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Pfizer mexico viagra Every day I sit down to write a post about the Mets and every day I just stare at the screen, pfizer mexico viagra which is as blank as my mind. Pfizer mexico viagra  At the end of another disappointing Mets season, pfizer mexico viagra I felt this was going to be the off seasons of off seasons, pfizer mexico viagra heads rolling down Roosevelt Avenue and more of a purge of the losers personality that has permeated the Mets clubhouse the last few seasons but so far, pfizer mexico viagra other than David Wright committing to the club for the rest of his natural baseball life and R.A. Pfizer mexico viagra Dickey getting exported to Canada, pfizer mexico viagra this Mets off season has been more a fart in the wind than a lion’s roar in the jungle.

Pfizer mexico viagra I can see how and why many Mets fans are totally pissed off and feel the team is tanking the 2013 season and I guess I am too but for some reason I’ve comes to terms that this Mets team as put together right now will not be very good as I am buying in to the plan set forth by the baseball operations unit of the team. Pfizer mexico viagra There is a plan in place and it’s to get younger and not be reliant on building the team via free agency. Pfizer mexico viagra The Mets are the only team that hasn’t signed a ML free agent. Pfizer mexico viagra Some fans are annoyed by this but me? I’m totally fine with it. Pfizer mexico viagra I advocated the pursuit of Cody Ross, pfizer mexico viagra Shane Victorino and AJ Pierzynski but being that the supply of talent in the free agent market hasn’t met the demand those three players received more money and years than I ever thought they would.

Pfizer mexico viagra No one can disagree that the outfielders on the Mets 40 man roster are less than major league caliber and I’m sure no one knows than better than Sandy Alderson and I’m sure Alderson will make some type of move to add at least one quality major league fly shagger before opening day.  So while we wait for that move to be made, pfizer mexico viagra we can while away the time venting our outrage when we find out Mike Piazza has not been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame due to the ineptness of the Baseball Writers Association of McCarthyism.

Pfizer mexico viagra Another distraction has been my monitoring of the other teams I root for. Pfizer mexico viagra Last night was as bad of a night I’ve had as a fan since Adam Wainright broke off that nasty curve to Carlos Beltran. Pfizer mexico viagra I wasn’t confident that Notre Dame was going to beat Alabama but never did I think they would tank like they did. Pfizer mexico viagra There’s not much more to say about the game other than it was an embarrassment but one thing I will address is the amount of Catholic bashing that I saw in my Twitter timeline last night. Pfizer mexico viagra It’s one thing to attack ND as an institution but when you use the hashtag #CatholicsSuck that’s just shows what kind of  person you are and most likely it’s not just Catholics you hate but figure it’s the one group you can vent your hatred about without repercussion.

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How much is cialis in canada Nothing angers me more than errors. How much is cialis in canada I HATE ERRORS! When you give the opposition 4, how much is cialis in canada5, how much is cialis in canada 6 outs in an inning you’re just putting the game on a platter for your opponent and saying “here, how much is cialis in canada help yourself to a victory”. How much is cialis in canada Nothing demoralizes a team more than errors. How much is cialis in canada Pitchers lose faith in their fielders, how much is cialis in canada the acid in the managers stomach boils and the players on the bench start to question “why is he out there and I’m sitting here”? The Mets are the worst fielding team in baseball and it’s a testament to the players and to Terry Collins that between that bad defense and shoddy relief pitching, how much is cialis in canada that this team hangs in as it does and is still four games over .500 but if last night starts a trend that mood will change quickly.  The Mets need to give the Cubs an ass whippin’ tonight.

How much is cialis in canada Jason Bay is ready to begin baseball activity, how much is cialis in canada he’ll ride the stationary bike today if he survives that without a setback he should be able to go down to St. How much is cialis in canada Lonesome and begin hitting and fielding. How much is cialis in canada Last time Bay was on a rehab assignment, how much is cialis in canada Terry Collins felt he came back to quickly as his bat was slower than usual, how much is cialis in canada which for what we’ve seen so far in his Mets career means it moved at glacial speed, how much is cialis in canada so I’d think his time in St. How much is cialis in canada Lonesome will be weeks instead of days.

How much is cialis in canada So what happens when Bay comes back? Well as we seen that past couple of weeks, how much is cialis in canada a little bit of Scott Hairston is fine, how much is cialis in canada a lot of Scott Hairston well, how much is cialis in canada you get to see the imperfections that have makes him more valuable as a bench player than a starter. How much is cialis in canada  Bay gets his left field job back but it still leaves the team woefully short of a right handed bat that has some potency. How much is cialis in canada The guy I’d love to get to fill that right handed hitting void is Cody Ross, how much is cialis in canada Ross would make a huge difference in the Mets line up with his power and the guy has a World Series ring so you’re adding a guy who has won which is huge in my book.

How much is cialis in canada I don’t know if the Red Sox would deal Ross off but it seems with the trade of Kevin Youkilis to the White Sox, how much is cialis in canada the Old Town Team is ready to rebuild so if Ross is available Sandy Alderson should jump on a chance to add him to the Mets. How much is cialis in canada Here’s how much I want Ross on the Mets, how much is cialis in canada I’d offer Daniel Murphy as part of the deal.

How much is cialis in canada I hope Justin Hampson becomes the reliever the Mets need to hold late inning leads but I wish he was wearing a different number. How much is cialis in canada You cannot give a journeyman pitcher 45 com’on Kevin Kierst find Hampson a number in the fifty-somethings will ya!

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Lowest viagra price With the word that Cody Ross has signed with the Boston Red Sox with the Mets in contention for his services, lowest viagra price the question of the day is whom would you rather  have as your 4th outfielder, lowest viagra price Cody Ross or Scott Hairston?

Lowest viagra price Ross put a .240/.325/.405/.730 line last season with the Giants in 461 plate appearances. Lowest viagra price Hairston, lowest viagra price stepped into the batter’s box, lowest viagra price a sporadic 145 times to fill a line of .235/.303/.470/.773. Lowest viagra price while Ross banged out 14 home runs last season Hairston put seven baseballs over the outfield walls in his limited action. Lowest viagra price When you look at FB/HR rate Hairston’s beats out Ross 13.0% to 9.3 %.

Lowest viagra price Ross hits lefties very well especially for power with a .912 lifetime OPS to Hairston’ .813 OPS which is impressive as well making it even more a head scratcher on why Terry Collins didn’t use Hairston more before a rib injury at the end of August ended his season.

Lowest viagra price I would bet that Hairston re-signed with the Mets with the promise of more playing time, lowest viagra price especially in CF against RHP unless Andres Torres can repeat his 2010 season. Lowest viagra price But between CF and spelling Lucas Duda in RF and staying healthy, lowest viagra price Hairston could be a very productive 4th outfielder for the Mets.

Lowest viagra price Cody Ross would have been a nice choice as well for the Mets but with the Red Sox offer of $3mil plus incentives the Mets will get as much value from Hairston as they would from Ross and Hairston only cost $1.1 mil. Lowest viagra price No way Cody Ross is worth $2mil+ more than Jerry Hairston.

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How to get viagra I don’t know about you but I’m bored to tears already by the search for the next Mets Manager. How to get viagra It’s starting to take on an American Idol feel to it.  Sandy Alderson playing the Randy Jackson role as he tells each managerial interviewee, how to get viagra” Yo dawg, how to get viagra I dun know man, how to get viagra when you walked in the door I was like WHOA! But then you got some pipes dude, how to get viagra and then that resume Dawg, how to get viagra you were killin’ it, how to get viagra good lookin’ out dawg. How to get viagra  Then J.P. How to get viagra Ricciardi doing his Simon Cowell “ so tell me, how to get viagra have you had any formal managerial experience ? No? I didn’t think so. How to get viagra This is a managerial interview and really if you know you have no bloody shot why waste our time and your time? Off you go? And then there is Jeffey Skill Sets the Paula Abdul of the trio “Ohhhhhhhhh Wally YOU COMPLETE ME<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

How to get viagra I’ll say this for Sandy Alderson every coach, how to get viagra ex-manager or minor league coordinator is getting a shot at the job, how to get viagra but when I think of it did Alderson miss the boat by not getting Ron Roenicke in for an interview before the Brewski’s hired him? Roenicke comes from the Mike Scioscia coach tree. How to get viagra The same tree that bore fruit like Joe Maddon, how to get viagra and Bud Black and now Roenicke.

How to get viagra So anyone interested in Dan Uggla ? If you look past his defensive shortcomings, how to get viagra his bat at the 2nd base position would look mighty purdy as a Met. How to get viagra Uggla turned down a contract extension of 4yr/$48mil but it might not be because of money. It seems that Uggla has not gotten over his BFF Cody Ross getting exiled to San Francisco and may be feed up with that the Lord of Douchenberry, how to get viagra David Samson.

How to get viagra The Oakland A’s have made the highest bid for the rights of Japanese RHP Hisashi Iwakuma. How to get viagra The 29 year old Iwakuma has some impressive numbers pitching for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles. How to get viagra Iwakuma’ won-lost record doesn’t do justice to his overall numbers. How to get viagra A 10-9 record doesn’t measure up to 201 IP 2.82 ERA, how to get viagra 1.15 WHIP, how to get viagra 8.52 K/9IP and 1.61 BB/9IP. How to get viagra Details of the amount of the bid have been reported. How to get viagra The A’s now have 30 days to get Iwakuma’ to sign on the dotted line.

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50 mg cialis dose Eat the Rich: there’s only one thing they’re good for
Eat the Rich: take one bite now – come back for more
Eat the Rich: I gotta get this off my chest
Eat the Rich: take one bite now, 50 mg cialis dose spit out the rest

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50 mg cialis dose I love the outrage from Highlander fans that Mets fan and other non-believers in the Pinstripe religion have the gall to mock the former World Series champs as they went down in flames to a team from a football mad state. 50 mg cialis dose Maybe the Flock form the Bronx will now realize that there are 29 other fan bases out there all deserving of their slice of the World Series pie. 50 mg cialis dose Nah, 50 mg cialis dose those who don the “look at my 27 TIME WORLD CHAMPION jacket” or the my favorite the big gas guzzling SUV with the huge NY on the back window, 50 mg cialis dose a staple for Highlander fans from Staten Island, 50 mg cialis dose only care about winning, 50 mg cialis dose as rooting for the Highlanders makes up for some deficiency in their lives.  Now I’m not saying all Highlander fans are like that and not even the majority but mostly the younger 20-30 year old fans are that way. 50 mg cialis dose There whole grasp of Highlander history is the organization has won 27 World Series titles and that’s it. 50 mg cialis dose So maybe with their team out of the post season they could sit down and do some research on the history of their team ? Nah never happen all they want to here is Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford are signed for a quarter of a million dollars, 50 mg cialis dose because it’s not scouting or sabermetric analysis that fuels the Highlanders it’s dead presidents baby.

50 mg cialis dose Congratulations to the SF Giants for winning the 2010 NL Pennant and for playing in one of the best baseball games I’ve seen a long time. 50 mg cialis dose I have to tip my Mets cap to Bruce Bochy, 50 mg cialis dose who I’ve never been a fan of, 50 mg cialis dose for bring in The Freak to pitch the 8th inning. 50 mg cialis dose What a concept, 50 mg cialis dose bringing in your best pitcher to win a game. 50 mg cialis dose Even though Lincecum got in trouble with two on and one out, 50 mg cialis dose Brain Wilson came in and did what he did a lot of this season, 50 mg cialis dose get a 5 out save.

50 mg cialis dose As a Mets fan it’s tough to root for Cody Ross who as a Fishhead killed the Mets and rubbed their noses in it but to go from cast off to NLCS MVP is impressive.

50 mg cialis dose How about Bengi Molina? No matter what he gets a World Series ring and a check.

50 mg cialis dose The one thing that has me skittish about Sandy Alderson taking over as Mets GM, 50 mg cialis dose is his philosophy of hiring non-descript managers. 50 mg cialis dose Alderson like the guy in the white short sleeve dress shirt with the blue tie and tie clip. 50 mg cialis dose Mets fans are looking for more of an aggressive Carhartt wearing type of dock boss as field general. 50 mg cialis dose Maybe that’s why this process is dragging out and that Josh Byrnes is getting a call back interview. 50 mg cialis dose Could it be the guy who says, 50 mg cialis dose he’s cool with Wally Backman being the manager gets the job?

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