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Can viagra be used by women The Mets dropping a duce last night against the Giants gave me a Willie McCovey flashback and also made me think of my dad. Can viagra be used by women My dad was a big, can viagra be used by women big Giants fan, can viagra be used by women even followed them when they left for SF but as many Giants and Dodger fans did, can viagra be used by women he switched to the Mets when they were born, can viagra be used by women but early in his Metsfandom he still had a soft spot for his Giants. Can viagra be used by women It wasn’t until McCovey, can viagra be used by women my dad pronounced his name “McCoooovey” in his Irish brogue  , can viagra be used by women started to hammer Mets pitching that my dad became a full fledged Mets fan as he would call out after Stretch socked another home run over the Shea Stadium wall, can viagra be used by women “Ah fer Christ sake, can viagra be used by women that damn McCoooovey, can viagra be used by women he owns the Mets”   

Can viagra be used by women  

Can viagra be used by women Losing both games of a double header is bad, can viagra be used by women but losing both games of a double header on a day that’s grey, can viagra be used by women cold and damp makes close to unbearable. Can viagra be used by women I give my fellow Mets fans a big tip of my Mets cap for going out to Citi Field yesterday for the rain out aided double dip and if you stayed for both games, can viagra be used by women then the Mets owe you a ticket for another game this season (preferably one in July or August when hand warmers and blankets aren’t needed) and a medal, can viagra be used by women something like the victors of the two games in one day San Francisco Giants used to give fans at Candle Stick Park, can viagra be used by women the Croix de Candlestick. Can viagra be used by women    

Can viagra be used by women Where to begin in the dissection of last night, can viagra be used by women well for one it seems Miguel Batista needs to become a full time author  and he can start with penning a mystery as to why he was brought back to the Mets in the first place. Can viagra be used by women The game he pitched against the Reds on the last day of the season has become folklore. Can viagra be used by women What’s forgotten is the weather for that game was worse than last nights, can viagra be used by women both teams were ready to go home from the time they reported to the ballpark (some more than others , can viagra be used by women Hey it’s Jose, can viagra be used by women here’s your hat, can viagra be used by women what’s your hurry?) especially the visiting Redlegs   but it was that game that garnered Batista a contract for 2012.

Can viagra be used by women It’s tough to win games when your 4-5-6 hitters can’t drive home a run to save their lives. Can viagra be used by women Ike Davis (.148 4/27 w/RISP) Jason Bay (.071 1/14) and Lucas Duda (.077 1/13) are stone cold rally killers. Can viagra be used by women There’s not much that can be done with Bay, can viagra be used by women to quote the great Mike Francesa “Bay is Bay” and Duda’s has stated to show some signs of life of late but how do you solve a problem like Ike Davis?  His ankle is not the cause and it doesn’t seem his Valley Fever is to blame either for his anemic bat so what is it that has Ike off his game?  Talking heads Keith Hernandez (who has a sweeter gig than Mex ? He worked just the first game of the doubleheader leaving Gary Cohen and Ron Darling to man the TV booth for a 7 hour day. Can viagra be used by women Keith is the Paulie Walnuts of SNY, can viagra be used by women he shows up takes a seat and pulls out his sun reflector and works on his tan) and Bobby Ojeda have talked about the way Davis has lowered his hand (almost Roy White-ish ) and is late in getting the bat head out in front of the ball. Can viagra be used by women That explains why when he’s not striking out; Davis is hitting ground balls to 2nd base.  I’m sure Ike and Dave Hudgens sit down every afternoon and go over at bat after at bat on the video screen but does it get to the point with Ike, can viagra be used by women that maybe a trip to Buffalo is needed to work out his problems ? Before you go all ape shit on me, can viagra be used by women this thought crossed my mind this morning when I read that the Atlanta Braves sent Jair Jurrjens  to Triple A, can viagra be used by women isn’t Ike the hitting equivalent of Jurrgens ?  I’m not advocating sending Ike down today but if this trend of bad AB’s continues for the next 25-30 plate appearances, can viagra be used by women it should become an option.

Can viagra be used by women On the bright side, can viagra be used by women Bobby Parnell seems to have found his niche as a late inning but not the closer, can viagra be used by women reliever.

Can viagra be used by women I’m pretty sure the uproar over the video tribute the Mets have planned for Jose Reyes tonight will last longer than the tribute itself.  It’s still confusing to me that many of the same folks that paraded around Citi Field screaming “Don’t Trade Reyes” are the ones outraged over the Mets tip of the hat to the former shortstop.  To those still kicking up a tantrum over this issue, can viagra be used by women look at it like getting a shot at the doctor’s office, can viagra be used by women it will hurt for a second and in a minute it will all be over, can viagra be used by women and if you don’t cry you may get a lollipop.

Can viagra be used by women  

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Indian viagra  Jason Bay hit a home run last night. Indian viagra No, indian viagra seriously Bay hit a home run last night. Indian viagra Yes, indian viagra Jason Bay of the NY Mets

Indian viagra

Indian viagra Oh well, indian viagra my positive spinning of the Mets was good while it lasted. Indian viagra As great as last night’s win was over the Phuck Phaces and as enjoyable as it was watching The Dickster , indian viagra Bobby Parnell and Frankie Firsco dominate. Indian viagra I have some issues with Terry Collins and more importantly a couple of players who I am very fond of.

Indian viagra First the manager, indian viagra TC can spin it as much as he wants that he felt batting Justin Turner third was a the correct move as to not disrupt the rest of the lineup but let’s be real here, indian viagra Turner is no 3 hole hitter. Indian viagra I understand the premise of not bunching lefty bats against Cliff Lee but Turner replacing Wright in the 3 spot? That’s a Jerry Manuel move. Indian viagra If TC had put Jason Bay in the third spot of the lineup I’d have defended that move. Indian viagra But Justin Turner? Please!

Indian viagra Look I am now and forever a proud member of the #IMWITH28 Club (I have the t-shirt to prove it) but for Christ sake Murph you have to make the routine play and 2nd base. Indian viagra That was the second time this week that a routine ground ball went under Danny Boys glove and it has to be the last.

Indian viagra Speaking of Murphy, indian viagra TC and Sandy Alderson cannot put Murphy at 3rd base if (when?) David Wright goes on the DL with his fractured pinky (speaking of DW’s pinkie, indian viagra there were some on Twitter questioning Wright and his threshold of pain for not playing last night and looking at the DL until he recovers. Indian viagra If you are questioning Wright’s toughness or his fight to get back on the field, indian viagra then you’re an idiot) I agree 100 % with Toby Hyde that Zach Lutz should be promoted from Buffalo and planted at 3rd base until Wright gets back. For better or worse, indian viagra Murphy is the 2012 2nd baseman and if the TC/Alderson go back on that, indian viagra it shows real indecisiveness on their part and doesn’t help Murphy with his comfort level at 2nd. Indian viagra DW, indian viagra if he hits the DL, indian viagra will most likely be out just the minimum 15 days, indian viagra so moving Murph makes no sense.

Indian viagra Its plays like Josh Thole made on the bases last night that infuriates the living shit out of me. Indian viagra Since the Mets won last night everyone can chuckle at that bone head base running blunder by Thole, indian viagra put its plays like that, indian viagra that this team cannot afford to make. Indian viagra Between Murphy’ ground ball through the legs and Thole getting duped by Jimmy Rollins, indian viagra (and by the way Jon Niese better put a fast ball under J-Rolls fucking chin in his first at bat just to send him a message) that can sink this team as the Mets are not good enough to fuck up like that.

Indian viagra Just think the Mets won the game last night and are 5-2 after the first seven games and I’m still agitated. Indian viagra Just look at it as some tough love.

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Buy pfizer viagra Good morning you ship jumping rat bastards. Buy pfizer viagra I wish you’d make up your minds, buy pfizer viagra are you Mets fans or just a bunch of whinny bitches? I nearly lost my mind following some Mets fans on Twitter during the game last night (I got to stop Tweeting and watching the Mets and just concentrate on the watching the game and taking notes like I did way back  in the dial up pre iPhone internet days) I understand Mike Pelfrey was horrible last night but some of you took your venom to Big Pelf like you were auditioning for a job as beat writer at the NY Daily Lupica. Buy pfizer viagra Get a hold of yourself for Christ sake.

Buy pfizer viagra Pelf morphed back into his spaceman mode last night and it will be up to him, buy pfizer viagra Old School Warthen, buy pfizer viagra and neophyte receiver Josh Thole to get the Big Pelf locomotive back on track. Buy pfizer viagra I would think that the troika I just mentioned went over their pitching game plan for last night before the game. Buy pfizer viagra What was most puzzling for me was the fact that young Thole was dictating to Pelfrey what to throw. Buy pfizer viagra We all know that Pelf’s bread and butter is the splitter that induces a plethora of ground balls when he’s right. Buy pfizer viagra When he adds his two seam fastball and is effective with that pitch then you get vintage Big Pelf. Buy pfizer viagra Sure he’s big and strong but he’s not a strikeout pitcher. Buy pfizer viagra He doesn’t have an overpowering pitch to get that key K, buy pfizer viagra in fact the guy Pelfrey should be attached to the hip with is Chris Young.

Buy pfizer viagra Back to my puzzlement on the short circuited battery. Buy pfizer viagra Pelf has taken it on his shoulders to let it be known that even though Thole was calling for him to throw his third and fourth pitches in his arsenal (curve and slider) he could have shaken him off until he saw the finger he liked the best. Buy pfizer viagra In a way it’s refreshing that Old School and Terry Collins let Thole call the pitchers instead of having them called for him by Warthen but perhaps with the lack of a veteran catcher (please don’t even mention Nickeas) on the roster, buy pfizer viagra Old School should institute pitch selection from the bench in Big Pelfs next start or let Thole know next time he catches Pelfrey and calls for curves an sliders, buy pfizer viagra there will be a plane ticket to Buffalo waiting for him in at his locker.

Buy pfizer viagra Another thing that should not be overlooked in this recent Pelfrey meltdown is the death of Harvey Dorfman, buy pfizer viagra the sports psychologists and the shoulder that Pelfrey has cried on in recent years. Buy pfizer viagra With Dorfman gone all Pelfrey has left is the advice Drofman has given him through their late night conversations and a copy of Dorfman’s The Mental ABC’s of Pitching. Buy pfizer viagra Hopefully the lessons and the book and whatever magic Old School has in that tool box of his will right Big Pelf.

Buy pfizer viagra All this drivel written this morning in the fishwraps about trading Pelfrey is just another example of Mets bashing and lazy ass journalism that has permeated the NYC main stream media. Buy pfizer viagra Why write a column that looks into what is causing Pelfrey’s problems and see what is being done to correct them when you can just write that Pelfrey sucks and should be traded just to embrace yourself with the lunatic fringe of Mets fans. Buy pfizer viagra You know what you folks in the MSM are right; leave the heavy lifting to bloggers.

Buy pfizer viagra By the way here was my tweet when it was 7-0 Phillies and Mets fan tweeters were jumping ship. Buy pfizer viagra I then tweeted that the Mets would comeback. I then went after Evan Roberts of WFAN again as he proclaimed we would be ripping Mike Pelfrey on his show.

Buy pfizer viagra Now that I’ve cleared the air, buy pfizer viagra will all of you GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN!

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Viagra online uk The only good thing about staying outside and shoveling snow for 4 hours yesterday was the baseball chatter between me and my neighbors. Viagra online uk Your back and arms don’t hurt as much when your discussing the Mets and Highlanders starting rotation (there were four of us out there, viagra online uk two Mets fans, viagra online uk two Highlanders fans) the future of Derek Jeter (we all agree he needs to get off shortstop) and what teams announcers are the best (Highlander fans conceded this one early as the only guy the like is Paul O’Neil)    I guess the baseball talk keeps us sane as we look forward to pitchers/catchers in 17 days because I need something as I’m totally SNOWBLIND.

Viagra online uk I had quite an interesting encounter this morning near my office. Viagra online uk I’m standing on the corner of Thomas St and Church St headed up to Broadway. Viagra online uk As I waited for the light to green so I could cross the street, viagra online uk a guy standing next to me is staring at me. Viagra online uk Just as I was ready to ask him “What the fuck are you looking at” the guy says “oh a Mets fan uh”? Now I’m wearing a Mets jacket with my classic blue Mets cap so Sherlock Fucking Holmes has cracked the case. Viagra online uk  As we both cross the street, viagra online uk this little hobit then says “You know I’m a season ticket holder. Viagra online uk Maybe we can exchange e-mails and if you ever need tickets…..”? I turn to this cretin and tell him “Chief, viagra online uk the only way you’d get my e-mail address is if you morphed into Christina Hendricks in the next three seconds”   Of course he didn’t. Viagra online uk What a douchebag.

Viagra online uk Time for News and Views:

Viagra online uk NEWS: Freddy Skill Sets wants Omar Minaya to stay with Mets

Viagra online uk View:  What’s the fucking point? The biggest weakness the Skill Sets have is they never can say good-bye (no, viagra online uk no, viagra online uk no, viagra online uk now)Nothing against Minaya but for Christ sake man, viagra online uk you got canned as GM and all of your staff was given pink slips have some pride and walk away. Viagra online uk Look if Freddy wants to give you a desk and a phone so you can stay in contact with folks around MLB to find employment that’s fine but com’on Freddy, viagra online uk I know breakin’ up is hard to do but stop making Omar you’re Calendar Girl. Viagra online uk I don’t want to think of you as the King of Clowns.

Viagra online uk NEWS: Freddy Skill Sets says he’ll cut your ass if you can’t play.

Viagra online uk View: Now that’s how to walk like a man

Viagra online uk NEWS: Mets Farm System is Rank

Viagra online uk Views:  Seems the folks who are expert in minor league baseball feel the Mets crop of farm hands is not of fine vintage. Viagra online uk It seems Sandy Alderson is of the same mind set as he has spoken about rebuilding the minor league system and doing so in a uniform fashion. Viagra online uk  Last year we saw the near destruction of RHP Jenry Mejia but the mission failed so it seems, viagra online uk but Mejia is ranked #1 or #2 in just about every ranking survey (great job by Ed Ryan of Mets Fever by the way of posting the links) with Wilmer Flores right behind him and RHP Matt Harvey right behind them.  The Mets have two picks in the Top 50 picks of the 2011 First Draft, viagra online uk hopefully Sandy Alderson will not stir this draft with a slotted spoon.

Viagra online uk NEWS: Strawberry to run in the Race To The Top of The Empire State Building   

Viagra online uk VIEW: Outstanding!  I hope he wears Mets gear while running.

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Herbal vigor So the human wind mill Mets 3rd base coach Razor Shines has this web site thingy called 3rd abseman for life leassons or something like anyway it seem you can ask him a question and Razor sends you back an answer which is great because I know when I have a big life quaetion I alwys look to ask a guy associated with massive failure.

Herbal vigor In that vain, herbal vigor Will Nunziata for the great site A Public Flogging asked Coach Shines the question:

Herbal vigor Willzone:  Razor, herbal vigor if you and your Uncle Jack were both working on a roof, herbal vigor and your Uncle slipped and was hanging off the roof by one hand, herbal vigor and you are the only one who could help him…Would you help your Uncle Jack off?

Herbal vigor How could you not help your Uncle Jack off ? I mean com’on it’s your uncle for Christ sake. The real question is which hand would youuse to help your Uncle Jack off?

Herbal vigor So Razor your answer please? 

Herbal vigor Razor Shines: Noooooo comment.

Herbal vigor HEEE-HEEE by the way  Do you who’s Dick Hertz ?

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Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely What can I add about last night’s game that you don’t know already? How can you break down this game when it’s the same old same old? Everyone is screaming for Omar Minaya do something, buy viagra safely what that something is and how he can obtain it  no one has an answer to. Buy viagra safely “GET A BAT, buy viagra safely GET A BAT” is a popular rant but last night you scored 6 runs and still lost. Buy viagra safely What bat do you want? We’ve gone all over the tried names and none of them will make a difference. Buy viagra safely It’s not complex what the problems are with the Mets and you can look at charts and numbers and load up your nuclear slide rule and you will come up with the same result I do just through simple observation, buy viagra safely the starting staff can go deep into games, buy viagra safely thus the bullpen is worn out and is now ineffective add in the defense is atrocious and collectively the baseball IQ of the 25 man roster is at Special Ed level.

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely But more pathetic than that are the unnamed players whining for the front office to make a deal to “lift them” which to me is the pussy-fcation of this team. Buy viagra safely If Michael Jackson were alive he’d tell them to “man up”.

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely This slide is less about who isn’t here but more about the heart of who is here. Buy viagra safely D-Wright and Gary Sheffield (GARY SHEFFIELD!!!!! For Christ Sake!!!!) are doing everything they can to keep this team in contention with Wright near exhaustion and Sheff ready to blow out his knee. Buy viagra safely It’s time for other guys to step up and that means you Ryan Church and Fernando Tatis and Alex Cora to take more of a leadership role that he has slacked on recently. Buy viagra safely Most times team meeting are well…meaningless but I think this would be the exact right time for Wright, buy viagra safely Sheff and Johan Santana to close the clubhouse door for a players only meeting to clear the air and figure out who is ready to fight for their season and who is ready to hide under the bed.

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely What a surprise, buy viagra safely Carlos Beltran in going for a second opinion on his injured knee and he is going to Vail Colorado to visit Dr Richard Steadman a noted orthopedic doctor who specializes in micro-fracture surgery. Buy viagra safely See you in March Carlos.

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely “The New York Mets would like to announce the addition of Dr. Buy viagra safely Conrad Murray to their medical staff”

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely Thanks to The Dirty Mets Blog for a shout out to this site this morning.

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely The Mets Police has a clip of Vin Scully calling Sandy Koufax’ no hitter against the Mets 47 years ago today.

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely I think it’s great that Keith Hernandez, buy viagra safely when not telling us that “batters are a bit tardy on the fastball”, buy viagra safely is saving lives as a NYC EMT

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely I am thisclose to purchasing a LINCICUM 55 Giants jersey. Buy viagra safely I’m starting to feel like Nurse Jackie, buy viagra safely I’m married to the Mets but I’m cheating with the Giants ( by the way how weird is it to watch Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie banging the guy who played Father Phil on The Sopranos?) especially when Tim Lincicum is pitching. Buy viagra safely The Giants do everything we wish the Mets would do. Buy viagra safely The play outstanding defense, buy viagra safely they don’t beat themselves with stupidity both on D and at bat, buy viagra safely they have solid starting pitching with the best 1-2 punch in the game with Lincicum and Matt Cain, buy viagra safely a solid bullpen core that doesn’t get burned out as Bruce Bochy lets his starters go deep into games and sometimes lets them finish all 9 innings. Buy viagra safely I was never a big fan of Bochy when he was running the Padres bench but watching the Giants as much as I have so far this season he is doing an outstanding job.

Buy viagra safely  

Buy viagra safely I will be a guest on Mike Silva’ NEW YORK BASEBALL DIGEST RADIO SHOW tonight at 6:30PM on Blog Talk Radio.

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Pfizer mexico viagra As I was in the middle of my interview with Bill Reynolds last night on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL, pfizer mexico viagra Raul Ibanez hit Ken Takahashi’ pitch that was below his ankles out of the park Iw as ready to yell OH FUCK! But I kept my composure and concentrated on the interview but if you listen to the show you could tell after the Reynolds interview I tried to fill the last half hour of the show although I was shell shocked by the Mets again unable to hold a lead.

Pfizer mexico viagra I don’t know if it’s just frustration or that there is in power struggle between J-Man and Omar but some of Jerry Manuel’s moves have me puzzled. Pfizer mexico viagra His choice of Fernando Tatis as and everyday player and burying Daniel Murphy on the bench is ridiculous. Pfizer mexico viagra Tatis has been a great addition to the Mets but for Christ sake he ‘s not Lou Gehrig, pfizer mexico viagra he’s a very good utility guy who produces when used sparingly. Pfizer mexico viagra Please, pfizer mexico viagra FREE DANIEL MURPHY at put him at first base. Pfizer mexico viagra Same with Ryan Church can you leave the guy in RF? Let F-Mart platoon with Sheffield in LF because as great as Sheff has been he’s is 40 years old and can not play every day.

Pfizer mexico viagra So now John Maine joins the walking wounded with a “tired arm”. Pfizer mexico viagra How much you want to bet this is another line of happy horseshit from Flushing ?

Pfizer mexico viagra PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Don’t tell me that Nelly Figs is coming up for Maine. Pfizer mexico viagra I don’t care what Jon Neise’ numbers are in Buffalo bring him up and let him pitch and stop burying this kid. Pfizer mexico viagra ENOUGH OF NELSON FIGUEROA already!

Pfizer mexico viagra You’ll read no more criticism of D-Wright or Carols Beltran here as both of these guys have stepped up and gone above and beyond the call of duty. Pfizer mexico viagra If I were managing a team against the Mets I’d never give either guy a pitch to hit I’d take my chances with the other six guys in the lineup.

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