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Truth about cialis 8 days until pitchers and catchers

Truth about cialis If you haven’t seen the video of Keith Hernandez working with Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans at first base, truth about cialis click here. Truth about cialis Again my opinion on Murphy is certainly biased but if the other 24 players on the Mets roster that comes North has the same desire and work ethic as Murph, truth about cialis things may be a lot better than we think this summer at $iti Field. Truth about cialis At the end of the video Hernandez tells Murphy and Evans that if they ever need him for anything to tell Jay Horowitz and he will drive up to St Lonesome to lend a hand.

Truth about cialis Two things here, truth about cialis one what the hell took so long for the Mets to utilize Mex in this capacity and two, truth about cialis if Mike Piazza never asked Hernandez’ advice when the Mets were looking for him to make the transition for catcher to first baseman, truth about cialis then he’s a bigger asshole than I think he is.

Truth about cialis Nice to see Mike Jacobs back in the org. Truth about cialis I hope he likes chicken wings.

Truth about cialis The biggest problem I have with Mets management is not so much with it’s ineptness of its baseball ops but more with its dishonestly. Truth about cialis When it comes to the teams finances someone is lying  either the media or the team and most likely it’s the team.  With the management not being aggressive on free agents and not making deals that would make the team better by taking on pitchers like Aaron Harang, truth about cialis Bronson Arroyo, truth about cialis or Gil Meche, truth about cialis who have big contracts that teams would love to get out from under, truth about cialis it proves that the coffers of the Skill Sets are not as robust as they claim.

Truth about cialis It seems that’s the only reason Omar and Jerry Manuel are still here, truth about cialis it’s more of a “it’s cheaper to keep ‘em” scenario than a performance  factor. Truth about cialis The Skill Sets can’t afford to pay Minaya and go out and hire a top of the line GM, truth about cialis so what we get is lots of layers of front office types that makes dealing with the Mets tedious and exhausting.

Truth about cialis Everyday there are more and more stories about the teams finances and I’m sure there will be more and more of the cash flow stories throughout the season. Truth about cialis  All it will take is for one snitch to blab the inside scoop on what’s going on in the back rooms of $iti Field to bring this to light.

Truth about cialis Perfect example of the Mets money woes, truth about cialis Chein- Ming Wang is ready to sign with the Washington Nationals who are putting together a nice team for 2010.

Truth about cialis Just sit back and listen to this song and enjoy your snow day!

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Viagra prescription drug If what I’m reading in the local fish wraps is correct, viagra prescription drug it seems the Mets have been mathematically eliminated (Hey Kathy and Joe is it time for a sequel? ) for the 2010 season.

Viagra prescription drug It doesn’t look like any big ticket items will be on Jeffey’s credit card this winter, viagra prescription drug so the question is why go half assed? Why not just blow the whole team up?

Viagra prescription drug As it stands now, viagra prescription drug only the Nationals stand in the way of the Mets of the Mets hitting rock bottom in the NL East (for the first Stephen Strasburg-Big Pelf match up, viagra prescription drug I will be going into solitary confinement) so unless Jeffey (Omar is GM emeritus by the way, viagra prescription drug as he is earning his million a year as being the Skill Sets “Spider”) decides to empty the more bountiful than they lead us to believe, viagra prescription drug Mets coffers, viagra prescription drug the only thing we’ll have to look forward to is Alex Cora  player/interim manager bobble head day.

Viagra prescription drug I leave you with this from Bill Madden’ Daily News column:

Viagra prescription drug Mets? Did somebody say the Mets? They won’t spend the money for Holliday, viagra prescription drug Bay or Lackey and apparently, viagra prescription drug they’re only interested in signing low-budget Latin players, viagra prescription drug having shown little or no interest in Byrd, viagra prescription drug Figgins, viagra prescription drug DeRosa, viagra prescription drug Wolf or even Staten Island’s Jason Marquis, viagra prescription drug while waiting for their markets to come to them. Viagra prescription drug At the same time, viagra prescription drug the Phillies and Braves wasted no time in addressing their needs. Viagra prescription drug Sad.

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Buy cialis without a prescription When the Mets unveiled the model of $iti Field not only did the envision a state of the art ball park but they also were of the belief that there would be so much money flowing through it’s coffers Freddie Skill Set could afford to buy Jeffey a personality but lo and behold the economy tanked and Bernie Madoff ripped off the Skill Sets fortune leaving the club not exactly swimming in currency. Buy cialis without a prescription As opening day approches what we thought was a tough ticket, buy cialis without a prescription the first game at $iti Field, buy cialis without a prescription are as plentiful as the AM/NY give away newspapers at a Subway station. Buy cialis without a prescription So what’s a team to do?

Buy cialis without a prescription Well, buy cialis without a prescription first you try and bribe the fan base by offering a ticket to game 1 of the $iti Field era for the purchase of 5 more games. Buy cialis without a prescription This is head spinning because the Mets wanted to be rid of us Seven-Pack ticket buyers as we were a nussience as it wasn’t worth the time and trouble to keep us on because the ticket demand at $iti would be off the charts. Buy cialis without a prescription Well for the cheaper seats they were but the high rollers who wouldn’t know a curve ball from a High Ball are now hurtin’ for certain in this weak economy.

Buy cialis without a prescription So becasue of that the Mets are now auctioning off opening day tickets in the exclusive Stuff Shirt section of the ball park so if you have an extra $525 laying around the couch cushions log on and put your bid in or better yet keep that cushion cash, buy cialis without a prescription order a pizza and watch the game on TV.

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Brand name cialis overnight Everybody awake? How’s that hangover? That’s one thing I don’t miss from my drinking days as club soda has no kick but you wake up fresh the next day and what used to be a day to watch college football bowl games is now a day to watch the NHL Winter Classic and the debut of the MLB Network.

Brand name cialis overnight As a kid I loved New Years Day Bowl Games because there was real meaning to the games and at the end of the night there was a National Champion. Brand name cialis overnight Today, brand name cialis overnight with the exception of the Rose Bowl (I’m a big JoePa fan go Nittany Lions!)  I couldn’t care less about any of these games. Brand name cialis overnight My focus today is the Blackhawks and Red Wings from Wrigley and hopping that next year the Winter Classic is played in NYC.

Brand name cialis overnight As expected Derek Lowe told the Mets that 3yr/$36 mil is not enough for his services and of course we’re not surprised. Brand name cialis overnight I’m not going to get my draws in a bunch with this as I know and we all know that the Mets will be the last phone call Scott Boras makes before Lowe signs any place else. Brand name cialis overnight It’s a slow dance and there will be a lot of foreplay before this union is consummated.

Brand name cialis overnight There is a petition on NYFS begging the Skill Sets to open the coffers for Manny Ramirez. Brand name cialis overnight I know the Skill Sets have a few minions who scourer the ‘net to see what the fans are thinking so hopefully one of those geeks stumbled over here to see that the fans base wants the ownership to man up for Manny.

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