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Viagra recipe This past Friday night the crew of Kult of Mets Personalities welcomed Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog and writer Jeff Pearlman to the podcast for some spirited debate on the results from the latest Baseball Hall of Fame vote

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Cheap less viagra Excellent post by Mathew Cerrone of MetsBlog on how the Mets need Sandy Alderson even though Rick Hahn would be a fantastic hire as well. Cheap less viagra If the Mets were an expansion team or a team in a small market then Hahn would be the pick, cheap less viagra put for the Mets who need to change the way they are perceived by other teams, cheap less viagra the media and especially their own fans (a/k/a paying customers) then Sandy Alderson is the clear choice for GM.

Cheap less viagra On Tuesday’s THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Radio Show, cheap less viagra I spoke with Julian Levine of Splashing Pumpkins about the Giants-Phillies NLCS and how I wanted Bochy to put the Kung Fu Panda back in the lineup. Cheap less viagra He did and the Panda delivered. Cheap less viagra The Giants are one game away from the World Series. Cheap less viagra Part of me is hoping the Highlanders make a miraculous comeback and play the Giants in the World Series. Cheap less viagra If they do I’d make the trip to the South Bronx to root for the Gigantics while wearing my Johnny Antonelli throw back jersey.    

Cheap less viagra By the way, cheap less viagra I give props to Ol’ Cholly for going with Roy Oswalt in 9th as he was the best pitcher available in the pen at that time. Cheap less viagra He was only going to use him for an inning any way and it still left Brad Lidge to close out the game. Cheap less viagra Where I do take some issue with Manuel is they way he used Jose Contreas for just one batter but hey I’m not complaining about the outcome that’s for sure.

Cheap less viagra The only part of the Rangers that worries me that they could suffer a Highlander collapse is their bullpen which is quite shaky.

Cheap less viagra I’ll just say I’m really looking forward to tonight’s Game 5 NLCS match up between The Freak and Doc Halliday and that’s all I’ll say. Cheap less viagra I feel like I jinxed yesterdays Game 5 of the ALCS so I’ll lay low with the wise ass remarks for now.

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Online viagra Sorry for the late post but I was conferring with my attorneys, online viagra to see is we Mets fans can file a grievance against the MLBPA for filing a grievance against the Mets in the Mets v. Online viagra K-Rod case.

Online viagra I did not watch any of the Mets-Astros game last night and I’m glad I didn’t as it seems the play of the field made people wretch.

Online viagra Rod Barajas will be activated some time today and word is Josh Thole’s spot is safe. Online viagra So the Mets will go with 3 players out of 25 who play catcher. Online viagra Then they have a pitcher who may as well sit in the bullpen in a Snuggie with a bowl of pop corn as he never gets to see the light of the pitchers mound. Online viagra Now you know why the Mets organization is baseball’s equivalent of the person coming out of the bathroom with toilet paper sticking out the back of their pants.

Online viagra I  have my doubts about people like Tony Dungy, online viagra who is one of  these holier

Online viagra  than thou types, online viagra than I do about a guy like Rex Ryan. Online viagra In fact, online viagra I would trust Rex Ryan more than I would Dungy. 

Online viagra Matthew Cerrone thinks Bobby Parnell should be the Mets closer now and next year in the event that Francisco Rodriguez is gone from the team. Online viagra Hard to argue that point in fact I’ve been saying for awhile the most overrated position in sports is the closer, online viagra with the exception of Mariano Rivera.

Online viagra If you haven’t heard my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN show with Howard Megdal, online viagra it’s well worth your while, online viagra also don’t forget to vote of Howard for Mets GM right here.

Online viagra Alex Belth has touched on a great subject at his Bronx Banter site, online viagra film crews in NYC. Online viagra Where my office is located downtown we have crews for the now off the air Ugly Betty, online viagra Law and Order, online viagra and Rescue Me. Online viagra There is nothing funnier than a crew trying to shoot a scene and telling pedestrians to please wait before crossing a street and having New Yorkers telling to go fuck themselves and keep walking.    

Online viagra Now that the Mets are done for the year, online viagra are you following any other team that’s on the march to the post season? I always have a soft spot for the Giants so I like to watch their run (even though they’ve dropped 4 of 5 to the Padres and Phillies, online viagra two teams that if they needed to beat) for the NL West or Wild Card and the watching the White Sox-Twins series has been a thrill. Online viagra So tell me is their a team your following or are you just waiting for football season?

Online viagra Don’t forget to check out my NO PSL REQUIRED Fantasy Football League as there are some spots remaining.

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Levitra versus viagra Not much to talk about today with the off day and most of the “woe is us” post were done yesterday, levitra versus viagra so lets take a ride around the blogsphere and see what the more fertile minds are saying:

Levitra versus viagra Dillion Gee was a pitcher that Jerry Manuel was fond of last spring in fact Gee was one of those players Manuel picked out of camp to proclaim he could break camp a la Jenry Mejia this year. Levitra versus viagra Gee though suffered from a partially torn labrum that sidelined him for most of last season but now Gee is back and after his first start with the Bisons he’ shown some nice numbers and could just vault himself up North soon. Levitra versus viagra Check out Fonzie Forever’ post on Dillion Gee.

Levitra versus viagra As from chicken wing country, levitra versus viagra Ike Davis continues to hit at Triple A and for reasons I can’t comprehend, levitra versus viagra Jerry Manuel is not storming Omar’s office and demanding that Davis be brought up. Levitra versus viagra If my ass were on the line like J-Man’s I’d take no prisoners.

Levitra versus viagra Matthew Cerrone has a post on MetsBlog on the debut of Aroldis Chapman in Double A yesterday and what effect this would have on the Reds trading Aaron Harang ? The thing with Chapman, levitra versus viagra you wonder what kind of scouting and how hard did the Mets look at Chapman ? As fans we have no knowledge of what this young man from Cuba translates into as a bonifide Major Leaguer but Omar Minaya and his scouts get paid to find the Chapman’s of the baseball world. Levitra versus viagra The question is, levitra versus viagra did Omar and the scouts do the leg work scouting Chapman and then get shot down on by ownership when the price went high? If the Mets lost out on Chapman, levitra versus viagra solely for monetary reasons then the Wilpon’s need to get out of the baseball business. Levitra versus viagra If the Omar and his scouts said he wasn’t worth it? Then they need to be fired. Levitra versus viagra In any case as Mats fan we should be given the reason why the Mets did not get involved with Aroldis Chapman. Levitra versus viagra Also forget about Roy Oswalt and Chris Young coming to the Mets, levitra versus viagra both are damaged goods.

Levitra versus viagra Nick Evans life story will be made into a Lifetime movie some day.

Levitra versus viagra Tonight at 11PM ET join me and Adam Bernacchio of The Ghost of Moonlight Graham as we host the Baseball Bloggers Alliance BBA TALK on BLOGTALK RADIO. 

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Canadian viagra    20 days until pitchers and catchers

Canadian viagra Unfortunately  I missed Mets Hot Stove last night on SNY but from reading Mathew Cerrone’s MetsBlog this morning it looks like Omar did his best Alexander Haig impression to let us Mets fans know the “He is in charge” No wonder I had a restless nights sleep.

Canadian viagra From reading the Cerrone’s post, canadian viagra Omar seemed fixated on the lack of any good solid free agents this off season and Minaya is right about that, canadian viagra it was a weak crop. Canadian viagra The Mets did corral one of the better freebird players in Jason Bay and the Mets abstaining from any of the free agent pitchers may turn out to be the right move. Canadian viagra Time will tell. Canadian viagra But Omar is acting like the free agent way is the only way to fortify the team.

Canadian viagra I don’t know if the Mets ever called the Reds or Royals to engage in talks for one of my favorite trio of pitchers I’d like to see, canadian viagra the pitching firm of Harang, canadian viagra Arroyo and Meche, canadian viagra but I just find it very odd that Omar feels the only way to add talent to this team is through free agents and diving in the ballplayers with disabilities dumpster.

Canadian viagra If you really want to know what a Mets fan is really like, canadian viagra you must read Faith and Fear in Flushing. Canadian viagra Greg Prince has a post out this morning that deals with the identity of our team. Canadian viagra This part of the post says it all:

Canadian viagra Little wonder the Mets’ identity is frayed. Canadian viagra No wonder the Metsosphere is continuously and maybe justifiably staticky, canadian viagra jittery and expressing discontent. Canadian viagra We are, canadian viagra by nature, canadian viagra a gaggle of nervous crosstalkers when we don’t have an actual season to dissect. Canadian viagra Right now it’s all nervous crosstalk for Mets fans. Canadian viagra We, canadian viagra collectively, canadian viagra remind me of the middle-aged ladies who’d set up card tables in front of somebody’s cabana at the beach club to which my parents belonged when I was little. Canadian viagra (That’s the Sun Life I remember.) Those ladies indulged in nervous crosstalk, canadian viagra too, canadian viagra just like us. Canadian viagra All we’re missing is four floppy hats, canadian viagra a carton of Tareytons and a few hands of canasta.

Canadian viagra  

Canadian viagra Just walking by them made me jittery, canadian viagra and I was only six.

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Canadian viagra After reading that passage, canadian viagra I can’t get the image of the Brighton Beach Baths out of my mind.

Canadian viagra Fernando Tatis has resigned with the Mets and for less than the $1.7 mil he made last year. Canadian viagra Nice hometown discount eh? Tatis will also change is uniform number from 17 (that he should never ever have been given) to 6 4 3.

Canadian viagra

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Cialis 30 mg I don’t know about you but I had a very strange feeling watching the 4thinning of last nights Mets-Braves game. Cialis 30 mg Here were the Mets putting an ass whipping on Derek Lowe and the hated Atlanta Braves and I should have been doing the Snoopy dance but it had no real big effect on me. Cialis 30 mg  Sure, cialis 30 mg it was a pleasure watching hit after hit (although I shook my head as Daniel Murphy made two of the three outs in the inning) but instead of being thrilled at the site of pinstriped Mets (have you noticed it has been a while since the Mets have worn the funeral black shirts? Has someone threaten Charlie Samuels with an ass kicking if they see black again? I sure hope so) crossing home plate eight times. Cialis 30 mg I was more stunned that this expansion like lineup was even competitive.

Cialis 30 mg A few years ago, cialis 30 mg Braves-Mets at Flushing would be a night of passion, cialis 30 mg now, cialis 30 mg eh I didn’t even want a cigarette when the inning ended.

Cialis 30 mg Please, cialis 30 mg please Bobby Ojeda stop I’m begging you TO STOP with the happy horseshit recaps after games. Cialis 30 mg Stop acting like the Mets should be given some Medal of Honor for playing hard and trying to compete. Cialis 30 mg All you are doing is embarrassing yourself by drinking the Skill Sets Kool-Aid. Cialis 30 mg I know you desperately want to be the team pitching coach but don’t lower yourself to be a court jester.

Cialis 30 mg Soon to be GM of the Mets, cialis 30 mg John Ricco is accompanying Jeffey Skill Sets on his tour of the farm system. Cialis 30 mg The last stop was in Bingo and Matt Cerrone has a link to a storywhere Ricco talks of the big teams injuries effecting the farmers. Cialis 30 mg If I’m Omar I’d take my dry cleaning to a one-hour martinizer.

Cialis 30 mg The Los Angles Angels Who Really Play in Anaheim had NINE .300 or better hitters in their lineup last night. Cialis 30 mg Oh yeah, cialis 30 mg I’m on that Angels bandwagon baby!!!!!

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I guess you can say I’m suffering from spring training burn out as I can not wait for the season to start in 9 days. Female male viagra


A must read is Matt Cerrone’s piece on his tour of $iti Field and it looks as if after all the bitching and moaning over the name and price of tickets and all the other minutia that myself and others have spewed all winter we can enjoy the fact that we have a first class ballpark to call our own that will be very different for our Shea experience. Female male viagra


I’m curious to know where you guys stand on the new studio team of Chris Carlin and Bobby Ojeda?. Female male viagra For me I’d say it’s a huge upgrade over Snoozeoff and Boardwalk Lee. Female male viagra I like Carlin. Female male viagra I always thought he was a good listen on WFAN and he did a good job covering the New York Football Giants as he has a jolly good personality. Female male viagra As for Bobby-O , female male viagra he has star potential. Female male viagra I met Ojeda a few years ago when he was the pitching coach in Brooklyn and he knows baseball, female male viagra is very opinionated and is funny as hell. Female male viagra The post game banter between Ojeda and Mex will be Must See TV mark my words.


Speaking of Keith Hernandez, female male viagra he and Ron Darling will be handling the play by play for tonight’s Mets-Nats game on SNY. Female male viagra No Gary and no Burkhardt. Female male viagra I hope someone has their finger on the dump button.


And speaking of Gary Cohen, female male viagra he has advanced to the Mets Greatest Announcers Championship Round at Amazin’ Avenue’ against Bob Murphy. Female male viagra Talk about your tough decisions. Female male viagra I had to put a lot of thought into whom I was voting for. Female male viagra So I went and did what I always do when I have a big decision to make, female male viagra I went for a slice of pizza and a Manhattan Special. Female male viagra When I got back to my office, female male viagra I went to my keyboard and made my choice. Female male viagra I am proud to announce that The Eddie Kranepool Society has backed Gary Cohen and will vote for him as the greatest announcer in Mets history. Female male viagra I think what swayed me was the fact I’m wearing my “It’s Outta Here” t-shirt today.




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Camp Happiness is in full swing as Warlord Jerry gave his loyal soldiers a unity speech and from the quotes afterwards it was a success:


 “I thought it was definitely the best pre-spring training meeting I’ve ever been part of, natural viagra” said new set-up man J.J. Natural viagra Putz, natural viagra who came over from the Mariners in December. Natural viagra


David Wright agreed, natural viagra saying the message hit home even more because of Manuel’s popularity in the clubhouse. Natural viagra


“You get kind of the best of both worlds with Jerry, natural viagra” Wright said. Natural viagra “He’s a tremendous players’ manager, natural viagra where you feel you can talk to him about anything, natural viagra and he’s a tremendous motivator who will push you.”


So early in Season of Redemption, natural viagra J-Man is stressing it’s all about “we” and I think the Wright quote is the most damning indictment on Willie Randolph’s managerial reign and now that Manuel is entering into his first spring training and his first season as head man in charges of on field performance he is putting his stamp on the team early.


Big news out of camp is that Johnny Franco is back in the good graces of the Skill Sets and is back working for the Mets in a host of jobs which tells me they have no clue of what to do with him but they need someone around to tell Jeffey how handsome he is. Natural viagra As long as Franco has no say in personnel decisions then I’m cool with the move. 


Matt Cerrone is at Pt St. Natural viagra Lonesome and is relaying some fantastic post from the team workouts and yes I am extremely jealous.


I’m reading this list of eating places at $iti Field and not one of them excites me in fact it proves my assumption that real Mets fans were the last people the Mets thought about when putting this ball park amenities together. Natural viagra From everything I’ve heard, natural viagra $iti Field is going to be a an outstanding place to watch a ball game and just from the pictures I’ve seen of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, natural viagra I believe it, natural viagra but the food choices just stink of yuppie. Natural viagra Where is the concession that will serve deli sandwiches? No corned beef, natural viagra pastrami, natural viagra or brisket? Or NY centric items like egg creams, natural viagra pizza -and not the new age downtown bullshit goat cheese, natural viagra endive, natural viagra truffle uneatable slop, natural viagra but real NY Bari oven corner pizzeria pizza with calzones, natural viagra garlic knots, natural viagra zepoles and Italian ices. Natural viagra You want Shake Shack? Give me White Castle. Natural viagra You want Blue Smoke? How about a Ghetto Chinese stand for some chicken wings and fries and it has to be surrounded by bullet proof glass of course, natural viagra for that authentic feeling. 






















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As sick and tired as I am of the Alex Rodriguez Steroid Family Reunion and all the rehashed stories and the weeping willows who are worried about “The Records” during this scandalous time, cheap generic overnight viagra I am more worn out about “who is the team to beat” bullshit between the Mets and Quakers. Cheap generic overnight viagra For the Mets, cheap generic overnight viagra stop saying we are the team to beat because you haven’t done anything that needs beating. Cheap generic overnight viagra To the Phillies, cheap generic overnight viagra get over your New York envy, cheap generic overnight viagra no matter how much Extenze you folks ingest you’re still from Philadelphia and we here in NYC live in the greatest city on the planet and mine is bigger than yours. Cheap generic overnight viagra But you have something we don’t and that’s the 2008 World Series Trophy. Cheap generic overnight viagra So what we have is a stalemate. Cheap generic overnight viagra You have no response when I tell you my city is better than your city and I have to clam up when you tell me my team choked. Cheap generic overnight viagra So let’s bury the hatchet Phillie fans but not in each others back.


So far Jerry Manuel’ psychological warfare has proven positive as Jose Reyes reacted to vacating the leadoff spot like a professional and an adult and Gimp Castillo says he feels good as new and he worked hard all winter at the Mets Academy in the DR (hopefully not Rodriguez family members were around the compound) and wants to prove to Mets fans that he is worth the dough the Mets are paying him. Cheap generic overnight viagra Ken Davidoff asks the question, cheap generic overnight viagra “Will you boo Luis Castillo on opening day”? I know I won’t as I’ve said I’m not a boo-er, cheap generic overnight viagra that’s why I love blogging saves me the exertions of screaming and booing and it’s much cheaper than therapy.


Matt Cerrone is in Pt St Lonesome and this morning he was at the local Dunkin’ Dounts when you do you think was behind him in line but none other than Jeffey Skill Set. I guess the Madoff Scandal is worse than we thought, cheap generic overnight viagra Jeffey slumming in DD’s with the great unwashed” (not you Matt, cheap generic overnight viagra I know you’re cleaner than the Bd. Cheap generic overnight viagra of Health, cheap generic overnight viagra you’re at the Double D because you are a man of the people and yes those Waffle sandwiches are to die for)    


Ken Davidoff has a Jan Brady complex scenario with the Mets as it pertains to co-existing in this town with the Highlanders. Cheap generic overnight viagra It crossed my mind with all the Alex Rodriguez hula-baloo; imagine if the Mets had signed Manny Ramirez on the day Rodriguez held his presser? The WFAN transmitter would have blown up. Cheap generic overnight viagra I would have typed up a post that would make War and Peace look like a novella. Cheap generic overnight viagra The Mets would have sold so many tickets that could have saved money on their phone bill from calling me asking me to buy a seasons ticket every other day. Cheap generic overnight viagra In other words the Mets would have set this town on fire but like Davidoff said that would be more Marcia than Jan.


Bart Hubbuch has pics of the patch that will be on the caps the Mets will wear this season. Cheap generic overnight viagra It’s not the best shot of the patches but from the view Hubbuch gives us it’s about 1, cheap generic overnight viagra000, cheap generic overnight viagra000 better than that generic patch on the uni sleeve.


Don’t forget tonight is Pro Baseball Central at 9PM EST with our guests Rich Coutinho of 1050 ESPN Radio and Martin Gandy of the Atlanta Braves blog Talking-Chop. Cheap generic overnight viagra You can join in the conversation as well at (646) 595-4462        

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Purchase cialis next day delivery So last night Omar Minaya was a guest on SNY’s Hot Stove show and of course one of the big questions was about Manny Ramirez (is it me or are the Skill Sets the only folks in Metsdom who against Manny as a Met?) but Omar never answered the question in fact all he needed was fruit basket on his head because he did a great Carmen Miranda imitation:

Purchase cialis next day delivery From Matt Cerrone’s Mets Blog:

Purchase cialis next day delivery Asked specifically about Manny Ramirez, purchase cialis next day delivery and whether he has recommended signing him to ownership, purchase cialis next day delivery Minaya said:

Purchase cialis next day delivery {“Manny Ramirez is a great player… But, purchase cialis next day delivery the reality is, purchase cialis next day delivery we have been focused on pitching… If you don’t have the foundation with starting pitching, purchase cialis next day delivery I just don’t believe you win championships… So, purchase cialis next day delivery we have to address our starting pitching and our bullpen first… Like anything else, purchase cialis next day delivery you put your team together, purchase cialis next day delivery like all GMs, purchase cialis next day delivery you have a game plan, purchase cialis next day delivery but the bottom line is you have to focus on pitching.”}

Purchase cialis next day delivery Huh? Omar? Manny? The question was about acquiring Manny Ramirez? Yes we need pitching no doubt but a right handed hitting outfielder should on your shopping list as well. Purchase cialis next day delivery Omar seems to be ready to become a City Councilman. 

Purchase cialis next day delivery  

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