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Viagra generic canada I had hoped to post this earlier this morning but I was having some computer issues, viagra generic canada so now that that’s fixed I figured let me throw this up tonight since there’s no Mets to watch  

Viagra generic canada  

Viagra generic canada When I saw the lineup that Terry Collins cobbled together last night it left me speechless.  Vinny Rottino batting 5th? Ginger Tuner 6th Rob Johnson in a big league game?  I then proclaimed this as a no can do game for the Mets to win in fact if they did I felt it would be an instant Mets Classic.

Viagra generic canada Well, viagra generic canada cut off my legs and call me Eddie Gadell, viagra generic canada the Mets not only won the game and swept the three games series but if watched the game with someone who never watched baseball before which team do you think they would say was the favorite to win the NL East?  The Mets looked like the team to beat and the Phucks ? Like a bunch of broken down old men.  As enjoyable as it was to see the Mets make another late inning push to the finish line, viagra generic canada how much did you enjoy the Phuck Phace Phans storming out of CBP after the Mets top of the 8th   like there was a free government cheese giveaway on Broad Street.

Viagra generic canada Of course it’s too early to gloat but for all the doom and gloom that surrounded the Mets all winter and into spring training (anyone still upset by the club’s shitty Grapefruit League record ?) having this team (18-13) just 2 games off the pace of the best record in the NL (Dodgers  and Cardinals are at 20-11) and 2.5 games away from the best record in all of MLB (Rangers at 20-10) is something to be proud of. Viagra generic canada But Terry Collins won’t ever show that side of him, viagra generic canada sure he’s happy with the wins and how the team has played but he also knows there is such a small margin for error with this club and the fan base is one 3 game losing streak from turning on them so he keeps his emotions to himself and his players have taken his queue as well, viagra generic canada hopefully sometime in October all the emotion can be released.

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Low cost viagra Here’s one for the time capsule kids, low cost viagra during the opening night at CBP while the Phillies were raising what I think is a championship flag (it just a red flag that has 2008 on it) a fight breaks out between  a young South Philly wanna-be and some middle aged Phillies fan. Low cost viagra While this is going on some drunken fan tries to video tape the flag raising and well, low cost viagra let the video tell the story.

Low cost viagra But first a WARNING: If you have to pee do it now and do not drink anything while watching this. Low cost viagra This sums up my one dumb phuck that are Phillie fans. Low cost viagra You may click here! 

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Just add another chapter in the Used Car Salesman’s Rein (Rain?) of Error. Generic viagra online I was ready to give Not my Bud, generic viagra online the benefit of the doubt when he came on TV and said the weather forecasters told him their would be just 1/10th of an inch of rain last night and of course there was enough rain that there were pairs of animals qued up in the right field corner of CBP. Generic viagra online But then I read Philly Phats column today and he blew the Used Car Salesman’s beard:



{Phillies fan and climatologist extraordinary Joe Bastardi had fired off an angry 6:30 p.m. Generic viagra online update to his blog on AccuWeather’s professional site under the headline: “Cancel the Game Tonight.”


Bastardi wrote there was no way in hell or Sea World the rain would let up. Generic viagra online Indeed, generic viagra online a rapidly developing coastal storm off the Mid-Atlantic States had slowed the progress of a massive upper low funneling cold air across the Great Lakes. Generic viagra online Result: The worst weather fiasco in World Series history and another stain on the boobs who run the cash-obsessed national pastime.


Bastardi’s take: “Cancel the game tonight, generic viagra online and even tomorrow, generic viagra online and then play this when it’s warmer, generic viagra online less windy and there is not precip in the air. Generic viagra online It’s the World Series, generic viagra online for goodness sakes . Generic viagra online . Generic viagra online . Generic viagra online “}


All wisecracks aside, generic viagra online MLB and Buddy S. Generic viagra online would have had more than explaining cold fronts and rain squalls if B J Upton had broken his ankle sliding in the muck of a baseline between 1st and 2nd base, generic viagra online if you look at the replay, generic viagra online his lead leg just about made it to the base but he stopped awkwardly into the base. Generic viagra online When you see puddles on the infield to me that would constitute unplayable conditions right? But this umpiring crew has been an embarrassment the whole series with no leadership and loads of incompetence just like the executive branch of MLB.


Can someone get FOX’s Chris Myers as baseball rule book? When Myers interviewed Bob DuPay about the options on continuing play, generic viagra online DuPay said if the rain continues as they think it will, generic viagra online the game would be suspended. Generic viagra online Myers then said, generic viagra online “You mean you will replay the game”? DuPay, generic viagra online smirked and said “no, generic viagra online it will be picked up right where we left off” Stunning.


I figure right around Christmas, generic viagra online Carlos Pena will be getting a beautiful gift basket sent to his house as a token of Commissioner Inept’s appreciation for the game tying base hit.





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