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Price check 50mg viagra What else is there to say about last night’s game than what Terry Collins said in his post-game presser :

Price check 50mg viagra “I haven’t the faintest idea. Price check 50mg viagra I don’t know if it’s fatigue. Price check 50mg viagra I don’t know what it is. Price check 50mg viagra We didn’t run the bases. Price check 50mg viagra We didn’t play good defense. Price check 50mg viagra We didn’t drive in the runs we needed to drive in. Price check 50mg viagra It was a combination of a lot of things. Price check 50mg viagra We didn’t pitch very goodl. Price check 50mg viagra It was the worst Dillon’s pitched probably in awhile… We’ve played two bad baseball games here. Price check 50mg viagra We are a better team than what we’ve played.”

Price check 50mg viagra I’m not buying the fatigue factor at all, price check 50mg viagra it’s not like Collins is running out the same eight guys game after game, price check 50mg viagra in fact everyday seems like there is a different lineup. Price check 50mg viagra  Two areas that were a big problem last year and are still a big problem this year, price check 50mg viagra the defense and the bullpen have to be addressed soon or the feel good first three months of this season will be forgotten fast.

Price check 50mg viagra As much as I love Daniel Murphy the leash on his 2nd base job is getting shorter and shorter. Price check 50mg viagra 28 is getting another start today against the Cubs but it could be Collins is ready to go to a platoon of Murph and Ronny Cedeno . Price check 50mg viagra Last time I was at Citi Field sitting in on Collins’ pre game press conference, price check 50mg viagra the question of Murhpy’s slump came up. Price check 50mg viagra What was interesting in Collins response was he and hitting coach Dave Hudgens had told Murphy to take a break with watching video and taking batting practice in the indoor cage, price check 50mg viagra which sounded to me like Collins was cryptically saying Murphy suffered from paralysis from analysis. Price check 50mg viagra  Collins also spoke on how Murphy keeps changing how he holds his hands from at bat to at bat along with his stance in the batter’s box. Price check 50mg viagra For all the hard work and dedication that Murphy puts in it seems like Collins is hinting that he’s overdoing it and needs to relax.

Price check 50mg viagra The one thing that should save Ike Davis from a fine and suspension is the incompetence of umpire Manny Gonzalez. Price check 50mg viagra Gonzalez blew the pick off call in the 8th inning last night and Ike just put his glove on the umps arm which is an automatic ejection but I’d hope Gonzalez apologies to Ike today for blowing that call.

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Online order url viagra I don’t think Mike Pelfrey can be optioned to Triple A, online order url viagra but after seeing the swift sword of Sandy Alderson yesterday, online order url viagra I wouldn’t be surprised if Pelf throws another stinker today (I’m talking 3 innings getting batted around and a whole lot of hand licking) Alderson would persuade him to take a trip to Buffalo to work out his problems. Online order url viagra I hope it doesn’t come down to that. Online order url viagra Hopefully Pelf gives the team the quality start it desperately needs tonight but if he doesn’t maybe a two week stint with Rickey Bones who would be another set of eyes, online order url viagra could see something to fix Big Pelf.

Online order url viagra It didn’t take Alderson long to show that he won’t sit back with his hands in his pockets as we saw with his moves after last night’s game. Online order url viagra  If Alderson would have released Boyer at the end of spring training there was good chance he’d have been picked up by another team. Online order url viagra Now, online order url viagra odds are much slimmer that he’d be picked up, online order url viagra so if he doesn’t the Mets can send him to Buffalo to raise his game.

Online order url viagra The worst part of the week were the three bad outings by Pelf, online order url viagra Dickey and Niese that taxed and already shaky pen, online order url viagra so it’s imperative for the starters, online order url viagra starting with Pelfrey tonight to step up their game.

Online order url viagra It’s too early to panic, online order url viagra but according to Sandy Alderson it’s not too early to send a message. Online order url viagra The thing we have to remember here is Alderson and his staff has no allegiance to any of the players on this roster. Online order url viagra He inherited the whole flock and I don’t think he’d have any problem dealing away or demoting anyone on this team. Online order url viagra  

Online order url viagra Jose Reyes has been hitting the ball and has looked like the Reyes of old especially in the field but he is also up to his free swinging ways and that is something hitting coach Dave Hudgens is looking to fix. Online order url viagra But at this stage of his career, online order url viagra it will be hard for Reyes to adjust his attack, online order url viagra attack, online order url viagra attack approach at the plate.

Online order url viagra Even with the bad bullpen and inability to get a big hit the best thing I saw this week was Rob Castellano is back with his daily Mets Daily Farm Report on Amazin’ Avenue.

Online order url viagra  Do you think you know all there is to know about getting around Citi Field? If you had BallPark E-Guide you would. Online order url viagra BallPark E-Guide is a nice tidy download that tells you how to get around the ball parks, online order url viagra where to find cheap parking and discounts on tickets. Online order url viagra Right now there are e-guides available for Citi Field, online order url viagra Yankee Stadium, online order url viagra Citizens Bank Ballpark with Camden Yards and Nationals Park coming soon.

Online order url viagra If you didn’t see the piece on 60 Minutes on Albert Pujols last night do yourself a favor and check it out. Online order url viagra It’s well worth it.

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Viagra discount codes Its official the somewhat new and improved Mets coaching staff has been announced via press release. Viagra discount codes  The names are the ones we figured on. Viagra discount codes  Old School Dan Warthen and Chip Hale remain on staff at their positions. Viagra discount codes Obie becomes Terry Collins sounding board in the dugout. Viagra discount codes Mookie Wilson is back with the team as first base coach (and I’d bet outfield and base running coach as well)

Viagra discount codes Two names that were added are of hitting coach Dave Hudgens and bullpen coach Joe Debus, viagra discount codes here are their bios:

Viagra discount codes Hudgens spent the last five years (2006-2010) as the Field Coordinator for the Cleveland Indians.  He is currently managing Caracas in the Venezuelan Winter League.  Hudgens was the hitting coach for the Oakland Athletics in 1999 and from 2003-2005.  He managed four years in Oakland’s minor league system from 1985-1988, viagra discount codes including three years at Medford (A) of the Northwest League.  Hudgens, viagra discount codes who was originally selected by the Mets in the first round of the January 1975 draft but did not sign, viagra discount codes served as the Athletics’ Assistant Director of Player Development from 1996-1998 and 2000-2002.  He played six minor league seasons with the Athletics and Indians and appeared in six games with Oakland in 1983.

Viagra discount codes Debus was a professional scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2009-2010.  He served on the coaching staff of the Orix Buffaloes in Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball League during Terry Collins’ tenure as Manager from 2007-2008.  He served as the minor league catching coordinator for the Dodgers from 2002-2004 and in 2005 he was the bullpen coach for the big league squad.  Debus began his coaching career in the Dodgers minor league system in 1990 and served as a coach or manager through the 1999 campaign.  In 2000 and 2001 Debus was the General Manager of the Elmira Pioneers of the Independent Northern League.  He played 10 seasons in the minor leagues, viagra discount codes advancing as high as Triple-A.

Viagra discount codes This what you’d call a “grizzled” coaching staff

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Viagra online uk Last week Angel Pagan arrived late to $iti Field, viagra online uk the Mets had no problem with this since Pagan contacted management that he a family issue to take care of.  No problem. Viagra online uk The next day while I was reading the Daily News, viagra online uk it was reported that Pagan was taking his daughter to the doctor and afterwards got jammed up in traffic getting to the game. Viagra online uk Again no problem, viagra online uk but was it any of our business that Pagan was late due to taking care of his daughter ?  No.

Viagra online uk A.J. Viagra online uk Burnett shows up at Camden Yards with a black eye. Viagra online uk He goes on to pitch the Highlander’s to victory, viagra online uk when questioned after the game about how he got yoked in the eye, viagra online uk Burnett gave the MSM nothing. Viagra online uk When Pee Wee Cashman was asked about the black eye he said it wasn’t any of his business and if Burnett keeps pitching like he did Friday with the eye, viagra online uk Pee Wee would look to blacken his eye at every start. Viagra online uk HA HA HA so funny.

Viagra online uk Highlander pitching coach Dave Eiland leaves the team for about four weeks in June for what was called personal reasons. Viagra online uk When asked about Eiland , viagra online ukmanager Joe Girardi told the media he was taking care of a personal matter and that’s all you’re getting.

Viagra online uk Staten Island Yankees pitching coach Pat Daneker, viagra online uk lost his World Series ring when after spending a night in a drunken stupor with a prostitute. Viagra online uk The story came and went. Viagra online uk Were any of these stories our business? Nope and the Highlanders made sure it stayed that way.

Viagra online uk How is it the Highlanders get to clam up on incidents involving their personnel but the when a Mets player takes his kid to the doctor the details are printed in the paper’s ?

Viagra online uk Maybe when The Skill Sets re-configure the front office and the way the baseball ops does business, viagra online uk they also pick up from the Highlanders the gift of allowing no leaks to the press and also letting them know when to go fuck off.

Viagra online uk Blogging at this site will be sporadic over the next week as I’ll be on the move as our office is getting a face lift with a badly needed paint job and a new carpet. Viagra online uk Our office could have double as a set for the old NYPD Blue TV show. Viagra online uk So during the daytime I’ll be all over the city but mostly in Queens with no computer access. Viagra online uk So anything  I do post will be at night if I’m not exhaust from gallivanting from boro to boro.

Viagra online uk

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Cialis buy overnight I feel bad for Texas Rangers 3rd Base coach Dave Anderson who was called for touching a runner at third base to end yesterday’s Twins 6-5 win over the Rangers.

Cialis buy overnight I had the same exact call called out on me this season while managing my 14-15 year old team. Cialis buy overnight I had a runner at 2nd 2 outs down 1 run as well but this was in the 4th inning. Cialis buy overnight The runner was my first baseman who at 14yrs old is about 2 inches taller than my 6 ft frame. Cialis buy overnight The area around the third base coaches box (this is like the minors where the manager also coaches 3rd base) does not have a lot of ground as you are up against a chain link fence in very tight foul territory.

Cialis buy overnight We get a solid base hit to RF and I know my runner has very good speed and is tall so he has long strides so as soon as the ball goes over first base, cialis buy overnight my arm is moving like one of those wind turbines as I want the runner from 2nd to score but I also keep an eye on my batter/runner to see if can get from 2nd to 3rd. Cialis buy overnight My runner on 2nd gets a great secondary lead and his charging like a linebacker to 3rd. Cialis buy overnight He then make an extreme wide turn where I have to make like the old linesman in the NHL before plexy glass was installed on the boards and I try to leap up on the fence but I wasn’t fast enough and we clip each other. Cialis buy overnight Right away the field umpire calls out.

Cialis buy overnight And of course I go ape shit. Cialis buy overnight Now the two umpires know me and do a lot of my games so they know I don’t usually go all Billy Martin over calls but this one had me in a rage. Cialis buy overnight The home plate ump grabs me and says “ Steve, cialis buy overnight calm down, cialis buy overnight calm down you know better than any one what the rule is” I sure do. Cialis buy overnight Rule 7.09 (h) of the MLB rule book states:

Cialis buy overnight It is interference by the runner when:

Cialis buy overnight

Cialis buy overnight In the judgment of the umpire, cialis buy overnight the base coach at third base or first base, cialis buy overnight by touching or holding the runner physically assists him in returning to or leaving third base or first base

Cialis buy overnight

Cialis buy overnight The key here is the judgment of the umpire and in my case and Rangers 3rd base Coach Dave Anderson’ case we both got screwed by the umpire. Cialis buy overnight In my case I was trying not to get run over by my runner and I made every attempt to get out his way. Cialis buy overnight In Anderson’s case from the video it looked like he had his arms out to get out of the way of the runner, cialis buy overnight Michael Young but Angle Marquez in his (bad) judgment call Young out.

Cialis buy overnight Twins TV voice John Gordon keeps saying over and over that “the rule is the rule” the rule is not set in stone it’s the umpires judgment and in my case and Dave Anderson case the umpires used bad judgment

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