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Viagra online sales Every year we brace ourselves here in NYC when September 11th shows up on our calendar. Viagra online sales For many of us the events of that day never leave our minds and for some it’s a reminder of how that day has changed the way we live our lives , viagra online sales it’s also the day that we have to argue should the Mets wear first responders caps during the game or not. Viagra online sales To tell you the truth, viagra online sales I’m tired of the argument in fact it just goes to show you what a mess the Mets organization is that they can’t even figure out how to do something so simple and admirable  as wearing the caps of the FDNY, viagra online sales NYPD and PAPD  could be and how beholden they are to the Commissioner for keeping the Wilpon’s in business that they won’t make waves and not dare MLB to punish them for wearing the caps. Viagra online sales What is even sadder is that I expect this from the Mets as they are good at rolling over and playing dead. Viagra online sales It’s a sad commentary on this organization that by not showing any defiance’s over this issue is just business as usual in Flushing.

Viagra online sales My friend and podcasting colleague Mike Silva, viagra online sales made a bet with Highlander windbag announcer Michael Kay that the Mets would win 60+ games this season. Viagra online sales Kay said the Mets were so bad that 60 wins would be a stretch. Viagra online sales So Silva bet Kay that if the Mets win 60 games, viagra online sales Kay would have to wear and be photographed in a Mets jersey. Viagra online sales If Sliva were to lose the wager, viagra online sales he would have to write a column on how great an announcer/talk show host Kay is, viagra online sales which by the way is like trying to write a column on how classy the Kardashian’s are. Viagra online sales So the Mets have gone above and beyond the 60 win mark which means Kay must pay his debt but wait it seems that Kay is ready to add to his impressive character traits of insufferable, viagra online sales incompetent, viagra online sales uniformed and downright annoying to listen to with tag of being a welsher , viagra online sales in fact Mike Silva has reached out to Kay to be a guest on our Sunday night podcast, viagra online sales so far Kay has not responded to the request. Viagra online sales My advice to Kay is honor your bet or as soon as Silva gives the word, viagra online sales I’ll go Dog The Bounty Hunter on your ass.

Viagra online sales The NY Times has published an editorial on R.A. Viagra online sales Dickey and his amazing 2012 season.

Viagra online sales Andy McCullough has a piece about the possibility of trading Jon Niese over the winter. Viagra online sales Now before you overreact, viagra online sales read the article then think for a moment……….it’s not a bad idea.

Viagra online sales Chipper Jones reflects on playing in NYC and the high level of respect he has for the town. Viagra online sales He also mentions some of his favorite moments here as well, viagra online sales quite surprising. Viagra online sales Sorry I can’t be a Chipper hater.

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