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How does viagra work Today is the 35th Anniversary of Rick Monday saving the American flag from being burned by a couple of assholes at Dodger Stadium. How does viagra work What made this attempt at flag burning even more galling back then was the country was getting ready to celebrate the Bicentennial.  I hope those two morons in the picture that tried to light the flag on fire have had 35 years of misery.

How does viagra work So much for same old Mets. How does viagra work  As we see no matter your contract, how does viagra work if you don’t produce, how does viagra work you can be replaced and Sandy Alderson is calling the shots.

How does viagra work After Dillion Gee’ start on Saturday, how does viagra work Terry Collins stated in his post-game press conference that it would be better to have Gee pitch on a regular basis in Buffalo than in the Mets bullpen. How does viagra work Well, how does viagra work the GM had a different idea, how does viagra work keeping Gee and shipping D.J. How does viagra work Carrasco out to the Bison. How does viagra work The names bantered around that would be effected by solid outing by Gee were Chris Capuano or Chris Young and I felt Jon Niese could be the odd man out, how does viagra work I have to say I never thought about Carrasco getting the boot to Buffalo. How does viagra work Who the hell knew that Carrasco had options? Sandy Alderson that’s who.

How does viagra work Ronnie Paulinohas had another set back with a strained rib cage so that means the  Nickeas /Thole catching combo lives on.  When it comes time to activate Paulinoit may be Thole who gets sent back to Buffalo. How does viagra work Thole has not done much with the bat and it looks like he will not be behind the plate when Big Pelf pitches (we will know if Nickeas catches Pelfrey on Friday when he is scheduled to go up against the Phillies and Joe Blanton) so Thole has a week or ten days to get the bat going or he could be gone.

How does viagra work Ian O’Connor has written a book on Derek Jeter and part of the book was excerpted in the NY Post yesterday. How does viagra work  It does not portray El Capitan’ in a very good light. How does viagra work Not much earthshattering here, how does viagra work Jeter hates A-Rod, how does viagra work St Joseph of Torre favored Jeter over Rodriguez, how does viagra work and Pee Wee Cashman  doesn’t have much love for Jeter who told Jeterwhen A-Rod was having his problems withHighlander fans and with his admittance to steroid use and not having The Captain stand by his side that “he has to lead them all” a big shot to the legend of the Jeter leadership fairy tale which takes a bigger hit when Cashman tells CC Sabathia during his contract negotiation the he needs him to help fix a fractured clubhouse.

How does viagra work I interviewed Tyler Kepner of the NY Times on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN last Wednesday as we talked about the bookDerek Jeter: From The Pages of The New York Times, how does viagra work where we spoke about the A-Rod/Jeter relationship and how much of the Jeter leadership portrait is fact and fiction.

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Buy viagra 50 mg The best part of the early morning release of Oliver Perez is not just the fact that the ineffective pitcher is mercifully gone but what has to have the Mets fan base giddy on this rainy cold morning is Sandy Alderson is running the baseball operations of the NY Mets. Buy viagra 50 mg He is the man calling the shots; he put Baby Jeffy in the corner.

Buy viagra 50 mg For all the gloom and doom financial news about the Skill Sets, buy viagra 50 mg the head baseball man in charge went to them and said time to eat $18 mil in contract, buy viagra 50 mg and all the Skill Sets could do is stand at attention and say “Sir, buy viagra 50 mg yes sir” You can debate that this should have been done before spring training or earlier but the bottom line is the Faces of Failure of the Minaya regime are gone.

Buy viagra 50 mg With the Phuck Phaces signing Luis Castillo to a minor league deal as insurance in case Chase Utley will not make it to opening day and beyond tells me the Phuck Phace’s may not be the lead pipe cinch to win the NL Pennant most thought they were this winter.

Buy viagra 50 mg Adam Rubin has a great Ollie Perez retrospective. Buy viagra 50 mg It wasn’t  always days of suckitude with OP but his Mets career did end badly for all sides.

Buy viagra 50 mg The feel good story of spring, buy viagra 50 mg the return of Izzy, buy viagra 50 mg has his a bump as Isringhausen is taking anti-inflamitories  for his surgically repaired elbow

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