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Buy viagra internet Another day another story of the Skill Sets getting duped in another hocus-pocus financial scheme. Buy viagra internet The NY Times has a story on Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul getting involved with a guy named Samuel Israel III in a hedge fund that went sour and ended costing Freddy and Saul $13 mil to get out of hot water. Buy viagra internet I swear, buy viagra internet I my take a leave of absence from my job to write a screen play for a movie about the Skill Sets and their financial hanky panky.

Buy viagra internet Of course when you go public with news that part of your team is up for sale, buy viagra internet you get every Tom, buy viagra internet Dick and Civil Rights leader coming out of the woodwork saying they want in. Buy viagra internet They all want in at 20-25 % AND want a say in what goes on in the comings and goings of the team. Buy viagra internet Remember what I told you about the devil you know.

Buy viagra internet Oh yeah, buy viagra internet as a real co-winky dink, buy viagra internet MLB has award the 2013 All Star Game to the Mets. Buy viagra internet  The Used Car Salesman will help the Skill Sets by any means necessary as he faces a real shit storm here with the Mets taking on water and the battling McCourt’s  in LA tarnishing his two top NL franchises.

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Cheap viagra online How do they do it?  Mets management is not very good at many things but finding ailments for players who are of no use to the team and sending them off on an all expenses paid trip to the DL, cheap viagra online they excel at. Cheap viagra online So now Fernando Tatis join Oliver Perez, cheap viagra online  John Maine and Luis Castillo in Mets purgatory.  Tatis is on the DL with a shoulder (wink, cheap viagra online wink ) ailment and Raul Valdes has been recalled.

Cheap viagra online Hummmmmmmm so Jerry Manuel moans and groans about needing another arm in his pen and a seldom used spare part comes down with a sore enough shoulder to go disabled, cheap viagra online how convenient. Cheap viagra online It pays to be pals with the Used Car Salesman. Cheap viagra online

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Viagra professionsl One the great mysteries of the 201 0season is the astonishing difference between the Mets playing at home and what happens to them away from Queens. Viagra professionsl At home the Mets are the best team in baseball winning 22 of 31 in the spacious confines on $iti Field but away from home they’re as homesick as a first time summer camper going 8-18. Viagra professionsl Just think, viagra professionsl if the Mets went 12-14 on the road their record would be 34-23 and in first place in the NL East. Viagra professionsl If they went 14-12 on the road that would have put them at 36-21 and not only in first place in the NL East but the best record in the NL. Viagra professionsl Go figure?

Viagra professionsl Why is this? Well, viagra professionsl last night I had the pleasure of joining Pat Nestor on NYB Blog Live on Blog Talk Radio and one of the subjects we discussed was why is it that the Mets are studs at home and duds on the road. Viagra professionsl Pat and I both felt that Mets batters when they go into places like Cincinnati or Philly see the smaller dimensions and feel they can get their swing on in those hitters ball parks, viagra professionsl where as at home the batters have come to the realization that hitting to the gaps are the way to go so maybe it’s the radical change in hitting philosophy that hurts them on the road. Viagra professionsl Just a theory. 

Viagra professionsl While on the subject of radio, viagra professionsl tomorrow night at 10PM ET on This Call To The Bullpen on Blog Talk Radio my guest will be Shannon Shark of The Mets Police. Viagra professionsl No black caps or jerseys allowed, viagra professionsl proper Blue and Orange attire only.

Viagra professionsl You know worlds are colliding when I agree with Bill Madden who took Fredi Gonzalez to task for some curious in game managing yesterday and then pointing out that one time around the block with Hisanori Takahashi is good the second and third time not good at all, viagra professionsl back to the pen with you Mr. Viagra professionsl T.

Viagra professionsl I have no idea who the Mets will draft tonight in the First-Year Player Draft but I just hope with the 7th pick the club takes the best player available slotting, viagra professionsl be damned. Viagra professionsl I’m just hoping the Skill Sets with the cozy friendship with the Used Car Salesman don’t have a deal in place where they do not go over slot in exchange for a sign off from the Commissioners Office on the Ollie Perez “injury” (ouch! Something in my eye) The consensus pick for the Mets by the way is Zack Cox a solid hitting infielder from Arkansas.

Viagra professionsl With all the talk about finding an 8th inning reliever how about calling the Astros to deal Matt Lindstrom to the Mets?  Lindstrom’s been closing for the ‘Stros which is waste of his talent and that fastball/slider would be a fine compliment to Frankie Rodriguez and his 1, viagra professionsl001 variations of pitches.

Viagra professionsl I spent the day at Coney Island yesterday eating food I have no business eating but the strangest sight of the day (and on Coney Island it takes a super human effort to be strange) were four people sitting next to us at Nathan’s (I need to know if they serve Nathan’s fries with cheese and bacon in heaven or hell so I know to either clean up my act if they’re served in heaven or continue my evil ways if they’re served in hell) were four the ugliest looking family of white trash decked out in Philadelphia Flyers garb. Viagra professionsl I wanted to ask them what the fuck they were doing here in Coney Island but I didn’t want to ruin my appetite.

Viagra professionsl What is it about a baseball that makes people lose their mind? I’ve been going to baseball games since I’m 6 years old and I have never caught a foul ball at a game, viagra professionsl and I couldn’t care less if I ever did. Viagra professionsl Same thing with the stupid t-shirt toss, viagra professionsl I have more t-shirts than an adult middle aged man should own so why would I risk breaking an arm or a leg for a t-shirt that reads Pepsi Party Patrol on it but people do.

Viagra professionsl Oh yeah, viagra professionsl I want this with my Nathan’s Fries with cheese and bacon. Viagra professionsl I hope that goes on in hell too

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Viagra After reading about Dwight Gooden getting arrested for DWI, viagra I can now say I’m done with him.

Viagra With all the screaming a yelling over steroid and HGH use, viagra I wish all that anger went against people who drive drunk. Viagra Think about what is worse, viagra taking something to hit a ball a bit further or to revive your muscular system, viagra or driving a car drunk where you can kill innocent people and yourself ? According to the police report Gooden had a child in the car. Viagra UN-FUCKING-REAL.

Viagra Looks like fans, viagra the Mets, viagra the Highlanders, viagra and the Newark Bears need to stop being his enablers. Viagra Every time he runs afoul with the law, viagra he gets help by one of those teams I mentioned and adulation from both fan bases in NYC.

Viagra If these charges are true and he’s convicted, viagra I hope the judge has the balls to throw his ass in jail and then I want the Used Car Salesman to ban him from baseball.

Viagra UPDATE: I thought Gooden was drunk but it was high on drugs just as bad THROW THE BOOK AT HIM You want to get high? You want get shit faced? STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Purchasing cialis  

Purchasing cialis After yesterday’s ass whipping by the Braves a game where another player went down with a leg muscle strain and a player who allegedly is getting released by today pitched like his usual shitty self the thought came over me as maybe the Mets should get involved in a reverse pennant race, purchasing cialis the race for the top pick in the 2010 Entry Draft.

Purchasing cialis  

Purchasing cialis Right now the Nationals again lead the way for the first overall pick in the next draft with a 26-65 record and lead the Mets by 17 games for that pick. Purchasing cialis Unless the Mets assign the rest of the big league team on the DL (not a bad idea, purchasing cialis eh?) and bring up the whole Buffalo Bisons team then the Mets have no shot at beating DC for the top pick. Purchasing cialis The next team in line would be the Cleveland Indians who at 36-57 lead the Mets by a mere 8 games. Now passing the Indians could be done with the help of keeping Tim Redding not only on the team but putting him in the rotation and giving D-Wright the rest of the summer off and pitching Ollie Perez on two days rest.

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Purchasing cialis Say this happened, purchasing cialis no not Wright’s vacation or Redding and Perez every other day but say the Mets tank to the point of finishing with the second worst record in baseball, purchasing cialis they would have a shot at drafting Bryce Harper.

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Purchasing cialis You’ve all read about Bryce Harper, purchasing cialis who has been hailed as the next great thing since the birth of Jesus. Purchasing cialis Harper just 16 years old will skip his junior and senior years of high school by obtaining a GED and enrolling in Junior College with the sole purpose of being drafted number 1 in the next draft. Purchasing cialis Now where this gets interesting is if the Nationals have that pick would they draft Harper who will probably ask for part of the franchise to sign after dealing with Scott Boras in their dealing with Stephen Strasburg? Can the Nationals shell out big bucks for two potential super start players? Would Freddy Skill Sets call in his marker with the Used Car Salesman to rig the draft so the Mets could get their hands on Harper? Am I drunk? Oh sorry no, purchasing cialis  but when your team is 10 games off the pace and players are dropping to wayside every game the only thing to hang your hat on is securing a top 10 draft pick. Purchasing cialis Sad isn’t it?

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Viagra cialis cheap  

Viagra cialis cheap The All Star break is over and we head for the second half of the season tonight on Pro Baseball Central we will discuss the Mets disappointing first half and what direction this team needs to take which  is one of the great complex question of our time, viagra cialis cheap plus we will monitor the Mets-Braves game live. Viagra cialis cheap We will also talk about the NY Highlanders with our guest Rebecca Glass the author of the Highlander blog This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes. Viagra cialis cheap Join us live at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio live or listen to the podcast at your leisure at our site or right here at TEKS.

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Viagra cialis cheap After The Used Car Salesman ranted and raved about Manny Ramirez going to the bushes to get in shape before ending his 50 game sentence the Phillies after signing Petey to a $1.5 mil deal was placed on the 15 day DL with a “strained (wink-wink, viagra cialis cheap nod-nod) shoulder. Viagra cialis cheap This was done because Petey wouldn’t sign a minor league deal so the Phills skirted the issue with the bogus DL placement. Viagra cialis cheap Am I a bitter jilted Mets fan? YES. Viagra cialis cheap Yes I am. Viagra cialis cheap I’m not rational when it comes with Petey going to the Cheesesteakers I’m the jilted lover who will now try to make his life miserable.

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Viagra price comparison Due to a rap concert after the game Saturday, viagra price comparison the Marlins decided for some reason to start that nights game at 6PM instead of 7PM why? Beats the shit out of me as I’m sure the Gang Bangers that want to hear Flo-Rida rap out “LOW” (luv them Apple Bottom Jeans girlfriend) don’t mind staying up a little later on a Saturday night so if I’m going rip anyone a new asshole over this it’s has to be the Florida Marlins  and that little stooge David Samson.

Viagra price comparison I won’t let the Skill Sets off easy either as they should be using their muscle in getting the Used Car Salesman to force the Fish into changing the time of the game.

Viagra price comparison I’d kill FOX but that’s a lost cause as any company that thinks having Doofus Joe Buck and Tim Mc Fullofshit as it’s lead team is beyond help

Viagra price comparison You know what makes this even worse, viagra price comparison and you all know I’m right, viagra price comparison this would never ever happen to the team in the Bronx. Viagra price comparison I’m no fan of the Bronx Robber Baron but he would have put a foot up someones ass over this.

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Sorry about the technical difficulties but a big thank you to Joe Mc Donald for putting it on the lift and changing the spark plugs. Archive blog buy inurl viagra We are farrrrrrrrrr behind so here we go:


The only thing better than the Mets winning on opening day is winning on opening day when the next day is an off day as my pals who are Highlander supporters are all walking around aimlessly muttering “What the fuck, archive blog buy inurl viagra what the fuck” after going 0-1 <dancing like Michael Flatley>


I am calling for an all out boycott of FOX Game of the Week this Saturday and every Saturday the Mets are not a participant if they black out the Mets-Marlins game in NYC. Archive blog buy inurl viagra The biggest problem he is the dipshit Marlins management starting the game at 6PM due to a concert that’s schedule for after the game. Archive blog buy inurl viagra Be that as it may, archive blog buy inurl viagra this black out rule is total bullshit and even though FOX has a contract with MLB and has this exclusive window, archive blog buy inurl viagra it would be nice if the Used Car Salesman would step up and come to the aid of the one franchise that walks lock step with every edict handed down from his office and get FOX to lift the ban in NYC. Archive blog buy inurl viagra The game is not scheduled to be televised in South Florida (let that roll around in your head for moment a local baseball game not televised. Archive blog buy inurl viagra Yeah I’m stupefied too) but I guess all five Marlins fans don’t care but not us Mets fans as I’m ready to take hostages if I miss an hour of Saturday’ game.


Good post by The Mets Police on the Mets management dropping the ball (which they do as well as the ’62 team) in not putting more historic markings in the parking lot that was once Shea Stadium.


Tim Marchman (one of my fav writers and I do miss the NY Sun sports page) has a great column on WSJ on the cutting back of sports coverage in newspapers. Archive blog buy inurl viagra In cities like Pittsburgh the Post-Gazette may not even send a beat guy on the road to follow the Pirates and even the Old Grey Lady is cutting back on-site reporting. Archive blog buy inurl viagra Marchman points out how bloggers and other web based writers have really taken over in covering games either being at the games or just covering them from TV but are able to file a story or opinion as soon as the game is over. Archive blog buy inurl viagra It is stunning to guy of my generation who had to wait to get the NY Post when it was an afternoon only paper, archive blog buy inurl viagra to read about games on the West Coast, archive blog buy inurl viagra now I can read those stories with my Cheerios, archive blog buy inurl viagra first thing in the AM.


Quick observations on yesterday’s game:


I was nervous in the first inning as Johan had trouble with command but he adjusts brilliantly after that to pitch a gem.


Yes, archive blog buy inurl viagra The Gangsta’ left a ton of guys on base but please come off the ledge and stop with the “here we go again” lament at least until the end of this series 


Highlander fans won’t tell you to your face but they love our Daniel Murphy because he reminds them of Don Mattingly and it kills them that they have Douche Bag Rodriguez and we have not only D-Wright but Danny Baseball. Archive blog buy inurl viagra


PLEASE, archive blog buy inurl viagra PLEASE, archive blog buy inurl viagra PLEASE I’m beeeggggggggggggginnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg you NO MORE BLACK UNIFORMS!!!!!!! And ditch those two-tone hats!!!!!!! Mex and Ronnie hit it out of the park, archive blog buy inurl viagra the Mets gray roadie is CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!


Now that’s a bullpen!             

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Maybe I’m just a cynical prick, viagra how much but this whole “Bernie Madoff stole my fortune” just doesn’t movemy sympathy needle one iota. Viagra how much It’s not like Freddy and Uncle Saul will be moving back to a one bedroom apartment above an Asian fish market in Bensonhurst any time soon, viagra how much sure Bernie Madoff fucked the Skill Sets over and what makes it worse Madoff was a long time pal of Freddy Skill Sets but I’m sure  Freddy, viagra how much Jeffy, viagra how much Uncle Saul and the whole Skill Set clan will not be getting WIC cards sent to there Gold Coast homes any time soon, viagra how much so save your tears for the men and women of the U.S. Viagra how much Military who are protecting you and for the first responders in your area who are on the scene when needed in emergency situation who are woefully underpaid for the services they provide us. Viagra how much Remember as well Manny is not a Mets not because of Madoff but because of the Used Car Salesman.


The Skill Sets worship at the altar of Selig and do what ever he commands them to do. Viagra how much It’s the baseball version of Jonestown. Viagra how much The Mets are not going over budget because Selig doesn’t want them going over the salary cap. Viagra how much What salary cap? The best salary cap in all of sports that’s what. Viagra how much The NFL, viagra how much NBA, viagra how much and NHL all have hard caps but the difference between those three and baseball‘ is they have a minimum payroll you have to adhere to, viagra how much in baseball that is not an issue you can havea $20 mil payroll like the Marlins and never get a new stadium but they still make money playing on a football field in front of a lot of folded up chairs because once the get their cut from MLB (all inclusive with  national TV/radio, viagra how much MLB.com etc. Viagra how much they’ve made payroll before they even sell a ticket) or a $190 mil payroll like the Highlanders and throw some coin in the pot for the oppressed small market kids that it seems the Skill Sets aspire to become if not for the fact that so many damn people keep showing up at the ballpark and watch and listen on TV and radio even they would feel shamed in acting in that manner.


As bizarre as this may sound I actually like Freddy Skill Sets (his kid is another story) because we are both from around the same neighborhood in Brooklyn and he is a very charitable guy and really my only beef with him and the rest of the Skill Sets in command of the organization is the way they allow themselves to walk lock step with Emperor Selig. Viagra how much


It’s like a game of Simon Says with the Mets when it comes to commissioner’s office more like a Selig Says. Viagra how much “Selig says, viagra how much do not go over the luxury tax”.  “Selig says, viagra how much make sure you use the slotting system in the free agent draft”. Viagra how much “Selig says, viagra how much build a new ball park but figure out a way to get some tax payer dough to do it” 


If the Skill Sets would just come out say they have had enough of the oppression put on them by Selig and Co. Viagra how much and acted like they should, viagra how much the flagship team of the National League, viagra how much playing in the biggest and greatest city in the world before some of the most passionate fans in sports, viagra how much I would never utter the name Skill Set in vain again in fact I would reach out to some of my “Brooklyn friends” to see what could be done about this Madoff guy. Viagra how much Anything for you Freddy, viagra how much I’d even sit down and have a Dr. Viagra how much Browns with Jeffey to burrythe hatchet if that’s what it would take to get you to regain focus. Viagra how much

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Low cost cialis Why? as per Deadspin, low cost cialis Eyre was the Phillies pitcher would gave the greatest quote about the Used Car Salesman and his Commissionership when asked about Bud and the postponement of Game 5:

Low cost cialis {“That fucking guy (Selig) I wouldn’t let him supervise one of my shits”}

Low cost cialis Classic fucking line 

Low cost cialis  

Low cost cialis By the way check out the link at the bottom of that Deadspin post  of one nasty t shirt. Low cost cialis If I see this guy in NYC I will slice his balls off

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