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Cialis tablets foreign

Izzy For Pitching Mets Coach Ohhhhh this makes so much sense!!!

It has been a while since I thought about Yusmeiro Petit. Cialis tablets foreign Back in 2004 and 2005 Petit was moving at shooting star pace in the Mets minor league system, cialis tablets foreign with great command of his pitches, cialis tablets foreign none of which was a blazing fastball. Cialis tablets foreign In fact there were some “oooohhhs” let out by Mets fans when he was a piece in the deal that brought Carlos Delgado to the Mets from the Marlins but hey, cialis tablets foreign you have to give up something to get something right?

As great as Petit’s numbers were with the Mets minor leagues, cialis tablets foreign they never translated to the big leagues and Petit became a stumble bum of an arm. Cialis tablets foreign  So it was a shock when perusing Twitter last night I saw that Petit had a perfect game going through 7 innings. Cialis tablets foreign  I then saw that the game was the D’Backs vs. Cialis tablets foreign Giants and I thought that’s nice that the D’Backs brought him up from the minors, cialis tablets foreign I had no idea the Petit was with the Giants. Cialis tablets foreign When did that happen?

What a heartbreaker for Petit to go 8.2 innings of perfect pitching to lose it to a 3-2 barely out of the reach of Hunter Pence single to right field.

Petit has banged around the big leagues and in Mexico, cialis tablets foreign hell the Giants cut him twice to have room on the 40 man roster and each time he resigned just to stay in the organization and pitch in Fresno. Cialis tablets foreign It’s a shame that Petit didn’t get the perfect game as it would have been nice to have a perfect game on his imperfect resume.

While everyone is having flashbacks over Scott Kazmir’ Mets career and the reliving the Victor Zambrano trade that was made 9 years ago since Kazmir K’d 12 Mets last night, cialis tablets foreign we seem to be missing the big picture, cialis tablets foreign Zack Wheeler needs to be shut down for the season. Cialis tablets foreign Wheeler had major command issues last night and looked like he could not get comfortable on the mound. Cialis tablets foreign All are warning signs that Wheeler is an injury waiting to happen. Cialis tablets foreign  Does it really matter who starts in his place? Isn’t more important to shut him down and let him get ready for St. Cialis tablets foreign Lonesome in 2014? Can someone wake up Dan Warthen and have him protect his pitcher?

Speaking of Warthen, cialis tablets foreign how about replacing him with Jason Isringhusen as Mets pitching coach? Izzy may be the most responsible for the emergence of Bobby Parnell as a top flight closer. Cialis tablets foreign Izzy worked with Parnell on mastering the knuckle curve and I’m sure he gave him the life lesson on how to be an effective closer. Cialis tablets foreign Izzy also would be a great guy to have on staff to advise the new generation of Mets pitchers on the trials and tribulations of what a young talented player will go through pitching in NYC. Cialis tablets foreign  He has also gone through the bumps and bruises of a big league career from being a starter and then converted to reliever to suffering injuries and a few arm surgeries as well. Cialis tablets foreign Izzy is just one season removed from being an active player so he knows how to relate to today’s pitchers. Cialis tablets foreign  I think Izzy taking the Mets pitching staff under his wing would a solid hire.

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Us cialis  

Us cialis Carlos Beltran, us cialis another former Mets fan lighting rod returns to Flushing for the first time since he was traded to the Giants last summer and his return has stirred Mets fans passions. Us cialis I never could understand the ire of Mets fans toward Beltran. Us cialis Yes I know that called 3rd strike from Adam Wainright (tonight’s Cards starting pitcher by the way) has stuck in many a Mets fan craw but what the critics forget is Beltran  made a major contribution in that series hitting at .296/.387/.667 clip with 3 HR’s. Us cialis It just added to his outstanding season, us cialis one of the best season ever by a Mets player where Beltran bashed 41 HR’s drove in 144 runs and complied a robust .982 OPS, us cialis good for a 4th place finish in the MVP voting plus a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Award as well.

Us cialis I’ve always felt Beltran’s disconnect with the Mets fan base was due to his mistrust of the front office that was in place during the bulk of Beltran’s tenure as a Met. Us cialis It’s quite interesting that the front office had Latino‘s in top management positions, us cialis yet they did not mesh well with two of the best players on the team Beltran and Carlos Delgado, us cialis both men who are held in high esteem in the Latin community. Us cialis Beltran never had a great relationship with Omar Minaya as proven with the botched medical care the Mets GM presided over when Beltran had to go on his own to Colorado to see a specialist to deal with his deep bone bruise in his knee and Beltran has said on many occasions that he never felt respected by the club. Us cialis It wasn’t until Terry Collins took over as manager of the Mets that Beltran felt comfortable and respected as a Met.  I have no doubt that Beltran’s Mets career would be looked at in a much more positive light if Terry Collins was his manager from day one.

Us cialis Beltran was never a problem or embarrassment to this organization. Us cialis The P.R. Us cialis debacle of the missed trip to Walter Reed Hospital was handled terribly by the Mets.  That and the medical mess ups really made Beltran become withdrawn. Us cialis The Mets should have been in front of the missed trip to Walter Reed by explaining  that Beltran’s return to Puerto Rico to open a school he helped build was scheduled long before the Walter Reed trip was planned. Us cialis A player should have the confront knowing that the organization has his back and would have a simple explanation instead of adding to the cluster fuck the Walter Reed trip became. Us cialis Never would something like this happen today with this administration running the Mets.

Us cialis Mets fans hold a grudge as well against Beltran because of the rumor that his agent Scott Boras called the Highlanders while negotiating with the Mets, us cialis offering Beltran’s service to the Bronx Bastards for less money. Us cialis  It irked me too. Us cialis But when you look at the seven year career Beltran had with the Mets he had one of the greatest careers of any Met in history.

Us cialis If fans want to boo Beltran tonight that’s their prerogative but before they do I would hope they look at Beltran’s career numbers with the Mets and remember that he also would buy a suit for every minor leaguer who came up to the team so they had clothes to wear on the road and that he had David Wright and Jose Reyes join him at his home in the winter to workout with him when he first joined the club. Us cialis Unfortunately to the narrow minded, us cialis none that means anything and for that you can’t blame Beltran.

Us cialis  

Us cialis  

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Buy viagra in canada

Buy viagra in canada  

Buy viagra in canada I’ve been away from my duties here at Kranepool Society for a couple of days, buy viagra in canada so I’ve got a lot to catch up on:

Buy viagra in canada Anthony McCarron writes about David Wright today in the NY Daily News on how the Mets have for the first time in his close to 8 year career, buy viagra in canada become HIS team. Buy viagra in canada Wright has always been deferential to vets like Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran and made a concerted effort to share the spotlight with Jose Reyes but now that they are dearly departed it’s finally David Wright’s team and though he would never say it, buy viagra in canada he has to be thrilled to death that it is.

Buy viagra in canada Wright is not the rah-rah fiery type, buy viagra in canada although he did show that side of him after the Carrasco-Braun hit by pitch affair, buy viagra in canada Wright shows the leadership a young team like the Mets needs. Buy viagra in canada When a 7+ year vet is the first to report to spring training and the first one to the ball park and the last one to leave, buy viagra in canada plays through pain and never skirts from his responsibility to speak to the media win or lose, buy viagra in canada it sets the tone to the rest of the team that Wright’s Way is the Mets Way. Buy viagra in canada One doesn’t need a long term history lesson to see that this Mets clubhouse is more professional and more cohesive than we’ve seen in a long time and it bodes well for the future of this franchise.

Buy viagra in canada Credit for the professional turnaround has to go to Terry Collins as well. Buy viagra in canada Think back to when TC was hired as Mets manager, buy viagra in canada we all had our doubts due to his previous track record as the manager but it’s a real testament to Collins that he re-invented himself at an age when most folks are rock solid set in their ways.  Most Mets fans clamored for Wally Backman to run this team and while I’m a Wally fan, buy viagra in canada I can’t see anyone else but Terry Collins running this team for the next two seasons at least. Buy viagra in canada If anyone deserves a hike in pay and a two year extension of his contract it’s Terry Collins.

Buy viagra in canada Boy if I could take anything back that I’ve written on this site, buy viagra in canada it may be what I posted the other day about moving Scott Hairston to make room for Jason Bay when he comes back from his rib injury. Buy viagra in canada I’ve taken what Hairston brings to this team for granted and if anything having Mike Baxter and Hairston on the bench for the Mets is a great strength.

Buy viagra in canada Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ bat has cooled off, buy viagra in canada as to be expected but his strikeout rate has to give the front office some concern that the word has gotten out to throw Kirk a steady diet of breaking balls, buy viagra in canada so a trip back upstate may not be the worst thing in the world for Nieuwenhuis who seems to have the mindset to take a demotion not as a negative but a chance to work on his deficiency of hitting breaking pitches as his ticket back to the big leagues for good.

Buy viagra in canada The one thing that could keep Captain Kirk with the Mets is the fact that it is now not if Ike Davis should be sent to Buffalo it’s more like a lock he’s going once Bay comes back. Buy viagra in canada  The Marlins just sent their struggling 1st baseman Gaby Sanchez to Triple A to work his way back to being the All-Star he was last year. Buy viagra in canada The Mets just cannot afford to play Ike every day with zero production and a stint in Buffalo should not be taken as a punishment but as an opportunity for Ike to get his groove back.

Buy viagra in canada It’s amazing that the sports media dickheads in NYC who have been given the assignment to cover the NY Rangers during their playoff run are so lazy and so lacking in talent that they can’t see what this team is built on hard work, buy viagra in canada commitment to the team and the mindset that everyone is responsible for their actions on the ice and if you fuck up, buy viagra in canada you ride the pine. Buy viagra in canada Doesn’t matter if you’re a multimillionaire all-star or a kid fresh off a college campus if you make a mistake that hurts the team you sit, buy viagra in canada you stew and you make damn sure you don’t do it again. Buy viagra in canada It’s the same with some of these idiots who now question the Rangers commitment to blocking shots, buy viagra in canada guess what assholes, buy viagra in canada how do you think this team has gotten to where it is? Oh and for all the fawning you schmucks have been doing over Marty Brodeur, buy viagra in canada stop acting like lemmings calling him the greatest goaltender in hockey history, buy viagra in canada just because you’ve heard some of your overheated brethren say it. Buy viagra in canada Sure it’s easy to look at his career stats and says he’s the best ever and I am by no means saying he isn’t a Hall of Famer but to say he’s the best ever is a slight to Jacques Plante, buy viagra in canada Terry Sawchuck, buy viagra in canada Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy. Buy viagra in canada Take some time to read up on those four before you give Marty the crown of greatest ever and remember as good as Brodeur is, buy viagra in canada he’s no KING!

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Viagra generic Last night I attended the media hour before the Thurman Munson Dinner to benefit AHRC of New York. Viagra generic Among the many guest invited to the event were Mets Daniel Murphy and R.A. Viagra generic Dickey and a surprise guest that I chatted with, viagra generic former Met Carlos Delgado.

Viagra generic In talking to Murphy he has to be the most optimistic person of Irish ancestry I’ve ever met. Viagra generic  As you can hear in this clip, viagra generic Murphy feels the Mets can contend in the NL East and beyond. Viagra generic  He also speaks of the work he has to do in order to play 2nd base this season and the fact that he has been working out with the cooperation of the fine weather in his hometown of Jacksonville Florida .

Viagra generic After Murphy, viagra generic R.A. Viagra generic Dickey was made available to us for a Q & A session and of course R.A. Viagra generic was in fine form with thoughtful answers about his climb of Mt. Viagra generic Kilimanjaro, viagra generic his hope that Johan Santana can come back and reclaim his spot as Ace of the pitching staff and his pragmatic view of the upcoming season for the Mets in a very tough NL East as you can here is this clip and this clip.

Viagra generic After talking to both Dickey and Murphy, viagra generic I thought about all the angst and anger of Mets fans over this off season towards ownership of the team. Viagra generic I thought about all those who say they won’t come out to Citi Field as they feel it’s a show of support of the Wilpon’s. Viagra generic  To those fans I say, viagra generic I feel sorry for you. Viagra generic While talking to Dickey and to Murphy , viagra generic the thought came to me that I can’t wait for the season to begin because I can’t wait to root for both these guys as they are more than worthy of positive support.

Viagra generic Murph is the guy who blocks out the negativity. Viagra generic When the media scrum dispersed from the group Q & A, viagra generic I was lucky enough to hang around and got to talk to him one on one (I turned off the recorder because I just wanted to have casual conversation) and one topic we discussed was the negativity of the organization from a segment of the media and the fan base and does that negativity ever creep into the clubhouse. Viagra generic He told me it doesn’t because the manager, viagra generic who I believe Murph has tremendous respect for, viagra generic would never allow it and he also felt that the guys in the clubhouse are united in such a way that “woes is us” would never make it past the outside clubhouse door.

Viagra generic From Dickey I get a guy who is very confident in his ability and seems to have grown as a big league pitcher but the days of struggle are always in the forefront of his mind. Viagra generic Where Murph seems to be the half full guy, viagra generic I wouldn’t say that Dickey is a glass half empty guy but more of a realist who has been around a while and knows the score.

Viagra generic A pleasant surprise of the evening was running into Carlos Delgado who looks in great shape (dare I say The best shape of his life?) and was quite gracious in giving me a portions of his time to talk about the Mets of the present and his experience as a Met and playing in New York in this clip.

Viagra generic When I was done talking to Murphy and Dickey I went over to the refreshment table to grab a bottle of water, viagra generic it was there I met up with legendary  St. Viagra generic John’s coach Lou Carnesecca, viagra generic who was on hand to present an award to Chris Mullin at the dinner. Viagra generic Again I didn’t have my recorder on as my conversation with the Coach was more a casual deal than an interview. Viagra generic  He told me about having dinner with John Franco on Monday night and how happy he was that the Mets will honor him on June 3 with induction into the Mets Hall of Fame. Viagra generic It was easy to see the love and pride Carnesecca has for Franco, viagra generic the coach then asked me if I thought Franco would get into Cooperstown, viagra generic I was as diplomatic as could be in saying it would be very tough. Viagra generic I went on to tell the coach about my wedding day and how happy I was there was a TV in the limousine, viagra generic as I’m seen and heard in our wedding video wanting to watch St. Viagra generic Johns-Auburn second round NCAA Tournament game. Viagra generic  Carnesecca laughed and then said “Jesus, viagra generic you remember that game”? He then asked me to sit down with him and talk about basketball. Viagra generic That was quite an honor.

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Canadian viagra best deals

Canadian viagra best deals Last week at this time, canadian viagra best deals it was Armageddon outside my house with rain and wind. Canadian viagra best deals Today, canadian viagra best deals the sun is shining and the temperature’s soring to the mid-70’s today so this will be a real quickie post as  I’m going out to play, canadian viagra best deals I may even break out the shorts, canadian viagra best deals but before I head out a few items:

Canadian viagra best deals Looks like Mike Jacobs is the in line for the 25th spot on the roster as he not only will give Daniel Murphy a run at first base bit he is valuable and an emergency catcher. Canadian viagra best deals Jacobs has no problem stepping in if asked to catch, canadian viagra best deals in fact he has order a catchers mitt and is working down in the bullpen to hone his skills. Canadian viagra best deals Carlos Delgado was a catcher at one time but he made it known under no circumstances would he go behind the plate. Canadian viagra best deals  One more reason why I’m glad Delgado’s gone.

Canadian viagra best deals Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports has a must read column on the shakedown artists at the World Anti-Doping Association who keep trying to embarrass MLB to the point it sends more cash it’s way for the witch hunt of chasing athletes for PED use. Canadian viagra best deals  I know the Congress and the President  have a lot on their plate these days but someone needs to reign in the FBI agents wasting money and man power chasing down Barry Bonds, canadian viagra best deals Roger  Clemens and other athletes about their use of PED’s. Canadian viagra best deals  You want to say Bonds and Clemens are assholes ? You get no argument from me but if you’re going to start putting people in jail for that then Glen Beck needs to be on Death Row.

Canadian viagra best deals Jenry Mejia pitched yesterday and is slated to go again today. Canadian viagra best deals Not a good sign if you ask me. Canadian viagra best deals Looks like Manuel is pushing for Mejia to join the Mets bullpen when the right move would be to let him start in Buffalo. Canadian viagra best deals Also John Maine goes today against the Cardinals, canadian viagra best deals time to step up Johnny.

Canadian viagra best deals The Nationals have sent Jesus Strasbug  to their minor league camp. Canadian viagra best deals  Look for Jesus to be resurrected sometime in May, canadian viagra best deals as it will buy the Nats an extra year of control over the Savior.

Canadian viagra best deals Johan Santana BELIEVES!!!!! Someone has to I guess.

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Cialis headaches I like the fact that David Wright is stepping up his leadership role with the Mets. Cialis headaches In fact one of the best addition by subtraction moves the club made this winter was saying buh-bye to Carlos Delgado, cialis headaches who I felt was a very intimidating presences in the Mets Clubhouse and too many times Wright had to take a backseat to the senior vet. Cialis headaches Now with Delgado gone it’s time for Wright to takeover that clubhouse. 

Cialis headaches You need an everyday player to be the go to guy and Wright fits that mold better than anyone not named Johan Santana with the Mets. Cialis headaches As great a player as Carlos Beltran is, cialis headaches he’s a very low key guy and Jose Reyes who is the on field igniter could be Wright’s tag-team buddy in that clubhouse, cialis headaches in fact in a perfect baseball world the two faces’ of the franchise should be able to say or do what they please with the service time they have with the club, cialis headaches but both are deferential to the older vets on the team sometime to a fault.

Cialis headaches If Johan Santana can play the Cliff Floyd role with Wright and give him backup, cialis headaches it would be a major asset to this team. Cialis headaches It won’t cure all the ills, cialis headaches but it would help put on notice players, cialis headaches who don’t give 100 % effort physically and mentally, cialis headaches especially the mental part which was as much a reason for the Mets demise as the injuries were last year.

Cialis headaches Forget all the bravado of the team to beat bullshit, cialis headaches besides health, cialis headaches the biggest improvement with this Mets team and the whole organization for that matter is accountability. Cialis headaches The team motto for this spring and season should be “NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!!”

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Alternative drug new viagra   21 days until pitchers and catchers

Alternative drug new viagra It looks like Fernando Tatis is retuning for a third season with the Mets. Alternative drug new viagra Please hold your applause until the end, alternative drug new viagra thank you. Alternative drug new viagra If you look at the offensive numbers on Tatis’ Baseball-Reference page you might be inclined to say this is a good deal for the Mets.  I’ll go as far as say I’m happier with Tatis coming back just for the fact that it means that Carlos Delgado’ career as a Met is done.  Last night on Twitter I was angry about the Tatis return but by this morning I’m more, alternative drug new viagra “eh, alternative drug new viagra whatever”. Alternative drug new viagra I’m tired of ranting about the off season and the mish-mosh ways of the organization, alternative drug new viagra that has both the fan base and media baffled, alternative drug new viagra I guess it’s time we just let it play out, alternative drug new viagra we’ll have all summer to scream and yell.   

Alternative drug new viagra Look at this from John Smoltz point of view, alternative drug new viagra what was good for Pedro Martinez could be good for him as well. Alternative drug new viagra Why sign with a team this early when you can workout on your own, alternative drug new viagra play golf, alternative drug new viagra even do some TV if you like and then wait to see the pitching landscape during the season and make the best deal you can.

Alternative drug new viagra As much as I can’t stand the way ownership and the front office fuck up and the on field personnel play like amateurs, alternative drug new viagra there is no way I could ever, alternative drug new viagra ever root against the Mets. Alternative drug new viagra I don’t care if a loss meant that the Jeffey, alternative drug new viagra Omar, alternative drug new viagra and J-Man all get the boot, alternative drug new viagra I would never and have never rooted against the Mets. Alternative drug new viagra If I didn’t root for the Cincinnati Reds when Tom Seaver was traded and pitched against the Mets, alternative drug new viagra I’m sure as hell not going to root against them now. Alternative drug new viagra Root against the Mets? Never in a million fucking years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alternative drug new viagra I don’t understand J-Man saying that Fernando Nieve is the front runner for the 5th spot in the pitching rotation? Not to get to worked up over the 5th spot (when spots 2-4 are not exactly the Rocks of Gibraltar) but where does Jon Niese or Nelly Figs fit with this team? How about Bradley Holt or Dillon Gee? Why is J-Man so against competition? Why am I full of questions?

Alternative drug new viagra No matter what happens this season, alternative drug new viagra I’m rooting hard for my boy Daniel Murphy to put up big time numbers. Alternative drug new viagra No one on this team works as hard as Murphy and I just hope his hard work pays off and he just hangs in there until Wally Backman gets the job with the big club. Alternative drug new viagra Am I a Daniel Murphy fanboy? Yes. Alternative drug new viagra He is everything we Mets fans want in a player. Alternative drug new viagra Shows up for mini-camp when he’s not required to (Jose? Jose Reyes? Are you here? Come out, alternative drug new viagra come out , alternative drug new viagrawherever you are!) will be the first guy at St Lonesome waiting for the gates to open for spring training (it will be neck and neck with him and D-Wright) and is working hard to improve at the fourth positions the Mets have assigned him to. Alternative drug new viagra How can you as a Mets fan not root for this kid?    

Alternative drug new viagra No Pro Baseball Central tonight but I will be on the with Kenrick Thomas and his Real Sports Talk Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio tonight at 10PM ET.

Alternative drug new viagra There is a group NYRNation that is planning a FIRE GLEN SATHER rally outside of Madison Square Garden on Sunday March 7th  at 5PM before the Rangers-Sabres game. Alternative drug new viagra It is getting very ugly at MSG as the Rangers find themselves in the middle of 10 teams look at the 7 and 8 spot in the NHL playoffs. Alternative drug new viagra In fact the Rangers are a mirror of the Mets. Alternative drug new viagra Underachivers, alternative drug new viagra Bad Management, alternative drug new viagra Clueless Owner!

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Similar cialis

Similar cialis shout out to The Ropolitans for this pic

Similar cialis Sorry for no posts this morning but it’s been a busy day. Similar cialis So busy that I forget all about the David Wright sit down with the Sports Bloviator. Similar cialis I caught the tail end of the sit down as I traveled back from Brooklyn and I guess you could say it was typical David Wright. Similar cialis All positives and nothing controversial.

Similar cialis It looks like it’s a foregone conclusion that Bengi Molina will be the Mets #1 catcher this coming season. Similar cialis Again this looks to be another move where Omar was told to sit in the corner as the way the Mets have made Molina sit and stew is very un-Mets like. Similar cialis Same with Carlos Delgado who I think the Mets brain trust only went to Puerto Rico to see just to get away from freezing cold weather in NYC. Similar cialis Think about it, similar cialis if the Mets were strictly an Omar Minaya Production, similar cialis Molina, similar cialis Delgado and Joel Piniero would be celebrating their multi year deals by now. Similar cialis Looks like those days are over.

Similar cialis I was saddened to hear of the passing of Art Rust Jr. Similar cialis who was sportstalk radio in this town back in the 1980’s. Similar cialis Rust hosted a three hour call in show on WABC and unlike WFAN he actually talked ALL sports. Similar cialis In fact I had called in to his show because a young Mark Messier came on to talk hockey and agreed to take calls from fans. Similar cialis Rust was a great baseball historian and a huge Highlander fan but his real passion was for The Sweet Science and he had all the big time boxers on his show.  R.I.P. Similar cialis Arthur George.

Similar cialis

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Sildenafil oral jelly

Sildenafil oral jelly Sorry, sildenafil oral jelly I’m just standing here wondering what all the hubbub is over Mark McGwire’ admission on his steroid use last night. Sildenafil oral jelly The best part of the evening was watching the sanctimonious Tom Verducci and Ken Rosenthal not accepting McGwire’s mea culpa. Sildenafil oral jelly I love how Verducci, sildenafil oral jelly Rosenthal and Jon Heyman are now all over McGwire and the rest of the Steroid Sluggers but never confronted them or did any investigative reporting during that era but now they’ve all become holier than thou. Sildenafil oral jelly Th eonly reporter who spoke up at that time was Steve Wilstein of AP who asked about the bottle of Andro in McGwire’s locker. Sildenafil oral jelly Too bad MLBN didn’t have him on.  

Sildenafil oral jelly By the way I still have a few questions for Big Mac than Bob Costas failed to hit on. Sildenafil oral jelly “Who got you the dope”? “Did it occur to you that this was a Federal crime having illegal narcotics “? Were you willing to pay any price to succeed in the game even if it meant getting arrested and going to jail”? “Who instructed you on how to administer the PED’s”?

Sildenafil oral jelly I love how the panel on MLB Network was up in arms by McGwire saying he didn’t think the drugs made him better, sildenafil oral jelly he said he took them for the sole purpose of helping recover from a string if injuries he suffered from. Sildenafil oral jelly Sure you can call bullshit on that statement but like Rick Peterson says “In God we trust, sildenafil oral jelly all others bring data” in other words, sildenafil oral jelly It’s all opinion on how much affect the drugs had on his home run total. Sildenafil oral jelly That’s not to say I don’t agree with those who feel the PED’s didn’t help him jack up his HR total, sildenafil oral jelly it’s just that I can’t prove it.

Sildenafil oral jelly Last word on this whole situation, sildenafil oral jelly I have never been a fan of Tony LaRussa but I will say this for TLR, sildenafil oral jelly he is one loyal son of a bitch. Sildenafil oral jelly He has had McGwire’ pock marked back all these years and still has it.

Sildenafil oral jelly I’ll take this as good news. Sildenafil oral jelly Seven Train to Shea quotes a Twitter feed from Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse saying that Carlos Delgado is not moving to well around first base. Sildenafil oral jelly If the move was strictly Omar’s, sildenafil oral jelly Delgado would have been re-signed by the Mets already but it looks like Omar has doesn’t have final say on personnel matters anymore. Sildenafil oral jelly This off season has not been a typical Omar Minaya off season. Sildenafil oral jelly The Mets are much more patient, sildenafil oral jelly to the point of Mets fans screaming in panic (me included) I guess that’s we are used to, sildenafil oral jelly the Omar Way. Sildenafil oral jelly Let’s face it, sildenafil oral jelly if Omar had full autonomy Bengi Moilina would be sitting with a 3yr guaranteed contract right now.

Sildenafil oral jelly Also on Ed Price’ Twiiter feed he claims Mets are talking 2yr/$15 mil contract for Joel Piniero

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Viagra Discussions

Cialis diarrhea I’m running out the door to spread some Christmas cheer but before I do, cialis diarrhea a moment please:

Cialis diarrhea What does your Dickey do? Mine throws a knuckleball

Cialis diarrhea Hello? Where have you been hearing that the Mets should get David DeJesus and Gil Meche? Hello? Is this thing on?

Cialis diarrhea Fork please! Carlos Delgado is as done as a Christmas goose.

Cialis diarrhea When it comes to Assclowns nobody beats Highlander fans. Cialis diarrhea Some of these geniuses have been calling WFAN or Twittering that they hate the deal that brought Javier Vasquez to the Highlanders for Melkey Cabrea and a couple of bush leaguers. Cialis diarrhea Sometimes Highlander fans your stupidity is breath taking.

Cialis diarrhea Thank you Mike Vaccaro, cialis diarrhea thank you for a wonderful column this morning.

Cialis diarrhea Why do I get the sad feeling that we will see more Red Sox stories in the fish wraps this summer than Mets news?

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