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Viagra success stories I am off on a two week vacation so I thought before I head off, viagra success stories I’d put up a post filled with Mets-nutia and more:

Viagra success stories I have wrestled with the notion of should the Mets deal Bobby Parnell and Marlon Byrd, viagra success stories I’m sure the Mets front office has had the same dilemma. Viagra success stories I’m enjoying this team right now and the fact that all the Mets-haters look like idiots talking shit about our team. Viagra success stories No nothings in the media still make the same old stale jokes about the Mets but throughout the baseball industry, viagra success stories there is a ton of respect for what the Mets are building. Viagra success stories How can you mock a team that has Matt Harvey and David Wright as its two big stars? How incredibly stupid do you look questioning the direction of this team when the Mets are the envy of baseball with the stockpile of young pitching in their minor league system? I know it’s hard for many of the numb skulls in the media to comprehend that the Mets have shown improvement and are on the right track to being a winning organization. Viagra success stories Smarten up !

Viagra success stories With that said, viagra success stories I hope the Mets don’t trade Parnell or Byrd. Viagra success stories The time has come where to put an emphasis on winning. Viagra success stories The Mets , viagra success stories Phillies and Nationals all have 53 losses . Viagra success stories The Phillies and Nats are tied for 2nd place in the NL East with the Mets just 2 games back. Viagra success stories Think about that, viagra success stories the Mets are 2 games out of 2nd place. Viagra success stories If you don’t think that’s a big deal, viagra success stories then you haven’t been a long time Mets fan.

Viagra success stories So by the end of this weekend the Mets could be right in back of the Braves for 1st place in the NL East. Viagra success stories WOW! Ponder that!

Viagra success stories The last team Davey Johnson wanted to see this weekend was the NY Mets. Viagra success stories The Nats are 2-8 last 10 and 7-13 in their last 20 and have to face Matt Harvey in tonight’s night cap. Viagra success stories Be proud Mets fans be proud!

Viagra success stories We have seen the resiliency of this team and the solid camaraderie among the players that has sold me that this team is well worth rooting for. Viagra success stories What the off season brings is not for today. Viagra success stories It’s nearly August and I’m enjoying watching the NY Mets play baseball, viagra success stories what’s wrong with that?

Viagra success stories I hope Lucas Duda and Ruben Tejada spend the month of August in Las Vegas. Viagra success stories Why bring either player up now? Since both players went down with injury and Eric Young Jr. Viagra success stories joined the club, viagra success stories and the bullpen has been solidified, viagra success stories  the team’s been winning. Viagra success stories The mantra of the Mets outfield being the worst in baseball has been silenced. Viagra success stories In fact, viagra success stories defensively the Mets outfield of EYJ, viagra success stories Juan Lagares and Marlon Byrd is a major plus. Viagra success stories No way Lucas Duda ever sees LF again, viagra success stories so it’s either 1B, viagra success stories be traded, viagra success stories or stay in LV until September. Viagra success stories  

Viagra success stories With Tejada, viagra success stories I can see bringing him up in a platoon with Omar Quintanilla but you gets sent down? Having Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Andrew Brown on the bench gives Terry Collins a nice late inning lefty/righty option late in games. Viagra success stories Josh Satin isn’t even in the thought process of going to LV and Justin Turner is Terry Collins’ pet, viagra success stories so what to do? I say stand pat, viagra success stories platoon Ike and Satin at 1B and live with Turner as the backup shortstop for a month.

Viagra success stories The Mets will giveaway Jay Horowitz Bobbleheads on August 23rd when the Detroit Tigers come to town. Viagra success stories There will also be a post game concert by 3rd Eye Blind and a portion of the tickets sales will go to Hope Shines For Shannon. Viagra success stories Instead of 3rd Eye Blind should the Talking Heads be the band to perform on Jay Horowitz Bobble head Night?

Viagra success stories The Mets are also hosting a sleepover at Citi Field on August 10th

Viagra success stories  

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Cialis overnight That is the patch the Mets will wear this season in remembrance of Gary Carter. Cialis overnight I’d still like to see all uniform personnel wear CARTER 8 uni tops for a game and auction them off for charity

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Cialis overnight You can’t have it both ways. Cialis overnight You can’t be a Mets fan who feels Terry Collins is being a hard ass to Ruben Tejada for not getting to camp early and then complain that the team isn’t very good.

Cialis overnight Collins is stressing to his team that they have to work harder than anyone else and be  focused better than anyone else if they are to succeed this season. Cialis overnight You can see from the early interviews of TC down in St. Cialis overnight Lonesome that he wants his team to stick it up all the naysayer’s asses and show that the Mets are a winning baseball team.

Cialis overnight The maturation of Matt Harvey continues to be an early training camp story line. Cialis overnight As Josh Thole has raved about Harvey’s pitch repertoire, cialis overnight the manager and coaches, cialis overnight especially Wally Backman, cialis overnight have raved about his willingness to get their advice on what he needs to do to reach the big league level. Cialis overnight Sandy Alderson is on the record as saying Harvey will not break camp with the Mets but Harvey is determined to make that a difficult decision, cialis overnight it’s hard to get giddy over Matt Harvey.

Cialis overnight Same for Jeurys Familia who along with Harvey was profiled in the NY Daily News today as two guys who are competing for a job in the big leagues but have grown close as teammates and hope to join the big league club together at some point this season.

Cialis overnight It’s so early in spring training but from reading stories about the mood of the camp and camaraderie  of the players, cialis overnight the Mets are staring to give me a feeling that they could be baseball version of the New York Rangers.

Cialis overnight If Jason Bay struggles against right handed pitching as he did last season, cialis overnight the more reason to root for Kirk Nieuwenhuis to make the team as a platoon partner for Bay in LF. Cialis overnight No one in the front office will say it but I bet the leash on Bay is short this season especially if he struggles against rhp.

Cialis overnight  

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Order usa viagra online It was nice to see Terry Collins get pissed off last night even if it wasn’t a total tirade I mean the way Collins acted at his post-game presser was the kind of demeanor Earl Weaver had ordering breakfast, order usa viagra online but it was nice to see a Mets manager show passion instead of the “hey, order usa viagra online shit happens” attitude of Jerry Manuel and the deer in the headlights way of Willie Randolph.

Order usa viagra online Collins said there will be changes, order usa viagra online but really what changes can be made? The easiest move would be to release Willie Harris as he has lived up to his rep as a Mets killer even while wearing the Mets colors. Order usa viagra online Harris made a grave mistake when he said he pined for the days of the camaraderie of the Nationals clubhouse. Order usa viagra online He should have been cut that day. Order usa viagra online  It’s bad enough that Harris can’t hit for shit, order usa viagra online his baseball IQ is as minuscule as his OPS. Order usa viagra online Not getting the force at third base and not knowing to go home on a sharp groundball with the bags juiced are the stupid baseball plays that have been tolerated around here for too many years. Order usa viagra online Good bye Willie Harris.

Order usa viagra online If Collins really wanted to send a message he’d go to Sandy Alderson and ask for Lucas Duda or F-Mart to come back up and make left field a platoon with either player and Jason Bay. Order usa viagra online Remember when we heard player salary wouldn’t be taken into account when making on field personal decisions? Well it’s time for Bay to grab some pine and if he has a problem with that either have his agent find a team to take him off the Mets hands or work out a buyout. Order usa viagra online I’ve seen enough of Bay, order usa viagra online nice guy but he’s spooked by Citi Field to the point that he stands so far off the plate he might as well try to hit from the dugout steps.

Order usa viagra online Not much you can do with the bullpen. Order usa viagra online As Bobby O said last night, order usa viagra online this runs in cycles, order usa viagra online the pen has gone from sugar to shit the last couple of weeks so hopefully they can sweeten themselves in the right direction. Order usa viagra online At this point though, order usa viagra online you could send Bobby Parnell back to Buffalo as he’s closer to driving a UPS truck as he is to being the closer of the future. Order usa viagra online It’s one thing to throw 95+ mph but to throw that hard and straight over the plate you get your tits lit up in the big leagues. Order usa viagra online Problem is who comes up? Manny Acosta has been great out of the Bison pen and John Lujan, order usa viagra online who looked good in spring training, order usa viagra online would be a nice candidate but really Alderson is at the bottom of the minor league pitching barrel. Order usa viagra online    

Order usa viagra online You have to feel for Terry Collins. Order usa viagra online He’s trying so hard to stay confident with his Buffalo Soldiers and maybe they are just not up to the task. Order usa viagra online No matter what level of baseball you’re talking about, order usa viagra online if you give the opposition 4, order usa viagra online 5, order usa viagra online 6 outs in an inning you will lose the majority of your games no matter what. Order usa viagra online Then add in an impotent offense that can’t get past 3 runs in a game, order usa viagra online well then you have nights like last night. Order usa viagra online Collins’ Buffalo Soldiers are starting to crumble as badly as Saddam Hussein Republican Guard. Order usa viagra online I hope Collins has a better luck than ol’ Saddam

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H h order script sec viagra Ahhhhhhhh Home Sweet Home and was I ever happy to leave camp, h h order script sec viagra in fact I’ll take watching our hitless (and witless) wonders over staying up all night on bear patrol.

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H h order script sec viagra Friday nights at camp has always been about celebrating the accomplishments of the boys and the camaraderie of the troop and the Leaders. H h order script sec viagra The Scout Leaders chip in and buy pizza and soda for the scouts and we also buy for the staff who helps us make our week run smooth.

H h order script sec viagra So myself and leader went and got 14 pizza’s and a couple of cases of soda. H h order script sec viagra After filling our bellies, h h order script sec viagra my son and I take a walk up to the medic to get the dressing on his injured finger changed. H h order script sec viagra As we come out of the medic office we see two of our leaders running up with one of our Scouts holding a blood soaked hand. H h order script sec viagra The young man sliced his finger sawing wood for the evening camp fire and had to go to the hospital to get 6 stitches. H h order script sec viagra As they leave, h h order script sec viagra the rest of the troop and four other leaders are headed to the field for the closing ceremonies so my son and I join in.

H h order script sec viagra As we join the formation the site commissioner grabs my arm and tells me that a bear has just gone through our site. H h order script sec viagra It seems the remaining troop did not police the area before leaving and a full pepperoni pizza was left on a table.

H h order script sec viagra When one of the site guides was walking through the back of our site, h h order script sec viagra he spotted the bear. H h order script sec viagra From his account, h h order script sec viagra the bear walked past the site and suddenly stopped and lifted up his head, h h order script sec viagra pointing his snout toward the sky and it seems the scent of the pizza appealed to him. H h order script sec viagra The bear hopped up on the table and grabbed the box and proceeded to enjoy a slice (no word on if he used proper Brooklyn pizza etiquette by folding the slice in half) While this went on, h h order script sec viagra the site guide radioed the Park Ranger who was tracking the bear and alerted him to the bear’s whereabouts. H h order script sec viagra The Ranger has a gun with rubber bullets and he then shot the bear in the ass causing the bear to yelp and run off toward the lake.

H h order script sec viagra So for the rest of the evening we kept the camp well lit and cleaned the camp like it was a hospital emergency room. H h order script sec viagra But I didn’t go to sleep until about 3AM when my relief took so I could get 3 hours sleep until it was time to get up and break camp.

H h order script sec viagra As great as it is to have a bear story it’s even better that I packed and extra pair of underwear. H h order script sec viagra They came in handy.

H h order script sec viagra Oh yeah about the deal, h h order script sec viagra The whole “Francoeur is a great defensive player” and now the spin from Flushing is we are going to turn this team into a pitching and defense first kind of squad to fit $iti Field is admirable but the fact is this was a deal for two guys neither team wanted around anymore. H h order script sec viagra But I’m fine with Frenchy even though is numbers have decreased each season since his rookie year and he is a very good right fielder with a plus arm. H h order script sec viagra Church never “wowed” me but he was done in by bad medical advice and a manager who had not faith in him so I wish him luck and good health in Atlanta. H h order script sec viagra Another plus for Francoeur is his nickname “Frenchy”

H h order script sec viagra

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