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Viagra propranolol Yesterday on SNY I watched the coronation of David Wright as The Franchise II (Wright would have to win a couple of MVP’s and some World Series Championships before I’d even consider him as The Franchise) Everyone was yucking it up on the SNY set about Wright having a “Burger and a Beer” with Jeffey Skill Sets in Miami after the last game of the most recent second half collapse to end a season. Viagra propranolol Between Jonas Schwartz and Ed Coleman you would think that was the equivalent of Camp David Accords of 1978. Viagra propranolol Sure it’s nice that Jeffy wants to be BFF’s with Wright and as we know from our long time Jeffey viewing, viagra propranolol he acts like a teenybopper at a Justin Bieber concert when he’s around ball players. Viagra propranolol So it makes me wonder, viagra propranolol why Jeffey not only hasn’t invited R.A. Viagra propranolol Dickey out for a little nosh but seems be a hard ass with the knuckleballing CY Young Winner.

Viagra propranolol Take a gander at this quote from The Little Emperor about Dickey’s status with the Mets:

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Viagra propranolol At Wednesday’s news conference at the Opryland Hotel to announce David Wright’s eight-year contract extension, viagra propranolol chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon reiterated earlier comments that the Mets were willing to allow Dickey to simply play out next season on the pre-existing $5 million club option, viagra propranolol and become a free agent.

Viagra propranolol “We’re in the process now, viagra propranolol” Wilpon said. Viagra propranolol “It’s a negotiation. Viagra propranolol They want more than we’re willing to give right now. Viagra propranolol We want to do it for less than they want to accept right now. Viagra propranolol Somewhere in between there’s probably a deal to be done. Viagra propranolol If not, viagra propranolol he’ll be a great bargain at $5 million playing out next season for us.”

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Viagra propranolol Pretty condescending comment if you ask me. Viagra propranolol  If the reports we are getting are correct, viagra propranolol Dickey is not asking to break the bank, viagra propranolol in fact his offer of 2yrs/$30mil is a somewhat low if you ask me. Viagra propranolol As much as Wright is the bright shinny face of The Franchise, viagra propranolol Dickey is the team’s heart, viagra propranolol soul and inspiration and the holder of a post season award, viagra propranolol something Wright does not possess. Viagra propranolol So why the hard line and disrespect for Dickey?  I think if you caught Sandy Alderson in a candid moment he tell you he’d love to send Jeffey to Langley and let Saul Berenson handle him  CIA style as Jeffey doesn’t make his job any easier.

Viagra propranolol Alderson does not want to go into the season with Dickey as a lame duck, viagra propranolol he either wants to deal him for a rewarding return or sign him to an extension. Viagra propranolol It serves the Mets no purpose to start the season with Dickey not under contract for more than the season, viagra propranolol his trade value will never be higher than it is now. Viagra propranolol Logic says Alderson is waiting for Zack Greinke to sign somewhere, viagra propranolol in hopes that the runner-ups panic and over pay for Dickey. Viagra propranolol If the return is not to his liking then I’m sure Alderson and Dickey’s people sit down and settle on a contract extension. Viagra propranolol This plan is not very difficult to decipher except of course for Jeffey.

Viagra propranolol Let’s face if Jeffey and Dickey sat down to talk it would be kind of awkward. Viagra propranolol Dickey reads books, viagra propranolol Jeffey colors in books. Viagra propranolol Dickey is charismatic; Jeffey takes the air out of a room. Viagra propranolol Jeffey like to hang around with jocks he loves being one of the guys where Dickey would rather visit a museum than a country club. Viagra propranolol Jeffey doesn’t grasp what he has in R.A. Viagra propranolol Dickey, viagra propranolol He doesn’t comprehend that Mets fans have not just embraced a baseball player but a man that they look up to and admire. Viagra propranolol I’ve always agreed with Charles Barkley when he said “I am not a role model” athletes shouldn’t be looked at that way as most have been given privileges and perks that other’s more worthy never get  but R.A. Viagra propranolol Dickey is THE exception to that. Viagra propranolol Dickey has fought and worked to reach this point in his baseball and personal life to where he not only can provide big for his family but to reach out to others with charity. Viagra propranolol That’s the part that seems to be lost on Jeffey Skill Sets. Viagra propranolol  

Viagra propranolol If Sandy Alderson deals Dickey and gets back some pieces that will be of value to the Mets and help curtail this endless spiral of losing and giving up then that’s fine but if Dickey plays out this season and walks because Jeffey Wilpon thinks a 2yr/$30 mil extension is too much for one of the most honorable men to ever don a Mets uniform, viagra propranolol then it may be time for me to reflect if all this support I give to this team is worth it.

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Viagra without a prescription The greatness that is R. Viagra without a prescription A. Viagra without a prescription Dickey, viagra without a prescription will be rewarded this Sunday night at the Mets Welcome Home Dinner, viagra without a prescription at the New York Hilton, viagra without a prescription as Dickey receives the Ya Gotta Believe Award. Viagra without a prescription He is the press release issued by the Mets:

Viagra without a prescription The New York Mets today announced they will hold their annual Welcome Home Dinner to benefit the Mets Foundation this Sunday, viagra without a prescription April 10 at 6:00 p.m. Viagra without a prescription at the New York Hilton Hotel, viagra without a prescription located at 53rd Street and Seventh Avenue. 

Viagra without a prescription Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson, viagra without a prescription Manager Terry Collins, viagra without a prescription coaches, viagra without a prescription and all 25 Mets players will be in attendance.

Viagra without a prescription Pitcher R.A. Viagra without a prescription Dickey will receive the Ya Gotta Believe award, viagra without a prescription named for former Mets pitcher Tug McGraw. Viagra without a prescription The lefty reliever famously coined the phrase in 1973 as the Mets rallied to capture the National League pennant despite being in last place in August.  After being the first player cut during spring training in 2010, viagra without a prescription Dickey finished the season with an 11-9 record and a 2.84 ERA, viagra without a prescription seventh-best in the National League.  Dickey, viagra without a prescription who reinvented his career in 2005 with Texas by becoming a knuckleball pitcher, viagra without a prescription signed the first guaranteed contract of his career last winter, viagra without a prescription a two-year deal with a club option for 2013.

Viagra without a prescription “It’s been a long journey for me, viagra without a prescription” said Dickey, viagra without a prescription Sunday’s winning pitcher who is scheduled to start the Mets’ 4:10 p.m. Viagra without a prescription home opener against the Washington Nationals this Friday, viagra without a prescription April 8.  “My wife Anne always wanted me to continue to play. Viagra without a prescription She didn’t want me to have any regrets.”

Viagra without a prescription The Ya Gotta Believe award is given annually to an individual within or associated with the Mets family who has shown an exceptional commitment to the community, viagra without a prescription fortitude in overcoming adversity, viagra without a prescription and the spirit to believe that anything is possible.

Viagra without a prescription For more information visit or by phone at (718) 803-4074.

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Herbal prescription viagra From the New York Mets via press release:

Herbal prescription viagra FLUSHING, herbal prescription viagra N.Y., herbal prescription viagra January 31, herbal prescription viagra 2011 – The New York Mets today announced that they have signed righthanded pitcher R.A. Herbal prescription viagra Dickey to a two-year contract with a club option for 2013.

Herbal prescription viagra Dickey compiled a 11-9 record in 2010 and finished seventh in the National League with a 2.84 ERA.   He became the first pitcher in team history to go 6-0 in his first seven starts and tossed the 35th one-hitter in franchise history on August 13 at Citi Field to beat the Philadelphia Phillies, herbal prescription viagra 1-0. Herbal prescription viagra The only hit he allowed was a sixth-inning single by pitcher Cole Hamels.

Herbal prescription viagra  “R.A. Herbal prescription viagra had a breakthrough season for our organization last year, herbal prescription viagra meriting this new contract, herbal prescription viagra” said Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson.  “We expect R.A. Herbal prescription viagra to be a major part of our success going forward.”

Herbal prescription viagra  Dickey, herbal prescription viagra 36, herbal prescription viagra had his contract selected from Buffalo (AAA) of the International League on May 19. Herbal prescription viagra The Nashville, herbal prescription viagra TN native set career highs in wins, herbal prescription viagra starts (26), herbal prescription viagra innings (174.1) strikeouts (104) and complete games (two).

Herbal prescription viagra  The 6-2, herbal prescription viagra 216-pounder finished with 11 victories even though he didn’t pick up his first until May 25. Herbal prescription viagra  It was only the fifth time in club history that a pitcher reached double figures in wins in a season after not recording a victory in any of the team’s first 45 games (Bob Shaw, herbal prescription viagra 1966; Rick Aguilera 1985 and 1986 and Dwight Gooden, herbal prescription viagra 1987).

Herbal prescription viagra  Last season with Buffalo, herbal prescription viagra Dickey he threw a near perfect game and set a Buffalo modern-day record when he retired 27 straight hitters on April 29 vs. Herbal prescription viagra Durham.  Fernando Perez singled on an 0-2 pitch to start the game before Dickey set down the next 27 hitters in order.

Herbal prescription viagra  The Mets have now reached agreements with two of the three players who were eligible for salary arbitration. Herbal prescription viagra The team signed Mike Pelfrey to a one-year contract on January 18, herbal prescription viagra while outfielder Angel Pagan has yet to reach an agreement.

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I’m waiting for a program on my computer to get fixed so I can get some work done so while I was waiting I was looking at some interesting articles from yesterday and this morning. Get viagra drug online The most interesting piece I found was Nick Cafardo’ from yesterday’s Boston Globe which talked about MLB GM’s doing a “Swap Meet” where you sell your junk for some other guys junk or as they say “One man’s trash is another one’s treasure”


When I look over the list one name made me stare at it for a long time, get viagra drug online Dontrelle Willis. Get viagra drug online As I stared I saw a guy who is way down on his luck and has been God-awful the last two seasons but if you can get him right, get viagra drug online you have a workhorse and a guy with a World Series ring and he can hit a lick as well. Get viagra drug online I bet returning to the NL East and to city with the baseball passion of NYC could be the elixir the D-Train needs to get back on track.


Willis would be up for trade not just due to poor performance but the big nut that comes with him. Get viagra drug online At the Skill Sets Pleasure Palace the side walks are line with money (thanks to all of you who bought bricks) and taking in bad contracts is our specialty. Get viagra drug online But not only would I take the D-Train bad contract and bad pitching as well but I’d make this a mega deal and grab Magglio Ordonez too.


D-Train has $22 mil left on the last two years of his contact. Get viagra drug online Ordonez has $18mil owed him for 2009 with a $15 mil club option for 2010 and $15 mil in 2011. Get viagra drug online


So now the Tigers would have to take “He Ain’t Heavy, get viagra drug online He’s Just My Very Overpaid Second Baseman” Gimp Castillo (even though they have  Placido Polanco Hey, get viagra drug online let’s put Polanco in the deal as well and really take over WFAN with 24/7 Mets calls!!!!!) then I’d put Ryan Church and Brian Schneider in the deal (no this is not some still pent up anger or the Milledege deal. Get viagra drug online Okay maybe a little bit) and a B-Level bush leaguer. Get viagra drug online Maybe even get Brandon Inge in the package as a just to make Mike Francesa cry.



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