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Cheepest cialis While I take a break from Tweeting my outrage over scab referees working NFL games and that disgrace last night at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game (forget the clusterfuck TD call where was the flag on Seahawk WR Golden Tate for his two hand shove of a Packers DB in the end zone? I hate going against the former FIGHTING IRISH receiver but it was blatant offensive pass interference and that should have ended the game in the Packers favor) a few observations from last night’s Mets-Pirates game:

Cheepest cialis I get the distinct feeling the Mets are fatting up Jenry Mejia like a Christmas goose to put on the market this off season along with Jon Niese , cheepest cialis Daniel Murphy and maybe David Wright. Cheepest cialis I can see a blockbuster deal going down around end of December with multiple teams and the Mets as the main dealer. Cheepest cialis It won’t be of Dodgers-Red Sox magnitude but more of a Highlanders –Orioles June 15th 1976 variety.

Cheepest cialis I guess it was around the 3rd or 4th inning, cheepest cialis both Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy went after a foul ball heading towards the stands, cheepest cialis neither player got to the ball but Murphy made a sliding try and ended up getting his foot caught in the revolving signage. Cheepest cialis My problem? Ike never gave Murph a hand getting undone from the sign. Cheepest cialis WTF Ike?

Cheepest cialis If you ever want to know the attendance at Citi Field just log on to Twitter for 5 mins after first pitch. Cheepest cialis There must have been 100 pictures sent to Twitter with crowd or in this case non-crowd shots. Cheepest cialis Seems everyone who was in attendance took a pic and tweeted it.

Cheepest cialis With that goatee, cheepest cialis Daniel Murphy looks like Louis CK

Cheepest cialis Boy oh boy did the Marlins and Pirates come to Flushing at the right time. Cheepest cialis After that 16-1 crash and burn and the outrage that followed what better antidote than having two don’t give a shit teams come in to remedy what ails the Mets and too show Mets fans that we do not root for the worst team in baseball.

Cheepest cialis How is it that Fred Lewis spent all season in Buffalo and Andres Torres spent all season in Flushing?

Cheepest cialis WOW! What has gotten into Gary Cohen lately? Last night he tore into Heath Bell for throwing Ozzie Guillen under the bus for Bell’s statement that there is no communication between the Fish manager and players. Cheepest cialis GC said that Bell should shut up and pitch and then added that it would be hard to throw Bell under a bus as he wouldn’t fit. Cheepest cialis Bada Bing!!!!

Cheepest cialis I’d love to see if Mets could make a deal with Brewers to get Corey Hart and Carlos Gomez. Cheepest cialis Two-thirds of your outfield problems solved right there.

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50 mg cialis Why is Freddy smiling? Well, 50 mg cialis he just beat the rap! picture credit to John Marshall Mantle of the NY Times

50 mg cialis I care about Fred Wilpon’s finances as much as he cares about mine which is nil. 50 mg cialis  Yesterday was a win for Fred and Uncle Saul but was it a win for Mets fans? That remains to be seen.

50 mg cialis My concern in this whole clusterfuck of finance is how and when do the Mets get back to being championship contenders and that Jeffy Wilpon is kept away from the big boys running the baseball operations. 50 mg cialis It doesn’t matter if the Skill Sets discover gold, 50 mg cialis oil and a poppy field in Mo’Zone, 50 mg cialis as long as Sandy Alderson and his staff are allowed to do the baseball work, 50 mg cialis things have a good chance of working out for Mets but if they go back to business as usual then yesterday could be looked at as a dark day for Mets fans.

50 mg cialis I have no problem with the Skill Sets owning the Mets what bothers me is when they get themselves involved in things they have no business in like obtaining players either by free agency, 50 mg cialis trading or drafting. 50 mg cialis Right now you have very competent people employed to run that end of the business like you did in the mid 60’s when Whitey Herzog ran the farm system and in the 80’s when Frank Cashen ran the organization, 50 mg cialis both times the Mets had their best success. 50 mg cialis I believe if Wilpon leaves Sandy Alderson alone this could be a renaissance of Mets baseball and if Fred was smart he’d understand this.

50 mg cialis The Skill Sets are still faced with massive debt on the team, 50 mg cialis ball park and SNY so all yesterday really did was drop one of their 99 problems now that Irv Picard ain’t one. 50 mg cialis One of those 99 problems for the Mets is how to get ass’s in the seats of Citi Field, 50 mg cialis of course winning would help solve that but in order to get the fan base revved up the ownership had to show there is a commitment to winning. 50 mg cialis By commitment I don’t mean spending stupid money like in the past but showing the fan base that they really want to improve this team. 50 mg cialis As it stands today the club is deficient in starting pitching and bench depth as well as not having a bona fide veteran catcher to go along with a crippling contract of Jason Bay who doesn’t look like he’s going to have a turnaround season. 50 mg cialis You want to win back your fan base, 50 mg cialis allow Alderson to deal Bay with the team that will take half of the $35 mil that owed to Bay ($16 mil this season and next with a $3mil buyout in ’14) and the Skill Sets take the other half then I’ll say there is a commitment to making the Mets better and the fan base will know it and maybe that will get folks back to attending games at Citi Field. 50 mg cialis But again with the massive debt still on the Wilpon’s shoulders I doubt we’ll see this. 50 mg cialis You know maybe if they just started telling Mets fan the truth about the financial commitment they are making towards the team would be a good start to mend fences with the fan base.

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Viagra through canada It was just the first exhibition game of the spring but that won’t stop the negativity surrounding the Mets to permeate via the MSM and some in the fan base.

Viagra through canada First up with anti-Mets propaganda is Joel Sherman, viagra through canada who feels that Mets fans are idiots and expect Sandy Alderson to turn around this clusterfuck in a season and a half. Viagra through canada There are certain guys I usually avoid reading and Sherman is one along with Filip Bondy, viagra through canada Ian O’Connor and Andy Martino as they seem to have a real deep hatred for the Mets and zero objectivity. Viagra through canada  The three hacks, viagra through canada Sherman, viagra through canada Bondy and O’Connor are just Highlander shills whereas Martino wishes he was anyplace else but the Mets beat.

Viagra through canada It’s hard to get all work up over last night’s game. Viagra through canada Sure as Mets fans we were excited just to see baseball on our flat screens but you have to remember one thing THE GAMES DO NOT COUNT!!!! That is why they are exhibition games, viagra through canada practice games, viagra through canada an exercise on working on different aspects of hitting pitching and defense to get ready for the season. Viagra through canada     

Viagra through canada But with all that some things did stand out:

Viagra through canada The Mets may lead the majors in hair, viagra through canada lots of hair.

Viagra through canada That is some outstanding chin hair that Dillon Gee possesses. Viagra through canada I would grow one of myself but it would look like a big bundle of steel wool.

Viagra through canada I’m pulling for Mike Baxter to make the 25 man but he’s got use his head better in the field. Viagra through canada I believe it was in the top of the 5th with a runner on 1st, viagra through canada Lombardozi executed a hit and run with a single to left. Viagra through canada Baxter rushed to the ball and tried to throw the runner out at 3rd   instead of looking at the batter/runner to hold him at 1st this allowed Lombardozi to take 2nd base.

Viagra through canada Adam Loewen sure looks like a pitcher in the batter’s box. Viagra through canada He’s big with a lot of hair so he fits the mold of the modern Met

Viagra through canada What was up with all the bases the Mets were stealing? Did Terry Collins summon his inner Al Lopez ? Will the Mets be the Go-Go Mets of 2012?

Viagra through canada Matt Harvey had some command issues  but nothing to get worked up over.

Viagra through canada Josh Thole look pretty good behind the plate.

Viagra through canada Bryce Harper is going to be a pain in our ass for the next 15 years.

Viagra through canada I liked seeing Kirk Nieuwenhuis get into the game. Viagra through canada He looks bigger than the listed 6’ 3” 215 lbs  and he made a nice diving catch in the 5th but then got a little cocky in the 8th trying to make a one hand catch that he dropped. Viagra through canada Two hands Capt Kirk.

Viagra through canada From today’s NY Times we get Scott Boras crying about the ownership of the Mets and Dodgers in a crock of shit lament that it’s bad for baseball that both major market teams are in bad financial straits. Viagra through canada No Scott you mean not having both team especially the Skill Sets making dumb ass baseball business decisions and agreeing to bad contracts is bad for the business of Scott Boras.

Viagra through canada Also in that story is word that Nails is headed to the big house for a 3 years stretch, viagra through canada a sad ending for sure.

Viagra through canada Good to see Mike Steffanos is back to blogging about the Mets at his Mike’s Mets site, viagra through canada do yourself a favor and check out his site.

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