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Purchase cialis Sorry for the lack of posting at the site the last couple of days. Purchase cialis I spent my weekend at Camp No-Be-Bosco just outside of Blairstown, purchase cialis NJ on a camping trip that had everything you’d want in winter camp out, purchase cialis snow, purchase cialis cold and a 2AM run to the latrine, purchase cialis ahhhh……… yes the great outdoors. Purchase cialis The camping trip and the New York Football Giants incredible post season (not to mention the best New York Rangers regular season in many an year and trying to come to grips that the great run of the Big 3 of the Boston Celtics looks over) run has greatly distracted me from the comings and goings of the New York Mets .

Purchase cialis Again Eli Manning has proven you can be tough, purchase cialis fearless and a leader without being a rah-rah screamer.

Purchase cialis I guess Tom Coughlin can make that big purchase he’s been putting off as he is the Giants head coach until he deiced he doesn’t want to be Giants head coach anymore. Purchase cialis Who knows what move TC will make if the G-Men win the Super Bowl?

Purchase cialis I’ll admit it, purchase cialis I never thought the Giants would go on this roll especially after the loss to the Redskins on December 18th  but thanks to the Jets and the 99 yard Victor Cruuuuuuuuuzzzz TD, purchase cialis which TC said was the turning point, purchase cialis I started  with the “what if’s” in my mind. Purchase cialis But of course that dominant Mets fan gene that I possess always makes me brace for the worse.

Purchase cialis With all the analysis that goes on about the NFL to the point you’re numb by game time, purchase cialis last night’s game broke it down to the games simplest form. Purchase cialis If you turn the ball over multiple times and can’t convert 3rd downs on offence, purchase cialis good chance you’re going to lose. Purchase cialis If you are plus in the takeaway column and convert those takeaways into points, purchase cialis chances are you’ll win the game. Purchase cialis  

Purchase cialis Like a baseball team that is strong defensively up the middle is most successful, purchase cialis in the NFL you’re only as strong as your offensive and defensive lines. Purchase cialis The Giants offensive line has been very good for the most part in keeping Eli Manning upright, purchase cialis but last night they allowed him to take a beating. Purchase cialis Plus this OL has a tough time getting the running game going, purchase cialis albeit Brandon Jacobs could do better than he does. Purchase cialis What has been the big push in this playoff run is the DL especially a star is born, purchase cialis Jason Pierre-Paul. Purchase cialis  Without that DL playing at the level it has, purchase cialis which has taken the pressure off an injury riddled secondary, purchase cialis has led to a defensive resurgence that Giants love and cherish.

Purchase cialis Saturday night the NY Chapter of the BBWAA held their annual dinner and Gary Carter was the recipient of the “You Got To Have Heart” Award which was accepted on his behalf by his children. Purchase cialis Thinking of you Kid.

Purchase cialis Lots of chatter about what cap Mike Piazza will wear on his Hall of Fame plaque. Purchase cialis Piazza himself has said he wants to enshrined as a Met. Purchase cialis Since he played more games as a Met (972) than a Dodger (726) it’s only right he wears a Mets cap on his plaque. Purchase cialis I’m sure with Freddy Skill Sets being Uncle Bud’s favorite nephew the word will get to those in Cooperstown to etch that Mets cap on Piazza’ head.

Purchase cialis As for the writers not voting Piazza into the Hall on the first ballot, purchase cialis I think they know if they don’t vote Piazza, purchase cialis they will end up like Murray Chass, purchase cialis just a broken down old bitter blogger grazing on a farm.

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Viagra online kaufen Another day another story of the Skill Sets getting duped in another hocus-pocus financial scheme. Viagra online kaufen The NY Times has a story on Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul getting involved with a guy named Samuel Israel III in a hedge fund that went sour and ended costing Freddy and Saul $13 mil to get out of hot water. Viagra online kaufen I swear, viagra online kaufen I my take a leave of absence from my job to write a screen play for a movie about the Skill Sets and their financial hanky panky.

Viagra online kaufen Of course when you go public with news that part of your team is up for sale, viagra online kaufen you get every Tom, viagra online kaufen Dick and Civil Rights leader coming out of the woodwork saying they want in. Viagra online kaufen They all want in at 20-25 % AND want a say in what goes on in the comings and goings of the team. Viagra online kaufen Remember what I told you about the devil you know.

Viagra online kaufen Oh yeah, viagra online kaufen as a real co-winky dink, viagra online kaufen MLB has award the 2013 All Star Game to the Mets. Viagra online kaufen  The Used Car Salesman will help the Skill Sets by any means necessary as he faces a real shit storm here with the Mets taking on water and the battling McCourt’s  in LA tarnishing his two top NL franchises.

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