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Free viagra Observations from opening day at Citi Field:

Free viagra I’ve been going to Mets games for 48 years, free viagra I was 6 years old in 1964 when I went to see Bob Gibson beat the Mets  on May 9 th, free viagra and as excited as I was back then I was just as excited yesterday to be at Citi Field for opening day.

Free viagra Outside the ball park before the game there was a great positive energy that non-Mets fans just do not understand. Free viagra I stood near the SNY broadcast area where Bobby Ojeda, free viagra Chris Carlin and the iconic Ralph Kiner conducted the pre-game show. Free viagra There is a segment of younger generation Mets fans who really don’t appreciate Kiner and what he means to charter member Mets fans like me. Free viagra Ralph, free viagra Bob Murphy and Lindsey Nelson were a constant summer time companion on TV and radio. Free viagra Nelson left in 1978 and that was shocking, free viagra but we still had Ralph and Murph. Free viagra Murph left in 2003 and that was sad but through it all Ralph Kiner remained, free viagra albeit on a limited basis but Ralph always knew when to show up when you needed that boost of Mets elixir because when you’re a middle aged Mets fan the sight and sound of Ralph Kiner brings back memories of a simpler and great time of your life.

Free viagra Lots and lots of CARTER 8 jersey’s and t-shirts on display yesterday along with signs and banners praising Carter and mourning the loss of Gary Carter. Free viagra The Mets held a wonderful pre-game ceremony starting with the players, free viagra coaches and manager all wearing their warm up jerseys with CARTER 8 on the back and having Carter’ jersey hanging  up in the dugout.  It was also touching to see Darryl Strawberry, free viagra Keith Hernandez, free viagra Bobby Ojeda and Mookie Wilson catch the first pitch from Carter’s wife and children along with the unveiling of the KID 8 patch on the outfield wall and video of Carters Mets career that would make even the most cynical Mets fan dab their eyes.

Free viagra Seems the only people who are obsessed by the Mets attendance are the Mets Media Haters and Highlander fans. Free viagra  The Mets Media Haters harp on this due to their lack of talent and originality, free viagra I mean how much talent does it take to answer a telephone for five hours a day while reading a newspaper and sucking down soda after soda or sit at a laptop staring lovingly at your Derek Jeter gift baskets while writing what a great GM Pee Wee Cashman is because he is so brilliant in having a $200 mil payroll to cover up his fuck ups. Free viagra The Highlander fan knows that the first time the Mets show any success the Highlander reign of attention in this city will be over.

Free viagra Citi Field was jammed packed yesterday, free viagra the line at the Shake Shack was a couple a hundred deep, free viagra the fans lined the Shea Bridge soaking up the sunshine which could explain for some of the empty seats you’ve seen. Free viagra The crowd responded well to the player introductions, free viagra sure some folks felt it was a good time to boo Mike Pelfrey and Jason Bay but for most part the Mets faithful was happy to see their beloved team back in action.

Free viagra I didn’t see any of the usual Highlander fan jerk offs who come to Citi Field wearing their Jeter jerseys and caps which is encouraging.

Free viagra The Mets have made an upgrade on the main scoreboard to where it’s  setup like Gameday on a virtual scorecard showing not only what the player has done in previous at bats but also showing you the location of balls put in play in those AB’s. Free viagra The pitchers line as well as pitch count, free viagra pitch selection and pitch count are there as well as both lineups, free viagra the player at bat’s season stats and career numbers as well.

Free viagra I have never bitched and moaned about the prices at the concession stands but $6.80 for a Nathans Hot Dog is ridiculous. Free viagra Compare that to $11.50 for a turkey with mozzarella and gravy on a semolina hero at Mama’s of Corona, free viagra why would you go for the hot dog?

Free viagra Nothing better than watching Johan Santana work. Free viagra Frist two innings he had a bit of a command issue, free viagra which is to be expected as I’m sure his adrenaline was flowing like Niagara Falls but it was the 5th inning that really sent the message as to what a competitor he is and why Santana is one the best starting pitchers in baseball. Free viagra He wanted badly to get 5 innings in today as his pitch count was limited to 80-85 so he knew this was his last frame of the day. Free viagra Getting Freddy Freeman out on strikes to start the inning was big because Santana killer Matt Diaz doubled to left and you could see the finish line of this start was near.

Free viagra After getting Jason Heyward to fly out to Bay, free viagra all Santana needed was one more out but he struggled against Tyler Pastornicky and Tommy Hanson walking both of them to load the bases for leadoff hitter Michael Bourn. Free viagra  This was the at bat of the game. Free viagra Santana fell behind Bourn 2-0 giving the crowd of Mets fans an uneasy feeling since it was September of 2010 when we last witnessed Santana pitch we forgot how much heart this man has on the mound. Free viagra He got Bourn to hit a comebacker to him and with what adrenaline was left nearly threw the ball over Ike Davis head but Ike caught it stepped on first inning over with no Braves crossing home plate. Free viagra Welcome back Johan.

Free viagra Andres Torres pulled up lame in the 7th on Pastornick’s triple and while I hate to see anyone get hurt, free viagra I hope Torres takes all the time he needs to get that calf 100 % so we can get a good look at Kirk Nieuwenhuis as the everyday center fielder. Free viagra Hopefully when Torres comes back it will be as the 4th outfielder, free viagra

Free viagra Daniel Murphy 2 for 4 yup #ImWith28

Free viagra  

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Women use viagra If you read the NY Post this morning besides the front page picture of half the NYPD chasing a poor coyote just steps from my office, women use viagra the best thing in that fish wrap today was Justin Terranova’s 5 Questions with Bobby Ojeda. Women use viagra Last year during the stink of August and September, women use viagra Bobby-O was at his best on the pre and pst games shows with his co-host Curley, women use viagra Chris Carlin. Women use viagra Ojeda was visibly and vocally pissed off by the poor play and attitude of the team and in this interview he still is not afraid to tell it like it is:

Women use viagra  Q: Coming out of spring training with Carlos Beltran out and Jose Reyes questionable for Opening Day, women use viagra do you think the first month of this season is about survival for the Mets?

Women use viagra A: You can’t have that attitude. Women use viagra You heard that ad nauseum last year. Women use viagra “Let’s hold on until so and so comes back.” It drove me nuts. Women use viagra On any given team, women use viagra you are going to have people injured. Women use viagra The attitude has to be that you are going to go out and stick it to people. Women use viagra We are going to remember what happened last year and teams are going to pay. Women use viagra “Just survive until Beltran and Reyes get healthy” is a loser attitude.

Women use viagra Amen Brother Bobby. Women use viagra AMEN!!!!

Women use viagra Jose Reyes is not a fan of shit kickin’ music. Women use viagra Me either. Women use viagra Reason #4, women use viagra564, women use viagra098 why it’s great to live in NYC, women use viagra NO COUNTRY MUSIC STATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

Women use viagra The Mets are interested in Chad Gaudin. Women use viagra I’m starting to think the Mets front office is staffed by a bunch of hoarders, women use viagra shit plied up all over the place. Women use viagra Stay out of the dumpster Omar.

Women use viagra Metstradamus takes on the Jenry Mejia debate as only Metstradamus can. Women use viagra Looks like there is some sort of march on the SNY studios to protest the promotion of Jenry Mejia to the big league club tonight at around 6PM. Women use viagra Who’s a thunk it? Mets fan Teabaggers !

Women use viagra OK sit down for a minute. Women use viagra Are you seated?  OK. Women use viagra I wanted you to sit because I’m going to write something positive about Mets management. Women use viagra Now this happens about as often as NBC has a hit TV show (have you seen that disaster called The Marriage Ref? I love fellow Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld but that show is an abomination. Women use viagra I’m sure Coco is laughing his rich-pompadour ass off) but with the news that the old Home Run Apple will now be moved outside the Willets-Point subway stop and the adding of the Mets Hall of Fame and the pictures of our former and current Mets heroes all over the ball park and plaza, women use viagra plus painting the place in glorious blue and orange, women use viagra I have to say I very happy. Women use viagra It just shows you that sometimes people in charge do hear us and are opinions and suggestions are not just farts in the wind.

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Woman testimonial of cialis  

Woman testimonial of cialis  

Woman testimonial of cialis I don’t know about you but I’m getting a massive headache trying to decipher what the hell the Mets plan is for the off season.

Woman testimonial of cialis  

Woman testimonial of cialis Omar has gone on TV and print preaching pitching and defense and I scream at the TV YES OMAR YES! !!!  then I read the tons of minutia coming out of Indianapolis and everything about the Mets is contradictory.

Woman testimonial of cialis  

Woman testimonial of cialis The Mets are hot for Matt Holiday and John Lackey, woman testimonial of cialis

Woman testimonial of cialis  

Woman testimonial of cialis Then we hear, woman testimonial of cialis the Mets won’t be spending on big ticket free agents.

Woman testimonial of cialis  

Woman testimonial of cialis Luis Castillo has been offered to every team but Miguel’s Taqueria softball team. Woman testimonial of cialis If you can’t move Castillo then you have to buy out his contract. Woman testimonial of cialis I’m not a big Castillo fan and I would love to see him moved but you have to admit the way the Mets are treating him sucks. Woman testimonial of cialis If my job treated me like this I’d at the union hall filing a fucking grievance. Woman testimonial of cialis Either trade the man or grow a pair of balls Jeffey and buy him out you little shit.

Woman testimonial of cialis  

Woman testimonial of cialis Last night I watched Mets Hot Stove and the great Bobby Ojeda when asked by Kevin Burkhart what the Mets biggest need is this off season, woman testimonial of cialis Bobby O said “pitching, woman testimonial of cialis pitching and more pitching. Woman testimonial of cialis Then when the cut to Indianapolis, woman testimonial of cialis and Chris Carlin interviewed Bobby Cox who was asked about his suplus of starting pitching. Woman testimonial of cialis Cox said “you hate to move a starter because you never have enough pitching” Now they know that, woman testimonial of cialis I know that, woman testimonial of cialis you know that, woman testimonial of cialis all of baseball knows that. Woman testimonial of cialis Do the Mets know that?

Woman testimonial of cialis  

Woman testimonial of cialis The last time I was this discouraged as a Mets fan, woman testimonial of cialis Lorinda de Roulet were trying to figure out how to clean baseballs and Bebe and Whitney de Roulet were strutting their debutant ass’s through out Shea trying out as ball washers.

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I guess you can say I’m suffering from spring training burn out as I can not wait for the season to start in 9 days. Buy viagra now online


A must read is Matt Cerrone’s piece on his tour of $iti Field and it looks as if after all the bitching and moaning over the name and price of tickets and all the other minutia that myself and others have spewed all winter we can enjoy the fact that we have a first class ballpark to call our own that will be very different for our Shea experience. Buy viagra now online


I’m curious to know where you guys stand on the new studio team of Chris Carlin and Bobby Ojeda?. Buy viagra now online For me I’d say it’s a huge upgrade over Snoozeoff and Boardwalk Lee. Buy viagra now online I like Carlin. Buy viagra now online I always thought he was a good listen on WFAN and he did a good job covering the New York Football Giants as he has a jolly good personality. Buy viagra now online As for Bobby-O , buy viagra now online he has star potential. Buy viagra now online I met Ojeda a few years ago when he was the pitching coach in Brooklyn and he knows baseball, buy viagra now online is very opinionated and is funny as hell. Buy viagra now online The post game banter between Ojeda and Mex will be Must See TV mark my words.


Speaking of Keith Hernandez, buy viagra now online he and Ron Darling will be handling the play by play for tonight’s Mets-Nats game on SNY. Buy viagra now online No Gary and no Burkhardt. Buy viagra now online I hope someone has their finger on the dump button.


And speaking of Gary Cohen, buy viagra now online he has advanced to the Mets Greatest Announcers Championship Round at Amazin’ Avenue’ against Bob Murphy. Buy viagra now online Talk about your tough decisions. Buy viagra now online I had to put a lot of thought into whom I was voting for. Buy viagra now online So I went and did what I always do when I have a big decision to make, buy viagra now online I went for a slice of pizza and a Manhattan Special. Buy viagra now online When I got back to my office, buy viagra now online I went to my keyboard and made my choice. Buy viagra now online I am proud to announce that The Eddie Kranepool Society has backed Gary Cohen and will vote for him as the greatest announcer in Mets history. Buy viagra now online I think what swayed me was the fact I’m wearing my “It’s Outta Here” t-shirt today.




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If anything came up as a positive last night that the Phelatios won the NL Pennant it’s that the flame that was close to Omar Minaya ass to make his team better just turned into a blow torch. order viagra I ‘ve read a lot about who should go, order viagra who should come back and who the Mets should go after but as much as we Mets fans want to see some movement immediately nothing will happen until after the World  Series and after the free agency grace period. order viagra As far as the bullpen I would say you won’t see any action on that until December to see what players are offered arbitration and who doesn’t as the non-tendered list should bring something of substance to the beleaguered pen. order viagra This process will be take a while to play out and I’d say to all Mets fans to be patient but I know better than to go that route. order viagra


I am staring to fee bad for Mike Francesa. order viagra Here was a guy who was on top of the sports talk food chain and now has become as relevant as a rotary telephone. order viagra It’s hard to get mad at his Anti-David Wright rant yesterday as I feel more embarrassed for him than pissed. order viagra To say that David Wright is not a five tool player and that “every team in baseball has a David Wright “ is so over the top stupid it was like listening to a drunk at a dinner party slur his words and spit his food. order viagra WFAN has tried to do everything to save Mike’d Up as they see that Francesa by himself can not carry a show (just like Derek Jeter can’t carry a team by himself) and Program Director Mark Chernoff has trotted in just about all of the talent the station has to find a match. order viagra So far Joe Beningno has been the best of the lot with surprisingly Evan Roberts putting up a good showing as well. order viagra Kim Jones was good to but Mike was treating her like it was his sister and not a colleague and the biggest disappointment was Chris Carlin who was dreadful but I digress, order viagra it seems most of the callers and posters on feel that this attack on Wright is personal. order viagra A caller brought this up to Francesa and he acted in his typical rude way. order viagra For Francesa to diss Wright as he has in belittling his ability not only in the field but at bat (at one point in the day, order viagra Francesca said that Wright’s 33 HR’s and 124 RBI meant nothing and that Wright was an awful 3rd baseman which if a blogger wrote that they would be laughed at and their site never heard from again) .


It sad because as much as I would bitch about how out of touch Francesa is I listen every day at work and I’ve always found his analysis spot on for the most part, order viagra but now I see a guy who looks ready for a nervous breakdown and who misses his partner more than he will ever let on. 


Mike Silva has a post on this Francesa Fiasco at his always informitive NY Baseball Digest site 


R.I.P. order viagra Tom Tresh. order viagra I remember getting one of his bats at bat day at Highlander Stadium as a little kid and having my friends beg me for it looking to trade me a Ron Woods bat for a Tresh bat and when I wouldn’t budge on the deal being called a “stupid fucking Mets fan” which is funny because those same friends still call me that to this day.  


Joel Sherman in his Hardball Blog writes on how Larry Bowa enjoyed working with Manny Ramirez and how Bowa is rumored to be headed back to the Highlanders. order viagra If Bowa is looking to leave LA why doesn’t Omar grab him to coach 3rd base? A Bowa type is sorely needed and Bowa did play for the Mets. order viagra Okay that one was a stretch but I would love to see Bowa waving home runners at third for the Mets.


Here’s what I took from last night’s Presidential debate. order viagra If you were going to jump off a building, order viagra Barrack Obama would talk you out of leaping to your death. order viagra John Mc Cain on the other hand seems like he would yell “Will you fucking jump already!!!

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