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Cialis 100 mg I’m trying to process the words of Terry Collins earlier today as he has declared Ike Davis will stay a big leaguer for the time being. Cialis 100 mg Is this the best thing for the Mets? Is this the best thing for Ike?

Cialis 100 mg Yesterday during our Mets bloggers conference call with Rusty Staub, cialis 100 mg Staub thought that Ike would benefit from a trip to Triple A and not look at it as a demotion but a way to get his game right (big time tip of the Mets cap to Mathew Artus of Amazin’ Avenue for putting together the transcript of the Staub conference call) :

Cialis 100 mg Mike Branda (Mets Merized Online): My question is actually currently in regards to what we’ve seen with Ike Davis lately. Cialis 100 mg Every hitter is obviously going to see a tough time at the plate. Cialis 100 mg There’s going to be maybe a month where you’re just not going to see the ball right. Cialis 100 mg You’re just not getting the hits, cialis 100 mg the swing, cialis 100 mg anything. Cialis 100 mg What are things that a hitting coach or has done to just help you through a tough time at the plate?

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Cialis 100 mg Rusty Staub: Well, cialis 100 mg the most important thing you have to understand is yourself, cialis 100 mg okay? I don’t know what’s happening; I’m not privy to anything that’s being said down in that dugout. Cialis 100 mg I don’t have an idea what the hitting instructor is talking to Ike Davis about. Cialis 100 mg But, cialis 100 mg Ike Davis came up as a very good young prospect as a hitter and he had very good talent. Cialis 100 mg And right now he’s so messed up in his head, cialis 100 mg it’s beyond comprehension.

Cialis 100 mg  I’ve watched the Mets on TV quite a bit and I mean he’s had the bat in different positions. Cialis 100 mg He’s pumping that thing up and down. Cialis 100 mg I don’t think he’s giving himself much of a chance. Cialis 100 mg I think he’s got to slow it down and be quieter and not have so much… especially if your hands start moving down when that ball is coming, cialis 100 mg you’re not getting there. Cialis 100 mg He does that a lot.

Cialis 100 mg He’s going to get out of this thing. Cialis 100 mg Whether he’s got to go to the minors and get himself together… I had to do that once myself in my career. Cialis 100 mg What Ike has to start doing is starting himself in knowing why he’s doing well what he’s doing well and have an idea. Cialis 100 mg Every pitcher has a strength and a weakness. Cialis 100 mg Some of them don’t have as many weaknesses as others, cialis 100 mg but you can’t go up there hoping. Cialis 100 mg You have to go up there with an idea of what you want to do against that pitcher and you try to execute that. Cialis 100 mg Right now, cialis 100 mg I think he’s so confused. Cialis 100 mg I’m not too sure getting a little time to get his act together wouldn’t be the best thing in the world for the young man, cialis 100 mg as terrible as that sounds. Cialis 100 mg Ike will be back. Cialis 100 mg It’s just not easy to hit the type of long-term injury he had in the previous year and come back automatically swinging the bat great.

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Cialis 100 mg With the season ending injury last year and the bout of Valley Fever this year, cialis 100 mg you’d figure that Davis would take a little time to get his offensive game on track but no one thought he’d struggle like he has so far. Cialis 100 mg Maybe it’s effecting his defense as he has not been as crisp at 1st base as we are used to seeing. Cialis 100 mg Rusty mentions Ike’s hands as Keith Hernandez has as well on Mets telecasts, cialis 100 mg it seems Ike has developed this bad habit of dropping his hands and brings them back up then down again when he’s ready to turn on a ball; this seems like a habit he can’t break.

Cialis 100 mg On the other hand, cialis 100 mg Ike seems genuinely touched that Terry Collins is showing faith in him to get back on track and I understand Collins making the statement he did today as he hopes it stops all the is Ike going to Buffalo talk for a while but with news that Jason Bay is ready to start playing DH in rehab games in extended spring training, cialis 100 mg if Ike is still on the Interstate when Bay is ready to rejoin the team, cialis 100 mg the Mets will have no choice but to send him to Buffalo.

Cialis 100 mg So all Collins vote of confidence does is but Ike some time to get right on offense and maybe stop all the third degree from the media about his inevitable re-assignment.

Cialis 100 mg It’s now up to Ike to back up his managers words.

Cialis 100 mg  

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Buy cialis online viagra Chris Jaffe over at The Hardball Times has another stellar article up at that site this time chronicling the career of Roberto Alomar who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend.

Buy cialis online viagra The highlights of the article are Alomar’s halcyon days as a Blue Jay and the dramatic fall his career took when he came to the Mets from the Indians.

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Cialis online canada While the Skill sets obsess over their falling financial empire, cialis online canada I’m obsessing over Jose Reyes. Cialis online canada Maybe I’m wrong but I wish he were one of the players already working out in St. Cialis online canada Lonesome. Cialis online canada Sure D-Wright is there and a number of other players and Reyes doesn’t have to report until next week (technically he doesn’t have to report until March 1 as per the CBA) but the thought of him and Wright working out together and   doing some strength and conditioning work would lift my winter/my team is run by a bunch of brokesters blues.

Cialis online canada This is the biggest year of Jose’s career and I would think he’d be breaking down the gates to get to camp and get ready to prove to Sandy Alderson that he’s of sound mind and baseball body for the 2011 season.

Cialis online canada Or maybe it’s just that I would love to see a positive story that includes the words New York Mets

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