Ever have days where you feel like this guy? First, I attempted to make a turkey sandwich to bring to work but I got bum rushed by our two cats and it cost me two slices of roast turkey to thwart the attack. Then when I get to the Chambers St Subway station, I realize I have but seventy-five cents left on my Metro card so before I exit I go renewed it at one of the two kiosks near the exit. Both kiosks are occupied so I run over to the newsstand in the station to pick up the News and the Post. I can not break the habit of buying these tabloids; it’s kind of like the last remnants of the “olden” days when all my info came from newspapers, and a hard habit to break.

Anyway, I go back to the Metrocard kiosks and this young lady seems to be playing these machines like your old Aunt Bess works the slots at the Borgota in A.C.  Seems her credit card wasn’t going through on either unit, so instead of clearing them out she just walks away. Are you fucking kidding me? Even though she was damn cute I still had to give her a “oh, what the fuck”?, early in the morning. So now I have to clear the machine and as I’m doing that, a 2 train from Brooklyn rolls in and of course the Brooklynites getting off the train need to recharge their cards as well and with me clearing the machine and dipping my credit card and putting in my zip code I start getting the “oh what the fuck treatment” I don’t have time to tell them my story as I still have to get coffee and go punch in, so it’s off to my favorite Dunkin Donuts on Chambers St.

Now I’ve written about the change in personnel at this DD and the service has gotten worse, where as the Hindu Princess that worked the counter would see me and have my XL coffee, milk only ready. They even knew my signs better than any Mets player did from Razor Shines last year. They’d point at the dounuts and bagels and if I pointed at my stomach that meant “no way, too fat today”  If I did want something I’d just flash the number of fingers that corresponded to the breakfast special on the board, like a basket ball point guard calling out a play. By the time I reached the front of the line my order was ready. Life was good. Now there are two Latina Princess behind the counter and quite frankly I don’t mess with them because I think they can kick my ass. One is nice but slow the other is pissed off to be working there and always has a smirk on her face. Everyday the line gets longer and longer but today topped it off. The line was out the door and onto Chambers St, the actual street! Now I had no time to wait so it was off to Plan B the 7-11.

Not bad coffee is very fresh, nice big cups and it’s even cheaper than DD. One problem the dickhead behind the counter is too busy looking at his bills to come to the register. So it what could be a record, I had my second “Oh, What the fuck”? of the morning and it wasn’t even 7:30 yet.  So I get to work, punch it, open my yogurt (yes it’s an I’m too fat day today) open up the Post to read Mike Vaccaro’s telling me  “what we have here in St Lonesome is a failure to communicate” as it pertains to Jose Reyes and his Thyroid.

It can’t be this difficult can it? Player goes for tests. Tests results come back. Doctor calls player with results. Player tells agent who in turn tells management. Management, medical staff, player, player agent either meet or set up conference call to get all the facts straight in order to send out press release. So who lost their way here? Why is this so difficult?

So far we know that Reyes either has or doesn’t have a Thyroid condition. If he does , it can be regulated by diet or medicine. He will or won’t be back at spring training this week. It’s either very early in the spring or it’s getting late to worry about Reyes. Reyes will either lead off on opening day or bat 3rd. My head will either explode by noon or I will bang my head into my office wall.

Wait for the press release.

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I think we are all beyond the point of being shocked when another player is stamped defective but in the case of Johan Santana the question is who in the organization knew his elbow was hurting and when did they know it?


Jerry Manuel claims that since the All Star break Santana had an issue with the elbow, if this is true, this makes the organization more inept than we ever imagined. As much as we fans give the team doctors and training staff holy hell for the injuries maybe our wrath is misguide and this is just another case of the front office being clueless once again ?


Did Santana go to Dan Werthen or Manuel and tell either one that his elbow was not right? Let’s say he did. Now wouldn’t they then go to Omar and tell him we have a problem and in turn wouldn’t Minaya send Santana straight to the doctor for an examination? At that point wouldn’t an MRI be ordered to see what was causing the discomfort in the elbow? This problem didn‘t happen yesterday or last week it seems the Mets have allowed Santana to pitch with a bum wing. Again who is in charge here?


We can all joke and laugh about who’s next to get hurt and sit and lament about us poor little Mets fans suffering through a lousy season but in all seriousness this organization is a total embarrassment from the owner to the GM to the coaches manager and players.


My biggest fear is not who will be injured next but it’s that the Mets are becoming the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Adding to my confused state is one Billy Wagner. What the fuck does this guy want? He has been praised here and every where on his hard work and perseverance at coming back from surgery to get back to the big leagues. The Mets tired to help him and themselves by placing him on waivers and letting him go to a contending team. Now he’s making all kinds of demands and looking to pitch close to his Virginia home. Well, where does he want to go? DC? Baltimore? Atlanta? Miami? Not one of those teams will pay him the kind of money he wants in the off season. It seems this will work in the Mets favor. As long as the offer him arbitration they either get a very good set up man or two more draft picks. Since Wagner is more worried about getting 400 saves than pitching in a post season it seems he will turn down arbitration sign with the Marlins and the Mets get two draft picks. Advantage Mets.


I don’t know what’s sadder that Santana is not starting tonight or that the best the Mets can come up with to take his spot is Nelly Figs?

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If you picked up a copy of the NY Post this morning I’m sure you were as startled as I was with the picture of the Highlanders flamboyant third basebman Alex Rodriguez looking at himself in a mirror with lust in his eyes. This pictorial of Boy-Boli will be in this months DETAILS magazine where Rodriguez talks about his realtionship with some old couger who lives on the Upper West Side.

If the pictures weren’t enough to make you gag how about this quote Alex the Flamer:


Despite being one of the most recognizable men in the city, A-Rod told Details – in an issue that hits newsstands a week from today – that he enjoys taking the subway to Yankee Stadium, usually on Fridays.

“For night games . . . the day to do it is a Friday, because traffic is horrible, ” he said.

The $27-million-a-year slugger, who’s sidelined for two months after having a cyst removed and undergoing labrum surgery on a bum hip, says he wears a hooded sweatshirt on the train.

Yet he’s usually discovered by eagle-eyed fans who pummel him with questions.

“I get a kick out of it, ” he said. “We talk about who’s pitching tonight, and what we need to do. It’s like being on sports radio.”

Do you smell that? Yeah, me too. It’s the pungent aromar of BULLSHIT!!! A-Rod you are one sick bastard!!!!!!!

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