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Yes, viagra cartoon this is a picture of the Greatest Rock N Roll Band of all time!

Viagra cartoon It’s getting harder to post anything about the Mets because every time I start to write a post this song pops in my head.  Every day, viagra cartoon all day it’s Reyes and Wright, viagra cartoon Wright and Reyes. Viagra cartoon Reyes to the Marlins or the Brewers or the Giants anywhere but the Mets. Viagra cartoon Trade Wright, viagra cartoon Pay Wright, viagra cartoon Bring the fences in for Wright on and on it’s the Mets fan/media version of waterboarding.

Viagra cartoon It seems there is a segment of Mets fans out there that cannot see the Shake Shake   for the chop shops, viagra cartoon it has not sunk into the skulls of a segment of the Flushing congregation that the family who owns our beloved Mets are close to broke and have no clue how to raise capital to run the franchise nor do they trust anyone outside their inner circle to bring in as partners. Viagra cartoon The Skill Sets are the Amish of MLB.

Viagra cartoon It is these same clueless fans who think Sandy Alderson owns the team. Viagra cartoon It escapes their pea brains that the GM can only spend what is allotted to him in a budget and even if he had an unlimited budget he still would not spend it like a clueless dolt (ladies and gentlemen  how about a hand for Omar Minaya).

Viagra cartoon The Mets are up shit’s creek for a few reasons, viagra cartoon first, viagra cartoon Bernie Madoff got caught and the funny money from his Ponzi scheme that fuled the franchise coffers are gone. Viagra cartoon Second, viagra cartoon the legal fees alone are ruining the Skill Sets, viagra cartoon sharks lawyers don’t work for free and I’m sure the shysters are livin’ large on the Skill Sets dole, viagra cartoon third, viagra cartoon The Skill Sets are selfish bastards who should sell the team but are hanging on for their dear self-centered life with an assist from Uncle Bud. Viagra cartoon  All in all it makes for a huge mess. Viagra cartoon The mess was inherited by Sandy Alderson, viagra cartoon a man who knows how to clean up such messes, viagra cartoon the problem is this mess is beyond sweeping and moping it’s a real industrial strength mess that may take a while to clean up.

Viagra cartoon Mets  fans want to be told that the franchise is in rebuild mode. Viagra cartoon Well, viagra cartoon since some of you can’t figure it out by reading all the clues you’ve been given, viagra cartoon I’ll let you in on the Skill Sets dirty little secret, viagra cartoon the team is in rebuild mode.

Viagra cartoon First it will be letting Jose Reyes depart, viagra cartoon unless of course he’ll take a 4yr/$75-$80 mil deal. Viagra cartoon He won’t. Viagra cartoon Next it will be David Wright departing. Viagra cartoon The fences of Citi Field were brought in so Wright can get back on the offensive track so he will be quite desirable to other teams come the trade deadline, viagra cartoon this is fatting up the hog for slaughter.  Same deal with Johan Santana, viagra cartoon Alderson and company are hoping he comes back like the old Johan so maybe there is a team who would take on his bloated contract to make a post season run. Viagra cartoon In order to deal off Jason Bay it will take a cocktail of strong narcotics or snapshots of a GM mating with an animal to get that done.

Viagra cartoon Let me give you folks a dose of reality, viagra cartoon the Mets will not contend in 2012 in fact 2012 has a chance to be worse than 2011. Viagra cartoon So you can make your plans now, viagra cartoon either hang in and ride out the storm the next season or jump ship and find another team to root for. Viagra cartoon In fact all you Jose Reyes groupies can flock to the team that he signs with since your allegiance is more to the players than to the team.

Viagra cartoon Me? I’ll hang with the organization, viagra cartoon the same organization I take to task on what seems to be a daily basis but can’t ever think of turning my back on. Viagra cartoon It’s going to be a long summer at Citi Field but I’ll still be there rooting for whoever puts on the Mets uniform because to me it makes no difference who owns the team. Viagra cartoon I look at like this, viagra cartoon I was here before the Skill Sets and I’ll be here after the Skill Sets but what has me seeing at least a glimmer of light at the end of the Cliff Floyd Tunnel is I believe Sandy Alderson has a plan and he feels the plan will pay off. Viagra cartoon I guess I need to hang my hopes on something.

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Viagra results The Den of Thieves (A/K/A NYC City Council) votes today on the re-development of Willets Point so lets see if rats and chop shops win over jobs, viagra results housing and progress.

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Viagra results D-Wright says he will bang the Mets tom-tom for the franchise to any free agent looking to join the club. Viagra results D-Wright is a true blue Met but I get a bit queasy when you have to recruit guys to join your team especially when you are a NYC team. Viagra results The Mets will have no shortage of sutiors some with real interest in join the team others who are looking to up their ante with other clubs, viagra results and one of Omar Minaya’s strong suits is his street smarts to know how to separate the phonies from the players who have a real interest in being Mets.

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Viagra results The closer contest looks to be very interesting as the Mets will start there it seems on the road to revamp the ballclub. Viagra results It looks like the shopping list will go in order, viagra results closer/relievers, viagra results starting pitchers (2), viagra results catcher, viagra results outfield bat.

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Viagra results Newsday states that the Mets are now looking at Bobby Jenks. Viagra results My consultants check is in the mail I hope.

Viagra results Jake Peavy to the Braves looks like a done deal and that puts a little extra pressure on the Mets to strengthen the pitching staff and it also helps CC Sabathia get even more of the Steinbrenner millions.

Viagra results Hops Weiss has a very good column on the state of college basketball here in the NYC area.  None of the area Divsion I teams are predicted to do much this season or be a factor come tournament time. Viagra results Wiess lays out how college hoops used to be when St Johns ruled the roost.

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Viagra porn The Skill Sets are farting through silk undies as all of the luxury suites at $iti Field have been sold out.  I’m sure the Skill Sets are happy that the Appletini crowd will be in full apathy mode come April 2009 because really who needs a bunch of people who care about winning around, viagra porn they are so annoying. 

Viagra porn When asked about the folks you bought partial season ticket plans at Shea for years and wanted to do the same at $iti Field, viagra porn  Jeffey Skill Set said he was looking into what affordable packages could be put together for those fans as he looks into building a platform by the chop shops of Willets Point for them to view games next season/

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