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Viagra discount After the news broke yesterday about the NY Mets Third Annual Adjustment of Ticket Prices, viagra discount I got an e-mail inviting me to a conference call with Mets Executive VP of Business Operation, viagra discount David Howard to ask questions about the new dynamic pricing on Mets tickets. Viagra discount As most of you know, viagra discount I’m not a fan of Howard’s and from what I hear the feeling is mutual. Viagra discount After last night’s conference call nothing has change in our relationship.

Viagra discount Howard started the call by reiterating what was in the press release where the organization has scraped its Platinum, viagra discount Gold, viagra discount Silver, viagra discount Tin Can tier pricing to a new pricing program where Mets tickets will be priced like a commodity. Viagra discount Just like gold, viagra discount silver and pork bellies (the Skill Sets have really morphed into the Duke brothers   ) the price of a Mets ticket will now be set by market demand, viagra discount however there is one caveat, viagra discount there is a minimum price a ticket will go for and it will be what a season ticket holder paid for their ticket, viagra discount which is fair as the organization is protecting its best customer. Viagra discount Ah, viagra discount  but this being the Mets there always a “read the fine print” moment  and in this case it’s giving season ticket holders a deadline of November 7th to make a payment to commit to 2012 season tickets. Viagra discount This is a full  month earlier than usual and as Howard Megdal points out right at the time teams can have exclusive negotiating rights with its own free agents.  The Mets fan cynic in me says this means that there is no way the club will resign Jose Reyes and  they want to make sure those who hold season tickets  make an early commitments  before they can decide if a Reyes-less Mets team is one they want to invest their discretionary income.

Viagra discount I’m not a season ticket holder but I did at one time buy partial plans but with different commitments and such, viagra discount I decided to buy game tickets when I know I’m free to go to games. Viagra discount So under this plan I will have to play Russian Roulette Mets style to buy my tickets. Viagra discount The price of tickets will vary as to who the opponent is and if the team is in contention or an also ran. Viagra discount So a seat for a game against the San Diego Padres on a Monday night in September will  a whole lot less than a game against the Highlanders on a June Friday night. Viagra discount  Classic supply and demand.

Viagra discount The question I posed to Howard was about all the seats with no ass’s in them behind home plate and how watching the current post season games from Citizen Bank Park, viagra discount Comerica Park and Rangers Ballpark where there are real good old fashion baseball seats with fans in them as opposed to Citi Field where fans would rather sip Chardonnay and talk about how happy they are that the financial intuition they work for is sucking the country’s economy dry, viagra discount than watch a baseball game. Viagra discount So courtesy of Amazin’ Avenue, viagra discount who has done a fantastic job of transcribing the conference call (a big tip of the Mets cap to Chris McShanne and James Kannengieser )  here is my question and Howard’ response:

Viagra discount Steve Keane, viagra discount Ed Kranepool Society: This is the 3rd year in a row that the organization has revamped its ticket program and it seems like the organization has a problem reading its fan base. Viagra discount Watching these postseason games, viagra discount especially games at Citizens Bank Ballpark, viagra discount Comerica and Arlington, viagra discount you see the seats behind home plate are regular stadium seats, viagra discount whereas at Citi Field they have these big expensive luxury seats. Viagra discount Has there ever been any thought of taking those seats out by the Champions Club, viagra discount and putting in seats where fans will actually sit in those seats during games.

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Viagra discount DH: The Champions Club is behind home plate but not immediately behind home plate on the field level. Viagra discount It’s actually technically off of the field level concourse. Viagra discount They sit above the Sterling Seats. Viagra discount With regards to the Champions Club in particular, viagra discount we are actually changing that club and making it an all-inclusive club. Viagra discount While the prices are essentially remaining constant, viagra discount there is going to be complimentary food and non-alcoholic beverages served.

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Viagra discount I think in regards to the Delta Club, viagra discount which is the club that’s on camera from the center field view during games, viagra discount those are upholstered theater-style seats. Viagra discount They are very comfortable. Viagra discount They are a premium seat. Viagra discount They are basically sold out. Viagra discount Again, viagra discount you may not see people sitting in those seats all the time. Viagra discount They may be in the club, viagra discount they may be in the back, viagra discount they may not be there. Viagra discount Those seats are sold, viagra discount so we don’t have any plans at this point to change those. Viagra discount What happens is that the team starts to win more, viagra discount it gets more exciting; people will be in those seats on an increased basis.

Viagra discount So in essence, viagra discount who gives a shit if someone is sitting in the seats, viagra discount THEY’RE PAID FOR!!!! And they are sold out (I guess those were the tickets that sold like “hotcakes” last season) Howard’s thinking is we can get the corporate suit here to wine and dine during games but it’s you annoying Mets fans with your rent and mortgages and families to take care of and on top of that insisting on having a winning team that we need to buy tickets.  There has to be some bloodline between David Howard and M.Donald Grant .

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Buy real cialis I’m a bit cranky this morning so bare with me. Buy real cialis Last night I had to run to my local Walgreens’s on Hylan Blvd to pick up a prescription and I got stuck on the checkout line behind Staten Island Chuck who was buying hair gel and a bottle of Brut cologne. Buy real cialis Chuck was hoping to get a part on Jersey Shore after his cameo today at the SI Zoo (by the way Chuck didn’t see his shadow so it will be an early spring )

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Buy real cialis Reading that Jose Reyes is ready for take off, buy real cialis takes a bit of the edge off the JJ Putz allegations of ineptness in the Mets front office from yesterday, buy real cialis and I was enjoying Kevin Kernan’s article until I got to this paragraph:

Buy real cialis   Mets GM Omar Minaya watched Reyes work out last week and was thrilled. Buy real cialis Executive VP David Howard was at yesterday’s session, buy real cialis and after watching Reyes blaze down the exact same kind of track that is used in Olympic races, buy real cialis noted, buy real cialis “Mets fans have forgotten how good he is.”

Buy real cialis This fucking David Howard is turning into the reincarnation of M. Buy real cialis Donald Grant. Buy real cialis Why is the Executive of Business Operation watching a workout of a player? Shouldn’t Omar and John Rico and Wayne Krivisy and Jerry Manuel, buy real cialis be the guys making the evaluation of Reyes along with Ray Ramirez and his staff? What’s next for David Howard, buy real cialis overseeing the chop meat at the Shake Shack? No Shyster Dave, buy real cialis we have not forgotten how good Reyes is. Buy real cialis Dumb ass !

Buy real cialis This isn’t hard. Buy real cialis Players play. Buy real cialis Coaches coach. Buy real cialis Owners own. Buy real cialis Fans bitch. Buy real cialis VP of Business Ops handles the clubs business. Buy real cialis What Howard should be doing is busting the balls of the guy who owns SpongeTech

Buy real cialis Jarrod Washburn has taken out a restraining order against the Mets from ever contacting him.

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