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Viagra reviews Ok nervous Nelly’s the Mets have signed a major league free agent. Viagra reviews Word broke just a little while ago that the Mets have signed RHP Shaun Marcum to a one year deal pending a physical, viagra reviews of course (or unless you’re Omar Minaya and look to save the co-pay. Viagra reviews See Putz J.J.)

Viagra reviews Marcum isn’t much of a risk as his deal is for just a season and he’ll be relegated to the back of the rotation  (Santana, viagra reviews Niese, viagra reviews Harvey, viagra reviews Gee, viagra reviews Marcum or Marcum then Gee if all breaks right) keeping a spot warm for the arrival of Zack Wheeler something after the All Star break.

Viagra reviews Marcum has some injury history with Tommy John surgery (I’m guessing that pitchers a year or two removed from TJ surgery is the new undervalued commodity in baseball at least as far as the Mets front office is concerned) and last year he had some nagging elbow problems but if he can stay relatively healthy Marcum should be a nice addition to the Mets rotation.

Viagra reviews Marcum is a real finesse pitcher who relies on his changeup and cut fastball more than more than your standard fastball which coming out of the hand of Shaun Marcum isn’t very fast. Viagra reviews He can be prone to the HR and does get a lot of balls in the air which means the Mets outfielders……………Oh Snap……………The Mets are going to need some outfielders………………….Damn!!!!

Viagra reviews One guy who is a looooooooooooooooooongshot to be in the Mets outfield in 2013 is Michael Bourn. Viagra reviews The only reason Bourn is a longshot is the cost of signing him. Viagra reviews Not monetarily but the high cost of the draft pick the Mets would surrender in his joining the Metropolitans.  When looking at the 11th pick in the MLB draft over the last 10 years, viagra reviews the lone stand out is Andrew McCutchen (Pirates 2005), viagra reviews other formable names taken with the 11th pick are Neil Walker, viagra reviews Jeremy Hermida, viagra reviews Max Scherzer and Justin Smoak. Viagra reviews Save for McCutchen it’s mostly solid to serviceable big leaguers who’ve blossom from that slot. Viagra reviews So should Sandy Alderson hold on to that draft pick as tightly as he has or should he use it as a chip to sign Boune ? Tough choice as we don’t know what the Bourn/Boras contract demands are. Viagra reviews Safe to say Bourn/Boras is not really in the driver’s seat since they are at least taking the Mets phone calls. Viagra reviews I guess Boras decided to go shopping in the frozen food aisle after finding the shelves bare in the meat department.

Viagra reviews Its real tough choice when you add in that Bourn is just 29 years old (he turns 30 in December) he gets on base at a decent rate (lifetime .339 OBP not great not awful) can steal a base and plays a fine centerfield.

Viagra reviews When word of the Mets being interested in signing Bourn I thought they  should pass but after looking at the history of that 11th spot in the draft the last 10 years and the Mets desperate need for a bona fided Major League outfielder, viagra reviews I have to say if I’m Sandy Alderson I have to open up a dialog with Scott Boras to see if there is a way to make this a match both money wise and years wise.

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Cheap cialis levitracom viagra It’s hard not to get excited watching Dillon Gee pitch; he’s like a combination artist/illusionist on the mound. Cheap cialis levitracom viagra To be a successful pitcher you have to be able to deceive the batter and Gee’s pitch of deception last night was a cut fastball. Cheap cialis levitracom viagra Gee felt his slider would not be effective after throwing his pre-game bullpen so he decided the out pitch of the night would be a combination of his two seamer with a bit of cutter movement and his changeup, cheap cialis levitracom viagra add that  to his fastball and the Braves hitters were off balance all night. Cheap cialis levitracom viagra No matter what happens for here on this season, cheap cialis levitracom viagra Dillion Gee’s starts are a must watch for Mets fans.

Cheap cialis levitracom viagra Terry Collins is using his last option with Jason Bay by dropping him to the 6th spot in the lineup. Cheap cialis levitracom viagra If he can’t get it together there then it’s time to bring up Lucas Duda or F-Mart to platoon in LF with Bay or as Mike Silva suggests, cheap cialis levitracom viagra ask him to go to Buffalo to work out whatever problems it is he’s having. Cheap cialis levitracom viagra If it comes down to where he’s spooked by Citi Field then Bay has a big decision to make, cheap cialis levitracom viagra right now with his contract he is untradeable and he’ll to make to some big time concessions to go to a team where  hitting the ball over the left field seats is a bit easier.

Cheap cialis levitracom viagra More debate over the subject of retiring Gary Carter’s #8. What gets lost in this debate is the fact that the Skill Sets are so clueless when it comes to the history of the team, cheap cialis levitracom viagra that’s why when you read the recent magazine articles where Freddy Skill Sets claims his love for the Mets is pure 100 % BULLSHIT. Cheap cialis levitracom viagra He’s a Brooklyn Dodger fan who never got over the team leaving Brooklyn. Cheap cialis levitracom viagra He and the rest of this dysfunctional ownership have no appreciation for those you have worn the Mets uniform or for you and me who love the team, cheap cialis levitracom viagra they have to be shamed into doing anything positive when it comes to this team. Cheap cialis levitracom viagra As Mets fans we want something to celebrate, cheap cialis levitracom viagra the negativity has drained most of the life out of the fan base.

Cheap cialis levitracom viagra On this day in 1973, cheap cialis levitracom viagra the Mets made Lee Mazzilli out of Lincoln High School in Brooklyn their first pick in the MLB Entry Draft. If you’ve read this site for a while you know I’m not a big Mazzilli fan. Cheap cialis levitracom viagra  I was a sophomore at FDR High in Bensonhurst when Mazzilli was drafted and though I had never met him I heard a lot about him, cheap cialis levitracom viagra not any of it complementary from players on the varsity baseball team.  When Mazzilli came up with the Mets he’d frequent a few of the Bensonhurst/Bay Ridge spots my friends and I hung out in and he acted like an ass anytime I saw him. Cheap cialis levitracom viagra When he was traded to the Rangers in ’82 it was the best thing for him, cheap cialis levitracom viagra he needed to be taken down a notch or two.

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Dangers of viagra So who do you believe Johan Santana and the Mets or the Bergen Record? Hard choice. Dangers of viagra See I’m skeptical of both of them. Dangers of viagra  

Dangers of viagra This past winter Carlos Beltran told a gaggle of Mets bloggers that he felt great his knee felt great and he couldn’t wait to get to training camp. Dangers of viagra How has that turned out so far?

Dangers of viagra The one problem that Sandy Alderson needs to fix right away is the leak that’s in the organization. Dangers of viagra Someone with enough juice on this team told Steve Popper and The Klap the bad news about Santana and they ran with this story. Dangers of viagra Now the player, dangers of viagra pitching coach and GM are all calling BULLSHIT on this report. Dangers of viagra I call BULLSHIT as well.

Dangers of viagra One thing I do believe in all this is why the rush to get Santana back in the rotation? Where are the Mets going that Santana needs to accelerate his rehab? Why not just let him work on his rehab try to get that shoulder stronger and healthier and look towards 2012? Even then who knows what kind of pitcher Santana will be. Dangers of viagra His last two seasons have been halted by injury; his velocity has decreased on his fastball which affects his changeup greatly. Dangers of viagra With two full seasons and a buyout left in his contract, dangers of viagra it would be best to point at 2012 for Johan’s return than this summer. Dangers of viagra This type of surgery is tough to come back from as we see with Mark Prior and Chen Ming- Wang who have not come close to getting back in the baseball swing of things. Dangers of viagra So maybe slow and steady is best for this race.

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