIT THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Cialis 100 mg Its almost getting to the point where I’m sympathetic of the plight of the Skill Sets. Cialis 100 mg  It’s bad enough that Bernie Madoff fucked them over but how about their beloved pasty face clubbie Charlie Samuels and the way he took the owners trust and as in turned robbed the team blind?

Cialis 100 mg With all the stories during the off season into spring training about the Madoff scandal and the fall out of the words of the Trustees of the victims of the scandal the Samuels’ saga has gone unnoticed until the last couple of days as the NYPD and Queens DA’s office have descended on St. Cialis 100 mg Lonesome to get some answers and to build a case against Samuels.

Cialis 100 mg The cops are talking to players especially Frankie Rodriguez who was so close to Samuels, cialis 100 mg he slept on his sofa during when he was bounced out of his home after his assault charge, cialis 100 mg and to Mike Piazza who also confided  with Samuels.

Cialis 100 mg While the cops are in Florida getting statements, cialis 100 mg cops here in NYC are trying to match the stolen property from the Mets clubhouse to memorabilia dealers in the area to solidify their case against Samuels  .

Cialis 100 mg This will be just one more bullshit distraction that seems to follow this organization. Cialis 100 mg  If the Skill Sets can save their ownership of the team I hope they learn a lesson from all this and stop being so naïve and start running the Mets like a business instead of some mom and pop candy store

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Viagra blister 4

Viagra blister 4 Okay now that the Mets have absolutely no chance of the post season as they were mathematically eliminated from the 2010 post season, viagra blister 4 can we put the 2011 plan in motion?

Viagra blister 4 I am sick and tired of all the rumor and innuendo about Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel’s job situation if both of them are getting the boot then boot them out today.  It’s obvious that Manuel is a done and it should be even more obvious that Minaya is as well. Viagra blister 4 There is no reason to keep Jerry Manuel around, viagra blister 4 let him go home, viagra blister 4 let Dave Jauss run the team for the next two weeks and start taking interviews for the job of Mets manager in 2011.

Viagra blister 4 Same for Minaya, viagra blister 4 either fired him or put out a press release that he will be reassigned to VP of Scouting and Player Personnel. Viagra blister 4 It’s the petty himming and hawing bullshit that pisses me off with this organization, viagra blister 4 time to fucking man up there Jeffey Skill Sets and take charge. Viagra blister 4 Think of this as your second Bar Mitzvah, viagra blister 4 “today you are a baseball man”

Viagra blister 4 Peter Gammons is still spouting off about Bobby Valentine being the organization choice to manage the Mets. Viagra blister 4 I don’t want to go all in on this Valentine Returns talk because I don’t want to be crushed if it doesn’t happen. Viagra blister 4 Right now guys like Gammons and the other baseball yenta Jon Heyman are giving me a bad case of Blue and Orange balls.

Viagra blister 4 I would be one happy Mets fan if Valentine was brought back not only as manager but in a capacity of a decision maker on player trades and acquisitions. Viagra blister 4 You could name John Ricco the GM and let him be the paper pusher as that seems to be his strength and also the team spokesman with the proviso that he ever utters the term “at the end of day” he has to have his nipples twisted.

Viagra blister 4 If you have a plan Jeffey start putting it in place.  Top candidates are starting to find employment so put down the Nintendo DS and tell your little buddies no more play dates this week you have a lot of work to do young man get to it  and start making moves. Viagra blister 4 As of today it’s 2011 on my Mets calendar.

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Best price for generic viagra It was a move long overdue. Best price for generic viagra In fact give John Ricco credit for getting a live body for Jeff Francoeur  but the organization shouldn’t have stopped there. Best price for generic viagra It’s quite clear that again for the third season in a row the Mets have rolled over and died. Best price for generic viagra How Jerry Manuel gets to fill out a lineup card today for the Mets is a smack in our Mets fan faces. Best price for generic viagra Sure it doesn’t matter anymore this season but by firing Manuel and Omar Minaya today would send a message that a tidal wave of changes are coming. Best price for generic viagra But I have absolutely no confidence that inept bullshit ownership has the balls to do this.

Best price for generic viagra A real owner who owned this close to one BILLION dollar company would go into that clubhouse and rip the living shit out of this team. Best price for generic viagra But that won’t happen.  The only passion comes from the fan base. Best price for generic viagra It’s not just a matter of screaming and yelling in fact screaming and yelling wouldn’t have any effect on this team anyway. Best price for generic viagra If the owner would just go into that clubhouse and tell this team the truth that they are an embarrassment and what has him baffled is they don’t seem to mind that they are saddled with this label. Best price for generic viagra The owner would also be of the right to let them know that this little Country Club mentality that has infected the clubhouse will be dismantled. Best price for generic viagra The owner should then go on about how there will be a new GM and manager next year and if this new management team says to me that (pointing at players) you, best price for generic viagra you or you need to go, best price for generic viagra then you got to go. Best price for generic viagra The owner should also stress that his office is closed to any player who has a baseball related issue, best price for generic viagra all of those inquires must go through chain of command from manager to general manager. Best price for generic viagra If you have a personal or family issue as the owner, best price for generic viagra he should let them know he will help him as best he can.

Best price for generic viagra As fans we can talk about who to cut, best price for generic viagra who to trade for, best price for generic viagra who to sign as a free agent but all that talk is a waste of words and oxygen unless ownership either cleans out the front office and makes a concerted effort to change the perception that the organization is clueless, best price for generic viagra leaderless and headed on the fast track to nowhere.

Best price for generic viagra By a show of hands, best price for generic viagra how many of you Mets fans out there are still wearing your Mets gear in public?  Not many I see. Best price for generic viagra I can’t blame you as it wears you down to wear your WRIGHT 5 or REYES 7 and have to answer inane question after inane question about the team. Best price for generic viagra I don’t know about you but I’m worn out from answering question after question about why this organization is so bad and can’t get out of its own way.  All I can tell them is “Blogging about the Mets ain’t easy “

Best price for generic viagra All you need to know about the player’s view of the team is in this Tweet from Steve Popper. Best price for generic viagra First Rod Barajas now Francoeur, best price for generic viagra if the players don’t want to be here then why should I buy a ticket or watch SNY or wear drape myself in Mets regalia? Why do I feel the chasm between the team and fan base exists because the Mets fans take this much more personally than the players do? Did you see the smile on Francoeur’ face last night when he spoke to the media about being sent to Arlington? When was the last you smiled as a Mets fan?

Best price for generic viagra I’ve seen some of the Tweets of Mets fan who are actually upset that Jeff Francoeur was dealt to the Texas, best price for generic viagra are you fucking kidding me?

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