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Best viagra alternative With the tragedy that happened in a movie theater in Aurora CO, best viagra alternative I’m finding it hard to get worked up about the Mets bullpen and whether the team can make a deal or much of anything that pertains to sports.

Best viagra alternative There is no way you can make sense of what happened in Aurora but the saddest part of this tragedy is it’s not the first time this has happened and unfortunately  it won’t be the last. Best viagra alternative  The first reactions I saw about this tragic event when I opened Twitter was the predicable attack of guns and the NRA. Best viagra alternative I agree a million percent that the gun laws in parts of this country are a god damn joke, best viagra alternative the country could take a cue from NYC where getting a license to carry a gun is almost impossible. Best viagra alternative Then you have the states in the South where you can go into your local Wal-Mart and buy an assault rifle, best viagra alternative I am all for the 2nd amendment of the U.S. Best viagra alternative Constitution because I believe that every American has the right to protect his family and property as he sees fit, best viagra alternative but there has to be a rigorous screening process in order to own a firearm.

Best viagra alternative What also has to be addressed in the aftermath of this senseless attack is what made this killer do this? Why would someone make this kind of premeditated attack on these people who he never knew? There is a huge stigma in this country to people who suffer from mental illness and I’m sure in the days and weeks to come we will hear all about the shooters life and what warning signs that could have been telling that he needed help.

Best viagra alternative The police should be commended for bringing the gunman into custody and not executing him on the spot which I’m sure many would have celebrated but by bringing him in alive I would hope that the authorities bring in the best in the field in the study and treatment of mental disorders to study him and find out what it is that makes someone fall in such despair or hate that they could perpetrate this kind of carnage.

Best viagra alternative My sincere condolence to the families of the murder victims who are left to grieve and try to make sense of this attack on their love ones, best viagra alternative I hope you somehow find the strength to carry on.

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Raise your hand if you remember when relievers were escorted to the pitchers mound by the bullpen cart?

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Viagra levitra Loses are never good, viagra levitra and loses that cost you winning a series, viagra levitra which would have been the third straight series the Mets  had taken from the Phuck Phaces , viagra levitraare awful but when you have a lead and the bullpen blows a win, viagra levitra that is downright  intolerable.

Viagra levitra If I weren’t a Mets fan, viagra levitra I’d be doubled over laughing at the fan bases response to games the Mets bullpen blow. Viagra levitra Nothing sets this fan base off like a good old fashion late inning bullpen melt down and last night was no different.  The only issue I have with the overreaction by some of the fan base is the back end of the pen that imploded last night hasn’t been that bad of late.  I will say as a whole the bullpen has a problem with inherited runners scoring and with the exception of Bobby Parnell and Frank Francisco, viagra levitra there isn’t a reliever who can come in and get the big strikeout when it’s needed.

Viagra levitra I would have like to see Terry Collins leave Dillon Gee in finish the 7th inning. Viagra levitra Gee has pitched so well his last three starts and the double he gave up it seems should have been played better by Andres Torres. Viagra levitra Collins is going to have to have faith in his starters going deeper into games, viagra levitra especially with R.A. Viagra levitra Dickey, viagra levitra who I feel he yanks too early in starts where he’s breezing along.

Viagra levitra The Ramon Ramirez 3 run jack to J-Roll was the back breaker but then Chris Schwinden  to finish out the inning but all he did was add to the carnage. Viagra levitra What the hell is it with Schwinden ? Talk about the poster boy for the AAAA player?

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Viagra levitra Update: I just wrote a whole addendum to this post and deleted by accident so I’ll abbreviate it. Viagra levitra RHP Elvin Ramirez will be on the roster tomorrow to help out the bullpen and Jenry Mejia and Chris Young are not far behind to replace the trio of Schwinden, viagra levitra Heftner (maybe?) and Egbert.

Viagra levitra Josh Thole will be activated tomorrow as well which meand the Mets have to chose between Mike Nickeas and Rob Johnson as Tholes understudy. Viagra levitra I’ll say they keep Johnson.

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Cialis generic I didn’t see any of yesterday’s game as it was Mother’s Day and my kids had no sporting events (all through Little League we never scheduled games on Mother’s Day, cialis generic I can’t say the same for youth soccer my kids regularly played on Mother’s Day making life difficult for a bunch of families, cialis generic thankfully this season the schedule worked in our favor) but I received updates on my phone, cialis generic it’s tough to be sitting in a theater during a play to check my phone when it’s vibrating with Mets news especially when my wife is sitting next to me, cialis generic so it wasn’t until the conclusion of Perfect Crime did I see the carnage in Miami by left by the Mets bullpen.

Cialis generic So instead of a beyond belief 6-0 road trip the Mets head home to Flushing with a 4-2 mark instead. Cialis generic Now we all would have co-signed for that record at the start of the trip but since the two losses were of the blown by bullpen variety, cialis generic it made for an angry fandom after the game because as I discussed on Saturday, cialis generic nothing turns a baseball fans red like a blown save to lose a game, cialis generic in fact Jon Rauch took to Twitter to lay some knowledge on some fans when it came to commitment to winning and having your teammates back. Cialis generic As we saw with the Frank Francisco taking on inept home plate umpire Todd Tichenor, cialis generic who by the way is in his first season as an everyday MLB umpire, cialis generic this Mets team has passion and they seem to have enacted the practice of no teammate left behind as Rauch put on display last night. Cialis generic They win as a team and they lose as a team. Cialis generic It seems some Mets fans are not grasping this concept; maybe some of you are pining for the days of “One Met Said” cowardice we’ve seen in the Mets clubhouse during past administrations.  Thankfully those days look to be over.

Cialis generic Now that doesn’t mean Terry Collins will keep the status quo in the bullpen as the manager stated he has “8 options” to use as a game closer and let’s be honest here Mets fans, cialis generic you can scream and curse Frank Francisco and Manny Acosta for yesterday and Friday but the toughest thing to build in baseball today is a proficient bullpen. Cialis generic Look at the regal Bronx Bastards, cialis generic they need help in their pen but even with their unlimited financial resources, cialis generic they can’t go out and buy a closer to replace the Sainted Mariano the Majestic. Cialis generic So TC may have to go with the hot hand to close games or use a combo of Tim Byrdak, cialis generic Bobby Parnell and Jon Rauch, cialis generic the three most effective relievers so far, cialis generic to finish out games.

Cialis generic At the end of last season, cialis generic Sandy Alderson pointed out that all the blown saves that led to losses at the end of the season were unacceptable and that these types of situation’s can bring down a team. Cialis generic Right now this Mets team is united but you wonder how much that unity can stand if the late game meltdowns continue?

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Herbal v viagra study Took a day off from blogging and social media to celebrate my son’s birthday by spending the day in the city and taking in a performance of Spider Man Turn Off The Dark. Herbal v viagra study The show itself was entertaining it’s no Guys and Dolls but hey what is! I was disappointed in the music since Bono and The Edge wrote the score and the only song I really enjoyed was when Patrick Page, herbal v viagra study who really saves this show as his role as Green Goblin was the highlight of the performance, herbal v viagra study sings A Freak Like Me Needs Company to open a second act that salvaged the show for me. Herbal v viagra study The high flying Spider Man and Green Goblin scenes are spectacular as is the make up job doen on Page as the Green Goblin .  Just the fact that Spidey made it this far on Broadway is an accomplishment.

Herbal v viagra study On to the Mets, herbal v viagra study in no particular order:

Herbal v viagra study The news that John Franco and Mike Piazza will be the participants in the first pitch of the game on September 11th and the Mets will wear caps of the first responders of that tragic day, herbal v viagra study will help bring some joy to Mets fans on what should be proclaimed a National Day of Mourning. Herbal v viagra study It’s still hard to believe that it will be 10 years since the attack, herbal v viagra study of all the scenes of carnage and despair of that day, herbal v viagra study the vision of seeing the smoke smoldering from the wreckage of the Towers, herbal v viagra study from my bedroom window still haunts me.

Herbal v viagra study When I first heard about Howard Johnson playing for the Rockland Boulders this weekend so he could join his son Glen I thought it was a silly stunt but then I thought it’s an Independent League so really who cares?

Herbal v viagra study Jason Bay to center field? Flanked by #ImWith28 and The Dude? Better find some pitchers with a high GB/FB ratio.

Herbal v viagra study Safe to say something will happen with the dimensions of the Great Wall of Flushing, herbal v viagra study like cutting the wall in half to 8 ft. Herbal v viagra study I’ve stood on the warning track under that Great Wall and that is some rarified air up there. Herbal v viagra study Bringing in the fences is not needed but an 8 ft left field wall will make a big improvement and hopefully help the stigma that David Wright and Jason Bay seem to have with the wall.

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