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Is viagra dangerous If it weren’t for the idiocy of Major League Baseball, is viagra dangerous all the talk last night and this morning would have been about the emotional and beautifully choreographed pre-game ceremony at Citi Field to honor the memory of the attack of September 11th and the first responders that gave their lives and the others who risked theirs to help others.

Is viagra dangerous I was brought to tears seeing Mike Piazza lead a parade of heroes from the right field side of Citi Field and John Franco doing the same on the left field side. Is viagra dangerous  Then having the ball park lights dim for a moment of silence followed by a spine tingling rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Marc Anthony. Is viagra dangerous Franco and Piazza then took center stage in their snow white Mets uni tops with the words “9-11-01 we will never forget” embroidered on the sleeve just like it was 10 years ago, is viagra dangerous to deliver the first pitch of the game. Is viagra dangerous In an eerie silence, is viagra dangerous Franco, is viagra dangerous a “Noo Yawk” guy through and through tossed a perfect strike to Piazza, is viagra dangerous the man who made the Mets relevant again. Is viagra dangerous In fact  what struck me about last night was how sad it was for two reasons, is viagra dangerous the first was what the commemoration of the evening was for of course, is viagra dangerous the other, is viagra dangerous it reminded me when the last time the Mets were a big deal in this town, is viagra dangerous that choked me up as well.

Is viagra dangerous The Mets wore the same snow whites that they had on 9-21-11, is viagra dangerous the first sports event in NYC since the demise of the Twin Towers, is viagra dangerous but on their heads that night were the caps of the FDNY, is viagra dangerous NYPD, is viagra dangerous and PAPD the three groups the club had become very close to due to their working side by side during the awful aftermath of the attack. Is viagra dangerous At the time MLB said the Mets couldn’t wear those caps during a major league game and the Mets in turn led by Bobby Valentine told MLB to kiss their New York City ass, is viagra dangerous we’re wearing them. Is viagra dangerous  What did MLB do? Nothing, is viagra dangerous just like every other bully that is stood up to. Is viagra dangerous The Mets wore the first responder caps and celebrated in those caps when Mike Piazza, is viagra dangerous he of the NYPD batting helmet as well, is viagra dangerous hit his home run that put a smile on faces that thought they’d never smile again. Is viagra dangerous It was not just a classic NY moment or one the best moments in Mets history it showed that baseball, is viagra dangerous just like during all of the countries dark times, is viagra dangerous came through once again, is viagra dangerous it always does, is viagra dangerous its what makes baseball the great pastime it is.

Is viagra dangerous The Mets of 2011 asked MLB if they could have permission to wear the hats of the first responders again as they did 10 years ago. Is viagra dangerous MLB said no, is viagra dangerous just like they did 10 years ago. Is viagra dangerous This time though the Mets rolled over, is viagra dangerous scared to take a stand. Is viagra dangerous There was no Valentine, is viagra dangerous or Franco, is viagra dangerous or Ventura, is viagra dangerous or Zeile on the team to tell MLB to take their no cap memo and shove it up their tight ass’s. Is viagra dangerous The players thought about ignoring the order but claimed the organization would have been severely punished if they did. Is viagra dangerous If the Mets banded together and wore the caps, is viagra dangerous what was MLB going to do? Absolutely nothing. Is viagra dangerous  Again to beat the bully you need to stand up to the bully.

Is viagra dangerous I don’t know if I’ve told this story here but if I did I apologize but I think it should be told here. Is viagra dangerous  As I’ve mention on numerous occasions, is viagra dangerous I manage a 14-15 year old Babe Ruth Team on Staten Island. Is viagra dangerous  During the heat wave of the summer, is viagra dangerous a day that was 97 degrees, is viagra dangerous I had scheduled a practice. Is viagra dangerous We try to have at least one practice a week during the season to work on some deficiencies and to go over the pitching rotation for the upcoming games. Is viagra dangerous We also take a round of infield/outfield drills and batting practice, is viagra dangerous in all it runs about two hours. Is viagra dangerous The place we like to practice is Miller Field in the New Dorp section as it was a one time air base during WWII and has plenty of fields to choose from. Is viagra dangerous Now because of the heat I was ready to cancel practice and let the boys enjoy their pools or whatever they were doing to stay cool. Is viagra dangerous Every kid that I called said, is viagra dangerous “ah coach it ain’t that hot we can practice” my son told me he was getting texts from some players asking him to convince me to hold practice. Is viagra dangerous What could I do? They want to play, is viagra dangerous fine let’s go practice. Is viagra dangerous So with the equipment and a case of water, is viagra dangerous off to Miller Field we go. Is viagra dangerous We were the only people in the park. Is viagra dangerous Acres of land at our disposal. Is viagra dangerous As we were half way through batting practice a federal parks department employee pulls up to the field asking “who is in charge here”? “ Well, is viagra dangerous that would be me”, is viagra dangerous “do you have a permit to play here” Ms. Is viagra dangerous Fed asks. Is viagra dangerous “A permit? For what? To play baseball”? “Yes” she said, is viagra dangerous “Ah no” I say “Well, is viagra dangerous she says then you will have to leave”.

Is viagra dangerous After I stopped laughing I ask here to clear her cart from the pitcher’s mound so we could continue to play. Is viagra dangerous Again she ask me if this was an organized team and where was our permit and on and on really annoying the living shit out of me. Is viagra dangerous I told her the organization we played for and that we had permits to play games here but being a programed bureaucrat all she knew was I didn’t have permit for the field and I had to leave. Is viagra dangerous At this point I asked her what her title was and she rattled off some administrative rank, is viagra dangerous I then told her to call someone with authority to make me leave, is viagra dangerous like the Federal Park Police, is viagra dangerous and while I wait for the police to come, is viagra dangerous we will continue to play baseball.

Is viagra dangerous Well, is viagra dangerous instead of calling the police, is viagra dangerous she called her supervisor who in turn called the league president who had to come down to the park to make me leave the park. Is viagra dangerous  So while I’m being screamed at with threats, is viagra dangerous I told my assistant coach, is viagra dangerous to continue with the practice this way I’ll go argue with these women long enough for all the players get their batting practice swings. Is viagra dangerous   For a good half hour, is viagra dangerous we argued back in forth about the lack of common sense being applied here, is viagra dangerous which was enough time for the team to finish practice. Is viagra dangerous When the coach told me practice was over, is viagra dangerous I thanked the ladies and said “yeah you know what, is viagra dangerous your right we don’t belong here, is viagra dangerous we’ll leave”.

Is viagra dangerous I didn’t give a shit about the two Federal Flunkies but the woman who ran the league was so mad at me she stopped talking to me. Is viagra dangerous It didn’t bother me in the least, is viagra dangerous you know why? She couldn’t do anything to me, is viagra dangerous what could she do, is viagra dangerous tell me I can’t manage the team anymore? No. Is viagra dangerous Luckily I had all the parents of the kids behind me 100 %. Is viagra dangerous That’s why I took the stand. Is viagra dangerous I knew there was nothing anyone was going to do to me to make me regret my decision.

Is viagra dangerous As I told the Feds, is viagra dangerous this will make a great story in the Staten Island Advance “Youth Coach and kids Thrown out of Park For Playing Ball” or maybe one of the local TV stations would love to expose the story, is viagra dangerous I had me some bullets in my gun. Is viagra dangerous  Sometimes you have to take a stand.

Is viagra dangerous That is what has me pissed off at the Mets, is viagra dangerous especially David Wright. Is viagra dangerous If Wright led the way and wore the NYPD cap he wore in the dugout on the field what was MLB going to do? NOTHING! If the whole Mets team would have worn the caps on the field what was MLB going to do? NOTHING!

Is viagra dangerous The bad publicity from this should be a huge embarrassment to MLB and I can’t believe no one in the P.R. Is viagra dangerous department didn’t beg Bud Selig or Clueless Joe Torre, is viagra dangerous who by the way showed is true colors as a big time phony, is viagra dangerous  to let the Mets wear the caps.

Is viagra dangerous You know what in the long run maybe MLB was right did it really matter if the Mets wore the first responder caps? No one was watching anyway, is viagra dangerous especially with the Jets-Cowboys game on NBC.

Is viagra dangerous Enjoy those single digit post season ratings in the post season Bud, is viagra dangerous you douchebag.

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Viagra next day delivery All-Stars, viagra next day delivery Shmall Stars to day is Game 1 of the 13 year old division of our Babe Ruth League and my team takes on the top team in the division in a best 2 of 3. Viagra next day delivery We have won 4 of our last 6 and have been tabbed as the team “no one wants to play” this is the most excited I’ve been about a baseball game all year so much so I can’t even concentrate on work. Viagra next day delivery I’ve gone over my line up for about two hours and finally settled on one after about four drafts so pardon me today for being distracted as I watch the clock waiting for 3 PM so I can get out of work and get to the field.

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Viagra next day delivery What’s the big deal about Johan Santana pitching in the All Star Game? I know he threw 114 pitches on Saturday but com’on if he gets in the game he’ll only toss one inning anyway which is maybe 17-20 pitches tops. Viagra next day delivery Nolan Ryan shakes his head in disgust.

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Viagra next day delivery I’m piss at Petey for the fact that he is signing with the Phillies. Viagra next day delivery If he signed any place else even the South Bronx I would be as pissed. Viagra next day delivery I defend Petey here as I’ve been a fan since his Expo days and looked at his signing as a big jump in creditability. Viagra next day delivery Petey for the most part never lived up to his contract with the Mets but was always received like a King by the fans. Viagra next day delivery But the Phillies?  Petey you disgust me!!!!!

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Viagra next day delivery So the question is, viagra next day delivery have we seen the best of A-Rod? Welcome to the post PED Baseball Era. Viagra next day delivery This is why sure I’d love Roy Halliday on my team but I’m not giving him a new contract and Halliday is last player the Mets need. Viagra next day delivery Your seeing the shift already with younger, viagra next day delivery faster players taking center stage in baseball hopefully Omar takes notice.

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Viagra next day delivery “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea”……….. Viagra next day delivery Maybe Spongebob Square Pants could buy the Mets?

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Viagra next day delivery The Mets Police has a clip from NEWSDAY on the Mets making adjustment to $iti Field like a video board in RF, viagra next day delivery more Mets-centric memorabilia throughout the park and getting the thumbs up from MLB to show the game live on the video scream to help those with obstructed views. Viagra next day delivery Now if they can find a way to mange the line at the Shake Shack where you don’t have to get into a fist fight when some asshole tries to cut the line I’ll be happy.

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Viagra next day delivery I watched the Home Run Derby last night and here are some thoughts that ran through my head:

  • It’s too bad Michael Jackson is dead as he could have put the Home Run Derby on a continuous loop to help him with his sleeping problems. Viagra next day delivery In fact next year I’m going to take drugs before watching the HRD again

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  • Can someone get Erin Andrews a meal? Christ, viagra next day delivery she is so gaunt she could star in her own After School Special. Viagra next day delivery I don’t get the fascination with Andrews, viagra next day delivery I can walk out right now on West Broadway and find 20 women way hotter than her, viagra next day delivery guys who need to put on pants and get out of Moms basement.
  • I had this awful nightmare, viagra next day delivery Steve Phillips, viagra next day delivery Joe Morgan, viagra next day delivery and Chris Berman were announcing the Home Run Derby, viagra next day delivery then Doofus Joe Buck showed up and all the did was talk about Doofus Joe’s dead father. Viagra next day delivery Then Berman kept using these tired old nicknames and calls and he was sitting in this huge container that was collecting the cascade of sweat that was pouring off him that was used like generated the electricity back to Bristol. Viagra next day delivery Then Joe Morgan started speaking in tongues and all kinds of snakes and serpents were flying out of his ears, viagra next day delivery and Steve Phillips was having sex with a midget who was toweling off Albert Pujols. Viagra next day delivery WHOA that was scary…….what that wasn’t a dream? It was real? AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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