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Viagra online deals Last night at Citi Field Sandy Alderson, viagra online deals Paul DePodesta, viagra online deals JP Riccardi and John Ricco sat down for a Q & A session with Mets season tickets holders.  Of the season ticket holders in attendance were the first couple of Mets Blogdom Ed Leyro and Taryn Cooper. Viagra online deals  On Ed’s Studious Metsimus site he gives a recap of the some of the questions posed to the group and the answers given by the Baseball Ops members assembled. Viagra online deals Some of these stood out to me, viagra online deals such as being asked why it’s taking so long for Alderson to make the Mets a contender. Viagra online deals And Alderson replied “”We don’t want to be there one year and gone the next.” There is segment of Metsfandom whose craniums are as thick as a milk shake at the Shake Shack. Viagra online deals When you inherit a holy mess both personnel and cash flow wise, viagra online deals it’s going to take some time to straighten things out. Viagra online deals Alderson and his crew have the Mets on the right path and the impatient Mets fan (who I believe like Chipper Jones said puts a Highlander cap on when the Bronx Bastards play in October)  is either too dense or quite frankly too ignorant to see this. Viagra online deals In case you missed it, viagra online deals MLB on its 2013 Prospect Watch ranked three Mets in the top 30 of its top 100 list, viagra online deals Travis d’Aranud  at #6, viagra online deals Zack Wheeler #8 and Noah Syndergaard #29 . Viagra online deals Wheeler and d’Aranud will be up by no later than mid-season, viagra online deals Syndergaard in two seasons at least add them to Matt Harvey and you have a nice foundation for the future. Viagra online deals Oh yeah I know what you’re saying but the outfield sucks!!!!

Viagra online deals Alderson has let it be known in interview after interview that yes, viagra online deals the outfield is a problem spot and yes, viagra online deals I could have spent money to find a bonafide ML outfielder but he wasn’t happy with the sticker price, viagra online deals something he also admitted he has to get over:

Viagra online deals   “We understand what the market dictates and we have to be prepared to exist in that market, viagra online deals” said Alderson, viagra online deals who indicated there is an urgency to winning, viagra online deals and that he has not set out on a 10-year plan

Viagra online deals Seems Alderson felt there were a couple or three players out there he could have signed but was unwilling to match the price set by the market. Viagra online deals I wonder if he could have a do over, viagra online deals if he’d been a little more aggressive in bidding for Ryan Ludwick, viagra online deals Cody Ross or even Reed Johnson as any of those three would be the Mets top outfielder and none of them broke the bank in their newly signed deals. Viagra online deals Ross was a player I wanted badly on the Mets as he hits with some pop from the right side of the plate and would have been a big upgrade in right field. Viagra online deals  To be fair here as well, viagra online deals there was not much else to choose from in the outfield free agent pool since there was no way in hell Josh Hamilton or Nick Swisher were going to be Mets, viagra online deals nor should they have been and my other wish list outfielder Shane Victorino got a year a couple of million dollars more than I thought he would from Boston and even though he’s born and bred  Phuck Phace  I’d have taken a run at him. Viagra online deals Would you be happy with a Duda, viagra online deals Victorino, viagra online deals Ross/Baxter outfield? I would.

Viagra online deals The best part of all this is in 11 days Mets pitchers and catchers will report to Port St Lonesome and 5 days after that the full squad will be there and then we can see for ourselves what we have in store in 2013 with our own eyes (and the eyes of those covering the camp) and be done with all this off season speculation.

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Who sells generic viagra Well now that Chipper Jones has bid adieu to Flushing, who sells generic viagra it leaves Mets fans with not much to discuss until the off season. Who sells generic viagra I have to admit, who sells generic viagra I watched maybe 5 minutes of yesterday’s game as the first Sunday of NFL action had me mesmerized for most of the day( NFL Red Zone on FiOs GREATEST….THING….EVER). Who sells generic viagra It was encourage seeing that the majority of Mets fans in attendance at Citi Field showed how classy Mets fans can be by giving Jones a standing ovation. Who sells generic viagra I know a few of the backwards cap wearing, who sells generic viagra beer swilling, who sells generic viagra longtime fans since 1999, who sells generic viagra and feel that the fans who acknowledge Jones for his fine Hall of Fame career should have their Mets fan card revoked but all that does is display their lack of Mets and New York baseball education.  Stan Musial’ “The Man” nickname came from Brooklyn Dodgers fans. Who sells generic viagra Willie Stargell killed the Mets a la Jones but whenever the Pirates came to town Stargell was always given a warm reception as his talents as a player and team leader were respectfully acknowledged. Who sells generic viagra    

Who sells generic viagra As much as I admire Jones, who sells generic viagra I’m glad he’s gone off into the sunset so some of us can concentrate on watching Matt Harvey, who sells generic viagra Jeurys Familila  Jenrry Mejia and tonight’s starter Collin McHugh pitch to determine if they are part of the solution to get the Mets back to contending for a NL Pennant, who sells generic viagra the rest can get back to figuring out how many empty beer cups they can balance on their heads.

Who sells generic viagra The Brooklyn Cyclones dropped game 2 of the NY-Penn League playoff series against the Hudson Valley Renegades to even the best of 3 series to 1 game apiece and the deciding game tonight in Wappinger’s Falls. Who sells generic viagra  I have a lot of faith in tonight’s Brooklyn starter Luis Cesa as I saw his last start against Lowell where he went 8.2 innings for the win at Coney Island. Who sells generic viagra     

Who sells generic viagra  Last night I joined Mike Silva on his show at WGBB to talk about the relationship of late between reporters covering teams and how it has changed over the years and we also discussed the Chipper Jones farewell at Citi Field.

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Cheap viagra order online Sorry NY Highlander fans you lost your right to bitch and moan about bad umpire calls 16 years ago

Cheap viagra order online So Chipper Jones will sit out todays finale at Citi Field, cheap viagra order online I guess even Jones is suffering from Chipper-Fatigue as much as we are but what is Ruben Tejada suffering from?

Cheap viagra order online Tejada is sitting out again today and I’m not buying Terry Collins line of “he’s tired” either, cheap viagra order online Tejada has to be nursing some sort of injury that the Mets are not letting on.

Cheap viagra order online I’m still trying to figure out the reasoning behind having Jureys Familia warm up then sit for an hour then warm-up again to come into to pitch and guess what? He had no commanded of his pitches and got behind and threw fastballs right down the middle of the plate. Cheap viagra order online Who didn’t see that coming?

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Buy cialis online uk Chipper Jones makes his last appearance as a major league baseball player in NYC this weekend. Buy cialis online uk The Mets, buy cialis online uk like other teams around the league, buy cialis online uk will honor Jones as he sails off into retirement. Buy cialis online uk Most of you will boo and kill the organization for honoring a player who was a thorn in the Mets side for the last 19 years. Buy cialis online uk Your anger towards Jones is ill advised, buy cialis online uk your anger should be towards the Skill Sets for not heading the lesson that Jones was teaching the Mets whenever they were the Braves opponent, buy cialis online uk that lesson was “you need me to be a Met”.

Buy cialis online uk Think about it, buy cialis online uk Jones owned the Mets, buy cialis online uk not just with his lifetime .314/.410/.553 splits against them or the 49 home runs he hit against them either, buy cialis online uk what Jones tried to show the Mets was, buy cialis online uk you need to act and think like a winner as to become one. Buy cialis online uk When Jones would come to NY he played the stage better than any Tony award winning actor. Buy cialis online uk We chanted “LAAAAAARRRRRYYYYYY, buy cialis online uk LAAAAAAARRRRRYYYYYYY” and he ate it up. Buy cialis online uk He loved the fact that Mets fans had a passion, buy cialis online uk fire, buy cialis online uk and desire that matched his. Buy cialis online uk For a guy born in the South, buy cialis online uk he had a New York mentality and I think a want to play here as well.

Buy cialis online uk Why didn’t the Mets ever make a strong move on Jones when he was a free agent?  You would have thought an owner whose team was owned by a superstar player who had that balls to the wall, buy cialis online uk win at all cost mentality, buy cialis online uk  would say “hell if I can’t beat him then I want to join him”.

Buy cialis online uk As much as Jones loved the Braves, buy cialis online uk Atlanta and playing in the South, buy cialis online uk I have to think is the Mets made an offer above and beyond like they did to land Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran, buy cialis online uk Jones would have had a difficult time turning them down. Buy cialis online uk We know his love for the city and Shea Stadium was so strong he named one of his sons Shea. Buy cialis online uk   Back in 2000, buy cialis online uk Jones signed a 6 yr/$90mil deal with Atlanta but when that deal was up, buy cialis online uk he re-signed for 3yrs at $40 mil, buy cialis online uk this was in the days of the Mets swimming in Madoff bucks so the thought that Freddy Skill Sets couldn’t have raised the stakes for Jones is ridiculous. Buy cialis online uk I don’t remember if there was talk of the Mets making a pitch for Jones back in 2000 or even in 2006, buy cialis online uk I doubt there was but in hind sight there should have been. Buy cialis online uk It could be that the Skill Sets felt that going after Jones and even signing Jones would have led to fans revolting that a despised opponent would join their beloved Mets. Buy cialis online uk  Well, buy cialis online uk I guess we see what happens when you give in to the lunatic fringe of your fan base.

Buy cialis online uk This is why, buy cialis online uk as much as I loathe the Highlanders and old Boss George, buy cialis online uk he knew players like Darryl Strawberry, buy cialis online uk Doc Gooden and David Cone were the kind of players he needed to win championships. Buy cialis online uk You think he cared that they were former Mets? Hell, buy cialis online uk he signed Wade Boggs to play 3rd base who played for a team and organization he hated with a passion.

Buy cialis online uk Think about Chipper as a Met. Buy cialis online uk Imagine him with a kid like Jordany Vladespin ? Remember he called out Jason Heywood who came up as one of the hottest prospects in baseball for not playing due to fatigue. Buy cialis online uk Jones went right at Heywood and made the Braves right fielder grow up fast.  I can’t say the Mets would have won a World Series championship with Jones on the team but I could guarantee he would have had no problem stepping up and holding his teammates accountable for their play. Buy cialis online uk  I’m also sure he would have gone down as one of the greatest Mets players of all time.

Buy cialis online uk So when Chipper Jones comes up to bat for the first time on Friday night, buy cialis online uk what Mets fans should do is turn towards the owner’s box at Citi Field and give the Skill Sets a rousing standing boo not just for never pursuing Jones when he was a free agent but for not having the smarts to understand the lesson Chipper was teaching.

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America viagra There is a segment of this fan base that really needs to stop listening to sports talk radio for your own good. America viagra There are too many of you that take the word of the gasbags on WFAN and WEPN as sports gospel. America viagra The biggest offender seem to be the wanna- be shock jock on WFAN in the early AM who threw out a line that a Mets “official” said the club was going to honor Chipper Jones during the Braves last visit to NYC. America viagra I guess the fact that the wanna- be shock jock’ partner, america viagra the fair haired Norman Esiason has been taking days off here and there (maybe NFL Norman is trying to tell wanna- be shocks partner Norman that this morning gig is bad for you imagine and credibility) left the wanna-be shock with nothing to talk about since his scope of sports knowledge seems to be whatever is in the daily fish wraps and what he reads on blogs, america viagra so with no partner to banter with he decided to join in on every media types favorite target of belittlement, america viagra the NY Mets.

America viagra After it was broadcast over the biggest waste of 50, america viagra000 watts in radio, america viagra that the Mets were thinking about honoring Chipper Jones, america viagra the lunatic fringe of Metsopotania flew into a Tweeting rage. America viagra If it weren’t for the fact that I’m a lifelong Mets fans I’d have laughed my ass off over the over reaction by some fans but instead I’m left shaking my head and letting out a great big “sigh”.

America viagra The Mets are not going to hold a “Larry Jones Night” at Citi Field. America viagra If anything they will have a short and sweet pre-game annoucemnt that no one will even see as it will be so far from game time you will still be on the Shake Shack line. America viagra The will give Jones a plaque and acknowledge his Hall of Fame career and wish him the best on his retirement. America viagra It will take you longer to decide what dipping sauce you want with your Box Frites Belgian fries.

America viagra Yes I understand that Jones was a one man wrecking crew against the Mets for his career but I also understand the he thoroughly enjoyed competing on the New York stage and he appreciates the rich history of New York baseball. America viagra  As I’ve mentioned many times, america viagra he loved to interact with Mets fans and always found time to sign autographs. America viagra Ask David Wright about Jones and how he has helped Wright with encouragement or a batting tip here or there.

America viagra I guess if you haven’t been witness to Jones’ mingling with Mets fans all you would see is a guy who beat our brains in but if you’ve seen Jones up close at Shea or Citi dealing with Mets fans you know he’s a classy guy. America viagra The Mets are just acknowledging that class.

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Cialis refractory Why not? He’s been the best hitter in Flushing in 18 seasons

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Order viagra no prescription So Bobby Valentine is trying to put together a group to buy the Mets or at least a minority share. Order viagra no prescription I doubt that BV has the coin to pull this off but he what he does have is the “it” factor and the ability to front the franchise in a positive way unlike Freddy, order viagra no prescription Jeffey and Uncle Saul who infuriated the fan base. Order viagra no prescription If he can get some deep pocketed investors to join him and let him be the out front guy, order viagra no prescription it could be interesting

Order viagra no prescription  With the passing of Duke Snider yesterday, order viagra no prescription lost in the days news was the untimely passing of former Met Greg Goosen. Order viagra no prescription Last night the Mets 1965 Yearbook played on SNY and there was Goosen shown as one of the up and coming young stars of the Mets along with “Robust” Ron Swoboda, order viagra no prescription Johnny Lewis and Ed Kranepool. Order viagra no prescription Goosen was also a key figure in Jim Bouton’ classic book, order viagra no prescription  BALL FOUR. Order viagra no prescription One story, order viagra no prescription when Goosen was a teammate of Bouton’s on the 1969 Seattle Pilots on a bus ride passing an old building  that had an inscription” Erected in 1883″, order viagra no prescription to that Goosen replied “that’s some long errection. Order viagra no prescription R.I.P. Order viagra no prescription Greg.”

Order viagra no prescription Sniff, order viagra no prescription Snifff what kind of smoke is that, order viagra no prescription that Chipper Jones is blowing up the Mets ass? Hickory? Mesquite?

Order viagra no prescription On my last visit to Citi Field, order viagra no prescription I wrote about Josh Thole being a good guy and helping me get access onto the media scrum by moving a chair and taking my backpack for me now if that weren’t enough to endear Thole to me it was announced that he will be the Mets union rep this year. Order viagra no prescription So now Thole and I are Union brothers in arms. Order viagra no prescription Sorry all you wanna be union busters!!!!!!!!

Order viagra no prescription How in the world could anyone watch the Academy Awards when the Knicks-Heat game was on at same time? I’m not even a Knicks fan but I was glued to that game. Order viagra no prescription As a basketball fan it’s good to see the Knicks and St Johns back on the right track and have the city talking basketball again.

Order viagra no prescription Oliver Perez still sucks.

Order viagra no prescription Mets and Nats today in St Lonesome. Order viagra no prescription Big Pelf makes spring debut, order viagra no prescription Dan Murphy plays 3rd base, order viagra no prescription F-Mart DH, order viagra no prescription Castillo gets another start at 2nd Base

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